"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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Question: Just When Did France Become A Two-Bit Nation Run By Complete Morons and Candy Asses? – Our Answer: In the Aftermath of World War I When the United States of America Saved France’s Ass the First Time When the Socialists and Communists Turned the French People Into A Bunch of Candy Ass Pussies That Could Lay Around On Their Lazy Asses All Day Long If They Liked and Couldn’t Even Defend Their Damn Country From Those Bastard Germans Led By Hitler! – Yes….Ask It Again….“Why Did the French Plant Trees Along the Champs-Elysees?” – Yes, You KNOW The Answer To That Question!

Although we here at Mad As Hell And… enjoying visiting France and very much like the French people once one gets away from the French snobs that dominate the city of Paris one thing we have never been able to pinpoint is just when in history of the country did France become a Two-Bit Nation that was run by Complete Morons and Candy Asses.

If we had to really pin-down when France became a Two-Bit Nation that was run by Complete Morons and Candy Asses it was in the aftermath of World War I when the United States of America saved France’s ass from the Germans (the first but not the last time!) when The Popular Front alliance was formed in France which according to Wikipedia was

“The Popular Front (French: Front populaire) was an alliance of left-wing movements, including the French Communist Party (PCF), the French Section of the Workers’ International (SFIO) and the Radical and Socialist Party, during the interwar period. It won the May 1936 legislative elections, leading to the formation of a government first headed by SFIO leader Léon Blum and exclusively composed of Radical-Socialist and SFIO ministers.”

Yep, an “alliance of left-wing movements, including the French Communist Party (PCF), the French Section of the Workers’ International (SFIO) and the Radical and Socialist Party” would destroy any country and of course after the Wacko Liberal Nuts in The Popular Front turned French People into nothing but a bunch of Candy Asses that wanted to lay around on their lazy asses and do nothing during their entire lives it of course led to the Germans under that Sorry Bastard Adolph Hitler invading France in May 1940 and less than two months later the Candy Ass Pussies in France had surrendered their entire country to the Germans which Wikipedia also nicely summarizes:

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Oh…No! – It Looks Like Uncle Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Are Putting the American People Back In Their Sights Again….Which Can Only Mean….Don’t Say It!…..Billions of Dollars More of Fed Funny Money Printing Which Will Of Course Lead To Soaring Oil and Gasoline Prices Which Is A Direct Punch To the Gut of the American People – And What Is All This Fed Funny Money Printing For Exactly?…..Yes….The Same Thing Again…The Candy Asses On Wall Street Are Crying and Begging To Get Their Precious Asses Bailed Out Again and If Comes Down To A Few Thousand Gamblers (Known as “Bankers”) In Manhattan or 310 Million Americans You Can ALWAYS Assume that Uncle Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Will Go With THE GAMBLERS!

Uh….Oh….Because the stock market is wobbling and the Socialists in Europe are destroying the Continent with a Massive Black Hole of Debt the American People are back in the sights of the Federal Reserve who seem to have as their MAIN GOAL on Planet Earth not…

Stable Inflation

Low Unemployment

….but rather to be the BIG TIME Ass Kissers of Everyone on Wall Street and when the American People get into the sights of the Federal Reserve you now know what that means….

Watch Your Wallet or Purse!

First we had one of the Unofficial Toadies for the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Journal “reporter” Jon Hilsenrath (who missed his calling life since Jon would have been great working for Pravda under Joseph Stalin since he writes whatever Uncle Ben Bernanke tells him to write….in our opinion of course!) was out yesterday with this frightening story to Americans that have to actually work in a REAL job in the REAL world…

Fed Considers More Action Amid New Recovery Doubts, Wall Street Journal

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Besides the BIG WINS For America and the American People In Wisconsin On Tuesday In the Broken State of California THE PEOPLE of San Jose and San Diego Rolled Back BIG and OUTRAGEOUS Government Employee Union Pension and the Stuck-It-To the GOONS That Run Those Public Employee Unions – Tuesday Was A GREAT DAY For America and the American People So How About Some Songs About America? – Yes, It’s Time To Celebrate!

Besides the Wisconsin elections which were a BIG WIN for the American People and American Republic over the…

GOONS that run the Government Employee Unions that would in our opinion BANKRUPT the America so that their labor union members can retire at 55 with HUGE pensions and lay around on the beach for the rest of their lives

…there were also BIG WINS for the American People and American Republic in two cities in the Broken State of California where THE PEOPLE told the….

GOONS that run the Government Employee Unions can take these BIG government employee pensions and stuff them where the Sun Doesn’t Shine!

