"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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California Governor Jerry Brown and the Wacko Environmental Nuts Met in Las Vegas on Tuesday To Plot How They Could Quicken the Destruction of the American Republic – Yes, These Are Very Stupid People! – When the American People Have “Elected Leaders” That Have As Their MAIN GOAL To Double and Triple the Cost of Energy on the American People Then You Have People That Are Committed To Destruction of OUR Country With Little Concern For Any Of Us – No…”Skyrocketing” Energy Prices Is NOT A Good Idea…Unless You Get Joy From Destroying Hard-Working American Families and Their Children In the Pursuit of One’s Fantasy Dreams – Yes, These Are Very, Very Stupid People!

It would be impossible to overestimate the destruction that Jerry Brown and the Wacko Liberal Nuts are now creating in the former Golden State of California but before one can really get a handle on what is happening to the now Broken State one has to understand one basic principle when considering Jerry Brown and his Fruitcake buddies:

In our opinion Jerry Brown would personally be thrilled to destroy the future lives of EVERY child in California in pursuit of his absolute fantasies because Jerry Brown like most Wacko Liberal Nuts cares little about anything but his own precious ass and crazy dreams.

Yesterday in Las Vegas, Governor Brown gathered with a motley collection of Wacko Liberal/Environmental Nuts to push for more “green energy” as detailed in this Mercury News story….

Gov. Brown calls for action on clean energy

…and to understand just how out-of-touch with reality that Jerry Brown and the Wacko Environmental Nuts from organizations like the Center for American Progress really are read the following lines from this story that tells the sorry tale:

“But with federal stimulus funding winding down and budget battles looming in Washington, the future of clean energy investment looks bleak. Many advocates want Congress to pass a national Clean Energy Standard, which would require a specified amount of the nation’s electricity to come from renewable power by a certain date.

California already has the most aggressive renewable standard in the nation: 33 percent by 2020, a goal that utilities like PG&E and Southern California Edison are well on their way to meeting.

“Last year we permitted 5,000 megawatts of wind and solar, and we have applications for 70,000 megawatts,” said Brown. “The 33 percent goal has stimulated real investment. The entrepreneurs that made the computer revolution are the same people investing in renewable energy. Google (GOOG) is investing. These companies will grow.””

Yes you Moron Jerry Brown companies are willing to “invest” in “clean energy” IF they get Massive Subsidies from the US Government (i.e. the American People’s hard-earned money) because without the Massive (and very Stupid) subsidies and laws requiring “aggressive renewable standards” like the one that is now in place in California that have more than artificially doubled the cost of electricity in the Broken State these “clean energy” companies would never be able to turn a profit in the real world!

In the REAL world far from the gathering of the Wacko Environmental Nuts in Las Vegas there are REAL Californians that have to deal with the disasters caused by the Jerry Brown’s of the world that have little concern for the “little people” and that reality is on display for anyone that cares to see it by going to any Pacific Gas & Electric bill payment office in Northern California where one will find very poor and hard-working Californians paying $300 Dollar plus monthly utility bills that have more than doubled in the last decade BECAUSE of Morons like Jerry Brown.

Oh, but the worst is yet to come because Morons like Jerry Brown that get a thrill out of destroying the lives of families and children want to extend their artificially high electricity prices (2 to 3 times higher than the average in America) to ALL businesses in California with the Fruitcakes at the California Air Resources Board preparing to roll out another fantasy dream of the Wacko Environmental Nuts a “cap and trade” bill which will do nothing but double and triple electricity on business in the Broken State as well which makes perfect sense with the California unemployment rate at…

12 percent

…right?  NOT!

Yes, these are Very Stupid People and the Idiocy of Jerry Brown and the Wacko Environmental Nuts in California explains fully why we get 5 to 10 calls a week from companies across the Broken State about which other U.S. states are good places to operate in where the state government is not conducting an All-Out and Complete War against its People and Businesses.

What really makes this meeting of the Wacko Environmental Nuts inLas Vegason Tuesday very laughable is the story on Wednesday that solar technology manufacturer Solyndra filing for bankruptcy which was one of the companies that received Hundreds of Millions in subsides from the US Government (i.e. the American People):

Solyndra to Declare Bankruptcy,NBCNewsBayArea

“Solyndra, a major manufacturer of solar technology inFremont, has shut its doors, according to employees at the campus.

