"Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will."  Frederick Douglass

You As American Citizens Would Think That OUR “Elected Leaders” Could Do Something As Simple As Reforming the US Post Office Which Is Losing Over $20 Million Dollars A Day……Right? – Sorry, These Spineless Bastards in the US Senate Again Chose To Put The Best Interests of the American Republic and American People BEHIND Getting Their Precious Asses Re-Elected – In Case You Were Wondering….Yes….This Is What the End of A Great Power Looks Like

One interesting thing about living in America in the 21 st century is that We Americans get to see the Fall of a Great Power which only happens every few centuries or so with only problem being….

It is the American Republic that is Falling

Yesterday the Spineless Bastards otherwise known as members of the US Senate once again put off making tough decisions, this time on the Post Office which is losing more than $20 Million Dollars A DAY, and the reason a majority of US Senators voted to put off tough decisions on reforming the US Post Office you ask?

Because they are more interested in getting their precious asses re-elected than about the failure or success of the American Republic.

Of course, this should be not BIG surprise that the US Senate lives in Bizarro-Land since the Majority Leader of the Senate Harry Reid joined President Obama, Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro, the Iranian Leadership and the leaders of a few other countries around the world that oppose America building the Keystone XL Pipeline because building the pipeline to bring Canadian oil down to American oil refineries would benefit the American Republic and American People and clearly President Obama, Vladimir Putin, Fidel Castro, the Iranians and now Harry Reid don’t want to do anything that would be in the best interests of the American People especially when there are Wacko Environmental Nuts in California that will write Million Dollars checks to the Obama Re-Election Campaign ONLY IF Obama keeps opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline so of course…..President Obama and Harry Reid will oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline even if they have to sacrifice the lives of every child in America including their own children in the process.

Getting back to the subject at hand the US Senate’s inability to deal with reforming the US Post Office which is losing a small fortune right now even the Wacko Liberal Nuts on the Washington Post editorial board that would surrender America to anyone with a water pistol are of the opinion that the Senate dropped the ball yesterday on Postal reform:

The Senate mails it in, Editorial, Washington Post

“By a more important measure, what the Postal Service actually needs to be solvent, the Senate bill falls disastrously short. In February, USPS management spelled out a five-year plan to cut $20 billion in costs and restore long-term viability. The plan required ending mandatory Saturday delivery, downsizing a bloated network of mail-processing facilities and restructuring the employee health insurance program. The Senate bill enacts none of these reforms.

In fact, the legislation makes some of them harder to accomplish. It requires Saturday delivery for at least two more years and puts a one-year moratorium on the closure of rural post offices. What few workforce reductions the bill does impose are paid for by creative accounting: shifting $11 billion in Postal Service “overpayments” from the federal civil service pension fund. Stretching out retiree health-care prepayments reduces a major cost-cutting incentive. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the bill will increase deficits by more than $6 billion over the next 10 years.”

Oh, these are some REAL Men and Women of Genius in the US Senate….

…BUT remember if Members of the US Senate had the choice between destroying the lives of EVERY child in America OR getting re-elected to a Man and Woman in the US Senate they would destroy the lives of EVERY child in America and if you don’t believe that you do not understand the cesspool that Washington DC has become in the 21 st century where what is Best for America and the American People is of little concern to OUR “Elected Leaders” as they do anything and everything to stay in elective office and if the country goes down…what do these Bastards care?

Answer: They don’t.

Getting back to what the End of a Great Power looks like if the US Post Office cannot be allowed to close thousands of post offices all over America that are redundant at best and a Complete Waste of the American People’s hard-earned money at worst then America really is on its last legs and just to prove just how Damn crazy these folks are that want a Post Office on every corner in America check out the below C-Span video from Vermont where lots of people showed up to protest the Post Office closing just a few of their locations in the state. Yes, this is sheer Idiocy and the End of a Great Empire in action:

Postal Service Holds Forum on Post Office Closings, C-Span

Oh, these are some REAL Idiots!

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