"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

Greetings From the Super Bowl City of Indianapolis Where the “Reported” Unemployment Rate Is….8.2 Percent….Which Is About As Accurate As the BOGUS U.S. Labor Department’s Employment Report This Morning – REAL Unemployment In America Is Around 11 Percent Right Now But It Has Come Down From the REAL Unemployment Of Around 16 Percent In America in the Spring of 2009 – The U.S. Economy Is Improving and We Only Wish the U.S. Government Would Tell the American People The TRUTH But Then The LIES To the American People Didn’t Start 3 Years Ago Because OUR Government Has Been LYING To Us For Decades About ALL Kinds of Things – That the U.S. Economy Is Improving Makes Big FOOLS of the Flunkies at the Federal Reserve and Uncle Ben Bernanke Who Only Last Week Told America They Were Going To Stay In Crisis Mode With Their Monetary Policy Through 2014! – Yes, The Folks At the Federal Reserve Are Very Stupid People and Why Anyone Still Listens to Uncle Ben Is Beyond Us Because Bernanke Was WRONG About the Biggest Issue of OUR Times…The Real Estate Bubble…That Almost Took Down the American Republic in 2008! – Have A Great Super Bowl Sunday!

Greetings from Super Bowl City Indianapolis where the “official” Unemployment Rate is 8.2 percent which is right in line with the just “reported” Unemployment Rate of the United States of America which has reached new heights of Bizarro in the Bizarro-World that the American Republic has become in recent years.

It would be easy to blame the Obama Administration for the LIES that are throughout the “official” Unemployment Rate this morning….

Unemployment Rate falls to 8.3%, Los Angeles Times

….but that approach assumes that the US Government has only been LYING to the American People for the last three years when any American that has been paying attention knows the LIES stretch at least back to the end of the Dwight Eisenhower Administration that saw President Eisenhower on the way out of the door of the White House warn the American People about the “Military-Industrial Complex” that was coming to dominate the US Government (One can only imagine what Ike would have made of Wall Street buying the US Government wholesale in the last two decades and we have no doubt that also would have pissed Ike off as well!).

What comes to mind looking through the Labor Department’s latest Employment Report is quote from George Orwell’s 1984 which summed up what the modern American Republic is becoming…

“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone — to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink — greetings!”

….and George Orwell comes to mind because as pointed out by many in the American news media the Labor Department’s Employment Rate is BOGUS as detailed over at ZeroHedge.com:

Record 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor Force In One Month, Labor Force Participation Rate Tumbles To Fresh 30 Year Low, ZeroHedge.com

“A month ago, we joked when we said that for Obama to get the unemployment rate to negative by election time, all he has to do is to crush the labor force participation rate to about 55%. Looks like the good folks at the BLS heard us: it appears that the people not in the labor force exploded by an unprecedented record 1.2 million. No, that’s not a typo: 1.2 million people dropped out of the labor force in one month! So as the labor force increased from 153.9 million to 154.4 million, the non institutional population increased by 242.3 million meaning, those not in the labor force surged from 86.7 million to 87.9 million. Which means that the civilian labor force tumbled to a fresh 30 year low of 63.7% as the BLS is seriously planning on eliminating nearly half of the available labor pool from the unemployment calculation. As for the quality of jobs, as withholding taxes roll over Year over year, it can only mean that the US is replacing high paying FIRE jobs with low paying construction and manufacturing. So much for the improvement.

Chart below shows it all – that jump is not a fat finger!”

Yes, it is Very Damn Easy to lower the Unemployment Rate in America when you vaporize Millions of Americans from Planet Earth which the United States Government Labor Department has done in the past year which is nothing more than the US Government….

LYING to the American People.

Floyd Norris over at the New York Times asks the essential question and lays out the TRUTH that we have seen in the U.S. Economy over the past two years which is that the U.S. Economy is getting more investment and hiring is slowly but steadily picking up, but we do not see the kind of improvement in Unemployment in America that the U.S. Labor Department sees but then the U.S. Labor Department much like the U.S. Commerce Department is in our opinion engages in WHOLESALE LIES to the American People on Employment and Inflation in OUR country.