“I was told by a security guard to get my [stuff] and leave,” one employee said. The company employs a little more than 1,000 employees worldwide, according to its website.

Shortly after it opened a massive $700 million facility, it canceled plans for a public stock offering earlier this year and warned it would be in significant trouble if federal loan guarantees did not go through.

The company has said it will make a statement at 9amCaliforniatime, though it’s not clear what that statement will be. An NBC Bay Area photographer on the scene reports security guards are not letting visitors on campus. He says “people are standing around in disbelief.” The employees have been given yellow envelopes with instructions on how to get their last checks.

Solyndra was touted by the Obama administration as a prime example of how green technology could deliver jobs. The President visited the facility in May of last year and said  “it is just a testament to American ingenuity and dynamism and the fact that we continue to have the best universities in the world, the best technology in the world, and most importantly the best workers in the world. And you guys all represent that. “

The federal government offered $535 million in low cost loan guarantees from the Department of Energy. NBC Bay Area has contacted the White House asking for a statement.”

Note to NBC News Bay Area:  Don’t hold your breath waiting on a statement from the White House because the Absolute Idiots in the Obama Administration that have ONE GOAL and ONE GOAL only…

Artificially jacking up the cost of energy and electricity on ALL Americans

…and they could care less about anything beyond their Bogus Environmental Dreams and just like Jerry Brown and his buddies in the Broken State if they destroy EVERY family and child in America in the process of pursuing their fantasy dreams.

Sorry President Obama, “skyrocketing electricity prices” on Americans will only destroy American families and the lives of American children as families’ hard-earned money is spent on energy instead of food, rent, health care, dental care and other things American families are struggling to pay for right now.  Here is a FACT President Obama:  Your EPA and the Wacko Environmental Nuts in California are destroying African-American families in America right now!  Do you not understand that FACT or more likely, your buddies on Martha’s Vineyard really don’t Give A Damn about hard-working American families?  Our guess:  African-American families living in the East Bay of San Francisco that have seen their utility bills double and triple in recent years doesn’t come up much on Martha’s Vineyard and since NO amount of money on Earth could get any of us here at Mad As Hell And… to vacation with the Elitist Bastards on Martha’s Vineyard that care nothing about America we KNOW our guess is right.

Check out this article by Zeke Miller at Business Insider about these Idiots at the Environmental Protection Agency that seem intent on destroy EVERY business in America to lower the concentration of ozone from 0.075 parts-per-million to between 0.060 and 0.070 (which is NO difference at all) which will cost American business Billions of Dollars and cost the American People Millions of Jobs!

President Obama’s $90 Billion Clean Air Regulation, Business Insider

If you are thinking that these Environmental Wacko Nuts are Very Stupid People…

Then you would be right!

The War on the People and Businesses of California continues and as long as there is one profitable business left operating in the Broken State Jerry Brown’s work will not be done and to all of those businesses in California that wonder what it is like to operate a for-profit business (i.e. one not living off of subsides from the American People) in another state we can say it is great and we welcome you to return to Real America where the “Elected and Appointed Leaders” of the state don’t wake-up everyday of their lives and try to think of ways to destroy your work, your livelihood, your family and the future lives of your children.

Now if the Wacko Environmental Nuts are allowed by the American People to continue to run wild and do what they have done to California across the entire American Republic then the only answer for the job creators in America will be to join Steve Jobs and Apple Computer which have created tens of thousands of jobs in China which allows them to operate with HUGE profit margins far from the reach of the Wacko Environmental Nuts! (Yes, all of these people praising Steve Jobs right now forget that Apple Computer builds ALL of its products in China with what we consider borderline slave wages and in our opinion if Steve Jobs really gave a Damn about America he would at least bring home 1/3 of those jobs (at least 10,000 jobs) to America where there are Millions of non-college educated Americans that are desperate for decent jobs (and Apple Computer’s profit margin would only go down from 30 percent that it is now to about 28.5 percent even with moving those 10,000 jobs to the country that allowed Steve Jobs to build Apple Computer).

If you are now really thinking these Wacko Environmental Nuts are Very Stupid People and seem to not give two-rips about the hard-working American People…


They don’t care at all about America or the American People and if they destroy theAmericanRepublicand every profit-making business in the nation they will actually throw a party and find that Bogus sign put up by Trust Fund boy George W. Bush…


….and celebrate their “great” achievement.

