"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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One Group of People Are THRILLED That the Idiots In Washington DC Are Having Their Bogus “Debt and Deficits” Debates….The Federal Reserve Flunkies Who Were Hiding Out In Jackson Hole, Wyoming This Past Week…Especially With the Disastrous GDP Numbers Being Released Last Week – Yes, the Bogus Quantitative Easing = “Money Printing” Operations of the Fed Over the Past Ten Months Has Been A MASSIVE FAILURE! – Oh, They Did Drive Up Commodity Prices On Things Americans MUST Buy In Their Every Day Lives So Give the Federal Reserve Credit For Sticking-It-To the American People and Reducing Consumer Spending and Thus “Wa-La” the Pitiful GDP Numbers! – The Fed Has $1.6 Trillion Dollars of US Treasury Securities On Its Balance Sheet – Do The American People Owe the Fed $1.6 Trillion Dollars? – Please, That Is Beyond Stupid and That $1.6 Trillion Dollars That Were Bought By the Fed Creating Money From Thin Air Should Be Cancelled…and Cancelled Right Now! – Yes, These Are Very Stupid People!

If there was one group of people that were thrilled this past week that the focus of the nation was on the entirely Bogus “debt and deficits” debate in Washington DC (Bogus because neither the Republicans or Democrats are every going to cut ONE DIME of Federal Government spending and they WILL take down the country in the process….it is only a matter of time) are the Ivy League flunkies and various other hangers-on at the Federal Reserve System that were holding some very quiet meetings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming only because they did not want to call attention the Incredible Failure of their “money Quantitative Easing a.k.a. “money-printing” policies over the past year.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report on Friday….

Slow Growth Stirs Fears of Recession, Wall Street Journal

“The economic recovery is grinding to a halt, raising the risk that the U.S. could fall back into recession and tightening the screws on Washington to resolve a debt-ceiling debate that threatens to inflict further damage on a fragile economy.

Gross domestic product—the sum of goods and services produced in the U.S. and the broadest tally of economic growth—increased at a paltry 1.3% annual rate in the second quarter, the Commerce Department said Friday. First-quarter revisions—down to 0.4% from 1.9%—reflected an economy at a near-standstill early in the year.

That minimal growth, coming after a recession that new data show was deeper than previously thought, raises doubts about the economy’s trajectory for the rest of the year and helps explain the unusually feeble pace of job growth for a recovery entering its third year. Economists generally say a pace of 3% or higher is needed to create jobs.”

…only confirmed what the vast majority of Americans knew months ago, namely that the US Economy has never really come out of the Great Recession that began in 2007 when the Federal Reserve boys and girls were asleep at the switch while a Massive Real Estate Bubble had been created that they had no idea was going on…..

….and that the Fed’s policies of buying up lots of US Treasury debt in order to “stimulate” the economy over the past 10 months actually did the….


….by driving up the prices of thousands of things that Americans have to buy every day of their lives and thus putting a crimp on consumer spending and American households.

Yes, these are some “Real Men of Genius” at the Federal Reserve…

…but remember many of them have one or more degrees from Ivy League schools and if there isn’t a better test to know or not if you are talking to a Moron or not the question of:  “Do you have a degree from an Ivy League school” (Answer of “Yes” means you are most definitely talking to a Moron that more than likely has never done an honest day’s work in his life) is the best Moron determining factor we know of!

The Federal Reserve’s “Real Men and Women of Genius” move to try and stimulate the economy with US Treasury bond buying is just another example of over-educated Idiots sitting “On-High” above the rest of us “unwashed masses” thinking that it is they and they alone that can come up with ideas to “create” jobs in the private sector when the average 3 rd grader in America understands implicitly that the only thing that “creates” REAL jobs in the REAL economy is an individual or group of people coming together to put capital at risk in a money-making venture is the ONLY thing that creates REAL jobs in America.

We get a great laugh out of politicians in Washington DC talking about coming up with some kind of “jobs plan” or “jobs bill” to create jobs to help out the millions of unemployed Americans in our country today and the reason we get a laugh out of such nonsense is because the US Federal Government is the Biggest Job Killing Machine that has ever graced Planet Earth….BAR NONE!

If one combines the Job Killing Machine that is the out-of-control US Federal Government with other Big Job Killers like the state government in the Broken State of California then one has a real recipe for disaster and that is why the California unemployment rate is now 11.7 PERCENT and

2.5 Percent Higher

…than the rest of the country and…

3.5 Percent Higher

…than the Job Creating Machine that is the Great State of Texas.

In November of 2010 the Lead “Real Man of Genius” at the Federal Reserve, Uncle Ben Bernanke, took to the editorial pages of the Washington Post to explain what the Fed’s “Quantitative Easing” program to buy $600 Billion Dollars of bonds was all about and it is mighty entertaining reading 10 months later!

What the Fed did and why:  supporting the recovery and sustaining price stability, Ben Bernanke, Washington Post

“Today, most measures of underlying inflation are running somewhat below 2 percent, or a bit lower than the rate most Fed policymakers see as being most consistent with healthy economic growth in the long run. Although low inflation is generally good, inflation that is too low can pose risks to the economy – especially when the economy is struggling. In the most extreme case, very low inflation can morph into deflation (falling prices and wages), which can contribute to long periods of economic stagnation.

