"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."  Thomas Jefferson



What the American People don't understand about the Financial

Bailout of Wall Street is that this has

all been a Game of Three Card Monte played on purpose to confuse the Republic - The US Treasury's TARP Program was where they wanted everyone to look, but the real action isn't at the Treasury, rather at the Federal Reserve where the real evil

was being done



As detailed in a New York Times story and elsewhere in the media recently, the Lehman Brothers meltdown and bankruptcy had all the earmarkings

of illegal behavior from the CEO and management of Lehman to US Government officials who are

supposed to be looking out for the country, not working for Wall Street - What the Federal Reserve did to bail out the Sorry, Greedy, SOBs on Wall Street was that it took onto its books more than a TRILLION $$$$$ worth

of crap securities that the Wall Street Boys couldn't have sold for two cents

at the local apple stand - The Wall Street Boys swapped crap for cold

hard cash and "Voila" we have a TRILLION $$$$$ transfer to Wall

Street which then created HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF $$$$$ in profit and bonuses for the very SOBs that caused and blew up the US Financial System

in the first place! - Yes, the American People are Pissed Off and They Should be Pissed Off! - Lehman Brothers Scandal Rocks the Fed




No, the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street and the Buffoons in Washington DC are not smarter than you, me or the Idiot behind the tree! - In fact, any random moron would have had better sense than to spin up the Casino that Wall Street has become in recent years or have enough smarts to regulate those Bastards in New York that you can assume are always up to no good - The Meltdown of Wall Street in 2007 - 2008 is about two things:  Obscene Greed on Wall Street and a Bunch of Buffoons in Washington DC that either don't give

a Damn about their country and the American People or are too stupid to know the difference between UP and DOWN! - No, just because you went to Harvard, Yale or NYU doesn't make

you smarter than the average American....In fact, in many ways it makes you much STUPIDER!  Don't believe that?  Check out what these Wall Street Bastards have been up to and take a look at the latest National Debt Number (14 TRILLION +!)

 Michael Lewis: Wall Street Collapse

A Story Of 'Mass Delusion' (VIDEO)



The Obama-Democratic Health Care "Reform" bill "reduces the deficit by $118 Billion over the next decade?"  HARDLY! - The CBO scoring or rather complete BS estimates on the Democratic Health Care "Reform" Bill are nothing more than the same parlor games, bait and switch tactics and outright lies that have been going on

in Washington DC for decades now - In the real world where Americans actually live, as opposed to "Fantasyland" (Our Nation's Capital) where they have a Magic Printing

Press that our "elected leaders" believe can solve every problem in the world, this Health Care Reform Bill will actually add $488 BILLION DOLLARS TO THE DEFICITS over the next 10 years...NOT COUNTING THE

INTEREST on all that new debt! - 

Don't believe that?  Check out the real facts in this Fortune Magazine article:  Going from broken to broke



Yes, the United States needs Health Care Reform and we need to find a way to get health insurance to as many Americans as possible....but if we Bankrupt the American Republic in

the process, which this bill will clearly accelerate due to the Madness that has afflicted our "elected leaders" as they drive our country off a cliff, then what the Hell is the point? - The Focus should be on THE COST OF

HEALTH CARE, and the Obama - Democratic bill does everything

but Focus on that reality....




The United States' Government drive

to build a "1984" style society where everything you do in one's life is

tracked by our "Great Leaders" sitting on high in Washington DC continues with a proposal for a "National ID

Card" which would be required for

any American to get a job -

Outrageous! - Now even nominal Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has come out in support of this incredibly bogus and dangerous idea, this time in the name of "Immigration Reform" - For those of you not paying attention "Immigration Reform"

means amnesty for MILLIONS of

people that are now in the United

States ILLEGALLY! - What we are very sure of is that Government WILL ALWAYS want to grow ever larger

and to get more involved in and dictate how one will live his or her life - That

is not what the American Republic was founded upon and these Big Brother - Orwellian folks will stop at nothing to control all of our lives - One can only wonder if any of these SOB's have ever bothered to read the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution? - Oh, that's right, these SOB's don't even read the bills they pass, why in the Hell would they bother reading the Constitution! - Senator Graham’s Inexplicable National ID Support




The Wacko Environmental Nuts and

the Al Gore Climate Change Gang

wring their hands wondering how

they could have lost control of the public debate over Global Warming

and Climate Change - Here's Why: 

The IPCC and the Al Gore Climate Change Gang will manipulate Climate Data to suit the outcome and perception they want to achieve -

Don't believe that?  Take a look at

the below chart with IPCC data both before and after the Medieval Warm Period had been removed...



  You see folks, the existence of the Medieval Warm Period, 950 - 1250 AD, blows up the idea that human and industrial CO2 activity is what caused the temperature to rise (about 1 degree F!) in the last couple of decades and

the IPCC/Al Gore Climate Change Gang Can't Have That Reality Out in the Public Domain! - Memo to the Wacko Environmental Nuts:  Science is

Science and when you try to BS the public with ABSOLUTE NONSENSE, then YES the Public is smart enough to know the difference between Reality and Outright BS! When the IPCC ‘disappeared’ the Medieval

Warm Period




With dozens of cities and municipalities in California and hundreds across the United States facing huge bills for derivative and swap agreements that they entered

into with the Greedy Wall Street Bastards it is time for some straight

talk to the Morons running those cities:  A Greedy Wall Street Bastard is ALWAYS a Greedy Wall Street

Bastard and if a Greedy Wall Street Bastard is in your office peddling any kind of investment product that will "help" your city go ahead and assume that the SOB is trying to pick the

pocket of the taxpayers! - Cities and Municipalities need to quit entering into "exotic" agreements that only make the Greedy Wall Street Bastards Richer and the Taxpayers Poorer! - Municipal Finance should be about

one thing and one thing only: 

Issuing debt for necessary things

that are needed by the public (the taxpayers) at the lowest possible interest rate at the time the debt is issued - Period, END OF STORY! -  Throw the Greedy Wall Street Bastard our of your office the next time he

offers you and your city anything beyond selling the debt for the City! Man, there are some very stupid

people working in Government and don't you just know the Greedy Wall Street Bastards must laugh like

hyenas as they dream about picking

the pocket (and thus the taxpayer's pocket) of these Idiots! - Hedges on bond interest costing cities big



One can only wonder what is going through the heads of the Wacko Environmental Nuts as they cling to their fantasies that the Earth only during their self-absorbed lives (Has there ever been a more self-centered group of people in the history of the planet than the Baby Boomers? 

Answer to that question:  A BIG NO!)

is going through Climate Change

Memo to the Wacko Environmental Nuts:  The "Climate" on Planet Earth has been changing for BILLIONS of YEARS and it will still be changing

long after humans no longer walk on ITS surface - The jig is up NUTS and your "Global Warming/Climate

Change" Nonsense has been Exposed

for what it really is...Unmitigated BS! For some reason, it seems appropriate to paraphrase the Great Mark Twain

in this spot:  "Suppose you were an idiot.  And suppose you believed any

of this BS from Al Gore and his

Climate Change Gang.  But

I repeat myself."



Denial - The Meltdown of the

Climate Campaign




The students are marching in the streets  in Bizarro-Land, otherwise known as the state of California

because of educational "Budget Cuts and Delay" they claim - Yes, there have been cuts to Education in California, but most Californians also believe that the state educational system is failing our kids and lets not forget one of the primary reasons for the cuts:  The War that the State of California has been and continues to Wage on Business

on the State!


Maybe a few facts are in order here:


1.  California will spend over $11,250

PER PUPIL in K-12 in 2010


2.  Tuition and fees at UC and CSU schools will rise to $10,200 per

student in 2010 but the College Board tells us that is right in line with most other public universities in the United States and still way below the

$28,500 average in tuition at

private schools in the U.S.!


Also, something the student

protesters out on the streets that are slowing down commerce should not forget is that California has one of the highest personal income tax rates, the highest gas tax rate, the highest state capital gains tax rate, one of the

highest corporate tax rates, a high property tax for new homeowners,

and in the majority of cites and counties the highest sales tax rate

in the United States! 


The People of California are paying plenty of taxes, so where is all that money going to.....Hmmm, let's just

take a wild guess here and say that some of the best paid Public Employee Union members in the U.S. are getting

it and current retired Public

Employees are eating up ever more bigger chunks of the California budget each year and here's the kicker....

The Tsunami of Public Employee Retirements (Check out the CalPERS and CalSTRS $100,000+ Pension Club) hasn't even hit yet! 


What does all that mean?  As long as the state of California Wages a multi-front War on business, businessmen and women, and against entrepreneurs and private employers you can expect the cuts to education to continue and when the Public Employee Retirement Tsunami hits expect anyone with parents that makes decent money to pay the UNSUBSIDIZED and REAL

COST of college tuition, which is the same as the tuition at private colleges and universities....$28,000+ a year!


What the protesting students do not realize is....YOU HAVE IT VERY GOOD RIGHT NOW, and as it pertains to the cost of attending college in the future... YOU HAVEN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!


Thousands rally on campuses, streets for schools




Tom Friedman of the NY Times quotes Intel CEO Paul Otellini on the Obama Administration:


"Otellini compared the Obama administration to a “diode”

 - an electronic device that conducts electric current in only one direction. They are very good at listening to Silicon Valley, he said, but not so

good at responding.


“I’d like to see competitiveness and education take a higher role than

they are today,” he said. “Right now, they’re going to try to push this health care thing over the line, and, after

that, deal with the next thing. God,

I’d just like this [our competitiveness] to be the next thing. Something has

to pay for” everything government is doing today."


 It's not just the Obama

Administration that doesn't get it,

but the vast majority of the "Political Elite" in America that are operating in an environment where the world and America's position in it are shifting quickly under everyone's feet...  The only question is:  Will the "Political Elite" Wake-Up before it is too late?

