"As long as our government is administered for the good of the people, and is regulated by their will; as long as it

secures to us the rights of persons and of property, liberty of conscience, and of the press, it will be worth defending." 

President Andrew Jackson, Seventh President of the United States





Of course, the Congressional

Democrats are not going to pass a budget for the United States of

America for the next fiscal year - Yes, that makes such perfect sense! - After all, if the Democrats passed a budget they would have to lay out for the American People all of the OUTRAGEOUS DEFICIT SPENDING that has been going on and show how out of control OUR GOVERNMENT REALLY IS! - Not that the Republicans are any better, because with a

supposed "Conservative" in the White House with "W" and total control of the Congress the Republicans ran up Government Spending like a Sailor

on Leave with someone else's money! - As the San Francisco Chronicle's

Debra Saunders explains:


"If you can't budget, you can't

govern," Rep. John Spratt Jr., D-S.C., proclaimed in 2006 when the House GOP leadership chose to dispense

with passing a budget resolution.

Now that the Dems run the House, Spratt is chairman of its Budget Committee and the April 15 deadline for passing a budget resolution is a niggling detail, easily ignored. House Democrats have decided to not even

try to pass a budget resolution before this fiscal year expires on Sept. 30 -- and may well delay passage until

after the November elections.

As the congressional newspaper The Hill reported Monday, Spratt announced that in lieu of a 2011

budget resolution, the House is likely to pass a "functional equivalent" measure that leaves out inconvenient budget numbers -- most notably an annual operating deficit averaging around $1 trillion over the next five to 10 years.

But this year, Democrats won't pass a budget resolution -- which means

there will be no limit on spending in next year's 12 spending authorization bills. Democratic proposals to cut budgets by 2 percent won't see a floor vote.

As the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget noted last month,

"The very reasonable push to reduce some discretionary spending has left the House unable to agree on a plan." In short, D.C. lawmakers cannot curb the growth in government spending

to save their own necks.

As the Weekly Standard's Stephen F. Hayes wrote, "(T)hey're deliberately refusing to offer a budget until after the November elections. They're

simply choosing to ignore the law."

The House Democrats must figure that they have a better chance of hanging onto their offices by doing nothing -- and they may be right. As Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., told the Los Angeles Times, "Name one person who won or lost an election because they didn't

get a budget resolution passed."

Come November, with any luck,

voters will be able to name

more than one."

Yes, this all makes just perfect sense,

if the United States of America is a Banana Republic! - Maybe we are

worse than a Banana Republic though, with our "Elected Leaders" doing everything BUT SERVING THE

PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR! - There is one good thing about all this nonsense:  History does a very good job of recording who

is responsible for Huge Disasters and every "Elected Politician" in the last

30 years in Washington DC is going to go down collectively as the Stupidest Leaders of any country in World History and their names will be recorded for posterity for everyone to know and learn about! - Congratulations you Morons, you

have killed the Greatest Country on Earth all in the name of getting reelected to office one more time! -

Got Idiocy? - If You Can't Budget,

You Can't Govern





The Unemployment Rate and the Number of Jobs Added in the Month of May for the State of California were released on Friday and the Numbers

are very ugly - Yes, California's unemployment rate dropped by .10 of a point to 12.4 percent, but all 28,300

jobs added to payrolls were nothing more than temporary Census jobs that will go away in the very near future - Here is what the LA Times reported:


 "Though the state added 28,300 jobs

to payrolls in May, economists say

the types of jobs added indicate that the state's economy still faces big problems ahead.

The state experienced losses in construction, trade and the traditionally strong education and health services sector. Those losses were offset by 30,000 federal government positions that were

mostly census jobs.

"It's all census, even more so than

last month," said Jeff Michael,

director of the Business Forecasting Center at the University of the Pacific in Stockton. "The private sector

is completely flat."

The state's unemployment rate fell slightly to 12.4% from 12.5%. The

labor force grew by 27,000, as some formerly discouraged workers

started to once again look for work.

Census jobs aren't the only positions that are providing a Band-Aid. Economists say many of those who

do have jobs are part-time, or underemployed, workers, who can't find full-time work because of

the economy."

Now that is ugly! - The Great Untold Story in the State of California though is that after years of the state's bureaucracy waging a war on business and attacking small and medium sized companies that are the backbone of

job creation in the state while at the same time cow-towing to large corporations with tax breaks and subsides that end up making the wealthy even richer and create no new jobs, the former Great Job and Wealth Creator that was the Golden Broken State is NO MORE! - California has become Greece in more ways than one with a Massive Government that works very hard 7 days a week to find ways to attack and harass hard working business owners while at the same

time creating thousands of new government jobs that only require yet more spending and more revenue and take that much more of disposable income out of the economy -

Meanwhile the "Elected Leaders" in Sacramento missed the Budget Deadline to deal with the $20 Billion Dollar Deficit that the state of California must deal with to get its economic house in order! - One day in the future historians will wonder how such an incredibly stupid group of people could have gotten elected and then destroyed what was at one time the Economic and Innovative leader

of the United States, because there really is no logical explanation for the Absurdity that has gone on in recent years in the Broken State


Yes, it is bad in California right now, but it is only going to get worse as two incredibly unqualified candidates for the Governor's office, "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown and "Beanie Baby" Meg Whitman, vie for the right to put

the final stake in the state! -

California unemployment report

fosters doubts on recovery



A Fool, A Moron, An Idiot or.....

All of the Above?




We here at Mad As Hell And... cannot help but wonder what planet Texas Congressman Joe Barton is living

on? - Apologize to these BP

Bastards? - What the Hell? - Is Joe Barton an Idiot, a Moron, a Fool, or maybe he is really working for the Democrats! - Whatever Joe Barton

is, one thing for sure he doesn't have

a lick of Common Sense nor does it seem he gives two rips about the

People on the Gulf of Mexico that

have been devastated by

these BP SOBs!


One thing for sure, if Joe Barton is in any leadership or ranking committee position in the Congressional Republican Party come Monday then the Republicans are stupider than we thought they were! - Republican's oil spill gaffe hands advantage back

to administration




Please, someone get the Keystone

Cops or the Three Stooges on the phone because both of those groups could estimate the amount of oil that is coming out of that pipe in the Gulf of Mexico better than these clowns at

BP or the US Government! - These Morons just keep upping the number

of barrels of oil spilled into the Gulf each day and the thing that we can

help but wonder...


We thought we were

running out of oil?  Remember

all that "Peak Oil" BS?



Hell, we have plenty of oil, too much

oil in fact, and the problem is that not only can't the oil companies or the government cap this oil well, these morons can't even do something as

 easy as look at a camera and check

the size of the pipe and come up with

an Amount of Barrels of Oil Being Spilled into the Gulf of Mexico! - Oh, these are ABSOLUTE MORONS! -

Panel Sharply Raises Estimate

of Oil Spilling Into the Gulf




As reported by Business Insider, get a look at the Madness going on with the Salaries and Pensions of Government Workers in the state of Illinois! -



Talk about NUTS! - If any of these Government Types in Illinois actually believe they are going to collect these pensions over the short-term, forget about the long-term, then they are NUTTIER than their compensation! - Oh, this all would be very funny if it wasn't dead serious stuff! - We have

Met the Enemy and the Enemy is OUR OWN GOVERNMENT that is spending OUR MONEY hand over fist not giving two rips if it will bankrupt the American Republic or not! - What will the historians say about America one day? - That its "Elected Leaders" were some of the STUPIDEST PEOPLE in World History! - Guess What Government Employees?  The

American People Are Not Going to

Pay You Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars A Year So You Can Sit Around On Your Butt for 30 Years....And You Can Take That FACT To The Bank! - If You Thought New York Was Bad,

Check Out The Ridiculous Public

Sector Pensions in Illinois



The Ezra Klein Dream Gas Station


Of course Washington Post "glad fly" and columnist Erza Klein believes

that the price of gasoline is too

low! - After all, when you have never held a legitimate job in your life or

done anything but "pontificate" on the world instead of actually doing anything in it, Klein is more that

happy to promote the Sticking It To

the American People and American Businesses that give them their

jobs! - Ezra Klein is just like the rest

of the Washington DC "Salon" crowd which is full of politicians, media members and various other "hangers-on" that have often never done an honest day's work in their lives and rather enjoy sitting "On High" in their little fantasyland and tell us, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, how we should

 be living our lives!


Memo to Ezra Klein and the rest of the "Salon" Buffoons in Washington DC:  Out here in the Real World where all that tax money that flows to Washington DC is actually made,

 where the American People get up early every day and go to work in Real Jobs (not sitting around blabbing all day about nothing), and with the folks

that actually own the United States

of America, every time the price of a gallon of gasoline goes up even 10

cents it hits us in the pocketbook and takes BILLIONS OF DOLLARS out of

the US Economy and sends it to the Wall Street Bastards and large oil companies that then send that

money along to their shareholders!


Ezra Klein thinks that the price of gas should go up?  Yes, that only proves what we already knew...Ezra Klein

and his Buffoonish Friends in Washington DC are the Largest Collection of Morons in One City in

the history of Planet Earth! - Be proud Ezra, you are member of a very exclusive club and you should

wake-up every morning, look yourself

in the mirror and say:  "I am a Moron and Proud of it!" - Think gas is

too pricey?  Think again.




The US Government, possibly in collusion with BP, has been wildly underestimating the amount of oil

that has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico? - No, it can't be! - Actually,

not only can it be that the US Government is lying to the American People (remember the People that actually own the country and who the SOBs in Washington DC actually work for!) this would be just business as usual with these Bastards! - That the

US Government might have been low-balling the amount of oil being spilled to protect BP is not only beyond Outrageous it could very well lead to members of OUR Government getting tossed into jail for breaking US law - Coast Guard Adjusts After Spill Estimate Rises Sharply


What we need in the American

Republic is for OUR Government to TELL THE TRUTH! - If the US Government will not tell the truth then....that is why we have elections!


Meanwhile, get an eyeful of the damage these BP Bastards have done to Grand Isle, Louisiana - Video: Grand Isle Native Gives Aerial Tour of "Total, Total Destruction"




Update on the Bastards at BP from

 the AP - How about this headline?


BP spill response plans

severely flawed


Surprised?  No, but what should really Piss the American People off is that OUR Government actually APPROVED this Bogus BP Spill Response Plan! - IDIOTS! - Read this and see what MORONS your "Public Servants"

really are!


 "Professor Peter Lutz is listed in BP's 2009 response plan for a Gulf of

Mexico oil spill as a national wildlife expert. He died in 2005. Under the heading "sensitive biological resources," the plan lists marine mammals including walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals. None lives anywhere near the Gulf.

The names and phone numbers of several Texas A&M University marine life specialists are wrong. So are the numbers for marine mammal

stranding network offices in

Louisiana and Florida, which are no longer in service.

BP PLC's 582-page regional spill plan for the Gulf, and its 52-page, site-specific plan for the Deepwater

Horizon rig are riddled with omissions and glaring errors, according to an Associated Press analysis that details how BP officials have pretty much

been making it up as they go along. The lengthy plans approved by the federal government last year before

BP drilled its ill-fated well vastly understate the dangers posed by an uncontrolled leak and vastly overstate the company's preparedness to deal with one."


Oh, these BP folks and our "Public Servants" are REAL MEN AND

WOMEN OF GENIUS! - The real and only relevant question here is: Is there anyone with a Lick of Common Sense that gives two rips about anything but their own rear-end involved in this disaster with the BP oil spill? -

Doesn't seem so!


American Citizens:  Raise your hand

if  you believe BP's claims that their latest scheme could "capture the vast majority" of the leaking oil - We don't seem to see any raised hands.... - American Citizens:  Raise if your hand if you believe ANYTHING that

ANYONE at BP says - Again, no

 hands! - American Citizens:  Raise

your hand if you think we should

haul BP CEO Tony Hayward's rear-end back from Jolly 'Ol England and put him in a Head and Hands Stock on an oil-stained beach on the Gulf Coast around the clock with only bread and water - Hey, Everyone's Hand is Up! - Someone get on the phone and find

out where Tony "The Weasel" Hayward is at so we can haul him back to

the Colonies!



