"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

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Oh, What NOT A Surprise That George W. Bush and His Idiot Advisors Ignored the Threat of the Al Qaeda In 2001 Before 9/11 Because the MORON In The White House and His Idiot Advisors Were Of Course Entirely Focused On…..Ousting Saddam Hussein From Iraq! – Oh, But Let’s Not Forget Brother Bill Clinton Allowing Osama bin Laden To Get Away On Multiple Occasions AFTER He Had Attacked America Because Of Course Brother Bill Was Concerned About “His Legacy” and Could Have Cared the Hell Less About the Safety and Security of the American People – Yes, the American Republic Has Been and Is Run By MORONS And Those MORONS Were Directly Responsible For Allowing the Attack On America On 9/11 That Any Idiot Could Have Stopped If Only They Has Been Paying Attention and the TRUTH Is MORONS Can’t Add 2 + 2 Forget About Protecting the American People

We here at Mad As Hell And… have done a lot of reading about the Very Sorry People that populated the first four years of the George W. Bush Administration who along with “W” came into office in January 2001 singularly focused on ousting Saddam Hussein from Iraq and were working overtime to try and figure out a way to provoke Saddam when 9/11 happened which provided the Idiots the opening that these Sorry Excuses for Human Beings including “W” used to attack Iraq which as a response to 9/11 was perhaps the Stupidest move in Human History on Earth where one group of people attacked America…

The Two-Bit Cave Dwellers and Flunkies of Al Qaeda

….and America then attacked someone else entirely for No Damn Reason…

Saddam Hussein in Iraq

Yes, we know what you are thinking….

George W. Bush is one of the Stupidest Idiots to ever draw a breath of air on Planet Earth

….which is also why we don’t need the New York Times to tell us that “W” and the MORONS surrounding him were ignoring the warnings from US Intelligence about a possible attack on America by the Two-Bit Cave Dwellers and Flunkies otherwise known as Al Qaeda…

The Deafness Before the Storm, Kurt Eichewald, New York Times

Hell, anyone with a working brain knows that only a MORON like George W. Bush (otherwise known here at Mad As Hell And… as the Draft Dodging, Yellow-Bellied Coward, Ivy League Educated Candy Ass Pussy that would not defend America on the very best day of his Precious Life) would have ignored the threats that Al Qaeda posed to America especially after the experience of the Clinton Administration which saw the Al Qaeda attack American embassies in Africa, an American US Naval Warship, the USS Cole, in Yemen and continue to ramp-up their operations in what even a MORON….but not George W. Bush…..could see was a precursor to an attack on America.

Against All Enemies, Inside America’s War on Terror, Amazon.com

Just read Richard Clarke’s, former U.S. chief of counter-terrorism at the White House, book Against All Enemies to understand what Idiots Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were when it came to the threat posed by the Al Qaeda which is nicely summarized by Wikipedia for us at the Richard Clarke webpage:

“Early warnings about Al-Qaeda threat

Clarke’s role as a counter-terrorism advisor in the months and years prior to 9/11 would lead to the central role he played in deconstructing what went wrong in the years that followed. Clarke and his communications with the Bush administration regarding bin Laden and associated terrorist plots targeting the United States were mentioned frequently in Condoleezza Rice’s public interview by the 9/11 investigatory commission on April 8, 2004. Of particular significance was a memo[8] from January 25, 2001, that Clarke had authored and sent to Rice. Along with making an urgent request for a meeting of the National Security Council’s Principals
Committee to discuss the growing al-Qaeda threat in the greater Middle East, the memo also suggests strategies for combating al-Qaeda that might be adopted by the new Bush administration.[9]

In his memoir, “Against All Enemies”, Clarke wrote that when he first briefed Rice on Al-Qaeda, in a January 2001 meeting, “her facial expression gave me the impression she had never heard the term before.” He also stated that Rice made a decision that the position of National Coordinator for Counterterrorism should be downgraded. By demoting the office, the Administration sent a signal through the national security bureaucracy about the salience they assigned to terrorism. No longer would Clarke’s memos go to the President; instead they had to pass though a chain of command of National Security Advisor Rice and her deputy Stephen Hadley, who bounced every one of them back.