Yes, these are Very Stupid People and in 2012 election they must be stopped before they destroy the American Republic.

Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Wednesday, August 31, 2011 – Alexander Graham Bell

Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Wednesday, August 31, 2011 – Alexander Graham Bell

“A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with – a man is what he makes of himself.”


“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”


“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself.”


“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”


“The most successful men in the end are those whose success is the result of steady accretion.”


“What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.”

Alexander Graham Bell

Wikipedia: Alexander Graham Bell

Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Tuesday, August 30, 2011 – Grantland Rice

Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Tuesday, August 30, 2011 – Grantland Rice

“For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, He writes – not that you won or lost – but how you played the Game”


“A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”


“Depend upon yourself. Make your judgement trustworthy by trusting it. You can develop good judgement as you do the muscles of your body – by judicious, daily exercise. To be known as a man of sound judgement will be much in your favor.”


“Does the road wind up-hill all the way? Yes, to the very end. Will the day’s journey take the whole long day? From morn to night, my friend.”


“Eighteen holes of match play will teach you more about your foe than 18 years of dealing with him across a desk.”


“You are meant to play the ball as it lies, a fact that may help to touch on your own objective approach to life.”


“Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore their names are Death, Destruction, Pestilence, and Famine. But those are aliases. Their real names are: Stuhldreher, Crowley, Miller and Layden. They formed the crest of the South Bend cyclone before which another fighting Army team was swept over the precipice at the Polo Grounds this afternoon as 55,000 spectators peered down upon the bewildering panorama spread out upon the green plain below.”

Grantland Rice

Wikipedia: Grantland Rice

Texas Governor Rick Perry Says That Social Security Is A “Ponzi Scheme”……WELL…DUH! – If US States and Companies in the REAL World Tried What OUR Federal “Elected Leaders” Have Done Over the Last Two Decades By Spending the Annual Social Security Surpluses We Would All Be In Prison – No, There Is Not ONE DIME In the Social Security Trust Fund and In Fact That $2.6 Trillion Dollars Has Already Been Spent and That Is A Ponzi Scheme AND Is Breaking Lots Of U.S. Securities Laws As Well – The Real Ironic Thing About the Wacko Liberal Nuts Claiming There is $2.6 Trillion Dollars in the Bogus Social Security Trust Fund….There Is NO Reason To Raise Social Security Taxes With Those Trillions of Dollars Sitting There! – Guess What? The LIES to the American People Are and Will Be Coming To An End and We the People Will Save OUR Republic For the Elitists That Have Now Almost Destroyed It – Count On It.

Texas Governor Rick Perry says that Social Security is a “Ponzi Scheme.”

A Social Security system Bernie Madoff would love, C. J. Ciaramella, Daily Caller


Social Security is actually worse than a “Ponzi Scheme” though because Social Security also involves OUR “Elected Leaders” breaking the laws of the United States of America which they have sworn to defend and protect.

Any retirement program that takes money from people and their employer and spends that money on current obligations instead of putting aside that money to pay for future retirement benefits is very simply…

A “Ponzi Scheme” that also breaks dozens of U.S. securities laws as well!

Since several of us here at Mad As Hell And… were working for the U.S. Government when the Social Security “Ponzi Scheme” went into full-gear in the 1980s we can tell you from FIRST-HAND experience that OUR “Elected Leaders” have been very much aware that they have been running a BIG “Ponzi Scheme” and breaking U.S. securities laws in the process for decades now.

In 1983 the National Commission on Social Security Reform, led by that creator of BIG financial bubbles and destroyer of the American Republic Alan Greenspan as Fed Chairman, did what most government commissions do when they are confronted with a problem:

They raise taxes and claim they have done something to “solve the problem!”

All that Alan Greenspan and the National Commission on Social Security did in 1983 was put in a mechanism that they knew would create massive annual Social Security “surpluses” (With more Social Security tax coming in than was going out each year) and the dirty little secret that some of our Brave “Elected Leaders” (like former South Carolina US Senator Fritz Hollings) noted over the years was that the U.S. Government was “robbing” from future retirees by spending those Social Security “surpluses” as fast as they were coming in and replacing them with worthless and “special” US Treasury bonds.