A Word From the Wise




Reporting from Bizarro-Land, the

state of California, the madness seems to never end! - With President Obama and His Administration rightfully committed to expanding the United States' nuclear power plant facilities, here in Bizarro-Land new nuclear power plants are actually "Banned" because of asinine 1976 law! - Yes, you have that right, the Golden Bizarro State has "Banned" new nuclear power

plants and yes, this is the same place that is filled with Wacko

Environmental Nuts that believe we should be cutting carbon emissions, something that will only happen to

any real extent with the construction

of more nuclear power plants - If you now think there are a lot of VERY STUPID PEOPLE in the State of California, then you would have never been more right in your entire life! - Here's the REALITY:  California needs to build at a minimum TWELVE new nuclear power plant facilities in the next decade to have any hope of changing the current oil based energy economy - The Wacko Environmental Nuts are not only wrong on this

nuclear power issue, they are

incredibly ignorant as well! - Will California be frozen out of Obama’s nuclear future?




If President Obama and His Administration Really want to move

the ball on stopping Iran's drive to build nuclear weapons then they will have to do Two Things:  1.  President Obama needs to start acting like the President of the United States, which the last time we checked was still the SOLE SUPERPOWER on the Planet and...2.  Face the reality that these Bastards in Tehran are killers and the Iranians having nuclear weapons

poses a "Clear and Present Danger to the Entire Planet!"  That means that you tell the Killers in Tehran in a very straight-forward way that if they attempt to build a nuclear weapon

that the United States will remove Iran's nuclear facilities from the face

of the Earth - Forget Sanctions on Iran, this is no longer about sanctions,

which will only hurt the people of Iran...This is about the United States

of America getting its backbone back and standing up for what is right, not what is "Politically Correct" to the Idiots at the UN or elsewhere that

think it just fine and dandy for Iran to do whatever damn it pleases - If the

UN or China or Russia doesn't like

that approach, tell them to....

"Go Pound Sand!"

Obama's Iran Sanctions

Effort Be Saved?



You say Warren Buffett believes that the Democratic Health Care Reform Bills need to be redone with a focus on controlling Health Care Costs?  Right On Warren! - The problem with the "elected officials" in Washington DC is that their main focus is getting reelected and passing or stopping a bill has EVERYTHING to do with gaining political/electoral advantage and ABSOLUTELY DAMN NOTHING about helping the American People - Of course, one way or the other, either by the Bozos in our Nation's Capital doing it or by the world deciding it doesn't want to loan money to the BUFFOONS in DC (That would be all of us!) anymore, Health Care Costs in the United States will be brought under control - The only problem is that with the second option, the world forcing it on us, Will Be A Lot More Painful! - Warren Buffet: Health Care Bill

Needs Redo Focused On Costs





What is hard for people outside of California to discern is Why and How the Golden Broken State has gone off the rails so quickly, especially considering that only a decade ago spending was in control,

unemployment was low and general fund revenue was strong - For those of that live in California that are paying attention, it has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion as an ever larger state bureaucracy of public employee unions demand more and more benefits, pay, and higher

pensions, and the Tsunami of state retirees hasn't even  hit yet! -

Very simply, much like Greece, the

rules that have kept America

together for 200 years are no longer applicable in California

as a massive state bureaucracy increases its demands, cares little for laws and norms of American society and inflict massive amounts of new regulations and mandates that drive business and entrepreneurs from California - Here's the latest:  State employees pile up vacation time, exceeding caps and costing millions



Another report from Bizarro-Land,

this one from San Francisco,

California! - When a person can sit on

a sidewalk and smoke crack, in front

of the Mayor of San Francisco no less, then not only is the law completely flaunted but average law-abiding citizens are punished as well!  If

San Francisco isn't going to bother to enforce its own and Federal laws then why would be anyone be stupid enough to live in or visit the City? - Answer

that question and you will be begin to understand why the Bozos that have been running California for the past

few decades have put it into a

death spiral that can only end in

one way....INSOLVENCY! - Yes, it

makes TOTAL sense to elect "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown Governor again! - NOT! - Walk-on Haight converts Newsom to sit/lie





There really is no arguing with a

Wacko Environmentalist that really believes he or she is saving the world (they really do want to feel that "they are making a difference!), but as the proof for Global Warming and Climate Change continues to crumble like a cookie maybe they will listen to some Common Sense - You say the Wacko Environmentalists will always

exchange people's livelihoods and

jobs so that they can go about the

Planet (like lead Wacko Al Gore who lives like a 21st century Pharaoh and thinks all us "Commoners" should give up our modern lives) claiming they are the Great Saviors (actually Chicken Little!) of the rest of us?  You would

be right, but in the end Real Science

and Common Sense is what will end

this Madness! - What to say to a warmist named Schwarzenegger




So JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon believes that California is a bigger

worry than Greece? - Well, DUH! -

The reason that everyone is worried about California is two-fold:  1.  There

are a bunch of Bozos up in

Sacramento supposedly running the state, most that would be lucky to be able to handle the swing-shift at the local 7-Eleven and...2.  If California starts to go down and GASP...Defaults on its debt, up next is the United

States of America - No, there is no one

out there big enough to bailout

the entire American Republic!

 Morgan’s Dimon: It’s California, Not Greece, You Should Fret About



Anyone that is under the illusion that the Chinese give two rips what President Obama or anyone else says about "revaluing" China's currency need to wake up and smell the coffee! - From China Daily:  "A stable Chinese currency will not only help Chinese exporters "hold onto their competitive edge", but also "benefit the stability

of the global economy." - WOW!  The sooner that the American People and

our leaders wake-up and realize that

the Chinese are playing this game to WIN, the better chance the United States will have save the American Republic.  Right now, we are Asleep at the Switch, especially our "elected officials" in Washington DC that

haven't a clue to the new world that

we all live in - Pressure on yuan rise

'not justified'





If you were wondering if we are in the midst of the end of the American Empire, check out the stunning GDP growth rates in Asia, India and China! These emerging nations are going gangbusters and meanwhile here in

the United States we have "elected officials" bickering over health care

and trying to position themselves to

win the 2010 midterm elections -

Here's the thing about the Fall of Empires...One never knows it's over until its to late! -  It's Now Dead

Obvious Asia Doesn't Need The

West Anymore



No, it can't be!  A Democrat in

Colorado that is actually speaking

some common sense on all this

"Climate Change" nonsense?  Yes, it is true! - Denver Mayor and Candidate

for Governor of Colorado  John Hickenlooper is actually telling the truth about "Global Warming" and

all this nonsense about the Industrialized World going back to Stone Age levels of energy usage - Not going to happen folks - Bravo to John Hickenlooper, now are there any other Democrats in the country with

the guts to speak the truth on

"Climate Change?" - Hick's chance for climate realism





The state of California has somewhere in the neighborhood of a $20 BILLION $$$$$$ deficit over the next couple of years and the Golden Broken State's Alcohol Beverage Control division is running around San Francisco citing bartenders and restaurants for using house-infused liquors! - No, this not a joke! - The ever-expanding California state bureaucracy will destroy the

state, if the "elected officials" in Sacramento don't do it first! -

Are my favorite bartenders going

to be sent to jail?



When people scream out "The government must spend more money

to Save the Economy" those of us that live in the real world say:  "Fine, but don't waste OUR MONEY!" - With that

in mind here comes a report that California received $93 million $$$$$ from the Recovery Act and

weatherized only 12 homes! - That is $7.75 MILLION $$$$ PER HOME! -

Now do you understand why many Americans believe that most people that work in government don't know

UP FROM DOWN! - Report: California gets $93 million, weatherizes just

12 homes





California isn't the only state where

tax revenues of all kinds are

imploding - New York state's tax receipts have seen an unprecedented collapse as one of the other large welfare states in the American

Republic tries to deal with their out

of control spending and expansion of

government - More Government and

the massive tax increases to support that government spending is taking untold Billions of $$$$$ out of the hands of consumers to spend in the economy and that reality is now impacting many U.S. States in a very negative way - New York Sales Tax

Receipts In Unprecedented Collapse



Nearby here at Mad As Hell And...we compared the "elected officials" in Sacramento to Bozo the Clown....After the comedy of errors in the California Assembly on Monday we would like to formerly apologize to Bozo the Clown and his family, because these IDIOTS

in Sacramento don't even know what bills they are voting on! - A comedy of errors as Assembly takes up budget fixes



Sorry Bozo!  Let's just call the

members of the California

Legislature what they really are...  BUFFOONS!




T. Boone Pickens is hopping mad..and he should be!  If the United States is going to end our dependence on

foreign oil and the wars that come

with that oil then we need to move on natural gas with our vehicle fleet... Quickly! - Give 'Em Hell Boone!

T. Boone Pickens - A Man on a Mission



60 Minutes Lesley Stahl interviews the CEO of Bloom Energy K.R. Sridhar

about his "Bloom Box" that purports

to create clean energy with fuel cells - The Bloom Energy CEO claims that in

5 to 10 years a homeowner will be

able to buy a "Bloom Box" to power

his home for "3,000 dollars!"  If it works, great, but let's see if it works! Bloom Box - 60 Minutes - CBS News





Would you like to see the difference between what the Wacko Nut Environmentalists believe will

happen to temperatures over the

next century compared to what is actually happening in the real world

here on Planet Earth?  To say these Environmental Wackos are very

stupid people does a disservice to

the very stupid people in this world How Do These Global-Weirding "Experts" Fare Against Reality



If people want to know why San Francisco has become a place that is almost impossible to live in and where there are parts of the City where no

one with any sense would bring their children, check out this story about ONE criminal who does anything he wants! - Chronic crooks find holes

in justice system - If San Francisco

gave a damn about their law-abiding residents they would toss this guy and

other criminals into jail and clean up

the City - Don't hold your breath on

that happening!