Even absent such risks, low and falling inflation indicate that the economy has considerable spare capacity, implying that there is scope for monetary policy to support further gains in employment without risking economic overheating. The FOMC decided this week that, with unemployment high and inflation very low, further support to the economy is needed. With short-term interest rates already about as low as they can go, the FOMC agreed to deliver that support by purchasing additional longer-term securities, as it did in 2008 and 2009. The FOMC intends to buy an additional $600 billion of longer-term Treasury securities by mid-2011 and will continue to reinvest repayments of principal on its holdings of securities, as it has been doing since August.”

Low inflation?  Maybe Uncle Ben Bernanke can check-in with the American People from that Ivory Tower he and his buddies at the Fed live in about the REAL inflation that was created by the Fed’s Bogus Quantitative Easing program, but then why would we expect people that have worked in academics or for the government their entire lives in six-figure salary jobs have any clue to what is going on in the REAL WORLD?  Damn good and very relevant question because people that have never lived a day of their lives in the REAL world can do great damage when their Ivory Tower BS gets loose on hard-working Americans.

Why don’t we just go Joe Friday on Uncle Ben Bernanke’s Bullshit and see just what kind of living Hell he and his Fed buddies have put the American People through with their Bogus US Treasury bond buying program which did nothing but drive up prices of things that Americans MUST buy every day of their lives and thus killed consumer spending and economic growth as PROVEN by the just released GDP numbers for the first six months of 2011.

Just the Facts on Commodity Prices – Note the price of the commodity from the middle of November 2010 until around June of this year when the Fed confirmed that they were not going to do another round of Quantitative Easing (Thanks to Finviz.com for their great graphs and great website!):

Crude Oil – Up $35 Dollars or UP 44 PERCENT!

Corn – Up $300 Dollars or UP 60 PERCENT!

Soybeans – UP $200 Dollars or UP 17 PERCENT!

Wheat – Up $170 Dollars or UP 27 PERCENT!

Coffee – Up $100 Dollars or UP 50 PERCENT!

Cotton – UP $80 Dollars of UP 67 PERCENT!

Live Cattle – UP $20 Dollars or UP 20 PERCENT!

The above items directly affect everything that Americans MUST buy every day of their lives and the price of Crude Oil going up over 40 PERCENT since the Bernanke’s Bogus Quantitative Easing Program began is nothing less than a Massive Tax Hike on hard-working Americans!

Of course, the above commodity prices went up because the Fed’s Quantitative Easing and out-of-control “money printing” drove down the value of the US Dollar:

US Dollar – DOWN 7.25 or DOWN 9 PERCENT!

Oh, but there is one way to protect yourself against the onslaught from the Federal Reserve on the American People and that is by owning things that the Fed cannot control like….

Gold – UP $275 Dollars or UP 20 PERCENT!

Silver – UP $15 Dollars or UP 60 PERCENT!

Oh, it must just drive Uncle Ben Bernanke and his buddies at the Fed CRAZY that the price of Gold and other precious metals keep going UP, UP, UP which only confirms that all of that out-of-control money printing and spending by the US Government has done nothing more than drive down the purchasing power of the US Dollar for the American People and thus destroy their wealth through what is now hidden and often not-reported REAL inflation that is decimating hard-working Americans and especially the poor.

Yes, as confirmed by the GDP numbers released last week the Federal Reserve’s Bogus Quantitative Easing or purchasing of US Treasury Securities in the open market has been a MASSIVE FAILURE and actually did nothing more than hurt hard-working Americans by driving up commodity prices on things Americans MUST buy every day of their lives.

Yes, theses boys and the girls as the Fed are no different than the Wacko Liberal Nuts that decided a decade ago that they would force the banks and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower their mortgage underwriting standards so more Americans could buy homes.  All the Fed did through its Bogus Quantitative Easing and the Wacko Liberal Nuts did through their forcing the banks to lend mortgage money to anyone and everyone with pulse is hurt average Americans that are now paying higher prices for things they MUST buy and are in homes that are worth less than they paid for them.

Yes, these are some Very Stupid People!

Yes, the last decade or so truly has been the Age of the Morons in America with over-educated Idiots thinking they could sit in rooms and move certain levers around and create jobs and/or wealth when in fact these over-educated Morons are at the forefront of the destruction of the American Republic and the bankrupting of its People.

One interesting thing about the Federal Reserve and its Bogus Quantitative Easing Program of buying US Treasuries is that the Fed now holds on its balance sheet….

$1.64 Trillion Dollars of US Treasury Securities

We have a question here at Mad As Hell And…:

Do the American People own the Federal Reserve $1.64 Trillion Dollars, because that $1.64 Trillion Dollar is counted against the $14.4 Trillion Dollars in outstanding Federal debt?  After all the US Dollar is the American People’s currency….right?  Certainly none of the academic Candy Asses at the Fed would ever be able to defend the American Republic if we ever got into another real shooting war that required all able-bodied men so certainly there is no one at the Fed (or on Wall Street for that matter) that would have the Guts to stand up and fight for this country so the US Dollar is the American People’s money and all the Fed did was print-up and create from thin air $1.6 Trillion Dollars to buy up these US Treasury securities…right?  Yes, that is right.

The FACTS are that the Federal Reserve did was create money from thin air with the special little money-printing computers and then purchase US Treasury Securities from primary dealers that had bought them only months or weeks before and then they transferred those securities to the Fed balance sheet.