Since 1983 the Bogus Social Security Trust Fund has accumulated over $2.6 Trillion Dollars of these worthless and “special” US Treasury bonds as the U.S. Government spent every dime of that $2.6 Trillion Dollars on current obligations which is a….


Here is the U.S. Government where OUR Government claims $2.6 Trillion Dollar is sitting:

Here’s the Real Kicker: What if OUR Sorry Excuses for “Elected Leaders” had actually done what ALL of the US State Pension Funds and ALL companies are required to do in America and invested that $2.6 Trillion Dollars in a balanced investment portfolio of not accumulated Social Security “surpluses” over the past almost 30 years how much REAL money would be in the Social Security Trust Fund instead of the Bogus $2.6 Trillion Dollars of worthless “special” US Treasury bonds?

As shown in this blog back in February of this year if the Social Security Trust Fund “surpluses” were invested in a balanced portfolio it would be holding

$6.75 Trillion Dollars

…in REAL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in REAL and SELLABLE investments right now!

The above reality makes not only Social Security the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of Earth but also a system that has been looted by OUR “Elected Leaders” to pay for current obligations and unlike State Pension funds and companies that are required to set-aside money today in investments to pay for future obligations the Social Security system has not done that and thus that is why Social Security has a…

$15 Trillion Dollar Unfunded Liability RIGHT NOW!

…and that Unfunded Liability is GOING UP ALL THE TIME!

Yes, OUR “Elected Leaders” are Very Stupid People and they are also very practiced LIARS as well and if they tried this “Trust Fund” Bullshit they have been doing with Social Security in the REAL world they would all be in prison….and rightfully so.

The most ironic thing about the Wacko Liberal Nuts and the Bogus Social Security System claiming that there is $2.6 Trillion Dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund is that (as appointed out by our Capitol Hill staffer friend during he and his family’s visit to the Great American West) as long as they claim the Social Security Trust fund is holding Trillions of Dollars then there is NO need for any increases in taxes since the Trust Fund could at any time start drawing down that money if it needed to.

Oh, that’s right that the Social Security Trust Fund has even ONE DIME is a Massive Lie and that Massive Lie also puts the Wacko Liberal Nuts in a box as they claim that Social Security is solvent for another 20 years then there is NO reason to raise taxes to fund Social Security benefits in the coming years!

Oh, that is RICH and So Damn Ironic!

Now if we could only get other potential Republican candidates for President telling the TRUTH about the Bogus Social Security Trust Fund and that OUR “Elected Leaders” have been LYING to the American People for years and will continue to LIE to the People….

IF We the People let them.

Guess what? The LIES are coming to an end.

It’s the PRICE OF OIL Stupid! – The Continuing High Price of Oil Is THE Main Factor Hurting the U.S. Economy and the American People and the N0-Brainer Decision of ALL-TIME Is To Immediately Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline To Bring Canadian Oil Sands Oil To the Gulf Coast of Texas To Be Refined…..But Washington DC Is Doing What It Does Best…NOTHING! – First An All-Out Attack on the Boeing Corporation By the U.S. Government and Now the Dithering On the Keystone XL Pipeline….Are These Folks TRYING To Destroy the American Republic Because It Sure Seems So! – Meanwhile President Obama’s Gallup Approval Numbers Continue To Decline and the Obama Campaign Team Wonders WHY? – Yes, These Are Some Very Stupid People! – It’s the PRICE OF OIL Stupid! – Not That ANY of OUR “Elected Leaders” In Either Party Care At All

In what should be the no-brainer of ALL-TIME economist and Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson details the FACTS around the Keystone XL pipeline which would transfer oil from the Canadian oil sands fields in Albert to Texas Gulf coast to be refined…BUT in today’s Washington DC noting is a no-brainer with these Morons in charge!

Say “Yes” to Oil Sands, Washington Post

“When it comes to energy, America is lucky to be next to Canada, whose proven oil reserves are estimated by Oil and Gas Journal at 175 billion barrels. This ranks just behind Saudi Arabia (260 billion) and Venezuela (211 billion) and ahead of Iran (137 billion) and Iraq (115 billion). True, about 97 percent of Canada’s reserves consist of Alberta’s controversial oil sands, but new technologies and high oil prices have made them economically viable. Expanded production can provide the U.S. market with a growing source of secure oil for decades.