What a Surprise!  The Federal Government has been found to have wasted Millions of $$$$$$ on the Census!  Here's the real kicker....The 2010 Census will cost $15 BILLION $$$$$$ and they are counting 300 Million or so Americans...Is it really going to cost $50 Dollars per person to conduct the Census?  OUTRAGEOUS!  Couldn't the US Post Office count

about 90 percent of the country for

less than a Buck a household? - What an absolute waste of taxpayer $$$$$ -  Audit finds US census preparations wasted millions



Beware the Environmental Nut telling you he will save the world, or clean

the air for that matter!  The Environmental Wackos allowed the

gas additive MTBE to be sold in California years ago until it was

banned and now it is polluting the drinking water and costing the state

a fortune - Yes, these Environmental Wackos are Nuts, but they are also dangerous! - Years after being

banned, gas additive MTBE

still a danger to water supply





If you thought these Wall Street

Bastards were little more than the Biggest Welfare Queens on the Planet that run "Sting" operations around

the clock that would put Newman

and Redford to shame....then YOU WOULD BE RIGHT! - These Wall

Street Bastards prove everyday that

if you bribe (they call them "campaign contributions!) enough politicians in Washington D.C. you too can have all

the $$$$$$$ you want! - Wall Street's Bailout Hustle



Surprise, Surprise!  Led by Nancy

Pelosi a group of California Democrats are trying to derail the People of California from redistricting the

state - Someone needs to tell these Bastards masquerading as Servants

of the People that They Work For Us! Nancy Pelosi and these Democrats = Pompous Asses that wouldn't know an honest day's work if it hit them in their Asses! - Some Democrats seek to roll back citizen control of redistricting





More Fog in California Proves Climate Change!  - Less Fog in California Proves Climate Change!  OK, which is it boys?  Is there really anyone with an IQ above room temperature that believes any of this IPCC/Climate Change/Global Warming nonsense?  Sadly yes, there are still dumb people on this planet, or folks that make a fortune telling us the world is coming to an end! - Consistent with Being in a Deep Fog


Bravo to President Obama for approving loan guarantees for 2 new nuclear reactors and more $$$$$$

in the budget for additional reactors.....but the United States

needs north of 50 new nuclear

reactors before 2050 to really move

the needle on energy independence - Nice start, but much more work to

do! - U.S. Approves Support to Build Nuclear Reactors in Georgia





It's time to quit Pussyfooting around with these Killers in Tehran...Let's

Face Facts:  Iran Doesn't Give a Damn What the U.S. thinks and they will go nuclear unless the U.S. or someone

else with some balls steps up and

stops these Bastards! - Iran

Neither Needs Nor Wants Accommodation with the West



Only the U.S. Government could spend 58 MILLION $$$$$ to build 3.6 miles

of border fence! - Is this fence made

of Gold or is the U.S. Government

the most mismanaged entity on the

planet? - We are betting on the latter!

 $57.7-million fence added to

an already grueling illegal

immigration route





So let's see here....The "Trial Lawyers" threaten the President the United States over cutting a deal on "common sense tort reform" that could lead to health care insurance for all Americans but also might upset their legal judgments gravy train? - Yes, for some reason that makes perfect sense! - Where is Billy Shakespeare when you need him? - Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in health talks



Only in "La-La" Land! - Los Angeles transit agency has spent $34 MILLION suing a contractor and even if they won the case the most they would win is....Please sit down for this...

$15 MILLION! - How do you special IDIOTS? - LA Transit Agency is how! - Officials question MTA's spending on protracted legal battle




How about some facts on "global warming" and "climate change"

instead of BS - Yes, the Earth has warmed in the past even when "CO2" was not a factor on the planet - One

can only wonder what the "Chicken Little" Crowd will come up with next, because "global warming" and the

IPCC are finished - Congenital Climate Abnormalities





If you think California has some Wackos...check out how some of the "We are going to save the world

for you" Nuts in Boulder, Colorado

are acting! - NUTS! - Boulder

Struggles With Energy Conservation



Governor of Colorado declares

Colorado Loves California Day! - Yes, Rocky Mountain High is much better than the "Grapes of Wrath" Golden State! - Colorado loves California all over again: Marketing push targets Golden State companies





The morons in Sacramento, otherwise known as "elected officials" are taking California down a winding road that has only one destination.... INSOLVENCY!

Sacramento paves our road to poverty



After PhRMA cut a sweet deal with the White House and then saw Health Care Reform blow up, out the door for Billy Tauzin...Does anyone really doubt that Big Pharma would cut any deal to keep drug prices high in the US?....We don't! - Tauzin Resigns From PhRMA





Come on, all Americans know deep down where our out of control

spending is headed...This may get rather ugly! - A Greek crisis is

coming to America



Atlas Shrugged come to real life in Greece?  Is the United States next? -

If we keep hiring gov't workers and expanding public employee unions

it is! - Greece Should Go Bankrupt





Do you want to know why California is totally screwed and is headed toward complete and total insolvency?  Read what the head of the California state senate has to say about pensions - No pension parsimony



China goes long with $9.6 Billion invested in Blue Chip American companies.....but now going short

on US debt? - China Fund Discloses Shares in American Corporations





Obama to Congress:  Pay no mind to that $6.3 TRILLION that Fannie and Freddie will cost the country....Not a

big deal! - Obama’s $6.3 Trillion Scam Is America’s Shame



Another boondoggle brewing in California?  If so, the "Bullet Train" could waste BILLIONS! - Bullet train ridership numbers don't add up, watchdog says





How about some truth on Energy vs.

the BS that is so often found in the media? - Energy Myths versus Reality



Government Workers and Public Employee Unions are living High on

the Hog! The American People....Not

So High! - It's Boom-Time for

Public Employees





These Bastard Health Insurance Companies just love sticking it to

the people, don't they?  Bastards! - Anthem Blue Cross dramatically

raising rates for Californians

with individual health policies



What the Hell is going on in Washington DC?  These SOBs are now striking down bloggers in the streets!  Struck Down: Feds Refuse to Explain How Agent Injured Daily Caller Writer - Outrageous!





Uh...Oh - Sales of million-dollar

homes fall across Sacramento and

state of California - Once you get

by the foreclosure sales in the

Golden State is there much else

going on in real estate?




Bloomberg reports that 824,000 jobs will disappear on February 5th due to revisions in the job data.  What?  One can only wonder if any of the government economic data is accurate...  Have you seen a recovery yet?  We haven't!  - will

disappear on February 5th



Chris Dodd all but kills the "Volcker Rule" for the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street that rather like their Vegas-style

casino operation. - Yes, spreading $$$$$ around in DC seems to always

pay off BIG! - Dodd Calls Obama’s

Bank Reform Plan Too Ambitious





David Walker of the Peterson Foundation sounds the alarm on the

out of control National Debt -

What Every American Should Know About the National Debt



Lake Powell Water Levels as a Proxy

for Western Snowfall - Lake Powell filling up?  But, the "Chicken Little" crowd told us it was drying up... NOT!






Non-Defense Spending now around

19 percent of GDP, almost double

the level of 1970 - Five Decades

of Federal Spending



Tom Friedman hangs out with his

elitist friends in Davos and hears worries about "political instability"

in the US.  Uhh..... Tom, maybe

you should spend some time with

Real Americans, in America, and

you would find out why we are so

pissed off - Never Heard That Before





What? -  Five years, $5.08 trillion in debt? - Get the Government's Credit Card out, we have some charging to do with the bill being sent to our kids!



What the Hell is going on in

the state of Washington?

 Seniors for sale - How the aged

and frail are exploited in

Washington's adult family homes





US Senator Scott Brown:

'People Aren't Stupid'

You Got That Right Senator!

Good Luck in Washington and

Give Those Bastards Hell!






"Underemployment" tops

21.1 percent in California? 

A disaster in the making...



Golden State = IOU's Again? 

Say it isn't so Arnold!

California controller: State will run

out of cash before April




Larvae over humans?  To save

sea life, power plants face tough

new rules in California






UN scientist on faked Himalayan

glacier data:  "I knew data

hadn't been verified."





It should make you feel all warm inside that the US Government has the $2.5 TRILLION in IOUs for Social Security stored in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet in Parkersburg, West Virginia



If you are thinking that the United States of America has been running a MASSIVE PONZI SCHEME with the Social Security Program for years... ..THEN YOU WOULD BE RIGHT! - You see, when you take in Billions of $$$$$ that are by law supposed to be dedicated to a program (Social Security) and instead of putting that money into real investments you are just spending those $$$$$ and issuing IOUs that you are stuffing into a

drawer in Parkersburg, West Virginia...THEN YOU ARE RUNNING

A PONZI SCHEME! - If any of us did

that our here in the Real World as opposed to the Fantasyland on the Potomac River we would be tossed in jail - In Fantasyland running a Ponzi Scheme is named creative accounting as they crank up the Printing Press to run even faster - What did Abraham Lincoln say:  "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you

cannot fool all of the people all of the time" - No, you stupid SOBs that are running the country...WE ARE NOT FOOLED! - Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs



How about this opening paragraph

from the New York Times on China's Trade Strategy: "With China's exports soaring, even as other economies struggle to recover from recession, evidence is mounting that Beijing is skillfully using inconsistencies in intellectual trade rules to spur its own economy at the expense of others, including the United States."  YOU THINK?  Gambling in Casablanca?  NO, IT CAN'T BE! - Does it really surprise anyone that the Newspaper of record for the United States (NY Times) and the Buffoons in Washington DC that

are supposed to be protecting

America's interests around the world don't understand that the Chinese are PLAYING TO WIN while the U.S.

is playing...Tiddlywinks?

Didn't think so!




 Memo to the Buffoons disguising themselves as leaders of the United States of America:  If you Stupid SOBs don't wake up soon and start playing

to win in trade and start representing American business around the world

in an aggressive manner, the Chinese are going to Kick our Asses and the American Republic will be sent to the sidelines like...Greece, Rome, and the United Kingdom...Yes, we are next on that list if "We the People" don't wake-up soon and start demanding that our "Elected Leaders" begin working for

the country and its People instead of working for the Bastards stuffing $$$$ into their pockets (including foreign countries that lobby "Our" Elected Leaders in "Our" Nation's Capital to

the tune of Millions of $$$$$ every

year!) - China Uses Global Trade

Rules to Its Advantage




If you thought that Wall Street was running nothing more than a Massive Confidence Game, with Taxpayer's Money believe it or not, then you would be RIGHT! - Any Idiot could borrow money from the Fed for BASICALLY NOTHING and then turn around and Buy US Treasury Bills and Make a Mint.....Which is exactly what these Greedy Wall Street Bastards have been doing for over a year now - That's

right, the US Government and

Federal Reserve have set-up a system where the Wall Street Bastards get a free ride on the back of the taxpayers

to the tune of BILLIONS OF $$$$$ in BONUSES....and the Political and

Media Elite wonder why the American People are pissed off?  Wake up you STUPID SOBs in the Media and start covering news instead of the propaganda that you are forced fed by our "Elected Leaders" - Take a gander at this interview on 60 Minutes with author Michael Lewis...Prepare

yourself to be PISSED OFF! - Michael Lewis 60 Minutes Interview: Wall

Street Bonuses 'A Very Elegant

Form Of Theft' (VIDEO)



The Congress is up to the same old nonsense that we heard last year when they passed the stimulus, namely that we need to send BILLIONS OF $$$$$$

 to states and cities to save "teacher, police and firefighting jobs! - Please!  All of these BILLIONS of $$$$$$$ is

not about saving critical jobs like teachers, policemen and firemen on the local and state level - This latest 100 BILLION that the Democrat Congress

is cooking up is nothing but HUGE PAYOFF to the Public Employee

Unions that put this Congress and the President into power - Here is a

Fact:  Government on all levels in the United States is TOO BIG! - Massive government bureaucracies are

Choking off Business and Economic Growth and sending BILLIONS more $$$$$$$ to the states to keep all of these unnecessary workers on the payroll which will only Doom the American Republic as they collect massive pay, benefits and set themselves up for lavish Government Pensions that will in the end be the undoing of our Country!