The US Treasury certainly acts like the US Government “owes” the Federal Reserve that $1.4 Trillion Dollars because each month the US Treasury, that would be you, me and the rest of the American People send over to the Federal Reserve several Billion Dollars which the Fed’s says are its’ “profits?”

While we have been asking the very important question of if the American People actually owe the Federal Reserve $1.6 Trillion Dollars that are now on its’ books, Congressman Ron Paul actually recommended this past week that (From ZeroHedge.com)…

“It isn’t too late to return to fiscal sanity. We could start by canceling out the debt held by the Federal Reserve, which would clear $1.6 trillion under the debt ceiling.”

Yes, that makes Perfect Damn Sense Ron Paul to have the Federal Reserve cancel out that $1.6 Trillion Dollars in US Treasury Securities that they are now holding because it is BEYOND STUPID for the US Treasury and thus the American People to send Tens of Billions of Dollars of interest payments on that debt to the Fed each year when the Fed does nothing more than call that its’ “profits” and send “most” of it back to the US Treasury.

If the above sounds like a Very Big Ponzi Scheme with the US Federal Reserve Bank creating money out of thin air to buy US Treasury Securities ($1.6 Trillion Dollars to date) then YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!

How about let’s quit playing the Very Stupid game that the US Treasury and thus the American People owe the Federal Reserve $1.6 Trillion Dollars because the Federal Reserve did not go out and earn the money to purchase that Treasury debt and thus the Fed holding all that debt and the Government paying interest on the debt is Stupid at best or a Bogus accounting trick at worst that is warping the US bond market and making Fools of anyone that believes any of the Absolute Nonsense that is spouted by Uncle Ben and his Ivory Tower buddies at the Fed.

It’s PAST Time to Stop the Madness!

Is there anyone besides Ron Paul in Washington DC that can stand-up and say the obvious that we should cancel the US Treasury debt held by the Fed which alone would lower the US Public Debt by $1.6 Trillion Dollars which makes the current raising of the debt ceiling debate would Very Stupid Indeed!

Oh, cancelling that $1.6 Trillion Dollars in US Treasury debt would raise the curtain on how Bogus the idea of the Fed doing Quantitative Easing really is and that the US Government with the cooperation of the Fed has been doing nothing more than running a Big Ponzi Scheme with one branch of government buying debt from the other?

Yes that is right and that kind of BS would get ALL of us out in the Real World thrown in jail but in the Wacko world of the political, media and Wall Street elite that is cause for celebration!

Yes, these are Very Stupid People!

Do You Believe the American Educational System Is Breaking Down? – We Have Absolute Proof the Educational System Is Broke….and Ironically Some of The Idiots Behind This Stupidity Are Ivy League Graduates! – The US House Held A Hearing This Past Week on the “Real Men of Genius” Behind the Fast and Furious Operation That Allowed Mexican Drug Cartels To Buy High-Powered Weapons In America and Take Them To Mexico! – Yes, These Are Very Stupid People! – Meanwhile On the Washington DC Idiot Beat…More of the American People’s Hard-Earned Money Being Wasted By the Biggest Waster of Money In the History of Man and Woman On Earth: The US Federal Government! – Someone…Stop the Madness! – Yes, the American People Are Coming To Take Back THEIR Government…But Will They Be Too Late?

If anyone doubts that the American educational system has completely broken down all they have to do to be completely convinced of that reality is to watch the….

House Oversight Committee Hearing on ATF “Fast and Furious” Weapons Operations – Video – C-Span

….which a few of us here at Mad As Hell And… caught on C-Span at various times this past week.

Most Americans have heard of the “Fast and Furious” operation which was “run” by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms which was first broken by CBS News earlier this year.

Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico, CBS News

“Federal agent John Dodson says what he was asked to do was beyond belief.

He was intentionally letting guns go to Mexico?

“Yes ma’am,” Dodson told CBS News. “The agency was.”

An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms senior agent assigned to the Phoenix office in 2010, Dodson’s job is to stop gun trafficking across the border. Instead, he says he was ordered to sit by and watch it happen.

Investigators call the tactic letting guns “walk.” In this case, walking into the hands of criminals who would use them in Mexico and the United States.

Dodson’s bosses say that never happened. Now, he’s risking his job to go public.”

Uhhh, Agent Dodson’s bosses that told CBS News earlier this year that the ATF allowed drug cartels to buy high-powered weapons in the United States and take them to Mexico…


….and clearly anyone dumb enough to approve a program that would allow Mexican drug cartels to buy weapons in America and take them to Mexico is a…


Check out this video from CBS News on the “Fast and Furious” Operation:

Yes, these are VERY STUPID PEOPLE!

Here’s the thing though about the American educational system breaking down that we have noticed.

Some of the STUPIDEST people are actually the one’s that hold multiple college degrees and if that college degree is from an Ivy League school one can almost assume without a doubt that the person doesn’t have a Lick of Common Sense and we have no doubt that Ivy League educated Morons were knee-deep in this incredibly dumb “Fast and Furious” Operation that allowed Mexican drug cartels to buy weapons in the United States and take them to Mexico!

Please, someone stop the Madness!

