"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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The Great Producer, Writer and Director Spike Lee Is Getting Worried About President Obama’s Re-Election Chances – Oh, Spike….“We Pity Those Poor Democratic Bastards…by God we do!” – Spike Lee Knows Films, Knows Sports….And He Is Right To Be Worried Because The Winners Are Back In Town for the 2012 Election And That Is Very Bad News For the Wacko Liberal Nuts Because the Ali-Style Upper-Cut Is Never Far Away!

The Great Producer, Writer and Director Spike Lee told Politico.com that…

Spike Lee: Obama win not a sure thing, Caitlin McDevitt, Politico.com

“Spike Lee is predicting a tough road to reelection for President Obama.

“This thing is not a lock,” the filmmaker told GQ in a recent interview. “It is not a lock that President Obama is getting a second term and people have to really rekindle the enthusiasm that we had the first time.””

Oh, Spike….if you and the Wacko Liberal Nuts only knew what you will be facing this Fall during the General Election then you would be Very Damn Worried, but then a slightly worried but confident foe is the perfect opponent to go up against because that is the kind of opponent that is NEVER ready for the Ali rope-a-dope strategy which is followed by the all of the Damn sudden…

Upper Cut to the Jaw!

One thing that Spike Lee said in the Politico.com piece that got a good laugh out of us and brought back memories from 30 plus years ago was…

“Still, Lee doesn’t sound too worried about Obama’s Republican rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“Once we get to the debates my man is going to tear him up!” he said. “It’s going to be obvious who should lead this country for the next four years once they go head to head, toe to toe, elbow to elbow, butt to butt. And I don’t think Mr. Romney can hang with him.””

Oh, Spike….if we replaced Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff Hamilton Jordan with you and those comments and went back to the winter of 1979 – 1980 when the Carter folks and the mainstream Wacko Liberal Nut media were begging for Ronald Reagan to win the 1980 Republican nomination then history would be repeating itself with your above comments and as for Obama “tearing” Romney up in the debates….

Oh, Spike….as we said earlier this week in this blog….

“We Pity Those Poor Democratic Bastards…by God we do!”

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Yes, the Real Men and Women at CalPERS…the Pension Fund for California Government Workers….Have Found A Way To Lose Money When the Stock Market Has Gone UP Over the Past Year! – Yes, It is TRUE….A Monkey Could Whip the Asses of the Morons at CalPERS Investing the California Government Workers Pension Money Which Gets Billions of Dollars From the People of California Each Year Which CalPERS Promptly Loses….Plus Another $10 Billion Dollars Or So! – Yes, the Broken State of California Rolls On and the Overeducated Morons Are Doing What Overeducated Morons Often Do In America These Days….They Make Things Worse!

As we enjoy the City by the Bay (San Francisco) this week for the US Open Golf Tournament at The Olympic Club reading the local and state papers in the Broken State of California is like what Saturday Night Live was like back in the 1970s….

Very Damn Funny!

The latest Idiocy comes from Bloomberg.com on the Real Men and Women of Genius at CalPERS, the pension fund for government workers in California, which NOT a surprise to anyone with an IQ over room temperature is losing money again in a way that only the Real Men and Women of Genius at CalPERS can lose money!

First the Bloomberg.com article…

California Pension Fund Down Almost 5% As Year End Looms, Michael B. Marois, Bloomberg.com

“The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, the largest U.S. pension, has seen its market value decline 4.8 percent this year after stocks fell amid the brewing fiscal crisis in Europe and slowing of the U.S. economic recovery.

The fund’s value declined to $226.1 billion as of June 8, down from $237.5 billion at the start of its fiscal year July 1. As recently as March 31, the fund was up 1.9 percent for the first nine months. Since May 1, the Standard & Poor’s 500 (SPX) index of stocks declined 5.8 percent. Half of Calpers’s money is invested in equities.”

Actually, as of close of business at CalPERS on June 11, 2012 the Total Market Value of CalPERS’s investments was….

$225.9 Billion Dollars

…but what is a Couple of Hundred Million Dollars when the Morons running CalPERS could not beat a Monkey investing the pension money of California state government workers!

Let’s us explain….

On July 1, 2011 CalPERS Total Market Value of their investments was…

$237.5 Billion Dollars

As of June 11, 2012 CalPERS Total Market Value of their investments was…

$225.9 Billion Dollars

Which is a $11.6 Billion Dollar LOSS in CalPERS Total Mark Value of their investments over the last 11.5 months….BUT….during the last 11.5 months CalPERS received from the People of California’s Tax Money an annual payment of (CalPERS ignores Brown, delays pension payment, CalPensions.com)…

$3.5 Billion Dollars

….so Real Men and Women of Genius at CalPERS are actually down….

Over $15 Billion Dollars in the last year which is a 6.3 Percent Loss in the investments that CalPERS has held over the last year!

Yes, you probably just realized that the $3.5 Billion Dollars that the Taxpayers of California gave to the Morons running CalPERS was lost in the last year by CalPERS dumb investing and they also lost another $11.6 Billion Dollars on top of that money!  Yes, you also probably just realized that if CalPERS just put all of the government employees pension money into a money market fund and added the $3.5 Billion Dollars that CalPERS gets from the People of California each year then CalPERS could get a return of 1.65 percent DOING NOTHING AT ALL!

Now here is where the MONKEY comes into the picture!

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Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Wednesday, June 13, 2012 – Billy Casper

Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Wednesday, June 13, 2012 – Billy Casper

“Golf puts a man’s character on the anvil and his richest qualities -patience, poise, restraint – to the flame.”


“Try to think where you want to put the ball not where you don’t want it to go.”


“Play every shot so that the next one will be the easiest that you can give yourself.”


“Think ahead. Golf is a next-shot game.”


“He congratulated me, … and I put my arm around him and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ At a time like that, you really feel for a fellow competitor. People still focus on the total collapse of Arnie, but they don’t realize I shot 32 on the back nine to force that playoff. There were only 15 rounds under par at Olympic in ’66, and I had four of them.” Billy Casper to Arnold Palmer after Casper won the 1966 US Open at The Olympic Club

Wikipedia:  Billy Casper

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