Call your you Congressman and Senators and Tell Them to STOP SPENDING MONEY THAT WE DO

NOT HAVE! - Democrats set to unveil $100B jobs legislation


P.S. - Memo to the Public Employee Unions:  We don't give a Damn if you have a contract for all of these lavish retirement benefits or not.  The American People are not going to work their asses off so Gov't workers can retire at 50 and receive 90% of their

last year's salary so everyone in Gov't should get ready to not only work a lot longer than they expected but also to take cuts to these benefits that you thought were untouchable.  Don't believe that?  Please, try to raise taxes more you Idiots, which will only send the Republic and the States further down the Rabbit Hole!



Every couple of decades the Wacko Environmental Nuts come out of their college university offices and try to convince the public that the world is coming to an end.. We call this "The Chicken Little" Syndrome...and 40 Years Ago some of the very same

people that are claiming Global Warming and Climate Change exists and that we are All Doomed today were running around like Chicken Little

then as well! - Courtesy of Mark Perry and his Carpe Diem Blog, check out some of the "very accurate" predictions by Paul Ehrlich and others about the coming catastrophes for the human race - Surprise, Surprise!  Can you believe it?  No, those predictions

did not come true!



   No one with a lick of sense believed any of the Chicken Little Gang then

and the Public certainly doesn't believe the Chicken Little Gang today! - 40 Years Later: Air Quality Has Never

Been Better



US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood had it right the first time

a few weeks back when he

recommended that:


"My advice is if anybody owns one of these vehicles is to stop driving it and take it to a Toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix for it."



Imagine that, a member of the US Government in an unguarded moment actually says what he was really thinking, but of course he backed off those comments almost as quickly as

he made them, because we don't want

to piss off the folk at Toyota now do

we?  Since Ray LaHood won't stand up for what is right, WE WILL:  If you do not believe your Toyota is safe to drive for you and your family take it to the closest Toyota dealer and demand your money back! - See, that's how someone in government would talk if they actually gave two rips about the American People!  Another Runaway car, this time a Prius, and the honchos running Toyota go Kevin Bacon:  "Everyone remain calm.  All is Well!"  The only real question is are there Americans stupid enough to put themselves and/or their family at risk since Toyota doesn't really seem to

give a damn about fixing their cars? - Scott Adams may have been right: 

"You can never underestimate the stupidity of the American public" -

Hey, they are counting on you to be stupid! - Runaway Prius hits 90 mph before stopping with aid of CHP



Not only is the state of California drowning in debt and deficits, Cities and Counties across the Golden Broken State are having to make huge

cutbacks to the spending sprees they have been on for the past decade - It is very easy to manage a state, county or city when things are going great in the economy, but only the stupid assume that things will never change, but that is exactly what was done across California as huge numbers of government workers and a huge state bureaucracy were added in recent

years that will now be the ultimate downfall of the state - This is very simple:  Government at all levels in California is TOO BIG and COSTS TOO MUCH and the ONLY THING that will save the state is a massive downsizing

of that government - If that doesn't happen there will only be one outcome:  INSOLVENCY followed by BANKRUPTCY followed by FEDERAL RECEIVERSHIP



It's not just the Capitol: Billions in

red ink drowning California's cities, schools and counties, too



If you don't think this is the worst

post-World War II recession ever, just check out this Employment Declines since the Recession Began Chart:



WOW! - What no one is really talking about and what must scare the Hell

out of the folks at the top of the food chain in the United States is the number of Americans that have totally dropped out of the work force because there are so few decent jobs available - If we ever do get the American

Economy going again in the right direction, all those people that the Labor Department is not now

counting, due to them dropping out

of the work force completely, will

begin to look for work again and that could very well keep the

unemployment rate, especially for

blue-collar, middle-class workers high for years to come - No that is not a recipe for a very happy Republic! - The Scariest Job Chart Ever



You say that state public opinion polls show that the American People are Pissed Off at "Elected Officials" on all levels of government?  No, it can't be!  Actually, not only can it be, the

negative view by the American People

of government is just a natural reaction when one realizes that the Congress is owned totally by the lobbyists that like locusts are everywhere in Washington DC and the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street that have proved time and time again that they would take down the entire American Republic if they thought they could turn a $$$$$$$ doing it! - Yes, the American People


BE!  Maybe if "Elected Officials" in

local, state and the federal

government would actually start working for the People, (Remember

that "We the People" thing?) instead

of the Monied Interests that line

their pockets maybe we can get

actually get back to being a

"Republic!" - State polls show

gathering storm





If you thought that our "Elected Leaders" actually knew what was

going on in the Nation's Capital consider this headline/story from

The Hill:


K Street:  Speaker Pelosi really holds reins of power on Ways and Means committee


So the lobbyists on K Street say that it

is Speaker Pelosi that really holds the power on the House Ways and Means Committee?  Isn't that special that one of the main newspapers on Capitol

Hill goes to lobbyists to find out who is running one of the most powerful committees in the Congress!  This article only proves again what anyone with a working brain already knows: Our elected leaders are owned lock, stock and barrel by the lobbyists that stuff $$$$$$ into their pockets and

who are in fact the defacto folks that are really running the US Government Don't believe that?  Go to a few parties and upscale restaurants that are

known to be frequented by lobbyists in DC and there you will see our vaunted "Elected Leaders" both being feted

and Kissing the Asses of the lobbyists that give them all these $$$$$ and

more importantly set Congressmen

and their staffs with lucrative jobs

once they tire of "Working for the People" - What a crock of SH_T!



With Al Gore and the "Chicken Little" gang again trying to whip up their

bogus arguments for "Global Warming and/or Climate Change" a reality check is in order using Real Science on just where this very small blip of warming over the past couple of decades fits within the temperatures for the past 5,000 years on Planet Earth -

Greenland Ice Cores tell all and as you can see from the below chart, Al Gore and his "Chicken Little" Gang are full

of Hot Air and BS!



 Is there really anyone with a working brain and IQ over room temperature that can honestly look at temperatures on Planet Earth over the Past 5,000 Years and really claim that we are now experience anything different than what has been happening on the Earth for Eons?  Didn't think so! - Despite

20th Century Minor Warming, Ice

Cores Indicate Earth Is Still Cooling Since The Warming of Minoan Period



As the US Senate continues to cobble together a toothless Financial

"Reform" bill that leaves in place "Too Big To Fail" and allows the same

bailouts of the Wall Street Welfare Queens that seemingly cannot operate without a backstop of the American People, we wonder why the Bumbling Federal Reserve always comes out on top when it comes to regulation of the US Financial System? - There are a lot of right answers to that question, from the Fed's tentacles throughout private business and government to the fact that the Federal Reserve's activities

are strangely beyond a complete audit by the American People...but,

the real reason that the Fed holds

such great power is that they have the printing press for US $$$$$ and our "Elected Officials" rather like having someone that can print all that money! Why in the world would "Politicians"

get on the bad side of the folks that

own the printing press? - Answer:  Politicians love the Fed and all that funny money even though those SOB's have been the drivers of ALL the

booms and busts in the United States for the past 80+ years!

The Fed Always Wins. Why?





Another report from Bizarro-Land otherwise known as the State of California:  A couple in the Southern California town of Orange removed their lawn from their yard in order to save water, but in Bizarro-Land where government officials have nothing better to do, like chasing down criminals or doing real work are

SUING THE COUPLE for replacing

their lawn with wood chips and

drought resistant plants!  No, this is

not a joke! - In a state with a

"claimed" water shortage the Orange couple have cut their water usage by

80 percent, but that matters little to

the Wackos running the city of

Orange because they have a bogus and bizarro-law to enforce - If you are thinking that the folks with the city of Orange are complete and total IDIOTS and that it is none of their damn business what people do with their OWN yards then you would be right!

Orange officials sue couple who removed their lawn



Al "Chicken Little" Gore emerged from his cave over the weekend with  a New York Times Op-Ed written to try and claim that "Climate Change really is real...I promise it is!" - Like the rest of the "Global Warming/Climate Change Gang" Al Gore is reeling from the Bogus IPCC report and just plain old Common Sense that understands the "Climate"

on Planet Earth has been "Changing"

for 5 BILLION YEARS and will still be changing long after Humans are gone - One would think that Al "Chicken Little" Gore if he really thought using too much energy was a serious problem would use less energy in his own home....