Within a week of the inauguration, I wrote to Rice and Hadley asking ‘urgently’ for a Principals, or Cabinet-level, meeting to review the imminent Al-Qaeda threat. Rice told me that the Principals Committee, which had been the first venue for terrorism policy discussions in the Clinton administration, would not address the issue until it had been ‘framed’ by the Deputies.[10]

At the first Deputies Committee meeting on Terrorism held in April 2001, Clarke strongly suggested that the U.S. put pressure on both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda by arming the Northern Alliance and other groups in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, that they target bin Laden and his leadership by reinitiating flights of the MQ-1 Predators. To which Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz responded, “Well, I just don’t understand why we are beginning by talking about this one man bin Laden.” Clarke replied that he was talking about bin Laden and his network because it posed “an immediate and serious threat to the United States.” According to Clarke, Wolfowitz turned to him and said, “You give bin Laden too much credit. He could not do all these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Just because FBI and CIA have failed to find the linkages does not mean they don’t exist.”[10]

Clarke wrote in Against All Enemies that in the summer of 2001, the intelligence community was convinced of an imminent attack by al Qaeda, but could not get the attention of the highest levels of the Bush administration, most famously writing that Director of the Central Intelligence Agency George Tenet was running around with his “hair on fire”.[10]

At a July 5, 2001, White House gathering of the FAA, the Coast Guard, the FBI, Secret Service and INS, Clarke stated that “something really spectacular is going to happen here, and it’s going to happen soon.” Donald Kerrick, a three-star general who was a deputy National Security Advisor in the late Clinton administration and stayed on into the Bush administration, wrote Hadley a classified two-page memo stating that the NSA needed to “pay attention to Al-Qaida and counterterrorism” and that the U.S. would be “struck again.”

YES, Paul Wolfowitz may be one of the few people on Planet Earth STUPIDER than George W. Bush and just like “W” Paul Wolfowitz is also another one of those…

Candy Ass Pussies

…that was age during the Vietnam War but somehow missed service in the US active duty military which is again NO surprise because the George W. Bush Administration was filled with….

Candy Ass Pussies

…starting at the top with the Two of the Biggest Candy Ass Pussies alive on Earth today…

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Getting back to the attack on America on 9/11 by the Two-Bit Cave Dwellers and Flunkies known as the Al Qaeda led by another Trust Fund Boy in Osama bin Laden that also wouldn’t have known an honest day’s work if it had hit him in the ass during his pitiful life on this Earth (Just like “W” and Ben Bernanke!) it wasn’t just the W. Bush Administration that dropped the ball on the Two-Bit Cave Dwellers because also Brother Bill Clinton let Osama bin Laden stay alive in our opinion on over a dozen occasions when Osama could have been removed from the face of Planet Earth including a chance to kill bin Laden in 1999 when Polish intelligence knew exactly where Osama was going to be for several nights in a row and remember this is AFTER Al Qaeda had attacked the United States of America on several different occasions and which McClatchy News and we wrote about a couple of weeks ago:

This Has To Be the “What the Hell?” Story of 2012: CIA balked at chance to kill bin Laden in 1999, Polish ex-spy says – What the Freaking Hell? – The US Government Killing the Sorry Ass Two-Bit Cave Dweller Osama bin Laden in 1999 Changes American and World History for the Better for EVERYONE on Planet Earth and Yet OUR Government Let Osama bin Laden Get Away in 1999 and the American People and Human Beings Around the World Are Paying the Price for That Complete Idiocy and Complete Stupidity, Mad As Hell And….

YES, Brother Bill Clinton could have easily killed Osama bin Laden on many occasions long before 9/11 happened and the above McClatchy News story illustrates only ONE of those times when Brother Bill dropped the ball of which in our opinion Brother Bill tried to cover-up those many chance he had to kill Osama bin Laden by sending his former national security advisor Sandy Berger to the National Archives where Mr. Berger illegally took secret documents related to the so-called “millennium plot” which also in our opinion would show that Bill Clinton knew about the threat that Osama bin Laden posed to America, that Clinton had a chance to kill bin Laden AND Brother Bill passed on killing Osama bin Laden:

Feds probe Clinton aide over missing papers, CNN.com

Sandy Berger: What Did He Take and Why Did He Take It?, Real Clear Politics

Bill Clinton authorized Sandy Berger’s access, WND.com

Inspector General Says Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger Hid Classified Docs, AP

Clinton National Security Advisor Forfeits Law License, FoxNews.com

Sandy Berger Fined $50,000 for taking documents, CNN

Sandy Berger Will Plead Guilty To Taking Classified Paper, Washington Post

Very simply it is OUR opinion as American Citizens that…

Bill Clinton had multiple opportunities to kill the Two-Bit Cave Dweller and Trust Fund Boy Osama bin Laden and PASSED mainly because Bill Clinton is yet another Ivy League Educated Candy Ass Pussy that was more worried about his “legacy” than the Safety and Security of the American People and American Republic


Another Candy Ass Pussy and MORON in George W. Bush was briefed dozens of times in 2001 before 9/11 after becoming President and was told by people like Richard Clarke that the American Republic and American People were under a direct threat from the Two-Bit Cave Dwellers and Osama bin Laden in an organization called the Al Qaeda AND instead of George W. Bush and his Sorry Ass national security team focusing on that direct threat to America the IDIOTS and MORONS were focused on finding a way to oust Saddam Hussein from Iraq and do it any way possible including LYING and misleading the American People if necessary which is exactly what they did with the help of people that could be easily rolled and should have known better like Colin Powell who made an Ass of himself before the United Nations in the spring of 2003 in his pitiful testimony to try and justify the Bogus War in Iraq.

YES, the American Republic HAS BEEN and IS today run by MORONS that were…

Directly Responsible

…for the attack on America in 9/11 which happened because of their Stupidity and lack of even common sense forget about basic intelligence to focus on the REAL threat facing OUR country which in the late 1990s and early 2000s was Al Qaeda who were determined as reported on to OUR “Elected Leaders” by US intelligence to conduct a “large-scale” attack on America which they were able to pull-off because of how so Very Damn Stupid that….

Bill Clinton


George W. Bush

….were then and are still today.

America is run by MORONS.

Put that FACT in your mind and you will begin to understand why America is in such sorry straights today and it will only get worse as long as the Overeducated Ivy League Candy Ass Pussies remain in power which makes the 2016 Presidential Election no matter if Obama or Romney win this year the MOST important election in America history.

After 28 years of Ivy League Educated Candy Ass Pussies running and destroying America 2016 will be an opportunity for the American People to take back THEIR Government and Country and that is exactly what the American People are going to do.


Even the Idea of Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Launching Their FIFTH All-Out and Direct Attack on the American People In the Last FOUR Years The Price of Gasoline Is Up .50 Cents Per Gallon In Just Two Months Even As There is A Glut of Oil and Gasoline in the World and America Today! – Yes, the American Republic Is Run By MORONS and One of the Lead MORONS Is Ben Bernanke (And His Fed Buddies) Who Has Caused More Pain In America and the World Than Anyone This Side of George W. Bush And Yet….The Funny Money Printing Is Coming……AGAIN….and the All-Out and Direct Attack on the American People Continues….Unabated and Never Ending and All In the Name of Keeping A Few Thousand People In Elective Office and A Few Thousand Bastards On Wall Street Rich

For the 99.9 percent of the Americans that live in the REAL World as opposed to most of “official” Washington DC and New York which could…

Care the Hell Less About the American People

….as the .01 percent are frothing at the mouth at the thought of Uncle Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve as they seem prepped to crank-up another round of Funny Money Printing to goose the stock market and make the Worthless “Elected Leaders” of the American Republic happy….


….make No Damn Mistake the Federal Reserve cranking-up the Funny Money Printing Presses AGAIN is nothing less than a…

All-Out and Direct Attack on the American People

….and just in the last 2 months due directly to the anticipation of the Fed’s Funny Money Printing the price of Crude Oil (Finviz.com)…..

….and thus Gasoline (GasBuddy.com)…..

….had GONE STRAIGHT UP even though there is worldwide glut in oil and especially gasoline in America which finds the incredible situation of more gasoline than OUR country could EVER use but record prices at the pumps and OVER .50 cents a gallon UP in just two months!