No, we do not believe that BP could capture the "vast majority" of the leaking oil with any scheme they cook upo and in fact WE DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT THESE SORRY

SOBs at BP SAY! - We The American People are working under the assumption that BP will do or say anything to turn or save a Buck and that BP has also bought off enough people in the US Federal Government that they have plenty of high friends that will say all manner of Crapola to protect their Real Masters! - BP is "capturing the vast majority of the

oil?" - Please, if you believe that you

are either a MORON, you work for BP

or are an "Elected Official" that has taken a Boatload of Money from

these BP Bastards and you are

shilling for the SOBs - Scientists challenge BP containment status



Shanghai - 1990


Shanghai - 2010


One can only wonder if the American People and our leaders know what is coming and the Economic threat that China poses to our country in the coming decades....  - China is like America in 1900, only China is

growing at a much faster rate and the Chinese leadership understand completely after studying 20th century US history that the Boom and Busts ginned up by the US Federal Reserve and the Wall Street Bastards to make a very small proportion of Americans very rich while the Middle Class and Lower Classes take it in the gut is not

a good thing for the development of a country - Yes, the American Economy as is has been and is now constructed can create a tremendous amount of wealth for the top 20 percent of the country, but the other 80 percent will not be brought along for the ride and the Booms and Busts that the Wall Street Bastards love (They make a fortune going up because they are all

in and they are able to get out before everything crashes because they are

the one's holding the pin to pop everything...of course, the last time around in 2008 the Wall Street Bastards got caught with their pants down so they turned to our "Elected Leaders" and the American People

to bail their sorry asses out and since they have bought off everyone in Washington DC at one time or another they of course got access to Trillions

of Dollars from the US Treasury!) -

Yes, China poses a great danger to the United States, but the main reason China is rising while the United States is mired in the muck is that America has just an incredibly stupid group of people at the very highest reaches of government and business that care little about anything but their own rear-ends! - It is already happening to some degree, but 100 years from now the United States could very well be what Europe is today...Little more

than a Disneyland for adults and just one big museum for tourists to visit

as they look in awe at castles and churches and wonder what must it

have been like to have lived when Europe was the dominant player on

the world stage - Hang around Los Angeles or San Francisco for a few minutes and you will see Chinese tourists taking in the sights, taking pictures and looking in awe at

America and one cannot help but wonder if they are thinking:  "Where did it all go wrong for America?" - Shanghai:  1990 vs. 2010




Unlike the Securities and Exchange Commission the American People

can spot a Massive Ponzi Scheme

 when they see one (think Bernie

Madoff where the SEC was practically handed Madoff on a Silver Platter

and they still couldn't figure out his scam and in fact didn't give a

Damn either!) and the Amount of

Debt that the US Government is now piling up is a Ponzi Scheme on

Steroids! - Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge details the amount of debt

that the US Treasury has redeemed only 3 days into the month of June:




Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:


"Three days into the month, and the Treasury has already redeemed

$169 billion in debt, of which $137 billion in Bills. Run-rated (for Bills alone) this is about $5.5 trillion annually, or basically 63% of all marketable US debt. And somehow

the Treasury is lowering the amount

of new bond issuance beginning next week. We wonder just where Tim Geithner will get the much needed

cash to plug not only the increasing daily deficit spending (today alone

the US burned $21 billion net of debt transfers, gross the number was even worse), as well as to fund daily rolls once rates start eventually

increasing. This is financial suicide, although the Treasury knows that

all too well. It is now stuck in a

corner and has no way out than

to hope for the best.

Total US debt today was $13.06 trillion. Total debt on March 6, 2009 was $10.95 trillion. The government has spent $2.1 trillion dollars to

create a bear market rally which has now fizzled, and to fund a fiscal stimulus that is now dancing its

death rattle. GDP will now gradually roll over, the unemployment rate will once again start increasing, diffusion indices, manufacturing and all other economic output will begin declining, but not before the bill is in. It cost Americans $2.1 trillion in debt to generate a 14 months sugar high

(for which all will promptly receive

a much higher tax bill). Luckily, we will never pay this debt off, so

perhaps "the joke is on them

" after all."


WOW! - Those are just some stunning numbers and how exactly the US Treasury and Federal Reserve are

going to get the United States out

of this debt disaster without

devaluing the US Dollar will be a trick that Houdini would even try! - Of course, Houdini didn't have a printing press down in the basement and didn't have Uncle Ben and the Boys picking

up all the excess debt that "investors" don't want take a flyer on - Maybe Durden is right, there is no way in Hell that the American Republic and its People can generate the amount of Income that would be required to pay off all this debt and the unfunded

liabilities that are hiding in the weeds.  Even servicing all the debt will come into question in the very near future...which will almost certainly lead to: Got Inflating the Currency or Outright Default? - 3 Days Into  

the Month = $169 Billion of

Debt Redeemed




Marshall Auerback over at

the Huffington Post asks a

very good question:


Why BP but not Wall Street?


Good question Marshall! - We will answer it for you! - Unlike Wall

Street, BP has not bribed every politician in Washington DC with "campaign contributions" and BP and the other large oil companies (even recognizing the Buffoons in the Department of Interior/MMS not doing their jobs!) do not have huge government bureaucracies that

exist for no other reason but to

protect and serve the Wall

Street Bastards! - From

Marshall Auerback's post:


"All well and good. But it invariably begs the question as to why, some

three years after the start of the greatest financial crisis since the

Great Depression, there have been ZERO criminal investigations

launched by Justice against Wall Street. The contrast is striking. Perhaps there are investigations proceeding as we write, but it does seem curious that Justice has held its fire against Wall Street (a large donor to the Democrats), whilst aggressively going after Big Oil (which happens

to have been one of the bigger paymasters for the GOP in the last

few elections).

Imagine the uproar today in the US (even in oil loving states, such as Louisiana) if BP was involved in the watering down of legislation to

govern energy policy and offshore drilling. Oh wait, that did happen...under the Bush Administration, where he drafted Enron's Ken Lay precisely for this purpose. We are reaping the consequences of that perverse executive action, much as I suspect that in a few years hence, we will be reaping the consequences of our

failed financial regulatory

"reforms" that do nothing to effect structural change and prevent a recurrence of the current crisis.

The other severe problem is nonprime mortgage paper (where losses range from 50 to 85 cents on the dollar). These losses are not being recognized. Worse, they are being hidden by the Fed and dumped on Fannie Mae

and Freddie Mac while the

politicians and Treasury declare

that we "resolved" the greatest financial crisis in 80 years at

virtually no cost to the taxpayer. We've now had a number of

narratives to that effect, no doubt

spun aggressively by the Geithner Treasury: Joshua Green's "Inside

Man" and John Heilemann's

"Obama is from Mars, Wall Street

is from Venus" are two obvious examples of this genre which

spring to mind.

As awful as the BP spill is, the magnitude of its regulatory failure

is dwarfed by what has happened

on Wall Street over the past 30 years. The same people who have presided over the mess are still in power.

There have been zero criminal


Perhaps the criminal charges will come. In the meantime, Obama has

an opportunity to harness public

anger in a more productive direction than has been the case with financial or health care reform. There is an alternative to our addiction to oil,

but as long as deficit hawks dissuade us from supporting government-

funded initiatives needed to strike

out on another energy path, we

will not realize it.

In finance, we let a crisis go to waste. One hopes that the same will not

apply in energy and that criminal investigations will lead to something far more substantive than the Swiss cheese of "change you can believe

in" which has characterized the Obama response to our respective health care and financial crises."


Double Amen to all of that Marshall......but you might as well be spitting into the wind! - The Wall

Street Bastards own the United States Government lock, stock and barrel

and the fools that they have not bought off in both the government and media are stupid enough to think that the entire world would come to an end if the Ivy League Elitists were not

allowed to sit in front of their computers and trade digital paper all day adding nothing of value to the economy and creating very little real capital for new businesses and

existing companies - The very simple and sad fact is that the Wall Street Bastards are driving this train and

99 percent of the stuff they do,

which most Americans would consider to be illegal at worst and morally reprehensible at best, thousands of times every day of the week is actually....LEGAL! - Yes, the

Wall Street Bastards are smart

enough to understand that if you are going to rob banks that you need

to make sure that it isn't against the

law to rob banks and that is why the Wall Street Bastards spend hundreds

of millions of dollars lobbying and buying off ("campaign contributions) our "Elected Leaders" every year! -

This is like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid spending millions of dollars in Washington DC to make it legal to rob trains and then pulling

off the scam so they can loot


hand it to the Wall Street Bastards, they have concocted a scheme to steal BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the American People and it is COMPLETELY LEGAL! - In fact, the Wall Street Bastards know that they could fly to Washington DC in the morning and drive up and down Pennsylvania Avenue and circle the White House and Capitol Hill in convertibles screaming out to our "Elected Leaders":


"Who's Your Daddy? WE ARE,

WE ARE!...Who's Your Daddy?

...and our "Elected Leaders" would line the streets and give them a standing ovation! - That's how bad it really is and getting back to your question....

 Why BP but not Wall Street?

Now you know!


The Democrat and Republican Parties are near record lows of

unpopularity? - No, IT CAN'T

BE! - Please, both of these political parties quit working for The People

of the United States long ago,

preferring instead to worship the

worn out slogans and BS of both

 parties and to cow-tow to whichever lobbyist showed up in their office

with the most $$$$$$$!




There is a very good reason that the American People think so lowly of

both political parties - WE ARE FED

UP WITH ALL OF YOU! - How about quit meeting with Union Leaders, Lobbyists, CEOs, and other glad-handers and influence peddlers and start working for THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? - The People put everyone of you into office and very few of you give a damn about anything but finding a way to get re-elected and 99 out of 100 of you would sell out your own Mother if it would guarantee a few more years on the public payroll - Not that we are

holding our breath that anyone in Washington gives two rips about anything that happens beyond the Potomac River, unless of course it has something to do with getting our

votes! - Someone needs to tell these Political Party Hacks that THEY ARE PROBLEM HERE AND MOST CERTAINLY ARE NOT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....The People of America are the one's that own this country AND YOU WORK FOR US! - Poll:  Both parties near record levels

of unpopularity





Author Michael Lewis takes the Financial Elite to task over their shenanigans with the Financial "Reform" bill in a New York

Op-Ed today and does it with

great vim and vigor!


"Our earnings are robust, our compensation has returned to its naturally high levels and, as a result, we have very nearly regained our

grip on the imaginations of the most ambitious students at the finest universities — and from that single

fact many desirable outcomes


Thus, we have almost fully recovered from what we have agreed to call The Great Misfortune. In the next few weeks, however, ill-informed senators will meet with ill-paid representatives to reconcile their ill-conceived financial reform bills. This process cannot and should not be stopped.

The American people require at least the illusion of change. But it can be rendered harmless to our interests.

To this point, we have succeeded in keeping the public focused on the single issue that will have very little effect on how we do business: the

quest to prevent taxpayer money

from ever again being used to (as

they put it) “bail out Wall Street.”

As we know, we never needed their money in the first place, and by the time we need it again, we’ll be long gone. If we can keep the public, and its putative representatives, fixated on the question of whether their bill does, or does not, ensure there will be no more bailouts, we may entirely

avoid a discussion of our

relationship to the broader society."

These Wall Street Bastards are

Tricky! - Michael Lewis continues...


"In private, reasonable discussions we were able to persuade our friends in the Senate to prevent votes on amendments hostile to our interests — the worst of which, I might add, was dreamed up by yet another female senator. But the minute a vote was held, and senators sensed the

cameras watching, even our friends abandoned us to the mob. All of these people are continually engaged in the same mental calculation: are the

votes I might gain with this remark

or this idea or this position greater than the votes I can buy with the money given to me by Wall Street firms? With each uptick in the level

of public scrutiny — with every

minute of televised debate — our money means less.

In the short term, we must do

whatever we can to dissuade Representative Barney Frank from allowing any part of these discussions between senators and representatives to be televised. In the longer term we must return to the shadows. Do your work in private; allow your money

to speak for you; and remember,

the only way we’ll get the financial reform we need is if we pay for it.

No one else can afford it."

No, the Wall Street Bastards and their friends on Capitol Hill can't have the American People finding out what

they really have been up to for all

these years! - No, we can't have

that! - Will Financial "Reform"

really be "Reform?" - Only if the

Biggest Welfare Queens on the Planet, the Wall Street Bastards, KNOW

THAT that every trade they make,

every financial swap they carry out, every bogus security they gin-up to rip off some poor sucker, could lead to an implosion of their company and if

that happens the American taxpayer will not be there to Bail these Bastards out again! - Reform will only be

Reform if one of the Wall Street Banks happens to fail in the future and everyone from the CEO on down

LOSES their investment in the company, their 5 homes around the world, their 30 cars, their helicopter rides and their shirts! - Right now

Wall Street can do anything they

want and take any risk that can be dreamed up because they know they will be Bailed Out - That was and is

now a recipe for disaster because

these Sorry Ass SOBs on Wall Street don't give two rips about ANYTHING but their one and only God....the $$$$$$$$$$ - Anyone that doesn't believe that the Wall Street Bastards would sell out the United States of American if they thought they could turn a BUCK doing it clearly does not understand the Wall Street Bastards!



BRAVO Michael Lewis! - Keep the

Heat up on these Wall Street

Bastards! - Shorting Reform



We just need to Speak the Truth: 

The Democrats that Dominate the California Legislature are JUST


can one make of their recent proposal to "balance" the Incredibly out-of-whack budget in the Golden Broken State? - The Contra Costa Times lays bare the Stupidity of these Folks and

a Deeper Problem in America Today with both Democrats and Republicans to ALWAYS SPEND MORE MONEY

even if Massive Deficits and Debt

must be piled up to support all that spending - Read and Weep!


"ASSEMBLY Democrats have concocted a scheme to "balance" the state budget in a manner that is even more irresponsible and bizarre than any of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's discredited proposals of past years.

The state would borrow $8.7 billion

in bonds to be repaid over 20 years, plus interest with a new tax on oil companies that would raise roughly $1.2 billion a year.