Here is Floyd Norris of the New York Times column on the “reported” Unemployment Rate:

Wow. But Is the Number Real?, New York Times

“How many jobs did the American economy add in January?

The Labor Department estimated on Friday that the economy gained 243,000 jobs.

The department also estimated that the economy lost 2,689,000 jobs in the month.

The difference in the two numbers is in seasonal adjustment. Employment always falls in January, as temporary Christmas jobs end. So the government applies seasonal adjustment factors in an effort to discern the real trend of the economy apart from seasonal fluctuations. The actual survey showed the big loss in jobs. The seasonal adjustments produced the reported gain of 243,000 jobs.”

Does the above sound like Doubletalk, Doublespeak and Bullshit to YOU?

Good then you still have American Common Sense inside of you and as an American citizen you should doubt ANYTHING that YOUR Government tells you because as an American Citizen you should understand that YOUR US Government and OUR “Elected Leaders” have been bought WHOLESALE by powerful interests in America that seek power for money and even power’s sake and thus there is a Very Good Damn Reason that OUR Government is LYING to the American People because they have been paid good money to tell those LIES!

The Good News for the American People is that the American Economy is slowly but steadily improving and that makes the Federal Reserve and OUR “Elected Leaders” the BIGGEST Threat to the future success of OUR country because they have been the biggest destroyers of the U.S. Economy over the past four decades by their constant interventions and warping of U.S. interest rates, massive regulations and an insane tax policy which in many ways has turned America into a glorified Banana Republic that is now led by some of the Stupidest People to hold elective office in the history of Planet Earth.

As pointed out by Bloomberg.com perhaps the Dumbest looking Person and People in America today after the Labor Department’s BOGUS Employment Report which is based upon the BIG LIE that Millions of Americans have disappeared from Planet Earth is Uncle Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve FLUNKIES who only last week said that their Irresponsible Monetary Policy of low interest rates and accommodative policy which in English means one branch of the U.S. Government (the Federal Reserve) purchasing the debt of the U.S. Government in the “open market” which if you are thinking sounds just like a Ponzi Scheme you would be right.

Bloomberg.com (which is becoming a powerhouse news organization) has the story of Uncle Ben Bernanke and the Flunkies at the Federal Reserve that are Completely Out-of-Touch with REALITY with REALITY being that the American Republic’s Economy is slowly IMPROVING and that the Very Last Damn Thing the Fed should be doing is still running a “crisis level” monetary policy which only signals to American Business and to the American People that things are in the U.S. Economy which only hurt the U.S. Economy in the both the slow and long-term.

Payrolls Jump Casts Doubt on Fed Rate Pledge, Bob Willis, Bloomberg.com

“The U.S. jobless rate unexpectedly fell in January to the lowest in three years as payrolls climbed more than forecast, casting doubt on the Federal Reserve’s plan to keep interest rates low until late 2014.

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent, the lowest since February 2009, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The 243,000 increase in jobs was the biggest in nine months and exceeded the most optimistic forecast in a Bloomberg News survey. Service industries grew by the most in a year, according to a separate report.

“We’ve reached an important threshold here,” said Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York. “The recovery is for real.””

Yes, the “recovery” in the U.S. Economy is real albeit much slower than past economic recoveries after recessions (check out this great chart from Calculated Risk which shows how much slower this recovery is than past U.S. Economic recoveries after recessions which we believe is the case because of the massive amount of American companies outsourcing jobs to cheaper overseas labor markets)…

…. and that recovering U.S. Economy is the Direct Damn Opposite of what the Federal Reserve and Uncle Ben Bernanke told the American People just days ago and we can only wonder why anyone with an IQ over room temperature would be listening to ANYTHING out of the mouth of Ben Bernanke when he was proven to be WRONG about the ONE Damn Thing that nearly brought down the American Republic in 2008 which was the Real Estate Bubble that Bernanke (and Alan Greespan’s) Irresponsible Monetary Policies at the Federal Reserve helped to create!