Blame this MAN


The Federal Reserve

For those High Gas Prices that have been one of the biggest inhibitors of the US Economy over the past four years and was one of the main catalysts for the meltdown of the US Economy in 2008 as gasoline prices hit $4.00 a gallon.

This time the Overeducated Ivy League Idiots at the Federal Reserve may Completely Destroy the US Economy and American People with their Stupidity as they drive UP AGAIN not only the price of Gasoline at the Pump but Food Prices in the Grocery Store as well otherwise known as what hard-working Americans spend most of their money on each week after they pay for their housing and the…

Sad and Pitiful TRUTH

….is that the Sorry Bastards at the Fed and the Worthless “Elected Leaders” of the American Republic…

Could Care the Hell Less. PERIOD.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the Federal Reserve cranking-up the Funny Money Printing Presses again is that the Worthless “Elected Leaders” of OUR country see that as a signal that they can continue their irresponsible and outrageous spending of money the “American People Do Not Have” with $1 Trillion Dollar Annual Deficits for the last four years and as far as the eye can see into the future which the folks at Moody’s rightly see as a serious Threat to future of the American Republic from their latest warning…

Moody’s Warns of 1 Notch Downgrade If A Bitterly Divided Congress Does Not Begin To Cooperate, ZeroHedge.com

“13 months ago, in the aftermath of the debt ceiling fiasco, which we now know was a last minute compromise achieved almost entirely thanks to the market plunging to 2011 lows, S&P had the guts to downgrade the US. Moody’s did not. Now, it is Moody’s turn to fire up the threat cannon with a release in which it says that should the inevitable come to pass, i.e. should congressional negotiations not “lead to specific policies that produce a stabilization and then downward trend in the ratio of federal debt to GDP over the medium term” then “Moody’s would expect to lower the rating, probably to Aa1” or a one notch cut. Moody’s also warns that should a repeat of last year’s debt ceiling fiasco occur, it will also most likely cut the US. Of course, that the US/GDP has risen by about 8% since the last August fiasco has now been apparently forgotten by both S&P and Moodys. Sadly, continued deterioration in the US credit profile is inevitable, as every single aspect of modern day lives that is “better than its was 4 years ago” has been borrowed from the future. More importantly, with the S&P at multi year highs courtesy of Bernanke using monetary policy to replace the need for fiscal policy, Congress will see no need to act, and Moody’s warning will be completely ignored. This will continue until it no longer can.”

The most FACTUAL and Disgraceful part of the above ZeroHedge.com post about the potential Moody’s downgrade is this…

“Sadly, continued deterioration in the US credit profile is inevitable, as every single aspect of modern day lives that is “better than its was 4 years ago” has been borrowed from the future.”

YES, the Sorry Ass “Elected Leaders” of the American Republic are borrowing from future generations of Americans so they can keep their own Sorry and very Damn Precious Asses in office TODAY and Uncle Ben Bernanke and the Idiots at the Federal Reserve are cheering them on with their Funny Money Printing which is THE THING that allows the irresponsible spending, deficits and debt to continue and not a surprise to anyone here at Mad As Hell And….these Bastards in Washington DC are all…

Baby Boomers

….which are in FACT the Destroying Generation of the American Republic and if they have to go out in a blaze of glory by impoverishing future generations of Americas to protect their Precious Asses TODAY then OF COURSE they are going to do that because they are….


…..as their Worthless Mammas and Daddies told them as their were raising their Precious Ass children.

NO, it is not a coincidence that just as Ben Bernanke and the Fed launches ANOTHER…

All-Out and Direct Attack on the American People

….only to enable the Sorry Ass “Elected Leaders” of OUR country to continue their Massive Deficits and Debt policy of borrowing from future generations of Americans so they can stay in office TODAY that Moody’s sees the Disaster that is the American Political System and rightfully warns the American People of what is being done in….


….and anyone wonders why the American People have such a dim view of Washington DC and OUR Sorry Ass “Leaders.”

Very simply….

The American Republic is run by MORONS


One of the Biggest MORONS is Ben Bernanke who has caused more pain in America than any other living American this side of George W. Bush and now along with W. Bush, Obama and the US Congress continues a policy of STEALING from future generations of Americans while impoverishing Americans that are alive today.