....but we find that Chicken Little actually uses 19 TIMES as much energy as the average American household! - No, that is not a surprise because Al "Chicken Little" Gore is one of the biggest Hypocrites on the Planet and a Pompous Ass that seems to believe

that he is now and would be in the future exempt from the pain he wants to inflict upon everyone else - Yes, Al Gore lives like a Pharaoh while he admonishes the rest of us to completely change our lives, all in the name of "Climate Change" - If Sorry SOB suddenly comes to mind, then you would not be alone! - When It Comes

to His Own Energy Usage/Carbon Footprint, Al "Bigfoot" Gore Uses 19x U.S. Average



You say that the folks behind high-speed rail in California have come up with some totally outrageous, unbelievable and bogus rider numbers in order to justify yet another MULTI-BILLION DOLLARS Boondoggle in the Golden Bankrupt State?  No, it can't

be!  If history is any guide, and it is

very accurate in predicting that EVERYTHING in government costs much more and delivers less than advertised, then both California and

US taxpayers are about to  throw a bundle of $$$$$$ in the Ocean, all so

we can have a fast train whisking up and down the state at twice or more

the cost of covering the same route on an airplane or by car - Yes, this makes sense... - NOT! - Some fear California's high-speed rail won't deliver on

early promises





Warren Buffett is out with his Annual Letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders today and Henry

Blodget of The Business Insider was nice enough to go through it and list

Mr. Buffett's Greatest Hits, 2010 Edition! - Right at the top of the list...You got it, The Greedy Bastard Wall Street CEO's that have refused to accept any responsibility for the huge risks that destroyed their firms! - Instead of Saving the Asses of these Wall Street Bastards the American People should have let them all

collapse and made them work through bankruptcy, which Americans would have had to do in the same situation - Wall Street CEOs = Greedy, Selfish, Clueless SOB's that haven't done and wouldn't know an honest days' work

if it them in the Asses! - They do know how to wreck the economy and how to take BILLIONS from taxpayers and

turn that into MILLIONS  in bonuses

for themselves...Yes, they can do those two things very well! - Warren Buffett's Annual Letter: Here Are

The Greatest Hits



Here we go again!  Fannie Mae had another bad quarter and they need ANOTHER 15.3 BILLION DOLLARS from the AMERICAN TAXPAYER! -

Here is what you don't know...

Bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has nothing to do with the US Housing Market or Helping Average Americans... Bailing these two terribly managed companies is ALL ABOUT Bailing Out the Bondholders of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who are foreign countries and Surprise, Surprise, Wall Street Banks - So, as the American Taxpayer is on the hook in another way to bail out the Greedy Wall Street Bastards, average Americans find it very hard to get their home mortgage modified in any timely or reasonable manner....Yes, there are very good

reasons so much $$$$$$$$ (and jobs once they leave "public service) is

given to "Politicians" of all stripes (elected and appointed) in our

Nation's Capitol! - Fannie Mae seeks $15.3B in gov't aid after 4Q loss




Another report from Bizarro-Land, otherwise known as the state of California! - A hardware store in Camarillo has been handing out free coffee and donuts for 15+ years, but in Bizarro-Land something like that cannot be allowed! - No, it's not sanitary says the Ventura County Health Department to which we say "You folks are Complete and Utter Morons! - Maybe Bankruptcy will bring some sanity to Bizarro-Land, because right now the Golden Broken State has gone off the rails folks! - County pulls plug on free coffee, doughnuts at Camarillo store





Are we seeing the Beginning of the Crack-Up of the SEIU Union? - In

Uber-Liberal Marin County, California public employees have petitioned to replace the SEIU with their own locally controlled union - If union members can abandon SEIU in Marin County,

IT COULD HAPPEN ANYWHERE! - We can only wonder why government employees even need a union when

they are already some of the most untouchable people on the planet? - Marin County workers petition to

dump SEIU



In case you didn't know it, companies and good paying jobs are FLEEING California in droves! - The Business Relocation Coach Details The Top Ten List of Why California Companies are leaving the Golden Broken State -

What the Bozos in Sacramento do not realize is that through their actions THEY are the main drivers of the imploding government revenue in California - IDIOTS!



Listen to Joseph Vranich, The

Business Relocation Coach discuss

why companies are picking up and leaving California on KFI AM 640,

Los Angeles (audio)



The "Folks in Fantasyland"
 otherwise known as the "elected officials in Washington D.C." just don't get the REAL problem facing the vast majority of Americans THAT NOW HAVE health care insurance - IT'S

THE RISING COSTS, STUPID! - Individuals and small/medium sized businesses are being driven to the

brink of insolvency by the

skyrocketing cost of Health Care and Health Care Insurance - Yes, the uninsured need help, but the

INSURED will be UNINSURED soon if something is not done soon on COSTS! White House punts on containing health costs




On ABC this past Sunday the Governator claimed that the "worst is over" for California - Really? - Not

quite Arnold! - What the Governor and the Political Elite in Sacramento do

not understand is that the

bureaucracy in California and the regulations that come along with all those gov't employees are

DESTROYING THE STATE! - No, Arnold, the "worst is NOT over"

because the laws already passed and still in the pipeline will do tremendous damage to the state going forward

Worst may be yet to come



We don't often agree with former

Labor Secretary and Cal-Berkley professor Robert Reich, but Professor Reich is RIGHT when he says we

should "Bust the Health Care Trusts!"  There is no reason for health

insurance companies to have an Antitrust Exemption and the Political Elite in Washington DC need to get on the side of the American People on this issue and make the health insurers compete for our business and

AGAINST EACH OTHER! - Bust the Health Care Trusts





What a Surprise!  Instead of lending money to businesses the Bankers are doing exactly what the Fed wants

them to do....Buy US Treasuries and make a fortune doing nothing...All on the American Taxpayers' Dime mind you! - What good is the Fed flooding

the banks with hundreds of billions of $$$$$$ if they are not going to lend the money out?  Answer:  The Fed wants

the Bankers to buy US Treasuries to keep this massive Ponzi Scheme going and they really don't give a damn

about the American People - Bankers Getting Paid A Lot To Sit On Their Hands And Do Jack Squat



More $$$$$ Does NOT EQUAL Better Education! - Don't believe that? - Washington DC spends $28,170 per pupil, over $1.2 BILLION $$$$$$ to "educate" 45,858 students and they have some of the worst schools in the United States! - It's not the $$$$$$ STUPID! - It is time to start holding teachers and school administrators responsible for OUTCOMES in our public schools and that means the Teachers Unions "Death Grip" on

our kids must be broken!

DC Public Schools: $1.29 Billion, $28,170 per Pupil





The Bozos in Sacramento have been playing games with California's budget for years now and the Day of Reckoning is now at hand -  What the Bozos don't realize is that it's their massive spending and expansion of gov't that has led to more and more money being taken from the people only to be

wasted is what is at the core of the problems in the Golden Bankrupt

State! - No, they will never learn until the state is over the waterfall and then it will be too late! - Has the Golden State gone bust?





OK, that's it!  It's time to boycott

Toyota and now only buy GM, Ford

and Chrysler vehicles.  It looks like Toyota doesn't give a damn about

their customers after a memo was released that had the Toyota folks bragging about achieving "favorable safety outcomes" around the acceleration problems with its cars.  This is very simple:  THE HELL WITH TOYOTA! - Toyota Touted $100

Million Savings After Limiting Recall




Sometimes one has to wonder if the Political Elite in Washington D.C. have any idea of how the real world works! 

In the Democratic health care reform bills there is an assumption that corporations will continue to pay $15,000+ for each person's health care insurance instead of just paying the penalty of $750 and sending their employees to the gov't subsidized

plan - What? -  Health-care reform's fatal assumption - What madness

and just a complete lack of common sense and a total lack of understanding of how the real world works!



Warren Buffett's long-time business partner Charlie Munger puts the facts on the table about these Wall Street Banks:  They are nothing more than Vegas-style casinos and they will destroy the American Republic if they are allowed to continue their casino operations - Basically, it's over:  A parable about how one nation came

to financial ruin





There was a time when NASA inspired Americans as we watched our brave astronauts blast off to the stars...Now, the Obama Administration is turning NASA over to the Environmental Wackos that wouldn't know

inspiration if it hit them in the ASS! Forget about calling it NASA..."CLC" is

more accurate which would stand for CHICKEN LITTLE CENTRAL! - Turning NASA into a Global Alarmism and Scares Administration



Hey, don't go to Home Depot to buy weather-stripping, caulk and

insulation to weatherize your home!  The U.S. Government will do it for

you and bill the taxpayer $57,362! 

OK, we have heard of the U.S. Government wasting money, but this

 is OUTRAGEOUS! - Quit wasting our money you IDIOTS! - Have Obama's federal government weatherize your home for only $57,362



Let's see here...One could weatherize his or her own home for about $5,000

or have the U.S. Government borrow

the money from China and do it for $57,362!  Yes, that makes sense!  NOT!




The Top 400 US Earners Averaged Making $345 Million in '07?  WOW!  Hey, nothing wrong with making lots

of money, but why is it when we make

$1 million a year we pay a 35 percent income tax rate on what we make but the Very Rich pay a 16 percent tax

rate?  OUTRAGEOUS!  Ever wonder

why the Rich give so much money to politicians?  Now you know! - Top

400 US Earners Averaged $345

Million In '07 As Tax Rate Fell



Race to the Top for Education in the State of California?  Not a chance with the Teachers and Public Employee Unions running the educational bureaucracy in the Golden Backward State!  If you want to know why California is Finished, look no

further than the primary and

secondary public schools in the

state which are an absolute disaster.  What idiots these folks are.....

Districts refusing reforms could hurt California's chances for grant money





David Walker of the Peterson Foundation is doing his best to keep

the American Republic out of the

ditch that Greece now finds itself in...but these Bastards in Washington D.C. just keep pushing down on the accelerator! - History will identify the culprits of America's demise but History does nothing for the lives of

our kids and grandkids - Bastards! - David Walker: The Greece Crisis Is Coming To America In 2012



So the Hurricane data in the latest

IPCC report is bogus as well?  Would someone please email us when Real Science and NOT the bogus dreams of

a group of wide-eyed environmental wackos complete a real report on the Climate of the Planet Earth!  One

would have to be an idiot to believe

any of this IPCC nonsense! - Now IPCC

hurricane data is questioned





No, it can't be!  Lobbyists, The Wall Street Bastards and Corporate

America spend hundreds of millions of $$$$$$$ to influence our "elected officials?"  Yes, we jest....Not only are lobbyists "spending" millions to influence our "elected officials" they flat-out write a lot of legislation!  OUTRAGEOUS! - The Return of Crony Capitalism?