However, investors understand that

oil tax revenue can be quite volatile and could taper off, especially if the new tax causes oil companies to shut down marginal wells sooner than planned, which is highly likely.

To avoid this drawback, the state would pay investors with $600

million a year from the state's Beverage Recycling Fund. Of course, the fund does not have that kind of money, so oil tax money would go toward making the Beverage

Recycling Fund whole.

The nonsense doesn't end there.

The state would cut its share of the sales tax by one-quarter cent and replace it with oil tax money. Local governments would raise their sales tax by one-quarter cent and use the extra money for local schools,

allowing the state to reduce its payment to local schools by a

similar amount.

Consumers would pay the same sales tax rate, and the state would consider the whole sales-tax money swap to

be "revenue neutral," and thus not subject to a two-thirds vote required for tax increases.

Whether such a maneuver trumps

the two-thirds rule is legally questionable. After all, there would

be a new tax on oil, which would be spent on government services and to pay off investors.  California is in an ongoing fiscal crisis that requires tough choices that include major spending reductions and at least

some temporary new revenues.

But the heavy emphasis must be on reducing spending and doing so in an intelligent manner. Major tax increases are likely to undermine any economic recovery in a state that already has among the worst

business climates in the nation.

Borrowing money to avoid tough choices only makes the budget situation worse in future years

and does nothing to resolve California's structural problems.

Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, who proposed the borrowing and tax-swap plan, claims that it would help create jobs by giving more money to government entities and avoiding any pain.

That assessment reveals one of the reasons California is in such a fiscal bind. Perez's plan would do just the opposite. It would deepen the state's long-term deficits and continue the state's dysfunctional fiscal policy

into the future. That is no way to

revive confidence in California or

to create jobs.

We would like to think that a

majority of our lawmakers in Sacramento will realize the damage Perez's plan could do and will reject

it. But past performance causes us

to think otherwise.

Fortunately, the governor is adamantly opposed to the

tax-borrow-and-spend scheme and surely will veto it should it ever

reach his desk. One hopes that will

be the end of such budgeting

nonsense, but don't count on it."

AMEN TO THAT Contra Costa Times!

 - No, these folks in Sacramento are worse than the REAL MEN AND

WOMEN OF GENIUS that plague government elsewhere in our Republic...these people just flat-out

do not have a clue! - Hey, here's the really bad news:  It is going to get

worse in California with either Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown or Meg "Beanie Baby" Whitman lined up to take over the Governor's Office next year! -

The former has never done an honest day's work in the Real World and

would be lucky to working the

swing-shift at the local 7-Eleven if his Daddy hadn't been Pat Brown,

and the other didn't vote once in the past 20 years and has the specialty of running an online Flea Market and

she actually believes that running a Flea Market counts for something beyond running a Flea Market! - Yes,

it is about to GET MUCH WORSE! -

Tax-borrow-spend scheme avoids

real state budget solutions



One of the Greatest Tragedies of the Rise of Finance over the past 3

Decades is thus the Absurd Idea that the Stock Markets in the United

States somehow equal the US

Economy which is perhaps the most dangerous idea facing the American Republic today - The Bastards on

Wall Street rather like the thought

that Americans have a lot of their savings and retirement in their Las Vegas Casinos and that the

uniformed media confuse Stock

Market performance with what is

going on in the Real Economy and

how the Economy will perform into

the future - This Absurd Idea taken

to the Extreme is exhibited in a story

in today's LA Times:


Stock-market roller coaster is hard

on the economy's stomach


The reporters on the above story

go on to write:


"The global surge in financial

markets last year boosted hopes that the recession was ending. But now tumbling stock prices and wild volatility on Wall Street are undermining some of the pillars supporting the economic recovery.

Stocks fell again Friday, pushing

the Dow Jones industrial average

down 122 points to 10,136. For all of May the blue-chip index slid 7.9%,

its biggest monthly drop since February 2009.

Sinking share prices, along with a jump in interest rates that many companies pay to borrow, threaten

to sap executives' confidence —

which could make them reluctant or unable to follow through on plans to resume hiring and investing in

their businesses, analysts warn.

"You may see corporate managers saying, 'I'm going to wait a month or two to see how this plays out before hiring,'" said Jane Caron, economist

at Dwight Asset Management in Burlington, Vt.

Consumer spending, too, could be at risk as millions of Americans see

their 401(k) accounts shrink again.

Although experts perpetually debate how important market gyrations are

to the real economy, this time the markets' role may be crucial.

The reason: With short-term interest rates already near zero in the U.S., Europe and Japan — and with mounting pressure on politicians to rein in budget deficits —

policymakers have fewer levers

left to pull to help the economy.

That makes healthy financial

markets key to maintaining faith

in the recovery."


How so Completely Absurd! - First of all, if corporate executives are making decisions based up on the price of t

heir stock then we have a bunch of buffoons running America's

companies - Second, interest rates

for the largest corporations in the United States are at record lows

(The Prime Rate is 3.5 percent), but for small and medium sized companies that do the vast majority of hiring in

the country, they are having the same problem they have been facing

since 2008:  They cannot get access

to credit because US banks can now make a Fortune taking advantage

of the Massive Interest Spread between what they borrow $$$$$$ from

the Federal Reserve for (.25 percent) and what they get from Ultra-Safe Treasury and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and GNMA bonds (3.5 to

6.5 percent) - Add in that banking regulators are cracking down on the smaller banks and demanding that

they not make "risky" loans and you have a perfect recipe for

understanding why jobs are not being created in the United States of

America - Repeat After Us:  The US Stock Markets DO NOT EQUAL the

US Economy and until we break the spell and control that the Wall Street Bastards have over America's

foolish reporters because they will continue to write rubbish that only

perpetuates the myth of the

Stock Market's actual

influence upon the country!


It's past time to End the Tyranny of Finance over the American Republic and its People and the first step to doing that is to realize that the Las Vegas Casinos in southern

Manhattan that used to be the US Capital Markets are nothing more

than as cesspool full of speculators

and casino pit bosses that will sink

the entire country if we don't

rein the Bastards in soon!


The Seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson had these Financial Bastards pegged over

150 years ago:


"I too have been a close observer

of the doings of the Bank of the

United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and

am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged

it to the Bank. You tell me that if I

take the deposits from the Bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be

true, gentlemen, but that is your

sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and

that would be my sin! You are a

den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out and,

by the Eternal, (bringing his fist

down on the table) I will rout you



Where is the Andrew Jackson of today to stand up for the American People against these Wall Street Bastards?




Yes, it is just a GRAND IDEA for the state of California to establish a "VMT Fee!" - What is a "VMT Fee" you

ask? - Oh, VMT = Vehicle Miles

Tax! - Yes, left-win nut state of California Senator Alan Lowenthal

has introduced a bill that would tax Californians on HOW MUCH

THEY DRIVE! - Yes, that makes

perfect sense, if you are both

running a Fascist State that only

Hitler could dream of where every Californian's miles driven would be tracked and taxed or you wanted

to punish people that actually get

off their asses and get out in the world and accomplish things - Memo to Senator Lowenthal:  Entrepreneurs

and People that Start Businesses in

the United States of America often do lots of driving when they are getting their companies off the ground and there are also literally hundreds of

jobs where being able to be mobile in one's car contributes tremendously

to a growing economy - Yes, it makes perfect sense to tax people that get up and work their butts off all day, that

is if you are in California and you

have run the STATE INTO THE GROUND with outrageous amounts of spending that only an ABSOLUTE

FOOL would have voted for! - There really is no end to the Fantasyland

that some of these "Elected Leaders"

in California live in, because there answer to every problem, real or perceived is always to spend more money and to stick it to the people

with more and more and more

and more and more....TAXES! - Odometer Tax




We wish that someone could explain

to us why High Frequency Trading of stocks where a computer based upon

a program trades thousands of stocks

in a second makes any sense in a rationale world! - CNBC Wild Man

Jim Cramer had the very Brave US Senator Ted Kaufman on his TV

show Mad Money yesterday to

discuss High Frequency Trading

and it went something like...


 "High frequency trading," as Cramer introduces it, "benefits nobody

except a couple of big rich hedge

fund managers, [usually] to your detriment."

Then Kaufman comes on the show. Cramer says Kaufman was the first

one to forecast that one day "the machines" would go wild. Meanwhile, says Cramer, he himself "drank

the kool-aid."

So HOW did Kaufman predict

such a mass HFT cult gang and

drug binge, Cramer wants to know.

"We've gone from where 4 years ago, 30% of our trades were HFT,"

Kaufman explains. "They went to

70%. No one knows what's going

on inside here ... so it grew like

a gigantic weed."


Amen to that Jim Cramer and

Senator Kaufman! - High Frequency Trading is just another reason why

the Wall Street Bastards need to be reined in BIG TIME before they

blow up the American Economy

AGAIN! - Will the US Government

bring some sanity to the US Equity Markets with Financial Reform or

through other moves by regulatory agencies? - Only on the margins, because when you have a lot of

$$$$$$$ and you are willing to give

a lot of your $$$$$$$ to politicians

that are more than  happy to take $$$$$$$$ to represent you then WE THE PEOPLE have a recipe for

disaster on our hands and that is exactly what we have in the United States of America today! - The

Wall Street Banks are running the

show and they will continue to run

the show until our "Elected Leaders" start representing THE PEOPLE that put them into office instead of

the people that put $$$$$$$ into

their pockets - Watch Jim Kramer Freak Out Viewers About A Wall

Street Gang Growing Like A Weed

and Getting Everyone Drunk On





Perhaps the Greatest Fallacy that has developed in recent years is that the Stock Market, notably the Dow Jones Industrial Average IS the US

Economy - The Greedy Bastards on

Wall Street rather like the idea that

 the formerly great capital markets

of the United States, now little more than a Las Vegas Casino that is run

by Pit Bosses (aka The Wall Street Banks), the "Stock Market" is so embedded in the American psyche

and that so many Americans have

their "Chips" on a table that the Wall Street Bastards can then both control and manipulate - That the folks running US Monetary and Fiscal

Policy in Washington DC also believe that the US Stock Market IS the US Economy warps public policy in that

it leads to the United States Government to make decisions in reaction to the performance of the Stock Market instead of what is

actually happening in the Real Economy - In 2008 the Real Men of Genius in Washington DC from the President on down turned a meltdown of a few banks on Wall Street that had made stupid and probably illegal bets on the subprime mortgage market into a complete and total panic that led

to 8 Million Americans losing their

jobs as the Real Economy crashed in reaction to the Panic set-off by the Buffoons in DC - The Buffoons in DC were actually only concerned that

their "Clients," the Wall Street

Banks, were about to be sent en

masse into Bankruptcy which would have destroyed Billions of Dollars

of Net Worth of a few thousand bankers on the Southern Tip of Manhattan,

but would certainly have not led to 8 Million Americans losing their jobs - The President and the Treasury Secretary took care of that little gift

to the American People as they intentionally caused a panic because they knew a panic would force the

hand of Congress to bail out a few thousands bankers on the southern tip of Manhattan that wouldn't be too happy to be on the corner selling pencils and apples after owning three homes and making a very good living stealing $$$$$$ from Americans for decades now - No, we couldn't have

that so a Series of Massive Bailouts Ensued that saved the rear-ends of

the Pit Bosses and their precious Las Vegas Casino...the former Great

Capital Markets of the American Economy....which now little more than a Roulette Wheel with the American People as the Suckers and the

Pit Bosses raking in Billions and working towards what will be another eventual meltdown of the American Economy - Yes, this all makes perfect sense, if you are a Wall Street Banker....aka the Pit Bosses!


"What really happened to us was the Great Panic of 2008. I'm not talking about the collapse of Lehman

Brothers. I am talking about the

panic of Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke. They had no idea what

was happening at the time and didn't know what to do. They too confused Wall Street with the economy. So

they resorted to doing something, which was the bailout. History has shown that usually when the government does something in these circumstances, we all end

up suffering."


Yes indeed, "we (The American People") all end up suffering" while

the criminals and buffoons are feted

as the saviors of the country when in fact all these idiots did was keep a corrupt system propped up that will come crashing down on all of us

again - Remember, the US Financial System is set-up to fail every few years.....on purpose! - No, the Stock Market is NOT the US Economy

because the Stock Market isn't even a Stock Market is A

Las Vegas Casino that makes its Overlords (The Pit Bosses) very rich when things are good but sends the bill to and Sticks it to the American

People when things are bad! - That doesn't sounds like Capitalism to us...more like Fascism with a group of The World's Biggest Welfare Queens (The Wall Street Banks) at the center

of everything driving the train! -

Bailouts Didn't Save the World




If you are somehow laboring under

the impression that the recently

passed "Financial Reform" bill in both Houses of Congress will do anything

to bring under control the Las Vegas Casino Operators and Operations disguised as "Wall Street Banks" then you are terrible misinformed - Simon Johnson, author of 13 Bankers, makes

it very clear the Wall Street Bastards are partying hard with their recent "Victory" in hand, all at the expense

of the American People of course!



"By now you have probably

realized -- correctly -- that

"financial reform" has turned into a victory lap for Wall Street.

