"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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Hey…Caroline Baum of Bloomberg.com Just Solved the Eurozone Crisis! – The Germans Should Just Tell the Rest of Europe To Go Pound Sand and Then They Should Start Printing Up Deutschemarks Again! – Hey, The Germans Can Make This All Happen By Oktoberfest If They Work Quick and We Could Then Join the Germans In Munich To Celebrate….For Them Kicking The Lazy Ass Southern Europeans To The….

Caroline Baum just solved the problem with the Bogus Eurozone and Euro which is little more than a FRAUD built upon a LIE built upon Complete Bullshit in her latest at Bloomberg.com….

What’s So Special About the Euro Currency Area?, Caroline Baum, Bloomberg.com

“And each “solution” — the 100 billion euros ($127 billion) for Spain’s banks last week, a favorable Greek election outcome this week — produces shorter and shallower relief rallies in financial markets. In fact, European stock markets shot up at the start of trading on June 18, then immediately headed down.

If European nations weren’t willing to sacrifice sovereignty when the countries were more or less on an equal footing — having met the criteria outlined in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty on debt, deficits and inflation — it’s hard to see them taking the plunge now. Decisions made under duress tend to be short-term fixes, not long-term solutions. Which is why things will probably sputter along for a good while longer.

The real problem, of course, is that the euro area was always a political ideal designed to constrain Germany’s imperialist tendencies and prevent World War III. To a certain extent, the economic justifications were just that, nothing more.

Throw in the fact that Europeans don’t want to relinquish their sovereignty and become a United States of Europe, and it’s clear why Europe is in such a muddle.

How will it end? Badly — and unfortunately not anytime soon.”

Hey Caroline….you just came up with the solution to the Bogus Eurozone and Euro!

Disband the Whole Damn “Eurozone – Euro” Thing and not only will you save Billions of Dollars in NOT having to pay a bunch of Flunkies in Brussels at the EU which is the Biggest Job Killing Machine this side of the Air Resources Board in California (which is the Biggest Job Killing Machine on Planet Earth!) having each country….

Print its own currency

Manage their own finances

And Govern their own People

….would be moving back to REAL Common Sense and REALITY again as opposed to the Complete Bullshit that is the Eurozone and Euro!

The Germans should do right now what they should have done long ago….

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Like Most Elitists That Have Worked Their Entire Lives in the Fantasyland That Is Washington DC Robert Brownstein and Michael Barone Just Don’t….GET IT…When It Comes To Electoral and Demographic Trends in America – The American People Cannot Be Put Into Nice Little Boxes Like Whites, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Soccer Moms, NASCAR Dads Etc….Because Voting Patterns and How Every American Thinks About Politics and His or Her Nation Is A Little Different – The Gallup Poll Has Told the Tale for the Past Several Elections and It Points To What Will Happen in 2012 – Yes…”We Pity Those Poor Democratic Bastards…By God We Do!” – IT’S ALL ABOUT TURNOUT STUPID!

As is usually the case with people that have spent all of their working lives in the Fantasyland that is Washington DC both Ronald Brownstein and Michael Barone miss what is REALLY going on in the REAL World….meaning the rest of America….as it pertains to electoral and demographic trends….

Romney Needs Gipper-Like White Grip, Ronald Brownstein, National Journal

Romney Needs Big Share of White-Working Class Vote, Michael Barone, Real Clear Politics

Yes, we agree that Mitt Romney will need to do well in the Fall election with White Voters to beat President Obama, but there is way too much of an emphasis on “White-Working Class” Voters among the Washington “intelligentsia” these days which makes sense because most of the Washington elite on both sides of the political aisle spend much of their time making fun of the American People with a special emphasis on “Blue-Collar Workers” or the “Rubes, White Trash, Rednecks, Common People” as they refer to ALL OF US which are in FACT the Americans that saved the hides of the “Elitists” in World War II and would be the ones that would have to carry the fight today if America got into another REAL shooting war because for Damn sure the Washington and New York “Elites” are some of the Biggest Candy Ass Pussy Cowards now walking around on Planet Earth today and the Elites in Washington DC and New York KNOW they are the Biggest Candy Ass Pussy Cowards walking around on the Planet Earth today!