We would be crazy to turn our back on this. In a global oil market repeatedly threatened by wars, revolutions, and natural and man-made disasters — and where government-owned oil companies control development of about three-quarters of known reserves — having dependable suppliers is no mean feat. We already import about half our oil, and Canada is our largest supplier with about 25 percent of imports. But its conventional fields are declining. Only oil sands can fill the gap.

Will we encourage this? Do we say “yes” to oil sands? Or do we increase our exposure to unstable world oil markets?

Those are the central questions posed by the proposed $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline connecting Alberta’s oil sands to U.S. refineries on the Texas Gulf coast. The pipeline requires White House approval, and environmentalists adamantly oppose it.”

Oh, that’s right there are Wacko Environmental Nuts on the loose in America that would trade millions of Americans not having jobs and children having nothing to eat so a few Elitists in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles can claim their “Saving the World” but that is EXACTLY what is going on right now.

Actually, much like the National Labor Relations Board being allowed to conduct an All-Out Attack on American Business with its war against the Boeing Corporation the approval or non-approval of the Keystone XL pipeline by the Obama Administration will Tell the Tale on whether President Obama and his appointees really give a Damn about the American People or if as we suspect and the only real interest here is to find a way to destroy every profit-making enterprise in the country.

Don’t approve the Keystone XL pipeline and it will be clear that these folks in Washington DC don’t Give a Damn about the American People and that goes double for allowing the NLRB to continue its attack on Boeing.

As the Obama campaign teams continues to watch President Obama’s Gallup Poll numbers drop….

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

Disapprove – 55
Approve – 38

….maybe the Wacko Liberal Nuts running Obama’s campaign that really believe the Bullshit that they were some kind of geniuses because they were able to beat John McCain in the 2008 election (Any random dog off the streets of any city in America could have beating John McCain in 2008) might just wake-up and realize that with gasoline selling anywhere North of $3.00 a gallon there will NO real growth in the U.S. economy and thus the unemployment rate will either stay high or go higher!


This really is about the PRICE OF OIL you Morons and instead of sitting on your hands listening to Wacko Environmental Nuts like Al “Anyone that doesn’t believe what I say is a racist” Gore (Listen up Al….anyone that would listen to what a Trust Fund Ivy League Educated never done an honest day’s work in your life and one of the Biggest Frauds we have ever run across people is the Real Moron) that are little more than “Chicken Littles” on steroids are only dooming the American Republic to failure….but then now let’s now confuse the Wacko Liberal Nuts with the FACTS mind you!

It’s the PRICE OF OIL Stupid and until the U.S. Government can get the oil markets back into the business of pricing oil on supply and demand instead of what a bunch of Sorry Excuses for Human Beings in New York believe that oil should cost on the oil futures markets the US economy has no chance of recovering because a barrel of oil priced at anything over $70 Dollars is a disaster for the American and world economy.

EconMatters via ZeroHedge lays out the essential FACTS about how the oil futures markets are being manipulated by thousands of people, banks, pension funds and other third parties to keep the price of oil up when none of these people ever take actual delivery of real oil but are little more than trading paper on an exchange trying to turn a Buck and if they destroy the lives of Hundreds of Millions of People and cause children to go to bed hungry at night they couldn’t give Two-Rips nor it seems does the Obama Administration or the U.S. Government either.

Oil Market: The Broken Paper Pricing Model – EconMatters

“It has become quite apparent that major changes are necessary in the oil futures market after the latest year of volatility which had little relation to the actual fundamentals of supply and demand in the marketplace.

Oil is too an important commodity to have such a large dislocation from the actual physical market of supply and demand. It is used by people all over the world as a necessary commodity for daily transportation, businesses rely on the commodity to produce goods, and economies need a stable price reflective of fundamentals to flourish in an efficient matter.

In short, speculators have no business in the oil market, they distort prices, and sure helped slow global growth during the past year by running up prices well beyond the fundamentals based upon actual inventory levels of the commodity.”

Check out this chart from EconMatters that shows the very “curious correlation” that the price of oil has been highest in the last two years when US inventory levels were at their highest levels!

Haven’t the American People been told that it was “supply and demand” that were driving oil prices higher?

Please, that is Total and Complete Bullshit!