We are quickly coming to a point in

the United States where the Public Employee Unions will continue to oppose even small pay cuts even if

that opposition led to the bankruptcy

of a state or even the entire United States - Eventually, this will come

down to Public Employee Unions or

the survival of our Republic - Yes,

they are that stupid! - By Opposing

Just A 5% Pay Cut, L.A.'s Union Hardliners Show Why California

Is Doomed





Bailout America Lives! - No one in the corridors of power wants to tell the American People the truth, but the facts are that there are several Wall Street Firms that will ALWAYS get bailed out

- Does anyone really wonder why Wall Street spends so much money lobbying our "elected officials?" - Didn't think

so! - Fair Game - A Price Tag for Future Bailouts, Not Just Fannie and Freddie



Now we find out that the baseline data for the entire "global warming" scam has somehow "gone missing" and that there has been no "warming" since 1995! - Are these climate wackos frauds or morons....or both! - Climategate U-turn: Astonishment as scientist at centre of global warming email row admits data not well organized





So after almost deep-sixing the US, we find out the Wall Street Bastards have been up to some of the same

dastardly tricks in Europe?  A

Bastard is a Bastard is a Bastard - Does anyone doubt that these Wall Street Bastards would bankrupt the US if they thought they could turn a $ doing it?  We don't! - Wall Street Helped to Mask Debts Shaking Europe



US Stimulus Money creating jobs

in China?  Yes, that makes sense as

the Buffoons in the Nation's Capital

find another way to screw the

American People! - Green Stimulus

Jobs Going to China?





The state of Arizona comes to its senses over "climate change" and even worse the newest casino operation for the Wall Street Bastards..."cap and trade"

 - Now, where will common sense land next? - Arizona quits Western climate endeavor



CalPERS just lost $500 Million on Stuyvesant Town and now Hundreds of Millions $$$$$$$ more on a real estate project in Boston? - CalPERS = The Don't Have A Clue Gang! - CalPERS project in Boston on verge of going bust





A bait fish wins out over humans... AGAIN!  - The Delta Smelt...

A bait fish that has lawyers...What is the world coming to? - Judge allows slowdown of pumps to protect smelt



Bryan Walsh of Time Magazine is

truly a very stupid person! - So now

big snowstorms "prove" climate change?  That's what the same

clueless idiots said about the drought

in California - East Coast Blizzard

Tied to Climate Change - Where

does Time Inc. find these fools?





It's time for the US to face reality....China has most if not all

of the cards and they aren't leaving

this game anytime soon - The World’s Watchmaker



Treasury Secretary Geithner claims "Prop" Trading was no big deal in the financial meltdown....Is this guy a complete idiot or what? - Should Wall Street Cease Proprietary Trading?





OK, let's get this straight.... To save

AIG the Feds gave Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks Billions of $$$$$$$$...  Wouldn't it have made more sense to just give those Billions

of $$$$$$$ to AIG instead? - Quiet Conflict With Goldman Helped Push A.I.G. to Precipice



Our Elected Leaders of Both Political Parties Have Lost Their Way



The winter of America's discontent - Dissatisfaction with both political parties runs deep - You Got That Right!




Sunset for the Golden State?  Regulation in California has cost

the state 600,000 jobs, $75 Billion a

year in lost wages, and $5 Billion in

lost tax revenue! - Thicket of

regulation strangles jobs



Yes, this is a very ugly recession, no make that Depression!  Take a look at The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever - Jobs

Lost As Percent Of Full Employment





3 California government workers needed to determine the amount of liquor in a drink!  What was that joke about the light bulb?  Yes, the wackos are running the asylum, otherwise known as the state of California! - Tax auditors keep tabs on bars by imbibing



CIA Director Panetta says that Al Qaeda is "expected to attempt and attack on the US in the next three to six months."  OK...  So what the Hell are we supposed to do now? - Utterly Useless Warning





LA is going to expand red-light camera program for "safety reasons?"  If you believe that then you are a mighty stupid person!  As Gordon Gekko said, "Bud, it's always about the money."  Same is true for red light cameras in LA

 Los Angeles might expand red-light camera program




Is it only us or has anyone else noticed that the Chinese have quit buying US Treasury debt? - US Treasury Data as




Women now outnumber Men on college campuses but no one says a word...  Where are the Gender nuts when we need them?  Where the Boys Aren’t





Lots of new wind energy, very few new "green jobs" in the US - Wind energy

job growth isn't blowing anyone away



The Volcker Rule is a Great Idea, but it doesn't cover the Wall Street Bastards that almost sank the country! - Treasury Department Is Already Saying Volcker Rule Won't Change Goldman Sachs





Will the Green Agenda Kill California OR Have California Bureaucrats Already Killed California? - Is California green tech salvation or a

pipe dream?



Rasmussen:  61% say Congress doing

a poor job....That makes sense....

12% give Congress good or excellent ratings...  What?  Who are those idiots?




Chalk one up for the People of the World as the "Climate Change" crowd sees their bogus "science" come

crashing to the ground

Global Warming: 

The Collapse of the Grand Narrative





Yes, Mr. Volcker we must reform the

financial system and get control of

these Wall Street Bastards!

How to Reform Our Financial System, 

by Paul Volcker



Why is California headed

to insolvency?  One reason...

6,133 California government workers

receive pensions in excess of $100,000! 

Nuts!  "The CalPERS 100K Club"



Oh Yea... Another 3,090 receive

$100K pensions from CalSTRS! 

"The CalSTRS 100K Club" 


Got Bankruptcy California?




Are we only putting off the inevitable? 

Looks like we will end up taking the

medicine no matter what we do... 

So, How Do You Think This

Movie Will End?




California state lawmakers take

aim at free parking -  Going over the edge in the Golden State!





Could California Really Default? 

Why Yes California Could!







Here's something for the "Elected Leaders" in Washington DC and the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street to consider:  Most historians agree that

the Roman Empire fell in 476 - It

wasn't until Edward Gibbons came along around the time of the Founding of the American Republic (1,300 years later!) and wrote his book The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that the West had an overall view of what caused the Fall of the

Last Great Empire on this planet - Gibbons and the historians that followed him laid out in great detail who and what was responsible for Rome's collapse, but the current Leaders and Elite of the United States should understand it won't take 1,300 years to write the history on the Fall of America - No, that history is being written in real-time and ALL of your decisions and actions are being recorded for posterity! - Keep acting like IDIOTS and MORONS, but Damn sure we don't want to hear you and

your families complaining when you when you go into the History Books

credited with bringing down the

United States of America - Facts

About The Deficit




You say that Goggle is "99.9 per cent certain" to shut their China search engine?  Well it is about time that an American company stood up to the Thugs in Beijing, because for Damn

sure the Obama Administration and most of the Elite (Elected and otherwise) in the U.S. are down on

their hands and knees kissing the Asses of the Chinese Leaders - When is an American Leader going to stand up

and defend Liberty, Freedom, Equality and the right to say whatever Damn

you please?  Don't count on anyone in Washington DC standing up to the Chinese anytime soon, because the Chinese are now holding many of the cards....You see our "Elected Leaders" in our Nation's Capital have so run the United States into the ground and turned us into such a deadbeat debtor that the Chinese are calling the shots!  Bravo to Google for standing up to

these Bastards in China!  The real question though is when is President Obama going to stand up to the Chinese and defend the American Republic in the process? - One can only wonder what the Chinese are so afraid of...We think we know and it runs along the lines of Thomas Jefferson's magical words:  "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to dissolve the political bands..." - Yes, the leaders of China are very scared of the Declaration of Independence or anything that might put the "Wrong" thoughts into the heads of the Chinese people - Google to shut China search engine



If you really thought that the US Government had the ability to hold down the costs on ANYTHING that

they are involved in get an Eyeful of

this headline: Price of Lockheed's

F-35 fighter soars 50 percent higher than projection from 9 years ago



That is outrageous! - Here is the bottom-line on this new F-35 fighter

jet:  9 years ago the projected cost was $50.0 MILLION PER AIRCRAFT and today....$80 to $95 MILLION PER AIRCRAFT! - What the Hell? - Unfortunately, this is just another day in the Fantasyland that is Washington DC where everyone really believes that the Federal Reserve can just keep the $$$$ Printing Press that they have in the basement running full-steam

ahead and coupled with all the debt

we are creating won't be a problem at all! - Yes, these are very stupid people and anyone that would trust these

folks to watch their dogs would be

a Fool indeed!




The state of California and the city of Los Angeles are running HUGE Deficits and are in deep trouble....REALLY? 

You wouldn't know it by the Roman-style Party Spending that is going on

in L.A. County! - Check out this Outrageous story from LA-LA Land:  L.A. County supervisors spend millions on pet projects - "From chauffeurs to

charities to parties, the five-member board hands out money from its discretionary accounts with oversight"



You say there is no money for the schools, the police and the fire departments?  If that is so, then quit wasting money on all these things that have NOTHING to do with running a county government - The problem in

the United States is very simple:  Governments on all levels are out-of-control and these "elected officials" believe that it is "THEIR" $$$$$ that they are spending - Here's a

NewsFlash for you SOB's:  THAT IS

THE PEOPLE'S MONEY you are throwing around like drunken sailors and you need to prove that EVERY DOLLAR you spend of OUR MONEY is necessary to run the Government - BASTARDS!




The latest Approval - Disapproval poll on Congress is out and....Only 22 percent of the American People

approve of the job that Congress is doing! - Our only question is:  Who in the Hell are these 22 percent of clear-cut morons that approve of this Congress? - These have to be

Government workers that cheer on the US Congress running up more debt

and putting on the accelerator as the United States heads toward the cliff! - Please, someone drop us an email

when these folks in Congress join the rest of us in the real world instead of this Fantasyland where they believe they can spend any Damn amount of money they please, because the

Federal Reserve is just down the street with a printing press and any amount

of $$$$$$ can be ordered up no matter what it will cost our Children and Grandchildren! - Bastards! - Congress falls further in polls



Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says that the Federal Reserve is "Corrupt and is dominated by the Big Banks that are the very one's being bailed out!" - AMEN to that Brother!



