"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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The Communist Chinese Leadership Say There Is No Chance Of The Kind of “Riots” That Are Happening in the Middle East Could Happen in China – Oh, That’s Good To Know (Chuckling Under Our Breath!) – Maybe the Chinese People Will Have Something to Say About That In The Future IF the Chinese Leadership Do Not Move To A Democratic Republic and A Guarantee of Basic Human Rights For Its Citizens – The Communists in China Fear the Same Things That Thugs, Dictators and Monarchs Around the World That Don’t Treat Their Citizens With Respect Fear….They Fear The Words of the OUR Declaration of Independence and Phrases Like This One From Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “That Government of the People, By the People, For the People, Shall Not Perish From the Earth.” – Yes, That Scares the HELL Out of Them! – Life’s A Bitch For Thugs, Dictators and Monarchs With American Ideas on the Loose….Isn’t It?

One of the most interesting countries in the world today is without a doubt the country of China and for Americans old enough to remember the sleepy and un-developed China of the 1970s what has happened over the past 30 plus years is nothing short of remarkable.


Most of us here at Mad As Hell And… have either visited China on multiple occasions or are now doing business in China and we have always found China to be a place of constant change and growth but also a place that is borderline “Orwellian” in nature with an undercurrent of fascism and thus potential revolution that boils right below the surface. 

Relative to the potential revolution that is right under the surface in China the following headline caught our attention in today’s China Daily USA which his of course state-controlled media which in itself should tell anyone that values the important of freedom, liberty, self-determination and democracy what China is really all about:

Riots will not be inspired in China:  Officials 

Egypt, Tunisia situations are not relevant to living conditions here

“BEIJING – Recent riots in the Middle East and North Africa will not be repeated in China as the government is doing a good job and taking people’s demands seriously, a key political adviser has said.

“Some media have said the problems in the Middle East will infect China, and that there have been such signals in China. I have said explicitly, with confidence, that such comparison is very absurd and does not match the facts,” Zhao Qizheng, spokesman for the Fourth Session of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said at a news conference on Saturday.

Uprisings started late last year in North Africa have toppled leaders in Tunisia and Egypt and spread to Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, resulting in deaths and economic loss and sparking mass evacuations of foreigners.

China has well handled two international economic crises, while the renminbi, China’s currency, is standing firm due to the prosperous economy, said Zhao, head of the foreign affairs committee of the CPPCC National Committee.

As for some social problems such as surging housing prices and the deepening income gap between the rich and the poor, Zhao said the government has made wise decisions, though it still needs time to show effect.

“We are to build 10 million apartments in one year, can you hear about that in any other country around the world?” he said.

China plans to build 36 million government-subsidized apartments in the coming five years, including 10 million in 2011, so more apartments will be available for low-income residents, Premier Wen Jiabao said a couple of days ago during an online chat with China’s netizens.

“So be relieved, that (the riots) will not happen,” said Zhao Qizheng.”

Oh, what a relief to know that “the riots will not happen” in China! 

That’s worth a hearty laugh because that statement is the epitome of everything that is wrong with China even when they have so much going for them in other areas of their very big country right now.  The above statement about “riots not happening” in China is also a great example of why China will have a tough time surpassing America on the world stage even though we have a very special group of Idiots in leadership positions across all levels of government in our country today.

Let’s just face facts and tell the Chinese leadership the REAL difference between China and the United States of America (since we know that there are people in the Chinese government that read this blog) and also any of the Chinese people that happen to be reading Mad As Hell And.. so they can see that REAL difference for themselves as well.

In America We the People can say something like this…

The President of the United States is a BUM. 

The Speaker of the House is an IDIOT! 

The Majority Leader of the Senate is a Fool (That really is True by the way, Harry Reid being a Fool that is!). 

The Governor of California Jerry Brown is not of Sound Mind (Also True!  Yes, we are joking Jerry.  You are of Sound Mind but you are a Wacko Liberal!).

Can the average Chinese citizen say the same things about the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party?


That is the essential difference between a country that is Free and one that is borderline totalitarian with a potential revolution brewing just before the surface.


It does happen to be our opinion here at Mad As Hell And.. that based upon our personal observations and conversations with Chinese people in most of the large and many small cities in China that there is very little chance of the Chinese Communist Party stopping the revolution of The People of China against the current government sometime in the future unless the Chinese Communist Party moves to a Democratic Republic along the lines of the United States, Japan or South Korea.  The current and future Communist leadership in China can talk all they want about the money they are investing in the country and its people, but what the People of China yearn for is not something that can be bought off with Billions or even Trillions of Dollars and that something is…


…as embodied in the most magnificent document every put down on paper:

The Declaration of Independence


Which was followed by a few short years later the…

US Constitution and Bill of Rights


The American People have OUR Freedom, OUR Liberty, OUR Self-Determination, OUR Democratic Republic (Where we can openly and severely criticize our “Elected Leaders” if we so choose) because our forbears fought for and won all of those very precious things over and over again and even today the vast majority of Americans would stop what they were doing to defend ALL of OUR Rights and Freedoms if necessary.

