"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

With the Price of A Barrel of Oil Going Straight Up and the Value of the US Dollar Going Straight Down…and With Record Amounts of Crude Oil Supplies On Hand There Are A Group of People That Get A Thrill Out Of Destroying and Pummeling Americans and American Families: The Federal Reserve System and the Wall Street Bastards Are High-Fiving Each Other Right Now As They Grind American Families Into the Ground While They Make Billions Speculating With All the Funny Money Being Printed Up By Uncle Ben “I Love the Sound of American Families Being Destroyed” Bernanke – A Good Question: Why Has the Most Liberal President Since Woodrow Wilson…President Obama…Turned His Administration Over to the Wall Street Bastards That Then Do Things That Destroy African-American and Minority Families In Our Country? – Now That Is A Damn Good Question and That Really Doesn’t Have A Logical Answer

With Crude Oil blasting over $110 dollars a barrel…..

…and as the US Dollar continues to plunge in value…

(Thanks to the great website www.finviz.com for the above charts for Crude Oil and the US Dollar)

….and Crude Oil supplies continue to grow to record levels

….most Americans must wonder what is causing the price of Crude Oil to go straight up and thus cause the price of a gallon of gas to move back to $4 dollar plus per gallon.

The reason why the cost of a barrel of Crude Oil is going straight up is very simple and is directly caused by the very same Sorry Excuses for Americans that have been causing bubbles and busts in America for decades now and who are at this very moment reveling in the idea that their monetary policy is grinding down and pummeling the American People and American Families as everything that Americans buy in their everyday lives is rising much faster than their incomes.

That group of people that get a thrill out destroying American families and laugh at loud at the price of Crude Oil going straight up is the…

Federal Reserve System and….

…their best Buddies and Masters on Wall Street.

Isn’t that just great?  Well, if you care about American families, children in America and the future of the country then you should be outraged because the FACT is that Uncle Ben “I love the sound of American families being destroyed and love it when I see a gallon of gas go above $4.00 per gallon” Bernanke could stop all of this outrageous speculation on Wall Street that is now awash in money all courtesy of the Federal Reserve System.

The price of a barrel of Crude Oil is now about $110 and that price would be cut by $30 plus dollars per barrel almost overnight if Uncle Ben “I wonder how many American families I can destroy today with all this crazy money printing” Bernanke just said one thing:

“The money printing (QE2) is over.”

Of course, the Funny Money Boys and Girls at the Federal Reserve System led by Uncle Ben “My Masters on Wall Street tell me to drive the American People deeper into debt and I will do everything in my power to do just that by running up the cost of everything they buy and then quoting “core inflation” numbers” Bernanke only really know how to do one thing and one thing only….

Print up lots and lots of Funny Money and hand it over to the Wall Street Bastards not so the Wall Street Bastards can make loans to American Business but so the Bastards can plow all that Funny Money into speculative investments and thus make the Wall Street Bastards as rich as possible while 99.9 percent of Americans and American families are pummeled by prices for everything they buy is going straight up.

Yes, as the price of Crude Oil and other commodities go straight up there are two groups of people that are high-fiving each other and laughing about the wholesale destruction of families across America:

Uncle Ben “If I try really hard I wonder how many families that we can pummel today with higher prices” Bernanke and his buddies at the Federal Reserve….

…and the Wall Street Bastards.

Memo to the Bastards that are laughing right now: 2012 is just around the corner and the Federal Reserve and the Wall Street Bastards with their never-ending attack on the American People are going to open up a hole right in the middle of the field for the American People to elect an U.S. President for the first time since the first 4 years of the Reagan Administration that actually works for the American People and is not owned Lock, Stock and Barrel (Oil Barrel that is) by Wall Street.  (One of the amazing things about President Obama, who is the most liberal U.S. President since Woodrow Wilson is that Obama has turned over the financial side of his Administration completely over to the Wall Street Bastards that get a thrill out of pummeling Americans and American Families and some of the worst hit groups by the never-ending attack on Americans by Wall Street are African-American and minority Americans that spend ALL of their disposable income on just keep themselves and their families in the basics for living life.  One day someone will come up with an explanation why President Obama turned over his Administration to the Wall Street Bastards so they could then destroy African-American, minority and poor families in America and it is going to be a Damn interesting explanation.)

Oh, let the investigations begin if the American People actually get an U.S. President back in the White House that works for the American People!  Have your fun right now Boys and Girls but the American People are still coming and when you Bastards see commercials running on TV directly identifying the people that are completely responsible for ALL of the financial problems in America, the Federal Reserve System, the Wall Street Bastards and an Out-of-Control Government that answers to K-Street lobbyists and anyone else with a few bucks in their back pocket, please don’t start crying about someone finally Telling the Truth to the American People.

Yes, these are Very Stupid People that don’t give two rips that American families are getting destroyed and actually get a good laugh out the whole thing and even sleep better at night that the American People are struggling to pay their bills, feed and house their families and generally just trying to live their lives.

If you are thinking these Bastards are Sorry Excuses for Human Beings that make a fortune out of pummeling Americans and American Families…

You would be right!

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