Bob Woodward Delivers Again to the American People Another Compelling Indictment of the Sorry Ass “Elected Leaders” of the American Republic In His Latest: The Price of Politics – The “Debt Ceiling Debate” of 2011 Was Nothing More Than the Keystone Cops and Three Stooges Coming Together To F-UP American Again and Bob Woodward Chronicles It ALL for Everyone To See and Throw-Up No Doubt Many Times While Reading Bob’s Book As Any American Rightfully Would After Seeing What Kind of MORONS Are Now Running OUR Country In BOTH Political Parties! – Face the TRUTH and You Will Feel Better For It: The American Republic Is Now Run By MORONS and the Only Stupider People In the Country Are the Idiots in the Mainstream Media That Spend Most of Their Time Kissing the Asses of the Precious Ass MORONS Instead of Covering Them! – Geez, Maybe Next Time We Can Nemo to Run For President Because He Would Be Better Than These Two Clowns!

Most of us here at Mad As Hell And… were just arriving or were about to arrive at college when the movie All the President’s Men on the Watergate scandal and the role of two Washington Post reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, in that scandal came out in 1976….

….so in some ways we grew up with Bob Woodward and his writing, books and public appearances over the last few decades and thus we always have an interest in what Woodward has to say on current affairs and his latest book…

The Price of Politics, Amazon.com

….on the Obama Administration and specifically the “Debt Talks” between President Obama and the Congress in 2011 certainly has our attention and will occupy some of our time in the coming days as we dig into the book ourselves.

The Washington Post put out a story over the weekend that lays out some of the details from Bob Woodward’s new book The Price of Politics…

Woodward book chronicles Obama’s fiscal policy battle with congressional Republicans, Washington Post

…and also a book review of the Price of Politics…

The Price of Politics, by Bob Woodward, Jeff Shesol, Washington Post

…and there is this from Miranda Green of The Daily Beast…

Speed Read: Juiciest Bits From Bob Woodward’s Book Price of Politics, Daily Beast

….and this very well written review of the Price of Politics at the Huffington Post…

President Obama Called Debt Limit Talks “Bizarro World,” And New Bob Woodward Book Bears That Out, Jon Ward, Huffington Post

…which begins like this…

“If you’d like to feel ill, read Bob Woodward’s new book, “The Price of Politics.”

The 379-page book, which comes out Tuesday and was obtained by The Huffington Post a day early, is a detailed, close-up look at the debt ceiling battle of July 2011, when the U.S. government came very close to default and a potential economic collapse.

Woodward is meticulous, as usual, and partly because of his attention to detail, the middle section of the book –- with its endless descriptions of meetings, mind-numbing budget figures and constant gridlock –- will make you want to bang your head against a wall.”

Well, we will be reading Bob Woodward’s The Price of Politics as well BUT we don’t need Bob Woodward to tell us that the American Republic is now being run by….


…that are often…

Selfish Bastard MORONS that believe they are God’s Gift to Planet Earth!

….because we have seen these MORONS up-close and personal and they truly are a disgrace to the Human Race and Very Damn Sorry Excuses for American Citizens.

Believe it or not only two decades or so ago the American Republic WAS NOT run by MORONS and even though there were very tough politics being played by almost everyone in Washington DC the government that we saw up-close and personal and behind the scenes in the 1980s makes what is portrayed in the excerpts and summaries of Woodward’s The Price of Politics of American politics in 2011 look like the….

Smartest Men and Women that ever walked on Planet Earth.

Here’s another TRUTH about the way Washington DC used to work and the way it is NOT working today:

Those were REAL Americans we worked for and the REAL Liberals that we knew then would have NEVER allowed the American Republic to run up these kind of Barbaric and Outrageous $1 Trillion Dollar Annual Deficits and over $11 Trillion Dollars in New National Debt added in the last 12 years under W. Bush and Obama BUT that was also a time when REAL Republicans were representing the American People in Washington DC as opposed to these Sorry Excuses for Americans that call themselves “Republicans” but are anything but conservatives and American patriots.