China has NONE of that and in our conversations with young and old people in China it is now our opinion that the vast majority of the Chinese People want the same thing that Americans and People across the world want:

They want Freedom, Liberty, Self-Determination, a Democratic Republic where they choose by Their own “Elected Leaders” with their votes and they also want to be Respected by people that are in positions of power.

In America the “Elected Leaders” of the US Government RESPECT the American People, today more than ever, because they know it is We the People that are the ones they will have to answer to either at the ballot box or in a court of law.

China has NONE of that and even with the incredible economic strides that China has made in the last 30 plus years there is at the center and core of the Communist Chinese Government something very evil which runs counter to essential rights that every human being believes he or she has within them and believes should be respected by people in positions of power.

We will say here at Mad As Hell And… that we have a lot of respect for the Chinese leadership for what they have been able to accomplish over the past 30 plus years and certainly the United States of America from the US Government to the People of the American Republic have a sincere hope that the US and China can work together into the future to make both countries richer and thus the People of each country that much better off.  We here at Mad As Hell And… have an even deeper respect for the Chinese People though because we have seen first-hand how hard they are willing to work to create a better future for themselves and their families and certainly no American should discount the determination of the Chinese People to better themselves and their country which in some ways gives them a leg-up on an increasing portion of the American populace that is not out fighting every day to better their lives. 

It is inevitable China will evolve into a Democratic Republic sometime in the 21 st century and it will either do it peacefully and gradually as more and more rights and a say about the future of China are passed to the Chinese People or there will be a revolution that will originate from the People and even the Communist Chinese leadership knows they would never be able to hold off Hundreds of Millions of Chinese that wanted and demanded change and that is why there WILL BE change in China and if the Chinese leadership is smart they will get started on it now before it is forced upon them.

It really is unfortunate that so few Americans have had or will have the opportunity to visit China in their lifetimes because China is a fascinating country that is growing like crazy and in the large, and even in many of the medium and small Chinese cities there is a “New York City-style” energy that is impossible to describe but fun to be a part of.  That energy that is so prevalent across China comes directly from the Chinese People who it seems are always in a hurry, not only to get to work, to get to lunch, or to get home, but also in a hurry to better themselves and make their lives the best it can be in a country that is now just on the edge of what should be a very big future. 

Just to give Americans a small taste of how much China has changed in the past 20 years take a look at the below to photographs of Shanghai with the first being taken in 1990 and the second in 2010.  (This is courtesy of Skyscrapercity.com via Business Insider)

Shanghai:  1990 vs. 2010 




Wow!  Is that an Incredible Change or what?  Just amazing and Shanghai is just one of two dozen or more large Chinese cities that are growing be leaps and bounds and often in what look just like large American cities with the language being spoken by the People being the one main difference.

Also, check out this Business Insider page:

15 More Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind 

As Americans we certainly look forward to the challenge of competing against China into the future and we here at Mad As Hell And… believe that China’s rise came along at just the right time because there is nothing that fires up an American like being told he or she is not as good as someone from another country and certainly by almost any measure China will compete with America as the preeminent country on the globe in the 21 st century and once the American People get THEIR government back we will riled up and ready to take on that challenge.  As for right now, not so much so….but the American People are waking up….and coming!

Our only advice to the Communist Chinese Leadership:

You better start changing now and move China towards a Democratic Republic with guaranteed rights for the Chinese People or the Chinese People are going to move your asses forward on their own  schedule and we would suggest that the former will be a lot easier and less painful than the latter….for everyone involved.  The one thing about revolutions is that they often get bloody and in every revolution, like the American Revolution which was a bloody and tough fight, the person or country that had the power over the people could almost always have avoided the revolution if they only had respected the essential human rights of its people.

Communist Chinese Leadership:  Respect the essential human rights of the Chinese People or expect to be removed from power.

It really is that simple and there is not a Damn thing that can by the current or future Chinese Leadership to change that outcome besides a move to a representative government that respects it People and once the People of the Middle East are Free one can only naturally speculate that the Chinese People will start thinking something like…

“Most of the world is now Free…..and we aren’t? 


To the People of China we leave you with the following two things:

The Bobby Darin song Simple Song of Freedom as sung by the Great Kevin Spacey from the movie Beyond the Sea:

Abraham’s Lincoln Gettsyburg Address – November 19, 1863 – Note the end of the Lincoln’s Speech:  “That Government of the People, By the People, For the People, Shall Not Perish From the Earth.”

The above speech by Abraham Lincoln and the Essential Principles that are in the speech that apply to ALL Human Beings on the Earth is what REALLY scares the Hell out of the Communist Chinese Leadership and Dictators, Thugs and Monarchs around the world that are denying Basic Human Rights to their citizens.

Yes, just words….But they are Very Powerful Words!  (Note to the Communist Chinese Leadership, Thugs, Dictators and Monarchs Around the World:  Life’s a Bitch with the Principles of America on the Loose….Isn’t It?)