Here’s the REAL kicker:  We have children that spend time and attend school in the Los Angeles and southern California area and these Stupid SOBs at the ATF put OUR children and Millions of other children at risk by allowing Mexican drug cartels buy weapons in the United States and take them to Mexico and that makes these Idiots not only Very Stupid but Very Damn Dangerous as well!

More Idiocy from the Washington DC Beat

This past week when members of the two “Great” political parties were presenting dueling Bogus plans to address the Massive Amount of Debt that has been piled up and these $1 Trillion Dollar Annual Deficits the country is now facing (Their ideas are Bogus because none of these plans do anything to address the debt and deficits problems in a serious way which is just the normal course of business in a town filled with Morons that sell themselves off to the highest bidder and could care less about the country and its People) we ran across an opinion piece in the Washington Post by one of the “Tea Party” folks a Mr. Judson Phillips….

Why the Tea Part is unyielding on the debt ceiling

….and Mr. Phillips detailed some very troubling things in his column:

“Americans are angry at the federal government and do not want their taxes raised. Nor do they want Congress to borrow more, considering how poorly lawmakers have managed the money we give them.

The Government Accountability Office released a report in March outlining billions of tax dollars that were being squandered in duplicative, wasteful programs or ones that had completely failed or were fraudulent. Republicans in Congress should have been having cage fights to see which representative could be first on the House floor to introduce the legislation to end that spending.

We are still waiting.

The GAO found in 2008 that more than 40 percent of the purchases made with government cards were improper, fraudulent or constituted embezzlement. These credit cards are being used to purchase Xboxes, lingerie and more.”

What the Hell?

Yes, What the Hell?, but none of the above is a surprise because the US Government is the Biggest Waster of hard-working people’s money in the History of Man and Woman on Planet Earth and we decided to check out the source documents for Mr. Phillips claims and if you are not Mad As Hell and at these Bastards in Washington DC right now go ahead and sit down because you are about to be!

General Accountability Office Report March 2011

Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue

“Many of the issues included in this report are focused on activities that are contained within single departments or agencies. In those cases, agency officials can generally achieve cost savings or other benefits by implementing existing GAO recommendations or by undertaking new actions suggested in this report. However, a number of issues we have identified, particularly in the duplication area, span multiple organizations and therefore may require higher-level attention by the executive branch or enhanced congressional oversight or legislative action.

In some cases, there is sufficient information available today to show that if actions are taken to address individual issues summarized in this report, financial benefits ranging from the tens of millions to several billion dollars annually may be realized by addressing that single issue. For example, while the Department of Defense is making limited changes to the governance of its military health care system, broader restructuring could result in annual savings of up to $460 million. Similarly, we developed a range of options that could reduce federal revenue losses by up to $5.7 billion annually by addressing potentially duplicative policies designed to boost domestic ethanol production. Likewise, we identified a number of other opportunities for cost savings or enhanced revenues such as reducing improper federal payments totaling billions of dollars, or addressing the gap between taxes owed and paid, potentially involving billions of dollars. Collectively, these savings and revenues could result in tens of billions of dollars in annual savings, depending on the extent of actions taken.”

What the Hell?

“Tens of Billions of Dollars in annual savings?”

OK, then someone in OUR Government should be going through the above GAO report and cutting out the Massive Amounts of Waste in the US Government which is wasting BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of the American People’s hard-earned money!

Here is the other report referenced by Mr. Phillips:

Government Accountability Office, March 2008

Governmentwide Purchase Cards, Actions Needed to Strengthen Internal Controls to Reduce Fraudulent, Improper, and Abusive Purchases

“What GAO Found

Internal control weaknesses in agency purchase card programs exposed the federal government to fraud, waste, abuse, and loss of assets. When testing internal controls, GAO asked agencies to provide documentation on selected transactions to prove that the purchase of goods or services had been properly authorized and that when the good or service was delivered, an individual other than the cardholder received and signed for it. Using a statistical sample of purchase card transactions from July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2006, GAO estimated that nearly 41 percent of the transactions failed to meet either of these basic internal control standards. Using a second sample of transactions over $2,500, GAO found a similar failure rate—agencies could not demonstrate that 48 percent of these large purchases met the standard of proper authorization, independent receipt and acceptance, or both.”

What the Hell?

“41 percent of the transactions failed to meet either of these basic internal control standards” AND “48 percent of these large purchases met the standard of proper authorization, independent receipt and acceptance, or both.””

Please, someone Stop the Madness!

Anyone that EVER says again that someone wants to make “deep cuts” to US Federal Government spending needs to be immediately told something like:

“Listen up you Stupid SOB!  These Bastards are wasting YOUR hard-earned money and they are destroying your children and grandchildren’s future.”

Yes, these are VERY STUPID PEOPLE and the Stupider they act the easier it will be for the American People to get back THEIR Government in the next 3 elections.  Our only worry is that these Idiots may just take down the American Republic before the American People arrive to save it.

A Good Friend of Ours Recently Sent Along An Interesting News Article That Lays Out the Essential TRUTH of What the American Republic Badly Needs Right Now – GOOD GOVERNANCE – Yes, Good Governance Combined With TRUTH Telling Which Would Lead To Paying Down Some of This Mountain of Debt Will Give OUR Republic An Opportunity To Fulfill Its Destiny….But We the People Need Leaders That Can Lead Us and OUR Country Forward – Finding Those Leaders and TRUTH Tellers Is Paramount and What We Here At Mad As Hell And… Are Actively Engaged In Right Now – On To 2012 and Beyond

If there is one thing we believe to OUR core here at Mad As Hell And… it is that “Information Is Power” and that means we go to great lengths to read and hear as much as we can about things that will affect our companies, our families and our country both today and more importantly into the future.