The simple TRUTH about Bob Woodward’s latest book The Price of Politics and his books on the wars in the Middle East under W. Bush and Obama…

Bush at War, 2002
Plan of Attack, 2004
State of Denial, Bush at War, Part III, 2006
The War Within, A Secret White House History, 2008
Obama’s Wars, 2010

….is that they only prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that America is broken because America is getting such….

Sorry Ass People to lead OUR country

….and if one just admits the TRUTH that ALL of the last four Presidents of the United States of America would have a tough time holding a REAL Job in the REAL World because MORONS often find the simplest things very hard to do and that is exactly what is running the American Republic right now…


….then one can completely understand why things are so F-UP in Washington DC right now.

Thanks to Bob Woodward for continuing to chug along after all these years and to Speak Truth to Power in Washington DC which the vast majority of the Washington DC and New York press corps gave up long ago in exchange for placing their lips on the Precious Asses of OUR “Elected Leaders” which makes most of what comes out of the mouths or pens of the Mainstream News Media nothing but Complete Bullshit and is yet another reason why the American Republic is breaking down because if you cannot trust the news media to Speak Truth to Power and to Tell the Truth then how in the Hell can you trust OUR “Elected Leaders” to do the same?

Answer:  YOU CANNOT!

A very interesting story written by Bob Woodward in 2005 about the first time he met the eventual Deep Throat from Watergate fame who turned out to be longtime FBI agent and administrator Mark Felt is in our opinion a must read for people interested in American history and a glimpse into how reporters act like REAL reporters even before they are a REAL reporter!

How Mark Felt Became “Deep Throat”, Bob Woodward, Washington Post

While the Murderers, Torturers, Terrorists and FASCISTS Now Running China….the Communist Party of China….Try To Figure Out Which Murderer Will Run The Totalitarian FASCIST State of China We Have Apple Computer Still Working With FoxConn In China Which the New York Times Reports Is Using “Interns” To Make iPhones For Americans At BIG Profit Margins While Selling the American People and American Republic Out in the Process – Sorry, We Were Raised By REAL Americans Not Wolves and Thus Why We ALWAYS Say A BIG NO To the “Vampires” From China When They Call Which Explains Why the Sorry Apple Computer Executives Have and Continue To Sell-Out OUR Country!

With the Murderers, Torturers, Terrorists and FASCISTS that run the Totalitarian state of China otherwise known as the…

Communist Party of China

….now in a state of complete confusion as the Murderers jockey for position with the other Murderers in the Communist Party to Lord over 1 Billion plus Chinese (One can only wonder why the Chinese People put up with these Sorry Murdering FASCISTS in the Communist Party but then let’s face FACTS: The Chinese People don’t have the GUTS to overthrow the Murderers, Torturers and Terrorists that now run China! PERIOD!)…

The Chinese Leadership Crisis Looks Worse Than In 1989, Business Insider

….which is a GOOD THING since the Tiananmen Square protests happened in 1989….

…which almost overthrew the Sorry Murdering Bastards known as the Communist Party of China and “Chinese Leadership” we have this little story below for lovers of Apple Computer products here in America which is NO surprise to anyone here at Mad As Hell And… that wouldn’t buy an Apple Computer product in 2012 just like we would not have purchased anything made by Mercedes Benz in the 1930s for obvious reasons for anyone that knows German history and how Hitler worked with Mercedes Benz to do unspeakable acts of barbarism and inhumanity…

China Plant Again Faces Labor Issue on iPhones, New York Times

“As Apple prepares to unveil the latest iPhone this week, the company’s manufacturing partner in China, Foxconn Technology, is coming under renewed criticism over labor practices after reports that vocational students were being compelled to work at plants making iPhones and their components.

Foxconn has acknowledged using student “interns” on manufacturing lines, but says they are free to leave at any time. But two worker advocacy groups said Monday that they had spoken with students who said they had been forced by their teachers to assemble iPhones at a Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou, in north-central China.

Additionally, last week Chinese state-run news media reported that several vocational schools in the city of Huai’an, in eastern China, required hundreds of students to work on assembly lines at a Foxconn plant to help ease worker shortages. According to one of the articles, Huai’an students were ordered to manufacture cables for Apple’s new iPhone 5, which is expected to be introduced on Wednesday.”