When they saved the big banks,

with massive unconditional support (both explicit and implicit) over a

year ago, top administration

officials promised they would be

back later to fix the underlying problems. This they -- and

Congress -- manifestly have

failed to do.

Our banking structure remains unchanged, the rules will be tweaked at the margins, and the incentive

and belief system that lies behind reckless risk-taking has only become more dangerous. (The back story,

if you can still stomach it, is in

13 Bankers)."

As the Church Lady on Saturday

Night Live used to say: 


"Isn't that Special?"


The most interesting thing about the Wall Street Bastards and the U.S. political system is that we now have

one of the most liberal Presidents

since FDR and Woodrow Wilson in

the White House but President

Obama is by far the most in bed

and in collusion with the Casino Operators ever! - Now that is just

Damn interesting to us here at Mad

As Hell And..., but Politics is Money

and Money is Politics and when you

give or take Money then you want something in return - From where

we sit the Wall Street Bastards made a very good investment in President Obama and they are getting paid

back many times over - They now

will be able to keep their Casino operations going with the full support of the US Treasury and Federal

Reserve and the next time they

blow-up the American Economy (and yes, there will be a next time because our Government is ENCOURAGING them to run Las Vegas Casinos and

take huge risks!) they will come

running to Washington DC and the American People to bail their Sorry Asses out again and of course....since they own everyone that matters in "OUR" Nation's Capital, they will get bailed out again, and again, and again....Are you starting to

understand how this works? - If you want free money from the Gov't, you have to give $$$$$$$ to our

"Elected Leaders! - Kind of like an "Investment"....or rather really like a "Bribe!" - Wall Street's Victory Lap




From the Lunatics in California

are Out of Touch With

Reality Department:


The Democrats in Sacramento


the People of California!


With the California Economy in the toilet and businesses and wealthy individuals fleeing the state in record numbers here come the Democrats

with a proposal for EVEN MORE

TAXES! - Hello You Idiots! - The

People of California are already

some of the Heavily Taxed Citizens on Planet Earth - Note that the

Democrats do not propose

eliminating any government departments or California

Government Employees, because

all of those jobs must be vital to the continuing functioning of the state.....NOT! - In fact, the Public Employee Unions own the Democrat Party in the State of California

and if they told these state legislators

to crawl down Main Street in Sacramento then you would see

ALL of the Democrat Legislators

doing just that! - It's time to face

facts:  California is finished and

now it is only matter of when the

state is going completely off the

cliff! - Raise Taxes in one of the

worst recessions in US and California state history? - Yes, these are REAL MEN AND WOMEN OF GENIUS up in Sacramento! - Senate plan seeks $4.9 billion in new taxes




Proposition 14 is on the California ballot this fall and the Democrat

and Republican "political" parties

are pulling their hair out worried

that this thing might actually pass! -

As the Los Angeles Times explains:


"Proposition 14, which appears on

the June 8 ballot, would put all candidates for statewide, congressional and legislative offices

on the same primary ballot and

allow voters to choose from the full

list. The top two vote-getters for

each office — regardless of party — would face each other in a runoff.

A poll released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute

of California showed 60% of respondents in favor of the measure, 27% opposed and 13% undecided.

Backers, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, say the system

would free candidates from the

need to court the radical wings of

their parties to win nomination to

the November ballot. That, in turn, would lead to the election of more moderate lawmakers and more cooperation on tough issues like

fixing California's $19.1-billion

budget deficit.

Under the current system,

Republicans vote on one ballot in a primary election and Democrats on another. Independents, who now represent a record 20% of the California electorate, are allowed to choose either ballot. But few do, so their influence in a primary is minimal, and candidates for

November are generally chosen by hard-core party loyalists.

About a third of California congressional and legislative

districts are dominated by a single party, according to a recent report

by the nonpartisan Center for Governmental Studies in Los Angeles. Almost all are Democratic strongholds. In some, Democrats have such an advantage that the two top primary vote-getters might both be Democrats.

In those cases, Proposition 14 supporters said, they hope the more moderate candidate could win by appealing to Republicans and independents."


We can see why the Political Parties

are so worried! - There is very good reason that the First President of the American Republic, George

Washington warned of the dangers of Political Parties in his Farewell

Address - The Political Parties force candidates in search of their nominations to cater to the extreme wings of their party and that leaves

the voters almost a Hobson's Choice between two candidates that most Americans would not allow to watch their dogs! - Is Proposition 14 the answer to the serious problems in California? - Probably not, but

anything is better than the Disaster

that is the Golden Broken State

right now! - Democratic, Republican leaders warily watch Prop. 14 election




"I was advised that rejecting his nomination would cause markets to nose dive, which would hurt retirees and families saving for their future. I am not enthusiastic in my support."

Senator Barbara A. Mikulski


The above words are from a letter that Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski sent to a constituent about the

re-confirmation of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and they only confirm what we here at Mad As

Hell And... have believed for a long-time:  The Federal Reserve with the

aid of Wall Street has been running a confidence game on the American People based around the idea that

only the Great Geniuses educated

at the "chosen universities" can be trusted to manage the nation's

financial system! - Oh, the Stupidity

of anyone that would believe that, but then you can never go broke overestimating the arrogance of

these Stupid SOBs that are driving

the US Financial System Train or

how easily it is to dupe and scare

our "Elected Leaders!"


Let's go to the tape on the

"Great" Ben Bernanke!



Bernanke in Denial 2005 - 2007


Yes, Ben Bernanke is a



Yes, Bernanke was Absolutely Clueless in the run-up to the Financial Disaster in 2008 but then you could put that moniker on everyone on Wall Street

and Washington DC, but at least the Bastards on Wall Street were smart enough to figure out a way to get

the American People to Pick up

the Tab for their Stupidity!


Now, on the other side of the coin

in the Congress, here is a response

to another US Senator, Tom Harkin

of Iowa on the Ben Bernanke



"While I have heard the concerns

of many that the failure to confirm

Mr. Bernanke would have damaged

the financial markets and

jeopardized our economy recovery,

I do not believe that anyone,

including Mr. Bernanke, is too

big to be replaced. We should

not hold our economy hostage

to the Wall Street threat that

total economic collapse is the

sure result of not doing

everything they want."

US Senator Tom Harkin


We probably disagree with Senator Harkin on 9 out of 10 things, but




Here's the Lesson all Americans

should take from the above words: 

The Federal Reserve was one of the main culprits of the Financial Meltdown that directly caused

8 million Americans to lose

their jobs and the very same

people at the Fed that were

working for Wall Street a decade ago are there today doing the very

same DAMN thing! - Wall Street

knows they own the Federal Reserve Lock, Stock and Barrel, but the

real joke is on the American People

and their uninformed representatives that are flat-out afraid to hold the Federal Reserve accountable for

their actions and that is the sad

reality of America in 2010 - We

only warn the Wall Street Bastards

and their Enablers, this is not going to go on forever and one day the

American People will get back control of THEIR government and will

conduct a full audit of everything

that has happened, yes, even at

the Federal Reserve - The Fed's

Racket Exposed



Did you think that the Wall Street Bastards were just ripping off The American People in their Unregulated Las Vegas Casino?  Think Again!

- As reported by Bloomberg the $2.8 TRILLION DOLLAR Municipal Bond Market has been nothing more than a rigged game with Billions in Illegal Profits being made by....YOU KNOW WHO!  The Wall Street Banks! - Get

a load of yet another BS scheme from the THIEVES ON WALL STREET:


"A telephone call between a financial adviser in Beverly Hills and a trader

in New York was all it took to fleece taxpayers on a water-and-sewer financing deal in West Virginia. The secret conversation was part of a conspiracy stretching across the U.S. by Wall Street banks in the $2.8

trillion municipal bond market.


West Virginia was just one stop in a nationwide conspiracy in which financial advisers to municipalities colluded with Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Wachovia Corp. and 11 other banks.

They rigged bids on auctions for so-called guaranteed investment contracts, known as GICs, according

to a Justice Department list that was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on March 24 and then

put under seal. Those contracts hold tens of billions of taxpayer money.

The workings of the conspiracy -- which stretched from California to Pennsylvania and included more

than 200 deals involving about 160 state agencies, local governments and non- profits -- can be pieced together from the Justice Department’s indictment of CDR, civil lawsuits

by governments around the country,

e-mails obtained by Bloomberg

News and interviews with current

and former bankers and public officials.

“The whole investment process was rigged across the board,” said Charlie Anderson, who retired in 2007 as

head of field operations for the Internal Revenue Service’s

tax-exempt bond division. “It was

so commonplace that people talked about it on the phones of their employers and ignored the fact that they were being recorded.”

If you thought was bad.....


"Court records in the broadest-ever criminal investigation of public finance shed new light on how Wall Street’s biggest banks were cheating cities and towns during the same decade in which they were setting the stage for a global economic collapse.

As the banks were steering the world’s financial system to the brink of catastrophe by loading more than $1 trillion of subprime mortgage loans into opaque debt investments, they were also duping public officials

across the U.S. "


Great! - As the Wall Street Bastards were working to bring down the American Economy they were also ripping off Counties and Cities across the United States! - Yes, for some reason this sounds like....BUSINESS




There is more!


"Dozens of municipalities have paid banks billions to get out of swap contracts. The agency that oversees

the San Francisco-Oakland Bay

Bridge said it spent $105 million to escape its deal in July 2009.

“They were gouging the municipalities,” said retired IRS investigator Anderson, 59. “Beside

the excessive fees, some of the swap deals just didn’t work. It was just awful. The same people were involved in the GIC end of the market.”

Bid rigging not only cheated cities

and towns, it also illegally denied

the IRS required taxes from GIC income, Anderson said. The evidence

is clear in telephone recordings made on GIC desks, he said. “We could hear people talking about how everyone knew who was going to win the bid.

You could tell it was just everyday business.”


FOR THE WALL STREET BASTARDS - And these THIEVES wonder why the American People wouldn't trust these Wall Street Bastards to watch our

dogs? - Please, Wall Street is

nothing more than a Casino that is propped up by the folks in

Washington DC that they own lock, stock and barrel! - Free market, capitalism?  Please, not only are these Wall Street Bastards Thieves they are the BIGGEST WELFARE QUEENS ON THE PLANET! - Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash




When you see people debating the

finer points of BS when their house

is on fire then you have an idea what

is going on with the Morons at the California Pension System, CalPERS - There is a "Great Debate" going on

now at CalPERS on whether they

should lower their current

benchmark forecasted return of

7.75 on investments - With several thousand employees working very

hard to come up with a new

forecasted return number and even outside consultants being hired for

who knows how much $$$$$, a consensus has emerged that the CalPERS should plan on a future

return between 7.07 and 7.7 percent! - Yes, the Real Men and Women

of Genius have spoken! - CalPERS

says it has earned an average of 7.75 percent per year for the past few decades on its investments (is there

any REAL proof to those returns?),

BUT the S&P 500 has had an annual return of 10.62 percent over the past

25 years! - CalPERS with thousands

of employees says they have earned

an average return of 7.75 percent

over the past 25 years and a monkey sitting in front of a computer buying

a mutual fund that tracked the S&P

500 would have made a 10.62 annualized return! - Hmmmmm,

what is wrong with this picture? -

We will give you a hint.... All of these high-priced lackeys and all of their consultants could be replaced tomorrow by a computer and a

monkey and CalPERS, its pensioners and the taxpayers of California

would be a lot better off! - If you are thinking this is all just absolute madness get a load of this line

from the story:

"As it is, CalPERS already is

expected to impose a $600 million

rate increase on the state to help

make up for the huge investment

losses it incurred in 2008. The

pension fund's board is expected to finalize that decision Wednesday.

The increase would bring the

state's annual contribution to

$3.9 billion for the fiscal year

that starts July 1."


What? - CalPERS will need an annual contribution of $3.9 BILLION

DOLLARS just in 2010-11 to help pay



RETIREES? - Madness....but what if....the state of California had

hired a monkey in 1985 and put

him in front of a computer that had

1 button that bought shares of an S&P 500 index mutual fund when money

was coming into the Pension Fund how much money would CalPERS need

from the California General Fund

this year?  Answer:  ZERO DOLLARS (CalPERS would have an additional

70 BILLION DOLLARS IN THE BANK with the monkey running things! 

What if the monkey had been

instructed to just buy shares in

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway company over the past 25 years? (Average return 24% annually!) - CalPERS would have an additional



these are Real Men and Women of Genius running the state of California and at CalPERS...but then this is Government Work....right? - And you wondered why California is headed

to bankruptcy and insolvency! -

CalPERS warned about lower investment returns



Senators Kerry & Lieberman

introduced their "Climate Bill" (Otherwise known as Let's Really Make The Wall Street Bastards Rich with Bogus Carbon Trading Act!) last week and if Global Warming actually

existed and everything happened that these Bozos say is going to happen

after spending Billions of Dollars and Raising Energy Prices on Americans

by Trillions of Dollars......The Temperature on Planet Earth would

be .219 or less than 3/10ths of a

degree lower 90 YEARS FROM NOW! - Oh, the MADNESS! - How about

instead of wasting Billions of Dollars

of Taxpayers Money and sending even more Billions to the Wall Street

Bastards that we start working

on things in the Real World that

impact Real People?  Is that too much to ask? - You have to wonder if these

are just very Stupid People, are they very Greedy People, are they

incredibly Politically-Correct People,

or are they ALL OF THE ABOVE? - That's easy...ALL OF THE ABOVE! -

Save the world? - Who is going to

Save The American People from

these Stupid SOBs in Washington DC that seem intent on Bankrupting the Nation and its People while making

the Wall Street Bastards as Rich as Possible in the Process? - That is why

we have Elections Boys and Girls and

if the American People ever get

control of their Gov't again it will be Katie Bar the Door on anyone that

sold the American Republic Down the River! - Kerry-Lieberman Global Warming Impact: Spend Billions & Trillions To Accomplish Nothing




As detailed at Business Insider (How

A Primary Election In Arkansas With Bizarre Rules Could Screw Over Wall Street On Derivatives Reform) and

at the New York Times...