Recently a good friend of ours ran across a very entertaining news piece in a free weekly newspaper in California that laid out a theory about economic cycles and financial booms and busts that we don’t entirely buy into, but there was one part of the article that was very revealing which we believe to be a TRUTH about where America is right now.

Here is the start of that news article that caught our attention which is a Q&A session with Eric Von Baranov:

Catching a long wave, Pacific Sun, Jason Walsh

“Most Marinites have never heard of Nikolai Kondratiev. And no wonder—few high school teachers or college-level history professors are familiar with this century-old mid-level economic bureaucrat from Bolshevik-era Russia.

And yet some believe he holds the key to the end of the Great Recession—perhaps the end of all recessions.

As well as the beginning the next great economic boom.

And, alas, the beginning of the recession to follow.

Kondratiev believed that economic booms and collapses followed a pattern of predictable cycles that peaked and ebbed just about every 53 years—what he called the “long wave of economic life.” His long-wave theory held that history’s seemingly random assemblage of innovations, social trends, economic moods and geopolitics invariably resulted in an enigmatic consistency—an economic harmony that wasn’t swayed by the chaos of human events. In fact, it almost seemed fueled by it.”

Now, here is the part of the Q&A sessions that really caught our attention:

Question: How do you see America’s economy 10 years down the line?

Answer: My belief is that as the global economy grows, eventually the United States, if it gets some good governance, is going to start to take the lead in the world. And you remember after World War II, the Soviets and Europe and even Japan started getting a lead on the United States and after Sputnik we came roaring back. We went into this huge boom and launched a man on the moon. I think that spirit is still in America. I just think it’s governance—we need to get over some of the bad policies of the Bush administration and work off some of our debt. I think America will move again. Anyway, that’s my outlook and that’s how I use the long wave to see ahead.”

We could not agree more with the above statement by Baranov that….

“I think that spirit is still in America. I just think it’s governance—we need to get over some of the bad policies of the Bush administration and work off some of our debt. I think America will move again.”

Yes, America most of ALL needs GOOD GOVERNANCE and we need to work off some of the Mountain of Debt that these Sorry Excuses for “Elected Leaders” have piled up over the past three decades and that means we need to bring some fiscal sanity back to the Federal Government and we are convinced it will take both more “Tea Party” folks AND reform-minded Democrats that really give a Damn about their country and are willing to work hard to keep America great.

Now we here at Mad As Hell And… are working with Americans across the country to identify Republicans, Democrats and Independents that will run for office and win election to Federal office and when they get to Washington DC they will not sell-out the American People and over the next 2 to 4 national election cycles the People of this country are going to take back THEIR Government and “Official” Washington is going to learn a thing or two about what really makes this country the greatest country on Earth.

Yes, the American People are coming and not a minute too soon, because we here at Mad As Hell And… do believe there is a Great future out there for the American Republic IF We the People can find TRUTH Tellers and Leaders that will be able to deal with the BIG problems facing the country while still inspiring ALL of us onto greater things for ourselves and our country.

What Is This? – People In Washington DC Standing On Principle When That Principle Will Not Benefit Them Directly or the Folks That Are Stuffing Money In Their Pockets? – Yes, That Is Very Damn Unusual and No Wonder “Official” Washington Is So Perplexed – Please, Can Someone Explain To Us How the Very Damn People That Have Been In Washington DC For Decades Now and Got The American Republic Into This Mess Are Going To Be The One’s To Get Us Out? – Damn Good Question – The Solution To the Current Debt Ceiling Debate – OK, the American People Will Give You Bastards 8 Months To Work On The BIG Problems Facing the Country – Either Begin Working on the Problems and Start Making the Tough Choices Or Everyone Can Get Ready For A “Throw the Bums Out” Campaign In 2012!

What is this?

A group of “Elected Leaders” in Washington DC that are actually standing on principle when standing on that principle will not benefit them personally or the people that are stuffing money in their pockets?

Yes, that is very odd indeed in a City where most of the “Elected Leaders” sell themselves and their votes out to highest bidder and will also destroy the lives of Hundreds of Millions of Americans and the future of the country in order to get their precious asses re-elected to office.

Yes…Very Damn Odd..and Encouraging at the same time.

Of course, “Official” Washington cannot understand why the “Tea Party” will not just take the Bogus deals offered by John Boehner and Harry Reid and declare victory while putting off the tough choices for some other time in the future for other people to make.

To “Official” Washington “Who gets the blame” or “Who gains advantage for the next election” is what the “the game” is all about but we have some news for “Official” Washington:

The Out-of-Control Spending Party that has been going on in Washington DC for almost three decades now by both political parties is…


Any parts of “Official” Washington that think the “Tea Party” or other reformers on the Democratic side of the aisle are some kind of temporary phenomenon that will have to be tolerated for short while and then the Sorry Excuses for Public Servants will then be able to return to business as usual are terribly mistaken.