Since we live and work in the REAL world and interact with “Working Class Americans” of all different races, creeds, religions and sexual preference on a daily basis we can report to the Elites in Washington DC and New York that these nice little boxes that the Elites like to put Americans into bear NO DAMN resemblance to what is actually going on in the REAL world.

Let’s first get this FACT on the table:

OUR yard dogs could have beaten John McCain in 2008….

….because after a decade of the Republican Party being run by Complete Morons from the Top Down and Everywhere one looked the 2006 and 2008 elections were nothing more than the American People reacting to the Complete Morons they put into power in 2000 and 2004 and of course the 2010 was a reaction to the Complete Morons the American People put into power in 2008.

Bottom-Line: America is run by Complete Morons and the only people Stupider than the Complete Morons running the country into the ground are the Complete Moron Idiots in the news media in Washington DC and New York that wouldn’t know how to cover the “Elected Leaders” of the American Republic on the very best day of their lives because of course…

Complete Moron Idiots CANNOT properly cover Complete Morons.

It just doesn’t work!

Getting back to the electoral and demographic issues that Brownstein and Barone raised about Mitt Romney’s chances in the 2008 election Brownstein and Barone of course assume that the “electorate” will stay roughly the same from 2008 to 2012 which is of course Complete Stupidity since there are going to be a Helluva lot of Americans showing up for the 2012 General Election that did not vote in 2008…BUT did vote in 2010….and whether the Democrats turn out their voters or not this year IF the Republican Party turns out its voters….

Conservatives + Half of the Moderates =

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President Obama….”Executive Privilege”…..Really? About A Gun-Running Operation Run by the US Government To Get Thousands of High-Powered Weapons Into the Hands of the Killers and Murders in the Mexican Drug Cartels….Really? – What Is the President of the United States Afraid Of That The American People Might See in These Documents? One Can Only Wonder…But It Must Be Explosive and Huge….and Very Damning To the Obama Administration Because There Is No Legitimate Reason To Hide These Gun-Running Operation To Mexican Drug Cartel Documents From the American People? Yes, What Is In These Documents That President Obama Is So Scared Of and How in the Hell Can Mr. “Hope and Change” Even Look Into the Eyes of His Daughters Anymore When He Is So Willing To Sell Out the American People To the Pharmaceutical Industry or FASCISTS Around the World That Torture, Terrorize and Kill Their Own People? One Can Only Wonder But For Sure None of This Bullshit Makes Any Damn Sense At All

After President Obama claimed “executive privilege” on documents pertaining to how the US Justice Department reacted to the disclosure of the Fast & Furious Operation otherwise known as the…

“US Government’s Operation to get Thousands of High-Powered Weapons into the Hands of the Murders and Killers in the Mexican Drug Cartel Which the US Government had to know would create untold amounts of violence along the US – Mexican border”

….to the Congress and the American People we here at Mad As Hell And… cannot help but wonder…

What is the President of the United States hiding from the American People?

What is the President of the United States so scared of that is in these documents that he does not want the American People to see?

Why is the President of the United States hiding documents about a Gun-Running Operation run by the US Government to get Thousands of High-Powered Weapons into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels?

What and Why indeed….BUT….one thing we know for sure…

Barack Obama is scared of what is in those documents and he is going to incredible lengths to hide what is in those documents from the American People.

But why?

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Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Thursday, June 21, 2012 – Barbara Jordan

Mad As Hell And… Quotes of the Day – Thursday, June 21, 2012 – Barbara Jordan

“But this is the great danger America faces. That we will cease to be one nation and become instead a collection of interest groups: city against suburb, region against region, individual against individual. Each seeking to satisfy private wants.”


“Do not call for black power or green power. Call for brain power.”


“Education remains the key to both economic and political empowerment.”


“For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.”


“I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by mistake. But through the process of amendment, interpretation, and court decision, I have finally been included in “We, the people.”


“I never intended to become a run-of-the-mill person.”


“If we promise as public officials, we must deliver. If we as public officials propose, we must produce.”

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