 Let's just face the facts as they exist in the Real World:  The Federal Reserve System Exists to Serve the Large Banks in the United States, NOT the American People - Anyone that is under the impression that any random monkey could have set better monetary policy than these Bozos at the Fed that seem

to love the Boom and Busts that have dominated the last 80 years of

American life would be RIGHT ON TARGET! - Only a monkey would have enough sense to not keep rates low and inflate bubbles or run rates up and kill the economy and thus stick knives into the backs of the American People,

while the Bankers are raking in BILLIONS OF $$$$$$ All Along the Way! - Yes, the Federal Reserve Makes Sense, IF you are working at Large

Bank that makes a mint with all of

these financial shenanigans, all

created by asinine monetary policy....

at the Federal Reserve of course! - Kudos to Joseph Stiglitz for having the guts to TELL THE TRUTH, something that cannot be said for 99.9 % of Economists on the United States...mainly because almost every economist is some way on the payroll of...guess who...THE FEDERAL RESERVE! - The Fed Is Corrupt And

Dominated By Big Banks




Only 25 Percent of U.S. voters think America is on the Right Track? -

WELL, DUH! - Anyone with a working brain that is paying attention can discern that the United States is not only way off track we can't even See

the Rails Anymore! - Government spending and intrusion into our lives

is out of control in the United States and the country is breaking down as

the standard of living that most Americans over 30 years of age

enjoyed in their lives slips further

and further away from all Americans - What America most needs at this moment is "A Plan" out of his morass

and "A Plan" that is actually believable instead of all the BS that comes out

of Washington DC about "Serving the People" -  Earth to the Politicians!


ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS because you have proven over the past three decades


simple:  Either start solving the Real Problems of Americans or GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE and let

someone else give it a try! - 25% say America heading in right direction, lowest since Obama took office



There are a lot of serious problems in California, but perhaps the most

serious is that the State of California will not even perform its most basic duty of protecting its own people - Consider the case of San Diego area

high school senior Chelsea King who

was abducted and murdered on a

public hiking trail....possibly by a

sorry excuse for a human being in

John Albert Gardner...



 ...that only 10 years ago was sentenced to jail for molesting a child - The big problem in California is that you can molest a young child and spend only 6 years in jail, and here we are only 4 years after he got out of prison and he has evidently killed 1, if not 2 young women - Of course, the California

prison system is now a lot more about getting huge benefits to the prison guard unions and not that much about punishing people for the crimes they have committed against the People

that obey the law and are under attack by the criminal class that have a 70% Recidivism Rate of committing new crimes! - What California needs to do,

 if it really gives a DAMN about its citizens is start putting up tents out in deserts and then sending violent and weapon-wielding criminals that

commit felonies to MANY YEARS of Prison breaking rocks all day in the heat! - Now that kind of Prison punishment WILL WORK as a deterrent, because the current prison system is more like an attraction to criminals that will not or cannot live peacefully with the rest of us!- Punish the SOB's that commit crimes instead

of kissing their asses! -  Among the

gated enclaves, anger and fear over Chelsea King's killing




With Britain running a budget deficit

of 12 percent of GDP and an overall outstanding debt of 380 percent of

GDP the question that must be asked

is:  Greece is now going through a sovereign debt crisis, is Britain next?  Maybe so, but an even better and more relevant question for Americans is:  If Britain is indeed in trouble with a budget deficit of 12 percent of GDP, is the United States with a deficit in 2010 of 10.65 percent of GDP facing the

same sovereign debt risk?  Again,

maybe so, but here's the real problem, there will be little to no warning when and if the world credit markets turn against the United States and IF that day arrives Ben Bernanke and his "Money Printers" at the Federal

Reserve will have precious few options to stop what will be the all-time Run

on the Bank - Britain Grapples With Debt of Greek Proportions



In his 7th year as the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom decides that now is the time to introduce a law that would outlaw Bums from sitting or

lying on public sidewalks?  Well it's about time Mayor that you joined the rest of us in "REALITY" because for a couple of decades now the City and County of San Francisco have tolerated Bums and the Homeless to sit and lie

on the sidewalk and in front of stores and harass law-abiding citizens and tourists - Believe it or not, and it is always "Believe it" in San Francisco, there are actually Wackos that believe Bums and the Homeless should have

the right to lay in front of a business

and harass every person coming into and leaving that store! - This has nothing to do with being

compassionate to the homeless and mentally ill, but rather if one of America's former great cities is going

to tolerate crime breaking on its

streets in the name of protecting a "particular" type of criminal - Yes

there are people that will fight even

this modest sit/lie ban on the

sidewalks of San Francisco and that makes SF a big part of Bizarro-Land! Mayor to introduce 2 plans for sit/lie law today





As the Washington "Politicians"

debate Health Care Reform plans that actually do very little to Reform the United States' Health Care System,

here in the real world the Primary Problem in Health Care, the COST of Health Care, is starting to affect delivery of care - After the Senate

failed to act on Medicare reimbursement rates last week

Ventura County doctors have stopped seeing new Medicare patients - The

real story here is not that Medicare

pays much less than private insurance or that doctors are not getting paid adequately, but that the Overall COST

of Health Care at all levels will

bankrupt the American Republic UNLESS our leaders act immediately

to implement plans that will move our Health Care System to something that focuses on wellness and away from fee for service and treatment of diseases - Will our so-called "elected leaders" actually move to create a Health Care System that delivers real Health Care instead of the current system that enriches people, including folks in government, all along the way?  Not a chance in Hell, because there are way too many people that make a fortune

off the current Health Care System

and our "elected leaders" don't have

the guts or the desire to stop this

Gravy Train - Doctors cut off

Medicare patients



A Larvae = A Human Being?  In a very direct and important way this is where the Rubber Meets the Road on the Wacko Environmental Nuts that don't give two rips that forcing Power Plants to quit using seawater cooling machinery will cause the Price of

Energy to rise and raise the price of living, the cost of doing business and

life in general in California - There are People of Common Sense that really care about "Human Beings" having

jobs so they can support their family and strengthen the economy and then there are Absolute Nuts that don't give

a Damn about anything but their own warped view of the world and say the Hell with anyone that will stop them from proving they are "saving the world" - Yes, these folks even stretch

the definition of NUTS! -  Power plants criticize proposal to block use of seawater for cooling machinery





The Political Elite of both Political Parties are "Out of Touch" with the American People you say?  That may

be the most obvious claim ever

made!  What is not so obvious is that

the Political Elite are not only "Out

of Touch" with ordinary Americans,

most don't give two rips about the American People - Washington DC is about Getting and Holding Power and advancing One's Own Personal Goals and Political Party - It was true in

Rome 2000 years ago and it is as true if not more so in 21st Century Washington... and just like Rome

unless the Political Elite in the United States wake-up they are going to take down the entire country with their selfishness and out-of-control desire

for Political Power

Obama's Middle-Class Meltdown



As Harvard's Niall Ferguson points out in the the Sunday LA Times, the American Republic is a very fragile thing indeed... - Likewise, as Alexis de Tocqueville, the chronicler of a young America pointed out:  "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe

the public with the public's money." Sometime in the last couple of decades America both reached and passed that incredibly accurate observation and now the Political Elite in our Nation's Capital seem to do little but find ever more unique ways to "deliver" for their particular constituents which invariably leads to ever more spending, much of it borrowed of course -

America may have already crossed the Rubicon with only the details to be worked out and for historians to try

and discern why and how such a Great Country lost its way, with its "elected leaders" promising yet more spending (bribes) to the bitter end -
America, the fragile empire





We don't really know or care who won the recent much hyped "Health Care Forum" between the Democrats and Republicans, but all of us here at Mad As Hell And... do know that something must be done soon or our health care system will bankrupt small and

medium sized companies and the American Republic - The Demographics and Numbers on Health Care are very clear and Rising Health Care Costs and Rising Health Insurance Premiums

pose a "Clear and Present Danger" to

the United States of America and if "WE" don't move the ball forward soon on reforming Health Care it will slowly destroy the country!  President Obama needs to find points of agreement with the Republicans on Health Care Reform and at least get the ball rolling some way in 2010 or take the chance of putting the entire country at risk

After the health care summit:

Obama's Bill Clinton moment



It's not just the Individual Health Insurance Market in California that is seeing double-digit increases in health insurance premiums - Blue Cross and other health insurers are now hitting small and medium sized businesses with big increases on their premiums and the Leaders of the United States better get a handle on rapidly increasing health care costs or risk

the entire American Republic - Health insurance hikes stun small businesses




There is a very good reason that the

cost of health care is OUT OF

CONTROL in the United States - No

one has any idea what there health

care really costs and the vast majority

of health care spending is paid for by someone other than the person getting the care! - If you have no idea what something costs both you and the

person giving the care have no

incentive to keep costs down and

thus both private and public health

care spending are OUT OF CONTROL and will bankrupt the United States if something is not done soon to reign

that spending in! - Let's Call the

Whole Thing Off




Pension Reform looks to be Dead in the State of California and that means it is no longer "IF" but only a matter of "WHEN" the Golden Bankrupt State goes INSOLVENT - Unless the Bozos

in Sacramento find a way to print $$$$$$, something the folks in DC do with great skill, California as a going concern into the future is FINISHED - Get ready for Federal takeover of the state of California, but does anyone really think the Feds can do any better than the Bozos?  Didn't think so! - Arnold, Meg go meek about fixing retirement costs



For anyone that doesn't think that the Wall Street Banks, along with their counterparts around the world, are just a real big Vegas casino that is masquerading as "legitimate business" we present the latest Evidence against these Bastards:  The same Wall Street Bastards that helped Greece hide the extent of their debt through shady transactions are now the same one's betting against Greece in the

credit-default swap markets!  Does

that sound familiar?  Can you say AIG, Bear Stearns, Lehman?  Thought so.. 

It's past time to shut these Wall Street Bastards down... Oh, you say they have bribed (made campaign contributions) to most of Washington? - Translation:  They can do whatever the Hell they want... - Trades in Greek Debt Add to Country’s Financing Burden





We only wish the Wacko

Environmental Nuts would decide if they want to "Save the World" or "Save Every Animal on Planet Earth!" - The latest Boondoggle is BrightSource Energy's plan to build a massive solar power plant in the Mojave Desert....

but, there's a catch....25 TORTOISES! That's right, 25 Tortoises may stop a new solar power plant, unless we spend $25 million $$$$$, 1 million $$$$$ per tortoise, to move the tortoises to a new home - Does all of this sound like ABSOLUTE MADNESS! - Thought So! Green energy firm must deal with 'million dollar tortoises'




Is it really possible to make Hundreds

of Millions of Dollars in the United States and not pay any income

taxes?  Yes, it is possible and to boot

you can even own a Major League Baseball team to fund your

extravagant lifestyle!  Oh, the life of

the rich and famous, all made

possible by the U.S. Tax Code!