The American Republic’s future is in peril and like most great nations that have failed in world history the problems in OUR country are the same:

1.  Massive Amounts of Debt

2.  A Ruling Class Disconnected from the People

3.  An Unwillingness by “Leaders” to Deal with the Problems and to Tell the Truth to the People

The above last point is the REAL sticking point right now and everyone in “Official” Washington DC is talking around the “thing” that must be talked about soon or the “thing” will take down the American Republic and that “thing” is the ballooning cost of taking care of OUR seniors with the programs of Social Security and Medicare and until the conversation is begun by a TRUTH teller things will just get worse and worse and America will sink into a morass that it will not be able to get out of.

Again, for what seems like the 10 th time this year, economist Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post lays out the FACTS for all to see and if “Official” Washington doesn’t start paying attention soon to the TRUTH tellers like Samuelson they are going to wake-up one day and find that America has become a second-rate country and their own children’s lives will have been destroyed.  Here is a portion of Robert Samuelson’s TRUTH telling column:

Why are we in this debt fix?  It’s the elderly, stupid.

“If leadership is the capacity to take people where they need to go — whether or not they realize it or want it — then we’ve had almost no leadership in these weeks of frustrating and maddening debate over the budget and debt ceiling. There’s been an unspoken consensus among President Obama, congressional Democrats and Republicans not to discuss the central issue underlying the standoff. We’ve heard lots about “compromise” or its absence. We’ve had dueling budgets with differing mixes of spending cuts and tax increases. But we’ve heard almost nothing of the main problem that makes the budget so intractable.

It’s the elderly, stupid.

By now, it’s obvious that we need to rewrite the social contract that, over the past half-century, has transformed the federal government’s main task into transferring income from workers to retirees. In 1960, national defense was the government’s main job; it constituted 52 percent of federal outlays. In 2011 — even with two wars — it is 20 percent and falling. Meanwhile, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other retiree programs constitute roughly half of non-interest federal spending.

These transfers have become so huge that, unless checked, they will sabotage America’s future. The facts are known: By 2035, the 65-and-over population will nearly double, and health costs remain uncontrolled; the combination automatically expands federal spending (as a share of the economy) by about one-third from 2005 levels. This tidal wave of spending means one or all of the following: (a) much higher taxes; (b) the gutting of other government services, from the Weather Service to medical research; (c) a partial and dangerous disarmament; (d) large and unstable deficits.”

Did ALL of the Sorry Excuses for Public Servants disguised as OUR “Elected Leaders” understand Robert Samuelson’s simple math?

If not, LISTEN UP!

“In 1960, national defense was the government’s main job; it constituted 52 percent of federal outlays. In 2011 — even with two wars — it is 20 percent and falling. Meanwhile, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other retiree programs constitute roughly half of non-interest federal spending. “

That REALITY of how large…and growing…these entitlement programs are is detailed in this chart….

…and if those entitlements are not dramatically reformed soon they will not be there in the future even for Americans that will need these programs to survive on forget about Middle Class seniors that would never be able to make-it without Social Security and Medicare coverage.

All of this DEBT is a MORAL issue because if something is not done soon the Interest on the Debt…

(like the extra $100 Billion Plus Dollar PER YEAR in Interest that will be added to the current annual interest cost of $100 Billion Dollars when the $2.5 Trillion Dollars in new debt that will be added over the next two years with the raising of the debt ceiling)

….will eventually eat up so much of the American People’s hard-earned money that they send to the US Government each year that it will hollow out spending in other important programs like Social Security and Medicare for Americans that will need income and reasonably priced healthcare in their senior years.

Exactly what kind of person would want to keep piling on more and more debt on the backs of OUR children and grandchildren which will just lead to slower economic growth and higher interest costs in the future?

A Very Sorry Person that doesn’t Give A Damn about anything but his or her own precious ass is the answer to the above question.

The REAL problem in Washington DC is that most of the “Elected Leaders” at the heart of the current debt and deficits debate have been in Washington DC for decades now and are the Very Damn People that have put the country in this spot where there is $14 Trillion Dollar of Debt on the books…

…and counting.

Now, let’s see just how long the “Elected Leaders” at the center of the debt and deficits debate have been in Washington DC which will help the American People to better understand why the Bastards that got us into this mess and have been together kicking the can and everything else down the road for decades CANNOT possibly be the people that will get us out:

John Boehner
Speaker of the House
Elected to the US House in 1991
Been in Washington:  20 Years

Nancy Pelosi
Minority Leader of the US House
Elected to the US House:  1993
Been in Washington:  18 Years

Harry Reid
Majority Leader of the Senate
Elected to the US House:  1983
Been in Washington:  28 Years

Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader
Elected to US Senate in 1985
Been in Washington:  25 Years

Could someone please explain to us here Mad As Hell And… how the 4 leaders of the US House and US Senate that have been on average in Washington DC now for almost 23 Years when most of the out-of-control US Government Spending has been happening are going to be able to solve the problem that…


Damn good question and the answer to that question is answered by looking at the proposals that all of the above have offered to deal with the Out-of-Control spending, the Massive Amount of Debt and the Annual Deficits that are over $1 Trillion Dollar Annually:

Their Ideas and Plans to fix all of those problems are BOGUS and do nothing but put off the tough decisions for another day way off in the future, like after the election and the FACT of the matter that the time for the tough choices is…

NOW or at the very least Very Damn Soon.