Here is some more TRUTH from ZeroHedge.com about the BOGUS U.S. Labor Department report this morning:

Implied Unemployment Rate Rises To 11.5%, Spread To Propaganda Number Surges To 30 Year High, ZeroHedge.com


Nonfarm Payroll Surge… On Gain From “Low Wage Jobs”, Delay In Courier, Messenger Job Drop, ZeroHedge.com


Final Nail In Today’s NFP Tragicomedy: Record Surge In Part-Time Workers, ZeroHedge.com

The above is the TRUTH about the BOGUS U.S. Labor Department Report this morning.

Or as George Orwell wrote in 1984 about how TRUTH often becomes fungible in Governments that are no longer interested in serving the People they purport to represent:

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

In this case “two plus two makes four” is that the United States Government’s Labor Department issued a BOGUS Employment Report when the TRUTH is if they had just told the TRUTH about Unemployment in America over the past 15 plus years and in the last year the REAL Unemployment Rate in America would be around…

11 Percent

..right now and would have come down from the almost 16 Percent Unemployment Rate that America saw that it was in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Meltdown which the US Government and agencies of the US Government like the Federal Reserve caused with the help of other Federal agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac along with the help of the Casino Gamblers on Wall Street of course who believe that when their gambling turns out well they get to keep the winnings and when their bets go bad they will be able to come Crying like Babies to the U.S. Taxpayer for a bailout and since they now own a majority of the US Congress and Washington DC they also believe they should get their Sorry Asses bailed out when they get their precious little asses in a sling because after all the Wall Streeters are “special” with “special” meaning there is not a bigger collection of Candy Ass Pussies in one place on Planet Earth than when Wall Street is at work in southern Manhattan each workday. (Yes, we thank God everyday that the typical MAN in America in December 1941 was not like the Candy Ass Pussies that now dominate Wall Street because very simply if that was the case America would not exist today because the Candy Ass Pussies on Wall Street would not have had the courage to charge up those beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima and defeat the EVIL in the world then the Germans and the Japanese. The real kicker: The Candy Ass Pussies that now dominate Wall Street KNOW they would not be able to defend America on the very best day of their lives and that reality has to scare them to death because no doubt they are raising another generation of Candy Asses that will be no different or probably worse and that sound you hear is what it sounds like when a Great Country’s “leadership” comes to be dominated by Candy Asses that would not have the Guts or Courage to fight for their country as OUR Founding Fathers did over 230 years ago)

Another quote that ALL Americans should keep in mind about both the Democratic and Republican Parties who let’s face it…

Don’t give two rips about the American People of even the American Republic

…but they do have a big interest in gaining and holding “Power.”

Below is that Orwell quote from 1984 which says it all about modern day Washington DC (1984, George Orwell, Chapter 3:

“He knew in advance what O’Brien would say. That the Party did not seek power for its own ends, but only for the good of the majority. That it sought power because men in the mass were frail cowardly creatures who could not endure liberty or face the truth, and must be ruled over and systematically deceived by others who were stronger than themselves. That the choice for mankind lay between freedom and happiness, and that, for the great bulk of mankind, happiness was better. That the party was the eternal guardian of the weak, a dedicated sect doing evil that good might come, sacrificing its own happiness to that of others. The terrible thing, thought Winston, the terrible thing was that when O’Brien said this he would believe it.

The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites.

We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

It is time for you to gather some idea of what power means. The first thing you must realize is that power is collective. The individual only has power in so far as he ceases to be an individual. You know the Party slogan: “Freedom is Slavery”. Has it ever occurred to you that it is reversible? Slavery is freedom. Alone — free — the human being is always defeated. It must be so, because every human being is doomed to die, which is the greatest of all failures. But if he can make complete, utter submission, if he can escape from his identity, if he can merge himself in the Party so that he is the Party, then he is all-powerful and immortal.”

Yes, ALL Americans should get a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 and read it and also watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and enjoy something REAL which is two football teams battling out on the Field of Play to determine the REAL Champion in professional football in 2011 – 2012 which about as American as something can get in today’s American Republic!

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