Tax men strike out against McCourts

Leona Helmsley was right:  "Only

the little people pay taxes."  OUTRAGEOUS!



Greece's debt is 875% of GDP? - But countries part of the Euro are

supposed to have debt no higher than 60% of GDP - What does this have to

do with the United States? - Europe's "entitlement states" are bankrupt

and in the On Deck Circle is the American Republic as our "elected officials" gorge themselves in massive amounts of spending to "Save the Country!" - Oh, these are some mighty stupid people! - Either Bismarck or

the Euro, but Not Both





Washington Post columnist David Ignatius just nailed it on President Obama - Obama was elected overwhelmingly on the promise that

he would "CHANGE" Washington DC, but upon being Inaugurated Obama

jumped into bed with the Political Hacks that are directly responsible for the Entire Damn Mess! - Obama's "Change" message morphed into

"More of the Same" and that is one

the primary reasons the American People are Pissed Off -  Obama's challenge: Reclaiming the mantle

of change



David Lazurus of the LA Times writes about the real problem with our health care system:  Even people with jobs

and with health care insurance are at tremendous risk of not getting care

and open to massive increases to their health care premiums - It is only a matter of time before the entire health care system collapses because the cost of health care in the United States is just flat-out not affordable to the American People - Time isn't on his side, but he's fighting for it





There is a very good reason that

private companies should not be

deeply involved in helping to fight America's wars....Private companies

are driven by profit where the US military is focusing on winning battles...Those are incompatible

missions and if profit was the

reason that Sgt. Thomas died then

THE HELL WITH THE SOB'S that caused a 25-year old healthy Marine

to die a senseless and painful death Why did Sgt. Thomas die?



Here we go again!  Another group of "climate scientists" have to withdraw a bogus study, this time on rising sea levels due to global warming!  Yes, you have to be a mighty stupid person to believe that the Earth's climate has not been "changing" since the beginning of time, but sadly there are lots of very stupid people on the planet! - Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels





When the Democrats and Republicans get together this week at the White House to discuss health care reform what they Better Damn be concerned with is the Out of Control Health Care Costs in our country - If the current trend continues, only Fortune 500 companies and very rich people will even be able to afford health insurance and that is unacceptable! - Up Next!

On Live TV! A Battle Over ...

Health Care?



Time Magazine wonders why the crime rate in the United States has been dramatically declining over the past 20 years...That's Easy! The crime rate declined because we started building prisons and locking people up when

they committed crimes! - What's

Behind America's Falling Crime Rate



The only problem is that California

has quit building prisons and they

are now releasing prisoners early,

Early Release of Jail Inmates

Continues - Amazingly, Felons Were Among the Criminals Released Early - OUTRAGEOUS! - With a 70%

Recidivism Rate in the Golden

Broken State Expect Crime to Go

Back Up, at Least in California!




If California wasn't already doing

plenty to keep people out of the state, now municipalities in the Golden Broken State are "charging hefty fees

for fire and ambulance services rendered at the scene of auto accidents."  Nothing says "I wouldn't come to your town if you kissed my ass" like charging me if I get into an auto accident!  What's next, locals causing accidents to generate revenue for retired public employee union members? - Cities' revenue tricks are step toward tribalism



Uh Oh!  Looks like Merry 'Ole England may be in the same boat as bankrupt Greece - The obvious question is:  If Britain is in deep trouble with their debt...Is the United States of America next? - Just another reason for the political elite in Washington D.C. to

get control of spending or send our Republic over the edge! - Shock as British deficit equals that of Greece





Why can't Tiger Woods just answer questions like a REAL MAN instead of this contrived and bogus media "event" on Friday?  Maybe that Tiger is one

of the Biggest Asses on the planet

might be the answer to that question - No Questions and Answers by

Tiger Woods = COWARD! - That Tiger Woods will say Friday is uncertain,

but his message is clear



Oh, the Tragedy!  These Environmental Wackos are Mad at Obama for wanting to build nuclear reactors.... Do these idiots REALLY believe that solar &

wind power is going to make the

United States energy independent? 

Are they really that stupid?  Sadly,

the Environmental Wackos are some

of the Stupidest Folks on Planet Earth!

Environmental Advocates Are Cooling on Obama





Is the United States Still Governable?  Good question and right now after watching the Democrats and Republicans over the past several

years in D.C. we would say......NO! - Party Gridlock in Washington Feeds New Fear of a Debt Crisis



Finally some common sense out of Sacramento!  It's the Spending Stupid! Sadly, Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee is a lonely voice in a state filled

with buffoons! - L.A. budget troubles hold a lesson for the Capitol





So China Inc. puts China First?  No Kidding!  Someone in Washington D.C. need to wake up to the fact that China

is now in a headlong race for Top Dog status on this planet...The Chinese

must laugh at these morons in our nation's capital as they scream at each other over....NOTHING! - The China Miscalculation



Biden and Cheney are both wrong!  If anyone should get credit for Iraq it is the US military soldier, not a bunch of politicians in Washington, most of which who do the most bloviating today

were hiding out in the U.S. during the Vietnam War - What hypocrites these folks are! - Of course, the bogus Iraq  War was a boondoggle from the start and has cost our Republic 1 TRILLION $$$$ and lots of our treasure - Cheney

to Biden: Thank George Bush





CNBC's Larry Kudlow:  A lonely and

sane voice in the wilderness! - Disconnected from the American People?  These Bastards in D.C.

are more like flat-out disdainful of

all Americans, unless they are stuffing $$$$$ in their pockets! - Disconnect with Washington Has Never

Been Greater




The Problem with these folks at the Federal Reserve is that they think they can do anything they damn please IN THE NAME of the American People - Hey, it's our country you SOB's (or did you forget in who's name you print all those $$$$ in?) and we have a right to know every damn thing you do! - Seeking to Crack the Fed’s Secrecy Around the Bank Bailout



Now folks are fleeing Minnesota

because of high taxes and regulation? - Did some of the California Democrats move to the land of 1000 Lakes? 

Seems So! - Are they fleeing

Minnesota taxes or bad weather?





Stanford University has to get permission to build trails on its own property? - Need we say more about

the IDIOCY of the state of California? - Didn't think so! - State Supreme Court allows Stanford to build trails on campus



What the Devil is going on down in Georgia?  Either we quit cowtowing

to the Teacher Unions and start

really educating our children or the

21st Century will not be America's - Georgia Schools Inquiry Finds

Signs of Cheating





Does Silicon Valley face fresh threats

or has the state of California with its Sky-High taxes and Massive Amounts

of Regulations killed the Golden

Goose? - We think the latter! - Why Silicon Valley faces fresh threats



Yes, these Elitist Bastards really

believe they know what is good for us commoners...  NOT! - Elitist Theories Show Lack of Common Sense





Come on Germans, YOU wanted the EURO...Now it is time to take your medicine with Greece over that very stupid decision...or here's a novel idea...Don't bail out Greece and end

all this gov't spending MADNESS! - Germany, Forced to Buoy Greece, Rues Euro Shift




The Nuthouse, otherwise known as

the state of California is going over

the edge - Now it seems the signature "getting" companies are working against reforming the state...The reason, it would put them out of business! - NUTS! - Games abound as initiatives gather names



Budget Crisis in California?  With

state government spending Millions

of $$$$$$ on new cars and furniture

it doesn't seem so! - Despite budget crisis, state spent $75 million on vehicles, office furniture - Idiots!



Fed to Wall Street:  Let's see if we can make all of you REALLY RICH! - The Fed's "Exit Plan" Is Just Another Secret Gift To Wall Street



Oh, Prince Charles, you are a very confused and stupid man - Memo to

the Prince:  Sea Levels have been

rising on the Earth for THOUSANDS

OF YEARS! - Ummm Charles, about

that train thingy you arrived on…





Congress raises the debt ceiling, Treasury issues more debt and hits the debt ceiling...  Wheels on the bus go round-and-round, round-and-round, all day long!  - The Vicious Cycle Between the Debt and the Ceiling -




STOP THE PRESSES!  Dan Walters of

the Sacramento Bee points out the

most obvious thing on the planet! - Politicians steeped in hypocrisy - Really?  Shocking insight!





Obama, FDIC don’t get it - You got

that right!  Our elected officials

and bureaucrats at all levels just

don't understand the damage they

do to the US economy




Here we go again!  Bond yields are set

to soar in California as the idiots

in Sacramento keep spending like drunken sailors after a trip to the paymaster and a 3-day pass for San Francisco in their pockets! - PIMCO Says California Yields May Revisit

2009 Peak on Deficits



Public Employee Unions will destroy

the American Republic if they keep growing at their current pace because they will demand higher and higher  taxes for more and more spending and benefits for their union members

Yes, it is that bad...

 The Public-Union Ascendancy





So let's get this straight.... PG&E is spending millions of dollars of ratepayers money to stop environmental nuts from running

the price of energy up even higher on Californians?  Can you say California is a NUTHOUSE?  Yes we can!  PG&E spending millions to block local utilities



$5.0 + Trillion in debt over the next 5 years and it may be even more?  Madness!  Obama’s deficit reduction

a major hypothetical





The Global Warming/Climate Change Cookie is not only crumbling it is

falling to pieces! - The Hottest Hoax in the World



China's real estate just a big bubble? 

An Interview with a "Chinese Real Estate Insider" says......YES! 

China tanking can't be a good thing...





California spent $4.6 Million to

keep people on hold so they could

then hear a recorded message? 

For some reason this makes

sense in the Golden State!

  California got (phone) wires crossed

on jobless help in 2009



LA Billionaire gets sweet deal for

new football stadium, now donating to

weaken term limits in California? 

Hmmmm..... Pay for Play?

NFL stadium promoter gives $505,000

 to state political campaigns





So Water Vapor is now responsible

for much of the recent global

warming?  But, they told us it

was carbon dioxide...  More unsettling science in the global warming camp



The “FDIC lotto” reason banks

aren’t lending - This is a joke, right?




Microsoft sure must like tossing

money in the ocean!

Microsoft's Online Money Pit





California state pension program

loses $500 million on failed NY

real estate deal





SEC mulled national

security for AIG details