EconMatters has some great recommendations to get the oil prices and oil futures markets back to where they actually reflect supply and demand:

“So these are the recommended changes to the oil markets:

1) WTI & Brent futures contracts opened for each month must be 100% deliverable, so you either provide delivery or take delivery each month or time frame in the future, and positions can be as large as any participant needs.

This will bring back some market fundamentals of true price discovery as all participants will actually utilize the commodity, no more paper market mechanism in place. So in short, a trader can speculate all they want, they just have to take delivery or provide delivery – this will cut out a bunch of the nonsense that currently goes on in these markets.

2) The Brent contract needs to be connected with some European storage facilities so that there can be a weekly transparent update which has historical benchmark capabilities so that inventory levels can be tracked and analyzed similarly to the EIA`s reporting on US inventory levels and statistics.

This is long overdue, and for such an important commodity the fact that this has taken this long to occur in the era of modern technology is just ridiculous.”

Yes, long overdue…BUT there is $$$$$$$$$$$$ to be made and if Millions of American families are destroyed in the process the FACTS are that there is NO ONE in New York or Washington DC that could care at all and in fact many of OUR “Elected Leaders” have been bought off wholesale to make sure they protect the “paper traders” that add nothing to the world as they live out their pitiful lives trading paper all day long.

Check out this conclusion by EconMatters on oil prices and the supply and demand question and the “Elites” making out while Billions of People suffer:

“Paper Trading Benefits No One But Few “Elite Groups”

This isn`t the dark age. Isn`t knowledge and actual real data important for efficient economic resource planning and forecasting purposes? The Brent contract shouldn`t be clouded in mystery, we shouldn`t have to take some anecdotal thoughts on Brent inventory levels, we should just be able to access the numbers in a weekly report that show the supply levels either well above or below their historical five-year levels just like the WTI contract and the total US Inventory Regions.

Yes, traders are going to have to find other markets to make their living, but frankly the oil market is too important to the vital health of the global economy to not return to price discovery based upon fundamental supply and demand, and not paper trading by large speculators for the sake of making money for a small elite group at the expense of the entire world population of consumers who are currently being artificially taxed by said speculators.

If these changes are made we will never again have to question the legitimacy of the price of oil for all practical purposes.

Yes I know big speculators can do the contango trade by taking delivery and store oil off the market, but there are costs to doing this– capacity restraints, and at some point the oil will come back to the market.

Nevertheless, compared to what the current dynamics in place of 100% paper markets that exist in both the WTI and Brent Futures contracts, this will seem like a trivial “market price dislocation” and could be addressed if speculators seem to be purposely abusing the system on a case by case basis in the future.

In reality this will be a major step forward in the right direction, if we have to make some minor tweaks along the way, then so be it.

As the 2007 run-up to $143 and then back down to $33, and this last year`s move from the mid $70`s up to $115 and then back down to $76 illustrate these markets are broken, and no true price discovery mechanism exists other than what the speculators say the price of oil is via capital inflows and outflows.

This current model leads to inefficient pricing and increased volatility which hurts economic growth and needs to be replaced by actual true price discovery of supply and demand fundamentals dictating the market price. Price needs to be dictated by producers and consumers who actually either create or consume the commodity, and not the large speculators who neither produce nor consume the commodity but paper trade it. This leads to continual distorted and mispriced markets which in itself indicates that we have a problem in how these oil markets are being priced.”

AMEN to that…..BUT is there anyone in Washington DC that is paying attention or cares at all?

Not really as we read that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission might get around to imposing new rules on speculative trading…

CFTC eyes September action on oil speculation limits, The Hill

….but we are not holding our breath since in our opinion most of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would swap the lives of every family and child in America in exchange so that a few thousands flunkies could make lots of money trading “paper but not real oil” in markets where they NEVER actually take delivery of real oil. (Not that any of the oil futures markets traders would know what to do with oil if they accidently bought some oil!)

Listen Up MORONS:

It’s the PRICE OF OIL Stupid!

Not that anyone in Washington DC is listening or even cares….so the destruction of the American Republic rolls on under the night and the “green light” is no longer in sight…..and who should the American People rightfully blame?

Our Sorry Excuses for Public Servants in Washington DC that have sold the American People and ever their own families and children out for a few pieces of silver so they can win the next election.

Yes, these are really some Very Sorry People and when the History of the Destruction of the American Republic is written the politicians that have been in office over the past two decades will be front and center and my how proud they will be of their Sorry Selves.