In Tough Stance, Democrat

Finds Few Allies


...the Democrats AND Republicans on Capitol Hill are running nothing less than a SCAM on the American People

by acting like they might reign in the Unregulated and Out-of-Control Las Vegas Casinos that are known to our "Elected Officials" that get Gobs of $$$$$ from these Bastards

as.....BANKS! - Yes, there are actually

a few people left in the United

States of America that call these Las Vegas Casinos on Wall

Street....BANKS, but the American People know better, mainly because

the American People actually give a Damn about their country and their families which is the Opposite to the Vast Majority of "Politicians" in the Nation's Capital! - In fact, the

Primaries this Tuesday across the United States are one of the early battles between American People and the Casinos, with most of our

"Elected Politicians" on the side of the Casinos! - Will Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln, who has proposed

an amendment to the already

Severely Watered Down "Financial Reform Bill" to reign in the Casino Operators in New York win her primary or get 50% of the vote to avoid a

Runoff or will the voters send a

message that we are now living in

a New World where for the first

time in Decades the American People will be back in control of their

Republic - For the moment the Las Vegas Casinos in New York, the

Wall Street Banks, own the United States of America lock, stock and

barrel because they own almost every politician in Washington DC and

treat them like nothing less than the Mule Hogs that carry drugs for

Mexican Drug Cartels - The coming

days and later this November will

Tell the Tale and for all of the

Sorry Ass Bastards of both political parties now in Power that would easily swap the American Republic for a few pieces of silver we say...Your World is about to change and if the American People ever do get control of their

Gov't again, all the actions by you Bastards both in and out of Gov't

over the past few decades will be fair game and don't discount the idea

that a Grand Jury of the People could have half of Wall Street and half of Washington DC under felony indictment within a week of a

President representing "The

People" taking power - Again,

think someone like Andrew Jackson

or Teddy Roosevelt you Bastards and act accordingly...because the

American People are watching!




Take a good look at the above Killer - That is John Albert Gardner III who was sentenced to life in prison in California on Friday after admitting to murdering two teenage girls, Chelsea King 17 and Amber Dubois 14 - That

this Sorry Son of a Bitch is a

Worthless Excuse for a human being should be obvious to all, but the real story here is that John Gardner was able to kill these two teenage girls because of the California Parole

System that has been set-up and run

by Absolute Morons that will swap

Hell being inflicted upon the People

of California and the Murder of Children in exchange for the fantasy that violent criminals and sexual predators can somehow be rehabilitated! - Sorry they CANNOT, and at this Very Moment there are thousands of Violent Predators

roaming the streets and communities

of California that will pillage and kill again who by all rights should be in prisons work farms doing hard labor

6 days a week! - If you really want to understand the wrath that Liberal Criminal Science has inflicted upon society just read the facts of this OUTRAGEOUS CASE!


"Gardner avoided the death penalty

by reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. His guilty plea last

month has sparked a far-reaching review of how California deals with

sex predators, a campaign that advocates hope to take to

Washington and state capitals.

Calls to stiffen penalties for child sex offenders began almost the moment Gardner was arrested Feb. 28, three days after he attacked Chelsea while she was on an afternoon run in San Diego, strangled her, and buried her

in a shallow, lakeside grave.

Amid their anger, the girls' parents spoke lovingly of their daughters

on Friday.

"Chelsea was everything this man

was not," said her father, Brent

King. "She was as good as this

man is evil."

Impact statements from the families also faulted the justice system for not keeping Gardner confined after an earlier assault on a girl, despite a dire warning in a psychological report. Family members also blamed his mother, Catherine Osborn, who was seated in court.

"She knew what you were capable

of and did nothing," said Kelly

King, Chelsea's mother.

Gardner served five years of a

six-year prison sentence for

beating and molesting a 13-year-old girl in San Diego in 2000. He faced a maximum of nearly 11 years in prison, but prosecutors called for six years.

A court-appointed psychiatrist

urged the maximum sentence

allowed by law. He said in court documents that Gardner was a "continued danger to underage

girls" and "an extremely poor candidate" for treatment.

Maurice Dubois, Amber's father,

read the report by psychiatrist Matthew Carroll during his

impact statement.

He likened his daughter's killer to a mountain lion whose instincts are to stalk and attack. If the zookeeper

frees the lion from captivity, he

asked, who is responsible for the killings that come after?

The case has put California's parole system under the microscope.

Gardner lived little more than a football field's length from a San

Diego preschool for at least 16

months while on parole from 2005 to 2008. That violated a condition of parole that prohibited him from

living within a half-mile of a school.

A corrections department official let him stay until his lease expired in

2006 but no one noticed he was still living there until a year later. The parole board could have sent him

back to prison but kept him on

parole, where he had six other less serious potential violations.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered a state board to review

the parole system.

Brent and Kelly King are leading a campaign for "Chelsea's Law" to

allow life sentences for some

convicted child molesters in

California and lifetime electronic monitoring of others. The bill, which cleared its first legislative committee last month, would also ban sex offenders from parks.

Chelsea was a straight-A student who ran on the cross-country team in suburban Poway, played French

horn in a youth symphony and was active in her school's peer

counseling program.

The discovery of Chelsea's semen-stained clothing during a massive search quickly led authorities to Gardner. Days later, he led investigators to Amber's remains

in a remote, mountainous area

north of San Diego.

The investigation into Amber's disappearance had gone nowhere

since the Future Farmers of America member disappeared walking to

school in suburban Escondido in February 2009.

Gardner led authorities to Amber's remains on condition that the information not be used in court. Investigators were unable to independently link him to the crime, and his guilty plea to that murder

was a big reason why the death penalty was dropped.

Gardner also pleaded guilty to attempting to rape the jogger on

Dec. 27, near the spot where he

attacked Chelsea."

If that doesn't have your blood boiling then you are not a human being! -

Both of the young girls that this

Animal killed would be alive today IF the California Parole System had done its job, but no Californian should ever count on the Government of California to protect them and their family because the Government is filled with Wacko Liberals that actually have a deep love for criminals and law breakers, especially after they have raped, mugged, robbed and murdered people - Yes, after the crime has been committed is then when the

Wacko Liberal Criminal Lovers

swing into action and then they work like Hell until those very same violent predators are back on the streets to wreak even more damage upon the society - There are people in the California State Government that

have the blood of these two young

girls on their hands, but here's the

real kicker:  THEY COULD CARE

LESS that these two girls died or

that 1,000 or 1 Million will die in the future - They care only for themselves and of course, working like crazy to

put criminals back on the streets so they kill again! - That is one of the reasons why the People of California and America are Pissed Off, but only one of the reasons you Elitist Bastards in Elected and Appointed Office that care nothing about anything but

getting elected to office and lining

your own pockets, often with

the People's Own Money! - Girls'

killer cries after scolding in court




If it isn't the Federal Government working night and day to make the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street even richer, we now are finding out that another part of the Federal

Government, the Minerals

Management Service, is nothing more than an arm of the Oil Industry! - Get

a load of the some of the Outrageous

BS that has been going on at the MSS

as reported by the NY Times:


"The federal Minerals Management Service gave permission to BP and dozens of other oil companies to drill

in the Gulf of Mexico without first getting required permits from another agency that assesses threats to endangered species — and despite strong warnings from that agency about the impact the drilling was

likely to have on the gulf.

Those approvals, federal records

show, include one for the well drilled

by the Deepwater Horizon rig, which exploded on April 20, killing 11 workers and resulting in thousands of barrels

of oil spilling into the gulf each day.

The Minerals Management Service, or M.M.S., also routinely overruled its staff biologists and engineers who raised concerns about the safety and the environmental impact of certain drilling proposals in the gulf and in Alaska, according to a half-dozen current and former agency scientists.

Those scientists said they were also regularly pressured by agency

officials to change the findings of

their internal studies if they

predicted that an accident was likely

to occur or if wildlife might

be harmed.

“M.M.S. has given up any pretense of regulating the offshore oil industry,” said Kierán Suckling, director of the Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental advocacy group in Tucson, which filed notice of intent to sue the agency over its noncompliance with federal law concerning endangered species. “The agency

seems to think its mission is to help

the oil industry evade

environmental laws.”

The accusation that the minerals agency has ignored risks is also

being levied by scientists working

for the agency.

Managers at the agency have

routinely overruled staff scientists whose findings highlight the environmental risks of drilling, according to a half-dozen current or former agency scientists.

The scientists, none of whom wanted

to be quoted by name for fear of reprisals by the agency or by those in the industry, said they had repeatedly had their scientific findings changed

to indicate no environmental impact

or had their calculations of spill

risks downgraded.

“You simply are not allowed to conclude that the drilling will have

an impact,” said one scientist who

has worked for the minerals agency

for more than a decade. “If you find

the risks of a spill are high or you conclude that a certain species will

be affected, your report gets disappeared in a desk drawer and

they find another scientist to redo

it or they rewrite it for you.”

SOBs! - Not that anyone here at Mad

As Hell And... is surprised about the

MMS or that dozens of other Federal Government Agencies work continuously to make a select group

very rich at the direct expense of the American People! - If one reads this

NY Times article completely then

there seems little doubt to us that

there are dozens of people both inside and outside of Government that could be indicted for breaking US law, but we are not holding our breath that anyone in the Federal Government is going to

do anything different than what they have been doing for decades now:- Serving the interests of people with money that put politicians into

elected office! - America must have

the oil and natural gas that we can get

to safely offshore, but the Federal Government should not be violating

US law and the public's trust in order

to obtain those energy sources and

until someone in elected or appointed office in OUR COUNTRY stands up for The People instead of working for the "Interests" nothing is going to

change - That is the Sad Reality of the United States of America in the early part of the 21st Century and

politicians wonder why the American People are Pissed Off? - What

Morons! - U.S. Said to Allow

Drilling Without Needed Permits




The 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning, Mark Fiore, strikes again against the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street and Hits the Target DEAD ON! - Isn't it ironic that the Wall Street Bastards are always lecturing us

Stupid Peons, the American People,

that the Free Market and the Las Vegas Casino that are the US Capital Markets must be allowed to operate without much regulation or government interference?.....But it is the very same Greedy Wall Street Bastards that had

to come crawling to the American People to bail their asses out of sling in 2008 and wouldn't be able to turn a buck if they didn't have their Momma (Uncle Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and the US Government) handing them Free Money at every turn! (And don't forget the bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which are nothing more than ANOTHER MASSIVE BAILOUT OF WALL STREET!) - Oh, the Irony, Oh,

the Stupidity, Oh, the Madness, but

just another Day in the World of the Wall Street Bastards and their Free Markets....Uhhhh....More Like the

Wall Street Bastards are the Biggest Welfare Queens on Planet Earth that don't now and Never will in the future have the ability or guts to operate in

the Real World without the

Government bailing their sorry Asses out! - Don't Forget Wall Street

Bastards, first thing each morning

call your Momma, Uncle Ben

Bernanke, down there in Washington

DC and get plenty of the Taxpayers Money so you can open that Las Vegas Casino, because we can't risk that the Wall Street Bastards won't have

plenty of $$$$$$ to waste in the Hamptons this summer! (While public school teachers across America are getting fired in droves) - Again, Great Work Mark Fiore! - Give Him A Hand!



With 1 Ounce of Gold now selling for North of $1,200 Dollars it looks as if the world now has a New Reserve Currency and it doesn't have the pictures of Dead Presidents (and 1 US Treasury Secretary) on it! - Yes, with Governments spending money like

mad and running up debt that will

never be able to paid off and even

paying the interest on all that debt is

in doubt, Investors are just acting rationally by moving their wealth into Gold...but this is nothing new - Get a look at the 10 Year Chart for Gold:



That's right, over the past 10 Years

Gold has returned 340.79% for holders of the New World Reserve Currency! - Now let's see here, what has the investment that every stockbroker

from here to Timbuktu has been

putting their clients into for as long

as anyone here at Mad As Hell And...

can remember....Hmmmm..., what

was the Total Return of the S&P 500

over the past 10 years:



That's right, the S&P 500 has returned

a Whopping - 1.19 % over the past Decade! (That is a NEGATIVE 1.19 %

so with even modest inflation you

have lost your rear-end in stocks over the last 10 years!) - WooHoo! - Now,

Governments around the world seem determined to keep spending money that they do not have and that means

all those bills with Dead Presidents

(and 1 US Treasury Secretary) on it

will be losing value with what will be

an eventual race to monetize all that debt...which means it must give a

warm feeling inside to people that

are sitting with a lot of gold in their portfolios! - The next time someone

tells you that the Stock Market

always goes up over time and that

Gold is for suckers....just tell them

to GET A CLUE! - Will Gold continue to go up?  We haven't a clue - Will Governments continue to pile up debt and print money? - ABSOLUTELY!