Isn’t that just Damn Freaking Special?

Not only has Apple Computer under the “leadership” of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook…

Moved and Created 1 Million Plus Jobs in China that make products that are sold back into the United States of America with BIG profit margins

….the Sorry Excuse for Human Beings in Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are using a company in FoxConn to make their Apple Computer products in China that we rather doubt the Devil himself would use since the Devil at least has some morals and integrity at least compared to Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and Apple Computer executives who in our opinion have…

Sold out the American People and American Republic for a few $$$$$$$$$$$$

….and lo and behold there are plenty of Very Damn Stupid Americans that line up at Apple Computer stores to buy those products made by people in China who in our opinion are working under slave conditions for slave pay which only weakens OUR country further and enables the Murders, Torturers, Terrorists in Beijing!

Be proud Apple Computer users because in your hands are products made by SLAVES…..in our humble opinion of course….and how Damn ironic that the first black man in the White House is of all things…

A Lover of Apple Computer Products!

Way to go Barack Obama! Too bad you were not around in 1840 to buy cotton clothes made from cotton picked by slaves in the American South because holding that Apple iPhone is in our opinion NO DAMN DIFFERENT!

Ditto for Mitt Romney who we also hear loves Steve Jobs SLAVE made products!

Yes, for those Christians, Jews and Catholics out there that believe in Heaven and Hell there is no doubt a special place set-aside in HELL for the Americans that sold out the American People to move or create Millions of Jobs overseas while gutting the American Middle Class in the process and while they may be rich on Earth….

What was it Tim Cook made last year? $300 Million Dollars!

….that eternity thing can be a bitch!

Hell, any random Sorry Excuse for a Human Being can design a product in America and have it made in China and create a BIG profit margin in the process which many of us here at Mad As Hell And… could do tomorrow because the “vampires” as we call them otherwise known as Chinese Americans that call American manufacturers to toll the virtues and tons of $$$$$$$$ that can be made by shifting OUR manufacturing to China are always on the phone, striking up a conversation at the coffee shop and generally trying to figure out a way to “help you get richer” while….

Selling-Out OUR Employees and the American People in the process!

Sorry, we were raised by REAL American not wolves as is our opinion about Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and other so-called “Americans” in corporate America that have sent and created Millions of Jobs overseas in their never-ending desire to put an extra few $$$$$$ in their pockets when all of those Bastards know full-well that their products could easily be….

Made in America


Sold at the same Damn price that they are selling at today


With only slightly lower profit margins in the 2 to 4 percent range lower which may be a lot of money to some people but for REAL Americans there is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY that you could waive in our faces to….

Sell out the American People and American Republic

Again……we are raised by REAL Americans not Sorry Pieces of Crapola.


Here’s hoping the Chinese People get some Damn GUTS and overthrow the…






….of the Communist Party of China and put into place a REAL Democracy based upon the Founding Principles of the American Republic which are the Founding Principles of ALL Human Beings on Planet Earth as well!

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Wonders Why Mitt Romney Won’t Say Anything Specific On Healthcare OR Afghanistan! – Memo to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: Mitt Romney Is NO Different Than the Rest of the Worthless Bastards Called OUR “Elected Leaders” In Washington DC……He Is A Spineless Bastard That Cares More About Holding or Gaining Power Than the American Republic, the American People or Even His Own Damn Family….That Is Why Romney Will Not Be Specific On Important Issues……He, Like Obama and Clinton and George W. Bush….Is A COWARD! – 28 Years of Candy Ass Ivy Leaguers in the White House…..Now You Know Why….

On this anniversary of the most preventable attack on the United States of America in the history of the American Republic…


…assuming of course that American defense and intelligence forces had actually been…

Doing their Damn Jobs!

….in the 1990s up through 2001 there are two opinion pieces on the Wall Street Journal editorial page today that take Mitt Romney to task for NOT talking in specific detail what Romney would…

Do about health care

Romney’s Pre-Existing Politics, Editorial, Wall Street Journal

Do about Afghanistan

The Silence of the Republican Lamb, William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

….which is NOT surprising to anyone here at Mad As Hell And… because in our opinion Romney like most of the worthless “Elected Leaders” of OUR country spend most of their pitiful lives NOT taking positions on important and critical issues and they do that because they are….