The Solution to the Current Raising the Debt Ceiling Mess

Our solution to the current problem of the FACT that these Bastards have spent so much money and have had the US Government issue so much debt that the debt ceiling must be raised to keep the Massive Ponzi Scheme going so the debt that was issued in the past can be renewed with more new debt without ever any debt actually really getting paid off here at Mad As Hell And…. is:

Write a very simple resolution raising the debt ceiling through the First Quarter of 2012, April 1, 2012, whatever that amount may be, and fund the US Government at “current” constant spending levels for the next 8 months (which in Bogus “government speak” is a “cut”) and between now and then the Budget, Tax Writing and other relevant committees in the US Congress need to come up with real solutions to:

1.  Reforming the US Tax Code to make it simpler, flatter, fairer and more inclusive of all Americans.

2.  Reforming the major entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so that all the political parties can get onboard

3.  Bringing some sanity back to regulations and rule-making when it comes to business in America which is right now under assault by the Federal Government.

That should be easy enough and the above proposal could be written and passed by the US House and Senate by Monday easily and signed into law by the President.

Yes, the American People will give these Sorry Excuses for Public Servants 8 more months to address the serious problems facing OUR country….but use that time wisely and a good start would be for everyone to get out Washington DC for awhile….

Once the debt ceiling is raised and funding for the Federal Government is taken care of for the next 8 months everyone in the Congress and the President should take a summer vacation and ready to get back to work by Labor Day.

Now get it done.

Recommendation to OUR “Elected Leaders”: Don’t waste the next 8 months because the American People can be energized to turn out ALL of you Bastards in a “Throw ALL the Bums Out” campaign in the 2012 election and if anyone in Washington DC doubts that we remind them by saying just look at the last 4 elections.

Yes, take a break but after the break Get Your Asses to Work!

As OUR “Elected Leaders” Debate Competing “Debt and Deficits” Plans That Are BOTH Complete BS the American People Are Looking For Someone…Anyone That Can Get Things Done – President Obama Has Been Badly Served By the Political Hacks On His Staff and the Liberal Wacko Nuts on Capitol Hill That Are More Concerned About Their Own Precious Asses Than The Children of America AND….the Thus the Futures of President Obama’s Children – Barack Obama Now Faces A Choice: Start Acting Like the President of the United States or He Is Headed To Going Down In History As Jimmy Carter II – Yes, This Time Around the American People Are Willing, Ready and Able To Take On These Political Hacks In Key Congressional Districts and Battleground States Across America – Your Choice President Obama

Far from the Absolute Nonsense that is going on in Washington DC right now the American People look at these Sorry Excuses for Public Servants debating the future of OUR country and wonder something like….

“Where the Hell were these Bastards raised exactly because it could not have possibly been America?”

What OUR “Elected Leaders” have gotten down to are two different plans, one by Speaker of the House Boehner and the other by Majority Leader of the US Senate Harry Reid that when you get down to it neither do anything to address the BIG problems of debt and deficits that are now facing the American Republic.

Come on now, the American People are not stupid and we know BS when we see it and both of these debt and deficit reducing plans by Boehner and Reid are full and unadulterated BS…..PERIOD.

Peter Coy of Bloomberg – Businessweek lays out the essential truths about how bad all the debt and more importantly the Trillions of Dollars in unfunded mandates that America faces over the coming decades really are in his latest:

Why the Debt Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

“There is a comforting story about the debt ceiling that goes like this: Back in the 1990s, the U.S. was shrinking its national debt at a rapid pace. Serious people actually worried about dislocations from having too little government debt. If it hadn’t been for two wars, the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, the housing meltdown, and the subsequent financial crisis and recession, the nation’s finances would be in fine condition today. And the only obstacle to getting there again, this narrative goes, is political dysfunction in Washington. If the Republicans and Democrats would just split their differences on spending and taxes and raise the debt ceiling, we could all get back to our real lives. Problem solved.

Except it’s not that way at all. For all our obsessing about it, the national debt is a singularly bad way of measuring the nation’s financial condition. It includes only a small portion of the nation’s total liabilities. And it’s focused on the past. An honest assessment of the country’s projected revenue and expenses over the next generation would show a reality different from the apocalyptic visions conjured by both Democrats and Republicans during the debt-ceiling debate. It would be much worse.

That’s why the posturing about whether and how Congress should increase the debt ceiling by Aug. 2 has been a hollow exercise. Failure to increase the borrowing limit would harm American prestige and the global financial system. But that’s nothing compared with the real threats to the U.S.’s long-term economic health, which will begin to strike with full force toward the end of this decade: Sharply rising per-capita health-care spending, coupled with the graying of the populace; a generation of workers turning into an outsize generation of beneficiaries. Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Michael J. Boskin, who was President George H.W. Bush’s chief economic adviser, says: “The word ‘unsustainable’ doesn’t convey the problem enough, in my opinion.””


It the above doesn’t scare the Hell out of you and worry the Hell out of you about your kids’ future then nothing will, but then we have lots of Bastards in both political parties in Washington DC that want to keep this spending train rolling and if the country comes down in the process will any of these Bastards care?

No, not one bit and therein lies the essential TRUTH about what President Obama is now facing and how he is being terribly advised by the political hacks on his staff and by his “friends” on the Wacko Liberal Left on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the country.