Gold Prices Extend Climb




Everyone in Washington D.C. is operating under the false idea that

The Federal Reserve pumping out Billions of Dollars (Printing Money Around the Clock!) will save the American Republic, but as with most things that don't seem like Common Sense to the average American in the street, The Fed and Washington Elite are only Pushing on a String that will break! - Take a Gander at this reality you Fools:

"The return on each new dollar of

US debt is plummeting to new lows according to figures from the

Federal Reserve

I have been watching this chart

for the past ten years, as part of the dynamic of the sustainability of the bond and the dollar as the limiting factor on the Fed's ability to expand

the money supply."

"The ability to expand debt is contingent on the ability to service debt. If the cost of the debt rises over the net income of the country's

capital investment, or even gets close

to it, the currency issuing entity is trapped in a debt spiral to default without a radical reform.

In other words, if each new dollar of debt costs ten percent in interest, largely paid to external entities, and

it generates less than ten cents in domestic product, it is a difficult task

to grow your way out of that debt without a default or dramatic restructuring.

So we are not quite there yet. But we

are getting rather close on an historic basis. Without the implicit subsidy of the dollar as the world's reserve currency it would be much closer.

The economy is out of balance,

heavily weighted to a service sector, especially the financial sector which creates no new wealth, but merely transforms and transfers it. With stagnation in the median wage, and an historic imbalance in income distribution skewed to the top few percent, with the banks levying

de facto taxation and inefficiency on the economy as a function of that income transfer, there should be little wonder that the growth of real GDP

is sluggish in relation to new debt.

Or as Joe Klein so colorfully phrased

it, the elite have been strip-mining

the middle class in America for the

past thirty years.

Along with the 'efficient market hypothesis,' trickle-down economics

is also a fallacy. This is why the stimulus program being conducted by the Federal Reserve, in an egregious expansion of its authority to conduct monetary policy, in subsidies and transfer payments to Wall Street is

not working to stimulate the real economy. It merely inflates the

bonuses of the few, and extends

the unsustainable.

So obviously one might say, "The

Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reform, and the economy brought back into balance, before there can be any

sustained recovery."

Amen to that! - Not that anyone in Washington D.C. is paying attention or focused on anything but keeping the Printing Press running which is doing nothing more than impoverishing America, destroying our children's future, and making the Greedy

Bastards on Wall Street VERY RICH! - Here Is Why The Fed Cannot

Simply Continue To Inflate Its

Way Out of Every Financial Crisis

It Creates




Surprise - Surprise! - No, Actually it's not a surprise....Pacific Gas & Electric now acknowledges, after denying it for months, that TENS OF THOUSANDS of its "SmartMeters" have improperly overcharged Californians! - As we said, not really a surprise, because PG&E

has made a habit of ripping off the People of California in recent years, often with the full support of state government and agencies! - That PG&E is ripping off customers does not surprise anyone here at Mad As Hell And..., but the real scandal is that Utility Companies, the California Legislature and the Public Utilities Commission have been working

together to STICK IT TO to the People

of California  with a Massive Increase

to Electricity Prices in the state! -

PG&E has been allowed to implement

a bogus "Tier-Rate" structure that allocates a very small amount of

energy for each household and then

runs up Electricity Prices which

reach .50 cents per KWh!


PG&E "Tier-Rate" Electricity Rate Schedule:


Tier 1 - 11.8 cents KWh

Tier 2 - 13.4 cents per KWh

Tier 3 - 28.6 cents per KWh

Tier 4 - 42.4 cents per KWh

Tier 5 - 49.8 cents per KWh


 That top rate is about .40 cents a KWh over what most of America pays and what PG&E is actually paying for the electricity themselves! - Like we said, just another MASSIVE RIP-OFF of the People of California! - All brought to  you by the Idiots (California State Employees) that are very good

at two things:

1.  Sticking it to the People of


2.  Retiring at age 50 with 90 percent

of their last salary and selling their vacation and sick days for Hundreds

of Thousands of Dollars!


  Yes, PG&E finally admits that their "SmartMeters" have been stealing lots

of money from Californians but the

Real Scandal is that PG&E is in unholy alliance with the California

Government to both Stick-It to Californian and Destroy the Golden Broken State Economy! - PG&E acknowledges thousands of

inaccurate utility bills



If one wants to know everything that is wrong with governments in the United States look no further than California Watch's story on lobbyists for the chemical industry and their desire to shut-down attempts by Connecticut

and California to ban the chemical BPA from cans and baby items - From

the story:


"As leaks go, this one was scandalous.

A year ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Washington Post wrote about the minutes of a strategy session among grocery and chemical industry lobbyists. They were brainstorming about how to defeat laws that would ban the chemical Bisphenol A in Connecticut and California.

The group doubted it could convince a scientist to serve as its spokesperson, the minutes say, a nod to mounting evidence that the chemical may result in birth defects and disrupts hormones in children.

So they would resort to "fear tactics," emphasizing the harm a chemical ban might have on the poor and minorities. A pregnant mother would be the "Holy Grail" spokesperson, according to the summary of the gathering at the Cosmos Club, a tony Washington, D.C. social club.

The plan backfired in Connecticut.

The state’s attorney general read

about the meeting and blasted the campaign for "confusion and concealment.' Connecticut lawmakers had just passed a Bisphenol A ban for baby bottles and formula cans.

In California, though, the plan

seems to have worked like a charm."


Just great! - The problem is that Liberals scream we need more money

for Government and Conservatives say leave Business alone and the fact of the matter is that none of these Bastards GIVE TWO RIPS ABOUT THE




Memo to Elected Leaders:  YOU WORK FOR US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! - Unfortunately, most of the Sorry

Excuse for Public Servants work for the last SOB that walked thru their door offering "Campaign Contributions" and here is the sad reality:  Most of these "Elected Leaders" would sell out the American People, their constituents

and often even their own families to

stay in political office because they love the "Game of Politics" more than life itself! - Are we surprised that the Chemical Industry would sacrifice the safety and health of babies in order to turn a Buck and that our elected

leaders would help the Chemical Industry to do just that? - Not in the least and that says all you need to know about Governments on all levels in the Roman Empire of the 21st Century, otherwise known as the United States

of America! - Lobbyist "fear tactics" to fight BPA ban seem to be working



Afghan President Hamid

Karzai says that...


"Morally, Afghanistan should give access as a priority to those countries that have helped Afghanistan massively in the past few years,"

Karzai told the institute.

"What . . . we have to reciprocate

with is this opportunity of mineral resources, that we must return at the goodwill of the Japanese people by giving Japan priority to come

and explore and extract."


What the Hell? - Hamid Karzai

believes that JAPAN should have priority to the mineral resources of Afghanistan? - Our only question

after Karzai's comment is:


When is the United States of America going to toss this Karzai character

out on his ear?


Why is it that the United States of America is sacrificing the lives of

Americans in Afghanistan and


OF DOLLARS so Karzai, his corrupt brother and cronies can sit in Kabul

and steal Billions from both the

Afghan people and even America? - If this crapola continues this will just be

a replay of the Idiocy of Iraq where

we spent $1 Trillion Dollars to rid the Iraqi people of Saddam Hussein and gave the Iraqis the opportunity to form a Democracy, but the Buffoons in the Bush Administration did not make

sure that the United States had first

dibs on Iraq's oil resources at market prices! - Are these people in

Washington DC just stupid or can they just always be played as the

chump....or is it actually both? -

 Stupid and The Chump! - What the Obama Administration needs to do is

to send an envoy over to Afghanistan and tell Karzai that he and the corrupt clowns in his government have

24 hours to get the Hell out of the country or we will drop all security around the Afghan government - Is there anyone in Washington DC with

the balls to tell Karzai how it is going to be or will these Candy Asses on the Potomac continue to pour our Money and Treasure into Afghanistan and let Karzai to play our Republic and thus

the American People as the Idiot? - Please, get a clue and let's start acting like the leading country on the planet today instead of a frightened schoolchild that is afraid of its own shadow -  Japan Has "Priority" On Rights To Mine Afghanistan Mineral Deposits Says Hamid Karzai




What?  A former contractor for BP says that BP never received federal

approval at Another Gulf Rig? - What the Hell? - As reported by the Washington Post and Business



"The overwhelming majority of documents and drawings had never received any engineering approval at any phase of development," Kenneth

W. Abbott, who was fired in February 2009, says in testimony prepared for delivery Thursday to a House subcommittee"


Is there anyone driving this train with the Federal Government or are these just a bunch of Lackeys and Buffoons that are constantly running around Kissing the Rear-Ends of Big Oil Companies? - Criminal investigation

of BP? - Hell, we need to open a

criminal investigation of these

Bastards in the Department of Interior that may have sold the Gulf of Mexico and the American People down the river! - IT GETS WORSE:  Former Contractor Says BP Never

Received Federal Approval




Of course CalPERS, the state of California's pension program manager, is about to ask the state for $600

Million Dollars to shore up the Incredibly Stupid decisions made by their Clueless Investment Managers

and Leaders - Yes, this makes perfect sense that CalPERS would be hitting

the state up for $600 Million Dollars on top of the over $3.3 BILLION DOLLARS they they now get from the state of California! - The Donkey in the room here is that the REAL REASON that California is imploding is that the Massive Amount of Government Employees on the Payroll Currently

and that are now Retired that are draining BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from schools and public safety! - Throw in

the Outrageous California Air

Resources Board which is a 1 BILLION DOLLAR Boondoggle that along with

AB 32 is destroying thousands of jobs

in the state and you have a recipe for disaster all created by the Buffoons

 in Sacramento! - Does anyone in Sacramento give two rips about the People of California? - Not a Chance in Hell that they would because they are

all owned lock, stock and barrel by

any SOB that stops by their office and drops off a few coins for their "campaign!"- CalPERS looking for

$600 million from state




It is time for the US Government, OUR GOVERNMENT Who Work For the American People Don't Forget, to quit playing Footsie with these Bastards at BP and start arresting these SOBs! - Check out the latest from the BP BS!


BP engineer called doomed rig a "nightmare well"

"BP took measures to cut costs in the weeks before the catastrophic blowout in the Gulf of Mexico as it dealt with

one problem after another, prompting

a BP engineer to describe the doomed rig as a "nightmare well," according to internal documents released Monday.

The comment by BP engineer Brian Morel came in an e-mail April 14, six days before the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion that killed 11 people and has sent tens of millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf in the nation's worst environmental disaster.

In a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward, Reps. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Bart Stupak, D-Mich., noted at least five questionable decisions BP made in the days leading up to the explosion.

"The common feature of these five decisions is that they posed a

trade-off between cost and well

safety," said Waxman and Stupak. Waxman chairs the energy panel

while Stupak heads a subcommittee

on oversight and investigations.

"Time after time, it appears that BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blowout to save the company time or expense," the lawmakers wrote in

the 14-page letter to Hayward. "If

this is what happened, BP's carelessness and complacency have inflicted a heavy toll on the Gulf, its inhabitants, and the workers on

the rig."

Despite warnings from its own engineers, "BP chose the more risky casing option, apparently because the liner option would have cost $7 to $10 million more and taken longer," Waxman and Stupak said.

In a brief e-mail exchange, Morel and

a colleague, Richard Miller, talked about the last-minute changes.

"We could be running it in 2-3 days, so need a relative quick response. Sorry for the late notice, this has been nightmare well which has everyone

all over the place," Morel wrote on

April 14.

In spite of the well's difficulties, "BP appears to have made multiple decisions for economic reasons that increased the danger of a catastrophic well failure," Waxman and Stupak said."


OK, that's it! - Instead of the Congress taking testimony from the CEO of BP

and the President meeting with the

CEO and Chairman of BP we should arrest both of these SOBs when they

land in the United States and "Perp Walk" their Asses out of the airport in front of TV cameras so that the American People know that OUR GOVERNMENT is actually doing something! - Companies should not

be allowed to play Russian Roulette

with our Environment and our Gulf of Mexico and it is way past time to start tossing CEO's in jail that commit

crimes against the American People

and OUR Republic! (Of course, that would mean that most of the Wall

Street CEO's would already be in

jail!) - BP engineer called doomed

rig a "nightmare well"



If you don't think that the Number of Government Employees and their Outrageous Salaries and Pension Benefits are OUT OF CONTROL get a eyeful of this Madness! - In the City

and County of San Francisco, that has

a population of only 808,977 people has 9,488 Government Workers that make over $100,000 A YEAR! - That is Absolute and Complete Madness and just imagine for a moment the Massive Pensions that these Government Workers will be hauling down with only 20 to 30 years on the job! - If you don't think California is headed toward and complete and absolute bankruptcy then you are not paying attention! - City of San Francisco Top Earners




 Always More $$$$$$$ - That is

Always the Answer in Washington DC....Isn't It? - That the Obama Administration is asking the Congress for $50 BILLION DOLLARS for the

states so that lots of Government Workers will not be laid off only shows the Absurd Position that Government

on all levels has grown to in recent

years - The Fact is that State Governments exploded their state payrolls in recent years all based on Bogus Economic Bubbles Ginned
Up by the Federal Reserve not

managing US Monetary Policy in an appropriate manner (Got Alan Greenspan and Uncle Ben Bernanke?) and now we have the Federal Government arguing that we must

throw more money at people that

should have never been hired in the

first place so that the Economy will

not go down even further! - Is this

the Bizarro-World that we are

 living in? - All this $$$$$$$$ is not about Firefighters, Policemen and Teachers, but about the Massive Government Bureaucracies that have been built up in Recent Years that are paying these people at much higher rates and with much more generous pensions than the people paying their salaries even have! - Yes, this is

the Bizarro-Land!