Spineless Bastards that care more about holding or gaining power than the American Republic, the American People and even the futures of their own Damn families.

Look no further than a confirmation of the TRUTH that America is now “led” by Spineless Worthless Bastards that care more about their Precious Asses than the country than the charade that is the US Congress back in Washington DC to “work” for a “couple of weeks”….

Fiscal cliff: All talk, no deal-making, Politico.com

….which is nothing less in our opinion than TREASON being committed by the “Elected Leaders” of the American Republic against the American People because the TRUTH is these Sorry Bastards in both political parties will just flat-out do….

The Job that We the People hired them to do!

Yes, we see in the future a new felony entitled….

Crimes against the American People

….and with three different groups of attorneys and their assistants now in different parts of America taking very detailed notes of EVERYTHING the Sorry Ass “Elected Leaders” of OUR country are doing and saying with an emphasis on them NOT DOING ANYTHING there is a lot of evidence being piled up right now that may just yet be used in a future court case against these Bastards in Washington DC that have not only…

Sold the American People out to the Highest Bidder


Also may one day find themselves sitting in front of a grand jury made up of Americans explaining what they did and did not do during their time in “public service.”

We have some news for the folks on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal:

Mitt Romney (nor Barack Obama) is willing to talk specifics on what they would do with healthcare, taxes, Afghanistan or almost Damn anything else because the TRUTH is that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama care only about one thing….

Their own Precious Asses

….and since both Romney and Obama are surrounded by people that would be shoveling shit for a living if they weren’t in politics expect the Shitola to keep coming and for both of them to avoid talking about the serious problems facing the American Republic in what is shaping up to be….

The Most Worthless Presidential Campaign in American History

….and with the American news media asleep at the switch and unwilling to challenge both Obama and Romney in a very Direct and Unbending Manner don’t expect anything to get any better anytime soon!

As for Mitt Romney specifically since that is who the Wall Street Editorial Board was addressing in their op-eds we can report from the REAL World that Mitt Romney’s Bogus explanations about his taxes and offshore accounts is going to cost him now…

1.5 to 2 points in 6 battleground states


1 to 1.5 points in 3 battleground states

….and there are now many Americans that are headed towards the….

They are BOTH (Romney and Obama) worthless Bastards camp

….which will hurt Romney the most since those Americans that want to vote against Obama might just end up seeing Romney as no better and will just not turn out to vote and with Romney saying as little as Damn impossible about anything which is the advice he is getting from his shit-shovelers that just pisses the American People off even MORE we expect Romney to continue to slip in the polls as Mitt continues to prove our point that there are four people on Planet Earth that could lose this Presidential Race to Obama….

Mitt Romney


Three People in Prison for Life for some heinous crime the committed!

On a more troubling note to us about William McGurn’s above column….

The Silence of the Republican Lamb, William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

….on Romney’s silence about what he would do about Afghanistan we have talked to some people that knew Mitt Romney over the past couple of decades and we asked them Romney’s views on the US Military and to a person they all said…

“I rather doubt Mitt has ANY views on the US Military.”

Oh, isn’t that just great. Another Trust Fund Boy that is Ivy League Educated that somehow missed military service even there was a war going on that America was fighting when Mitt was “of age” who doesn’t have a thought in his precious head about the US Military!

Here’s a newsflash for Mitt Romney:  YOUR Precious Ass and the Precious Asses of your FIVE BOYS that ALL also missed service in the US Military would not be alive today if NOT for…

The US Military

…and if there ever were four people on Planet Earth that really needed “a few years in the US Military” to more fully understand what the American Republic is really all about it would be Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney BUT then we assume that Clinton, W. Bush, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would last five seconds in US Military when we all know that they would ALL be crying for their Mammas about the time that drill sergeant jumped down their throats on Day 1 of boot camp!

Geez, we are now looking at 28 straight years of Ivy League Educated Precious Candy Asses in the White House whether Obama or Romney is elected this Fall!

And you wonder why the American Republic is so F-UP now?

Please, you now have your Freaking answer!