Check-out these Two GREAT NEWS stories from the Broken State on MORE BIG WINS for America:

[

Total Government Expenditures by the 27 European Union Governments Averages 50 Percent of GDP? – That Is Outrageous! – Oh….The United States of America’s Total Government Spending Is Nipping at the Heels of Those Crazy Socialists In Europe That Believe You Should Be Able To Lay Around On Your Lazy Ass At the Beach Your Entire Life If You Choose? – Yes….Pitifully America’s Total Government Spending, Federal, State and Local Will Be Around 42% In 2012 – Yes, A Self-Created Black Hole of Debt Will Destroy Europe…..AND America As Well If OUR Sorry Ass “Leaders” Don’t Start Taking On The BIG Problems Of Debt, Deficits and Economic Growth In the American Republic….and Quick….That Threaten the Future of OUR Nation!

While reading a Bloomberg.com story this morning about Spain’s banks getting bailed out to the tune of Tens of Billions of Dollars which just shows how so Very Damn Stupid BANKERS around the world really are since a BANK run by someone with an IQ over room temperature should ALWAYS make money if he or she has a Clue about how to be a REAL BANKER…

(Hint: Running a gambling casino is NOT Banking and just because regulators are so Damn stupid that they will let you run a gambling casino when you are supposed to be running a BANK does not mean a BANKER should run a gambling casino and now you understand why these Moronic BANKERS could take down the world economy with their Complete Stupidity and Insatiable Greed)

…in this story….

Children Lose to Bailed-Out Bankers as Europe Crisis Forces Cuts, Bloomberg.com

….we ran across this startling paragraph:

“Public spending is falling as leaders and investors demand deficit reduction. Total expenditure by the 27 European Union governments averaged 50.6 percent of gross domestic product in 2010 and is set to decline to 48.9 percent this year, according to the European Commission’s Economic Forecast for Spring 2012.”

Below chart EU Government Spending to GDP from European Commission Eurostat:

What the Hell?

Spending in the 27 European Union governments averaged 50.6 percent of GDP in 2010?

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The Election Results In Wisconsin Following-On the 2010 General Election Confirms That the Reagan Coalition That Was Destroyed by Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush Is Now Being Put Back Together – 75% Percent of Americans Self-Identify As Either “Conservative” or “Moderate”….21% of Americans Identify Themselves As “Liberal” and Therein Lies the Majority of Americans That Made Up The Reagan Coalition That Along With A Revitalized Republican Party Is Now On the March Back To A Position Where They Were Last Seen in the Late 1980s Right Before the GOP Started Going the Wrong Direction – There Is A Helluva Lot of Work Still To Be Done and There Are REAL Political Players Now In This Game That Fully Know How To Win Elections and To Put Together Governing Coalitions That Might….Might Have An Opportunity To Save the American Republic From Ruin Before This Current Group of Bastards In Washington DC Drive OUR Country Off the Cliff

The Tuesday election results in Wisconsin…

Wisconsin recall: Walker Wins, Politico.com

….with Governor Scott Walker beating back the recall effort by…

Walker – 53.3%
Barrett – 46.2%

….which in politics is a LANDSLIDE is yet another marker that after the George W. Bush Presidency that did tremendous damage to the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement in America while turning off Millions of Independent Voters in the process that the “Reagan Coalition” that elected Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984 with LANDSLIDES and helped put George H. W. Bush in the White House in 1988 is now being put back together again and there is an opportunity for the strong majority of America that labels itself either Conservative or Moderate….

According to Gallup about 75% of Americans identify themselves as Conservative or Moderate and 21% of Americans identify themselves as Liberal: Conservatives Remain the Largest Ideological Group in U.S., Gallup, January 2012

….to take governing power in America back from the Wacko Liberal Nut fringe that seized power in recent years in the disastrous remains of the “W” Presidency.

Sorry fans of “W”….George W. Bush is not today and has NEVER been a REAL Conservative or even a REAL Republican. In our opinion George W. Bush cares about one thing and one thing only…..his own precious ass and as America was put into $5 Trillion Dollars of Debt during “W’s” Presidency and put into a Bogus War in Iraq it is also our opinion that the wasted money and the thousands of killed and wounded American soldiers in that Bogus War in Iraq (and the extended Bogus War in Afghanistan) mattered little at all to “W” nor to many of his top advisors that like “W” dodged the Vietnam War and in our opinion are nothing more than Yellow-Bellied Cowards.

Yes, you can imagine how a Presidency like that can do great harm to a political party and it was the Republican Party that “W” harmed terribly with his Complete Stupidity and lack of understanding of how the REAL World works which you cannot possibly learn about when you spent most of your adult life as a Trust Fund Boy and Drunk.

Getting back to happier times for the GOP Wikipedia defines the Reagan Coalition very well

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