We will tell you about what this $50 BILLION DOLLARS request is all

about - It has nothing to do with firefighters, policemen and

teachers....It is nothing more than another Massive Washington Bailout, this time for the Public Employee Unions that don't Give a Damn about anything but getting more and more $$$$$$$$ from the American People!


Always More Money....When the Hell

will this irresponsible and outrageous spending on all levels of Government ever end? - Since 99 percent of our "Elected Leaders" rather like spending the American People's $$$$$$$ they

will only stop when the US Government is not able to borrow money at a reasonable interest rate - That day is coming and when it arrives these Bastards in Washington DC are going

to have nothing left to do because all

the politicians in the last 30 years

have done nothing but spend more

and more money without a care in the world where it was coming from or

how it would ever be paid back - This

is just a short-term measure the

Obama Administration claims, but in reality this $50 Billion is already

about the 5th installment on what

will become the Massive Bailouts of

states like California that  have thousands of employees on the government payroll that could be

fired tomorrow and no one would

notice a thing had changed! - Yes, give Billions to the Buffoons in California, but be prepared for the next time around, and there will be a next time, because this Bailout will be a signal to the Morons in the Golden Broken State that all of their outrageous spending was A-OK and they would only keep spending more and of course looking

to Washington for the money to fund

all that spending! - Yes, that makes perfect sense! - Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid




Do you want to know why the American People are Pissed Off! - We are Pissed Off when we ready headlines like this:


Additional BP Tankers Aren't

Expected Until July


What the Hell? - Are the Three Stooges Overseeing these BP Bastards? - Get

a load of this CRAPOLA:


"The Obama administration's point man for the Gulf Coast oil spill on Friday said it will be at least July before BP PLC has the tankers in place to capture the latest estimates for

crude flowing from the blown well.

Even if undersea efforts to direct the

oil to the surface succeed, it will take weeks to get the proper equipment in place to hold it, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said. Mr. Allen gave reporters the update in Washington a day after a government task force said the blown-out well may have been spewing as many as 40,000 barrels

of oil a day—twice as much as the government's previous worst-case estimate.

He acknowledged that reliable

numbers on the severity of the crisis

are hard to get. "I think we're still dealing with the flow estimate. We're still trying to refine those numbers,"

he said."

At least July before BP has tankers in place to capture oil flowing from the blown well? - This is Day 53 of the OIL SPILL! - BP should have had tankers and all manner of other vehicles that could be cleaning up this oil spill WEEKS AGO! - What the Hell is going

on down there in the Gulf of Mexico? - Please, someone get Pee Wee Herman

on the phone and put him in charge of this oil spill cleanup because Pee

Wee could run circles around these Buffoons! - Additional BP Tankers Aren't Expected Until July




We may be moving into "High Crimes and Misdemeanours" territory for people working in the US Federal Government and with our "Elected Politicians" that are supposedly representing the American People - Consider this headline from the

New York Times:


Efforts in Gulf to Limit

Flow of Spill News


"When the operators of Southern Seaplane in Belle Chasse, La., called

the local Coast Guard-Federal

Aviation Administration command center for permission to fly over restricted airspace in Gulf of Mexico, they made what they thought was a simple and routine request.

A pilot wanted to take a photographer from The Times-Picayune of New Orleans to snap photographs of the oil slicks blackening the water. The response from a BP contractor who answered the phone late last month at the command center was swift and absolute: Permission denied.

“We were questioned extensively. Who was on the aircraft? Who did they work for?” recalled Rhonda Panepinto, who owns Southern Seaplane with her husband, Lyle. “The minute we mentioned media, the answer was:

‘Not allowed.’ ”

Journalists struggling to document

the impact of the oil rig explosion

have repeatedly found themselves turned away from public areas

affected by the spill, and not only by

BP and its contractors, but by local

law enforcement, the Coast Guard

and government officials.

To some critics of the response effort

by BP and the government, instances

of news media being kept at bay are just another example of a broader problem of officials’ filtering what images of the spill the public sees.

Scientists, too, have complained about the trickle of information that has emerged from BP and government sources. Three weeks passed, for instance, from the time the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20 and the first images of oil gushing

from an underwater pipe were

released by BP.

“I think they’ve been trying to limit access,” said Representative Edward

J. Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts who fought BP to

release more video from the

underwater rovers that have been filming the oil-spewing pipe. “It is a company that was not used to transparency. It was not used to

having public scrutiny of what

it did.”

What the Hell? - Let's make this very clear:  The American People have a

right to know every Damn thing that is happening in OUR GULF OF MEXICO and if anyone in the US Federal Government (the one the American People own....oh, that's right the Wall Street Bastards actually own it!) is restricting the right of the "Free Press" to cover the oil spill in the Gulf then they are putting at risk their future Freedom - We still have Elections in

our Republic and the Democrats and Republicans should not assume that a member of one of their political parties will be sitting in the White House come January 2013 - Everything that every Politician, Wall Street Bastard, Corporate Leader had done in the last decade could very well be under

intense scrutiny in only a couple

of years and that means people

working for the US Federal

Government should be working

for The People and NO ONE ELSE!




The Wall Street Bastards have a lot of schemes and levers constantly moving that are aimed at finding ways to

Rip-Off the American People and Hoodwink what they see as the Clueless Government Bureaucrats, but the most OUTRAGEOUS thing that the Bastards of Finance have going right now is the tax rate that they pay on "carried interest" - What is "carried interest"

 the average American asks? - Good question! - Basically,

"carried interest" is the shares of

profits that managers of funds, limited partnerships, hedge funds and other financial schemes these SOBs dream

up which over time throws off income

to those managers and unlike 99 Percent of Americans that pay the Ordinary Income Tax Rate on what they "Put

into their pocket" (up to 35 Percent!) these Bastards only pay a 15 Percent Income Tax Rate on their income! -

 No, this is not a joke! - These Financial Bastards not only get their precious rear-ends bailed out every time they

get their butts in a sling and have an unlimited and basically free credit line of money at the Federal Reserve, many of these Bastards pay the same OR

EVEN LESS of an Income Tax Rate

than the laborer in the fields, the construction worker, the waitress,

and the Average American! - The Wall Street Journal has a very good article

on this sad reality where they write:


"A three-year battle over how the federal government taxes investment partnerships is coming to a head, after Senate Democrats unveiled a proposal that would more than double the taxes on private-equity, hedge-fund and certain real-estate managers.

The move is the strongest indication

yet that financiers will pay higher taxes to help close an expanding U.S. budget gap. Congress is taking aim at the perceived excesses of the

financial-services industry, but the proposed changes have implications well beyond Wall Street.

The proposed law would tax "carried-interest" income, or the share of profits that fund managers receive as part of their compensation. This income is currently taxed at a 15% rate, while

the ordinary income by most wage earners is taxed at up to 35%. The new law would raise the tax rate for partnership income to an effective

30% in 2011 and 33% in 2013

A vote on the bill isn't expected until next week, leaving room for last-

minute horse-trading. Still, there is a growing expectation on Capitol Hill that a version will pass, showing how sentiment has shifted in Washington. The financial industry had blocked similar bills several times in the

past three years.

Industry executives continued to

attack the plan, swarming Capitol

Hill to make their case. Stephen Schwarzman, the chief executive of Blackstone, and Leon Black, head of Apollo Global Management, were in Washington Monday and Tuesday meeting with lawmakers.

The section of the bill that most

rankles financiers is the enterprise-value tax. Lawyers and lobbyists for investment-management partnerships describe the provision as punitive and having no precedent. The sale of a grocery store, manufacturer or bank would still be taxed at lower capital-gains rates."

Of course the Wall Street Bastards are

in Washington DC meeting, begging

and no doubt buying off our "Elected Leaders" with campaign contributions

if only they will keep this


BREAK for a very small group of

 very wealthy SOBs!


Here is what we think at Mad

As  Hell And...


The US Tax Code is a Travesty! - The

US Tax Code is no longer a vehicle

to raise the largest amount of Tax Revenue at the Lowest Possible Tax Rates, but merely a thing used by wealthy people and companies to get their own preferred tax breaks which

all just terribly undermines the American Republic - If you can show up in Washington DC with a pile of Cash and Buy off OUR "Elected Leaders"

with campaign contributions which leads to you getting a Much Larger Pile of Cash then we no longer have a Republic but merely a Crap Game in a Back Alley that is not only unseemly

but has rigged dice that always come

up just right for the folks with the $$$$$$ while the Average Hard

Working American Takes It in the

Gut! - It is way past time to go back

to First Principles in America:  If you put a Dollar into your pocket you will pay a minimum amount of tax on that Dollar and as more Dollars go into your pocket you will pay a moderately

higher tax rate capped somewhere at the Federal Level in the mid 30 Percent Range - All Americans, even these Wall Street Bastards need to have the

income they put into their pocket or that goes into their bank account in a fair, equitable and American Way and

 it is time to blow-up the current US

Tax Code and replace it one sheet

of paper:


New US Tax Code for

Individuals and Corporations


No Payroll Taxes - No Deductions

of Any Kind - No Capital Gains or Dividend Tax Rates - Very Simple Principle:  If It Goes Into Your Pocket

or Bank Account You Pay An

Income Tax On That Money - All Tax Rates Indexed to Inflation


Individual Tax Rates


Income 0 to 50 K - Tax Rate 10 %

Income 50K to 100K - Tax Rate 17.5 %

Income 100K to 250k - Tax Rate 25 %

Income 250K to Infinity - 35 %


Corporate Tax Rates


Income 0 to 1 Million - Tax Rate 10 %

Income 1 M to 10 M Tax Rate 15 %

Income 10 M to Infinity - Tax Rate 20 %


(1 New Class of Corporation for all companies in America of all sizes so

that all Income will be treated equally for individuals and companies)


You want to get the US Economy

growing again and realign incentives where they should be to get capital flowing back into companies that will then create real jobs? - Then throw the US Tax Code out the window and put

in something very simple that every American individual and corporation can understand and demand that all

the states do the same - Will our "Elected Leaders" do any of that? -

Not a chance in Hell because our "Elected Leaders" are paid a lot of money to keep things complicated

and to create tax breaks for people

 that give them all that money - Just another case of the US Government WORKING FOR EVERYONE BUT


Fund Taxes recently reported that Public Employees and their Unions are becoming increasingly under fire because of the amount of money and resources that go into maintaining a large government bureaucracy, especially in a time when basic public services like education and health for the poor are being cut - Pols turn on labor unions


 The American People do not bemoan government employees that work in needed jobs to serve the Public especially when they work hard to do their job to the best of their ability, but what really Pisses Off people is when they see Government becoming little more than an Employment Agency so that Public Employee Unions can grow their membership - We could cite incompetent government work until

the cows come home, starting with the Interior Department and BP, the SEC and Bernie Madoff, the entire US Government and the Wall Street Bastards, but below these high-profile cases are people working in the government bureaucracy that are little more than busy-bodies that sit around all day and dream up ways to Stick it

to Legitimate Businesses and the American People



Case in Point:  Maybe the the City of Seattle and its Government workers

are now living and working in

Bizarro-Land, but whatever is going

 on the story with this headline, Macy's rethinks downtown Seattle skybridge

as fee soars, provides great insight

into why the American Republic is circling the drain! - Get a load of

this outrageous BS:


"When the Bon Marché skybridge opened in 1960 in downtown Seattle, city officials established a

$300-a-year permit fee and OK'd the walkway for 15 years.

The Seattle City Council renewed the bridge permit again last week — for

two years. And the annual permit

fee? $31,185.

Why are these idiots in the

Seattle government even charging

for a skybridge in the first

place? - That is Outrageous!

Permit fees for skybridges across the city are expected to rise dramatically under a new city formula that weighs adjacent land values to determine how much the owners of skybridges should pay the city. In the case of Macy's, the Bon's successor, store officials in talks with city staff say they are evaluating whether the cost of the skybridge is worth the use it receives.

The new permit formula is "essentially ensuring that the public is getting the fair market value for this

encroachment on their right of way," said Angela Steel, a strategic adviser for the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Skybridges — beloved by department stores and shoppers in downtowns

such as that of St. Paul, Minn., where the weather can be severe — actually are discouraged by Seattle building laws. A 1982 city ordinance sought

to "eliminate the proliferation and adverse effects" of skybridges.