We here at Mad As Hell And… do not view Barack Obama as evil incarnate as many in the Republican Party and on the Conservative right do in America today, but rather we see Barack Obama for what he really is:

A very liberal person politically that rose quickly to power in the United States and won the White House primarily because he was able to defeat Hillary Clinton, who ran one of the worst campaigns in American political history, in the Democratic primaries and defeat John McCain, who ran the Absolute worst political campaign in American political history, in the general election.  Barack Obama was also tremendously helped by the incredibly stupid Presidency of George W. Bush which was dominated by spending lots of money the country did not and will never have, some stupid wars overseas that spent money the country did not and will never have and most of all a man in the White House that…let’s be honest here….

If “W’s” last name wasn’t Bush most people understand that George would be lucky to be holding down a job running the swing-shift at the 7-Eleven in Midland, Texas right now.

That’s not to say that we think Barack Obama is some kind of towering genius though.  Barack Obama is a lawyer, an academic, an intelligent man, a family man, and a person that came along in the exact moment in American political history when a former academic that was very liberal could get elected to the Presidency of the United States.  Almost any other time in American history besides 2007 – 2008 and Barack Obama is not elected President and that reality is something that Obama should keep in mind as he thinks about the BIG problems that face the American People and its Country and his own re-election.

What President Obama should be thinking about right now if he wants to get re-elected to the Presidency in 2012 is that the advice he is now getting from the hyper-partisans on his staff and in the Democratic Party, is that America has been swinging back and forth between these two worthless political parties for about a decade now and what the American People want most of all is someone in the Presidency that is willing to do deals, to get things done and to put the future of the country and the American People ahead of the politicians’ precious asses.

The very ironic thing is that the message that is being sent by the “Tea Partiers” on Capitol Hill and in America today are part-and-parcel of the same dynamic that got Barack Obama elected to the Presidency in 2008 and if Obama was smart he would recognize that people that care about the Future of the Country, like the Tea Party folks that are speaking the TRUTH, are the people in OUR country that are thinking about the very things that Barack Obama must be thinking about when he looks ahead into the future.

Namely, we believe that Barack Obama is like us in that he cares deeply about the future of his children and in 2008 the American People took a chance on a very liberal politician after putting up with a Sorry Excuse for a Republican in George W. Bush for 8 years, and it was the expectation of the American People that a liberal like Barack Obama would at least put the People and the Country first.

Sorry, over the two-plus years of the Obama Presidency Barack Obama has not put the Country and its People first and he has been terribly served by political hacks that care little about anything but keeping the Bullshit political games going and to do that it is important to keep the arguing between the parties going and frankly we believe Barack Obama and a handful of other “Elected Leaders” in Washington DC are better than all of this BS.

Memo to President Obama: Instead of listening to your political hack advisors and these Wacko Liberals Nuts that seem determined to drive the country off a cliff, how about doing what you were elected by the American People to do and that is be the President of all the People and there is no way in Hell that anyone that cared about the future of America and his or her own children would allow this BS to continue (US Debt Clock):

The best path for the future of America and for Barack Obama to be re-elected in 2012 is not to follow the path that the political hacks on your staff and what the Liberal Wacko Nuts on Capitol Hill are telling you to do which will lead to the bankruptcy of America, but rather to start acting like a President of the United States of America and that means reaching across to reasonable people on the other side of the political aisle, including many Tea Party people that understand the disaster that lies ahead for America, and putting together a coalition of Americans that will do what is best for the country…and not what is best for that Sorry Excuse for a Public Servant Nancy Pelosi so she and the other Sorry Excuses for Public Servants on Capitol Hill can use some kind of “Medicare” issue to try and win back the US House in the 2012 election (We have some news for the political hacks in Washington DC like Nancy Pelosi and her Wacko Liberal Nut friends.  There is a NEW player on the political scene and that NEW player is the American People and since the Supreme Court has re-affirmed in recent years the American People’s right to be fully involved in the country’s political process, if Barack Obama’s political team and the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world think they will be able to demagogue Medicare or anything else in 2012 they are going to be in for a rude awakening because we and thousands of other Americans have put together both the resources (think double the amount the amount of money both political parties will raise over the next two years) and the ability to address Americans in the key and swing Congressional districts/states across the entire nation.  Yes, the American People are coming and they are very well organized this time and the political hacks that think their silly games are going to win the day are going to be taught a lesson or two about how to play their games and Barack Obama can raise $1 Billion Dollars or more and even that amount will be dwarfed by thousands of successful Americans buying stock TV commercials and then media commercial time in local markets across the country.  Yes, the American People are coming….to take back their country and eventually these Stupid Political Games will come to an end!)

President Obama can continue down his current path by allowing himself to be led around by the nose by political consultant hacks and by Wacko Liberals Nuts on Capitol Hill that will destroy this own daughters’ futures and the entire country or he can start acting like a President and in acting like a President he can not only get re-elected in 2012 but he can go down in history as one of the Presidents that told the TRUTH, that reached across the aisle and that made the country a better place to live for ALL Americans.

Stay on your current path President Obama and you are Jimmy Carter II and the 2012 election will be like the one in 1980…only this time around there will be thousands of very successful Americans across OUR country that will be working with local and state media to drive the point home that Barack Obama is just like every other politician in Washington DC and that it is time for the American People to elect someone else to see if that person can act like a President of the United States supposed to act and actually…


Your choice President Obama.