"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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Guess Where California Finished In the Latest Best/Worst Ranking For Business In America By Chief Executive Officers? – Yes, You Guessed Right…DEAD LAST! – Here’s the Real Kicker: Wacko Liberals Like Jerry Brown Could Care Less If His Fantasyland Policies Are Destroying Communities, Families and Even Children in the Former Golden State…Because the Truth Is Jerry Brown and His Wacko Liberal Friends In California Only Care About Being Able to Brag To Their Cocktail Party Friends While They Swill Wine That They Did This or That To “Save the World”….Even While They Are Destroying It and Laughing About the “Unwashed Masses” That They Get A Thrill Out Of Sticking Their BS To…Yes, These Are Very Stupid People

There are a lot of people in the state of California among the elites in government, the media and other various hangers-on that for the most part haven’t done an honest days work in their lives that try to make excuses for the disastrous business environment that is destroying the former Golden State…..but FACTS are FACTS…and California is easily the worst state for business in America and we say that from both first-hand experience and from true stories like this one from Chief Executive magazine (May 3, 2011):

Best/Worst States for Business

“More than 500 CEOs considered a wide range of criteria, from taxation and regulation to workforce quality and living environment, in our annual ranking of the best states for business. The charts and articles in this special report show how each state fares on the factors most essential for a business-friendly environment—as well as what states are doing to attract and retain companies in the increasingly competitive battle to win site selection.

While the Lone Star State may not be perfect—many leaders would like to see improvements in its education system—it is Periclean Athens compared to California in the eyes of the 550 CEOs surveyed for Chief Executive‘s seventh annual report on the best and worst states in which to do business. It’s the seventh time in seven years running that Texas has led the states, and the seventh year California—to no one’s great surprise—ranked as worst state.

But there has been some jockeying within the ranks. The Golden State was closely followed in the hall of shame by New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Michigan, with Illinois elbowing its way past New Jersey this year for the dubious distinction of third worst. Meanwhile, among the best states, Indiana jumped to sixth place from 16th in 2010, giving Hoosiers the third-biggest advance in the rankings in a single year.”

Hall of Shame is right for the Broken State of California and at the very heart of the problem are the Wacko Liberals that have dominated state politics in Sacramento for over a decade now (Please, don’t tell us that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Real Republican or even a conservative.  The Governator was nothing less than a disaster for California because he let the Wacko Liberals in Sacramento run wild while he doubled the debt on the state’s books and spent money like another Bogus GOPer.  Yes, if you think that the Governator sounds like George W. Bush’s Presidency you would be right!) and it is those Wacko Liberals that care about NOTHING but passing their fantasyland laws EVEN IF THEY KNOW what they are doing is destroying families in California with a special emphasis on lower and middle class workers that now have no access to good jobs at good wages…because those jobs have all but disappeared for non-college graduates.

CEO’s Grade the States

Check out the ranking of Best States for Business in America:

1.  Texas
2.  North Carolina
3.  Tennessee
4.  Georgia
5.  Indiana
6.  Virginia
7.  South Carolina
8.  Utah
9.  Nevada

Now for the Hall of Shame Worst States for Business in America and one should note that running most if not all of these states are Wacko Liberals that do nothing less than wage a 365-day All-Out on Business and destroy citizens and families in the process:

41.  Ohio
42.  West Virginia
43.  Hawaii
44.  Connecticut
45.  Massachusetts
46.  Michigan
47.  New Jersey
48.  Illinois
49.  New York
50.  California

Yes, AGAIN…California is the WORST STATE for business in America as judged by the very people that are the employers of American citizens…the CEO’s of REAL businesses that employ REAL people in companies that make REAL profits which is the ONLY source of tax revenue for governments.  Without profits, there are no businesses, they are no employees, there are no jobs and thus there is NO tax revenue.  One would think the above set of FACTS would register with the Wacko Liberals….but since they could care less about anyone, especially average Americans that have to pay their bills while not working in jobs being funded by the taxpayer, this debacle in the worst business states in America makes perfect sense.

Here’s the REAL KICKER.  This man, the Governor of the state of California, Jerry Brown…

…could care less and it is our opinion that Jerry Brown would destroy every community, every business, every family and the lives of the children of the state of California in exchange for passing his fantasy laws and Jerry Brown proves our contention every day of the week by his own actions.

Yes, Come the Destroyers, and the Destroyers of American families are the Jerry Browns, the Nancy Pelosis, the Barbara Boxers and others that wake-up every day of their lives and dream of ways to punish people that run businesses and try to make their companies successful and in the process employ millions of American in the process….as the Wacko Liberals swill wine at their swanky parties and laugh at the  unwashed masses that they are punishing and if the truth be told…


There are a lot of chief executive officers that will not go on the record about the state of California and its All-Out War on Business in the Broken State, but the CEO of Carl’s Jr. (CKE Restaurants), Andy Puzder is willing to tell the TRUTH and over the last year he has been doing that in spades:

Carl’s Jr. CEO sees gold in Lone Star state

“Andy Puzder, chief executive of Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s parent CKE Restaurants, is not a man to mince words and on Thursday he shared his views on “socialist type” state governments in California and Oregon.

Many of the company’s Carl’s Jr restaurants are located in the Golden State, and Puzder has plans to lessen that exposure over time.

“As such, we’re targeting a large percentage of our growth in Texas. It is deemed to be more business friendly,” Puzder told analysts on a conference call.”

Listen for yourself below to Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder talk to KFI’s John & Ken last week about the differences between the Anti-Business state of California and Texas which as we saw above is No. 1 in the country as Best for business in America.

Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder on KFI’s John & Ken Show (audio)

The really sad thing about the All-Out War that is being waged on business in states like California, New York and Illinois is that it is not the businesses and the CEO’s that suffer, but the average citizens of the state that do not have the resources and ability to move to another place to find good jobs for good wages and we will again let everyone in on a TRUTH about the Wacko Liberals that spend everyday of their lives attacking business, companies, entrepreneurs, wealth-creators and the job creators in America…

The Wacko Liberals could care less that they are destroying families and people’s lives and if they could find a quicker way to punish business and thus people’s lives they would do it a nanosecond.

Yes, these are Very Stupid People.