"What a skybridge does is it takes people off of the right of way and puts them up in the air, and leaves usually the people who aren't good enough to

go in the buildings down below," City Councilmember Jean Godden said.

"It's really not very friendly."

Skybridges also block views. A decade ago, the expansion of the Washington State Convention Center included two skybridges that blocked views of Pike Place Market. Councilmembers Nick Licata and Peter Steinbrueck opposed the design so loudly that it nearly derailed the entire project.

"The goal is to have people actually

on the street," said Sally Clark, chair

of the council's Committee on the

Build Environment. "Our highest priority is making sure that the street

is a place that is safe and



What? - Is this article from the Seattle Times a Saturday Night Live skit

making fun of how stupid people in Government really are? - A skybridge

is nothing more than a passageway, a hallway, a way to get from building to building without having to take an elevator down to street level and

then go back up in an elevator - We thought these Wacko Governmental Nuts would like using less energy, but NO, these NUTS can't stand it that

there are people up "in the air"

walking from building to building and saving a few minutes in their day! - No, we can't have that! - Boy Oh Boy, these Government Types are VERY STUPID PEOPLE! - What's next, bathrooms on the 14th floor are not right and

everyone should have to come down to street level to take a piss? - Geez! -

Now you have a little idea of what the American People think about some of these weenies that work in Government that have nothing better to do but

 worry about citizens using

skybridges! - We still think that this is just an April Fool's Joke by the

Seattle Times! - Macy's rethinks downtown Seattle skybridge as

fee soars




Of course the Congressional Democrats do not have the Guts to face the Voters, the American People in Town Halls...

...Is Anyone Really Surprised By That Fact? - Didn't think so! - As reported

by the New York Times the Congressional Democrats are little

more than Cowards because they are afraid that The People they represent might actually ask them SOME



"With images of overheated, finger-waving crowds still seared into their minds from the discontent of last August, many Democrats heeded the advice of party leaders and tried to avoid unscripted question-and-answer sessions. The recommendations were clear: hold events in controlled

settings — a bank or credit union, for example — or tour local businesses or participate in community service projects.

And to reach thousands of constituents at a time, without the worry of being snared in an angry confrontation with voters, more lawmakers are also

taking part in a fast-growing trend:

the telephone town meeting, where chances are remote that a testy exchange will wind up on YouTube.

For incumbents of both parties facing challenging re-election bids, few things receive more scrutiny than how, when and where they interact with voters. Many members of Congress err on the side of being visible, but not too

visible, and make only a few public appearances while they are back in their districts."



Yes, GUTLESS DEMOCRATS, but when you don't even have the simple courage to pass a Budget for the US Federal Government through the Congress

when you are RUNNING UP MASSIVE DEFICITS AND DEBTS that will passed on to our children would anyone expect that these spineless and sorry excuses for "Public Servants" would dodge facing the People That Actually

Own the United States of America? - Again, didn't think you would be surprised! - There is only thing that is going to solve the problem of these "Elitists" in Washington DC that don't really Give a Damn about anything but keeping their precious rear-ends in office - It is time in 2010 for the American People to stand-up and to start sending a message to the Useless Bastards in both political parties that have proved they would put the American Republic in danger to serve the SOBs that stuff $$$$$$$ into

their pockets - Be Proud Democrats

for you are the Most Gutless People on the Planet...yes, even worse than the Useless Republicans...which is saying a whole lot! - What a Pitiful and Meaningless Choice the American People face on Election Day - Spineless Democrats that would sell out the country and our children to serve Unions and Trial Attorneys and Republicans that would put at risk the environment and even the Republic itself  just as long as the $$$$$$$ flow keeps coming from the Corporations and Wall Street! - As we said, a

HELLAVA and in reality...NO CHOICE

AT ALL!  - To Avoid Voter Rage, Democrats Skip Town Halls



Surprise - Surprise! - Actually, NOT

A SURPRISE AT ALL! - Moody's Investors Service reported today that the Financial "Reform" Bill

championed by the "Water-Carriers"

of Wall Street (About 75 Percent of

the Elected Officials in Washington

DC) does nothing at all to address the problem of Too Big To Fail for the country's largest financial

institutions! - As we said, NOT A SURPRISE AT ALL! - Let's go to the Moody's Report:


"[A] key issue that challenges the feasibility of the proposed legislation

is that it would not fully eliminate the issue of interconnectedness, nor is it likely that resolution authority could fully eliminate the systemic implications of allowing a large

and/or highly interconnected firm to default, especially with respect to

large international groups, and it certainly would not eliminate the risk of contagion," the team of analysts led by Robert Young wrote.

"[T]he interconnectedness and contagion risks would not be completely eliminated, nor would

the incentives and tools for regulators and the government to provide

support via emergency liquidity or other programs that would continue

to be part of the framework,"

they noted."


That seems very straightforward to us here at Mad As Hell And... and it only confirms what many people have said for awhile now, that the Financial "Reform" bill isn't "REFORM" at all! -

If the "Water-Carriers" for the Wall Street Bastards really want to reform the Financial System then they would

be wise to pass a law that would do something similar to what Warren Buffet recommended to the FCIC commission on what should happen to the CEO and his wife if the large financial institution he is running

has to get help from the government

to stay in business:


"The CEO's should lose all of his net worth and his wife should walk-away with nothing as well."


Now that would be Serious Financial Reform because Serious Financial Reform would put every CEO and his employees directly on the line if they made stupid decisions and blow their company up and threatened the American economy - Right now the

Wall Street Bastards can do anything they damn please, take any risk imaginable, scam any person in the world, and the US Government will be there to bail them out! - The Financial "Reform" bill does nothing to address the real problem with Wall Street, namely that the Wall Street Bastards don't give two rips about anything but the Almighty $$$$$$ and they would always swap The American Republic

for turning a Buck! - Until that is

fixed and every Nickel of these

Bastards Net Worth is on the line

with every decision they make the United States of America is at risk

and Wall Street will continue to pose a Clear and Present Danger to the American People - Senate Financial Reform Bill DOESN'T End Too Big To Fail, Major Credit Rating Agency Says 




You say that the US Mint is out of

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins?


"Production of United States Mint American Eagle Gold Proof and Uncirculated Coins has been temporarily suspended because of unprecedented demand for American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins. Currently,

all available 22-karat gold blanks are being allocated to the American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Program, as the United States Mint is required by

Public Law 99-185 to produce these coins “in quantities sufficient to meet public demand . . "


That the US Mint is out of American Eagle Gold Coins just proves to us that the American People are a lot smarter than the Politicians and Wall Street paper traders think they are! - The American People are smart enough to see a Massive Ponzi Scheme funded

with Humongous Amounts of Debt

when they see it and that there is not a Chance in Hell we will ever be able to pay off all this debt! - Why Oh Why would Americans be buying so much Gold? - Let's go to chart for Gold

over the past decade...



And now the chart for the S&P 500

for the same period...



Seems like the Unwashed "Buffoons

and Idiots" as We The American

People are called by the Ivy League Elitists that have created this Massive Ponzi Scheme and allowed our formerly great Capital Markets to turn into an Unregulated Las Vegas Casino are the ones THAT HAVE BEEN WRONG! - We would recommend the US Mint put in a Very Big Order for Gold because

Uncle Ben over at the Federal Reserve has the Printing Presses going full

blast to prop up his Buddies and Masters on Wall Street and since the Wall Street Bastards count on all that Free Money to pay for all their houses and cars we don't see the Printing Press being shut-off anytime soon! - US Mint Out of Not Only Silver But Gold American Eagles as Well



From The Stock Market is the NOT

The United States of America Department: Doug Short provides a

very compelling comparison of Stock Market's performance in the last

decade compared to its performance after the Crash of 1929:



In other words, people that expect

the Stock Market to make them rich

may be in for ANOTHER decade of mediocre or negative performance -

One day the American People are

going to wake-up and realize that the Casino Operators and Snake Oil Salesmen that now dominate Wall Street and Finance in our country do not represent the only place one can invest one's savings - Beyond gold and commodities, investing in oneself via education and training so you can get a better job is one good place to spend your money - Another is making investments in your local community, town or city where there are always

lots of young entrepreneurs with

great ideas that are hungry to make a success of their lives - There are commodities like gold, platinum, copper, foodstuffs, etc. that are

actually real products that humans

use everyday in their lives, which

makes them much different from the Casino Chips that these Wall Street Bastards trade-in! - Yes, the American People need to realize that the Stock Market is not America and that there are lots of places to invest one's money with real companies and products that are beyond the control of the Wall

Street Bastards who care about nothing but stealing $$$$$$$ from your

wallet or purse - Now, if we can only

get these Buffoons in Washington DC

to figure out that Bailing Out and Kissing the Rear-End of Wall Street

only Enables these SOB's that don't give two rips about the country - Monetary and Treasury Policy in the United

States should not be concerned with propping up Banks disguised as Vegas Casinos, but instead should be focused on serving the People of the United States - Memo to the Regulators and Monetary Authorities:  These Bastards on Wall Street DON'T GIVE A DAMN about the American People beyond figuring out a way to stealing more of their money so QUIT KISSING THEIR REAR-ENDS! - Is The Market About To Crash, Or Is It Just About To Start A Long Grind Sideways?




At least one good thing is coming out

of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and that is the American media are all over this story and are often ahead of the people that should be leading and solving this boondoggle, the US Government! - The Wall Street

Journal has done some topnotch reporting on the lead-up to the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon

and in Tuesday's paper they are back

at it again! - Three Wall Street

Journal reporters, Russell Gold, Ben Casselman and Maurice Tamman

have now gotten almost to the bottom

of what caused the Deepwater Horizon to implode and cause a Massive Environmental Catastrophe and

the role OUR GOVERNMENT played

in this disaster!:


"Just a week before the Deepwater Horizon exploded, BP PLC asked regulators to approve three successive changes to its oil well over 24 hours, according to federal records reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

The unusual rapid-fire requests to modify permits reveal that BP was tweaking a crucial aspect of the well's design up until its final days.

One of the design decisions outlined in the revised permits, drilling experts say, may have left the well more vulnerable to the blowout that

occurred April 20, killing 11 workers and leaving crude oil gushing into

the Gulf of Mexico.

The Minerals Management Service approved all the changes quickly, in one instance within five minutes

of submission.

Both BP and the MMS have faced growing scrutiny from congressional investigators looking into the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the resulting oil spill. Last week, a Wall Street Journal investigation found that BP had made a series of choices that made the well more vulnerable to a blowout.

BP's flurry of revisions and

re-revisions stands out as uncommon. Of the more than 2,200 wells that

have been drilled in the Gulf since

2004, only 5% have had multiple permit revisions submitted to MMS within one calendar day, according

to a Wall Street Journal analysis

of MMS records.

In only one other case, a 2005 well drilled in just 48 feet of water, has a company submitted three revisions within 24 hours, as happened on BP's well. BP's well was in nearly 5,000 feet of water, which has made dealing with the well far more complicated.

By April 14, when BP filed the first of three permits that would later be amended, the London-based oil company had already faced many problems with the well, including

losing costly drilling fluid and

fighting back natural gas that

tried to force its way into the well.

The problems had caused BP to use eight pieces of steel pipe to seal the well, rather than the planned six

pieces. The permit filed on April 14 dealt with the eighth and final

section, which hadn't yet been

installed in the well.

BP had hoped to get a 9 7/8-inch

pipe—big enough to handle a lot

of oil and gas—into the reservoir. But for the final section, the largest pipe they could fit was a 7-inch pipe. The company had to decide whether to

use a single piece of pipe that

reached all the way from the sea

floor down to the oil reservoir, or

use two pipes, one inside the other.

The two-pipe method was the safer option, according to many industry experts, because it would have provided an extra layer of protection against gas traveling up the outside

of the well to the surface. Gene Beck, a longtime industry engineer and a professor at Texas A&M University, said the two-pipe method is "more or less the gold standard," especially for high-pressure wells such as the one

BP was drilling.

But the one-pipe option was easier

and faster, likely taking a week less time than the two-pipe method. BP

was spending about $1 million per

day to operate the Deepwater


In an April report, a BP engineer concluded that the one-pipe option

was the "best economic case" despite having "some risk" of leaving an open path for gas to travel up the outside of the well. The two-pipe option, the report said, would provide an extra barrier against gas but would only be used if "stability problems" or other issues arose with the well.

In addition to well-design tweaks, the company's day-to-day operational plan was also in flux, according to testimony from an investigative hearing held by the Coast Guard and MMS in Kenner, La., last week.

On Thursday, Jimmy Wayne Harrell,

a Transocean employee who was the rig's offshore installation manager, said "the drilling program was constantly changing."

He testified that BP representatives overseeing the job had repeatedly altered plans in the days leading up to the accident, and he had had to argue to ensure certain tests were done.

BP senior drilling engineer Mark

Hafle, in testimony on Friday at the same hearings, blamed the multiple well-design corrections on an inexperienced data entry

employee who "made some

typos" filling out the forms."


If the above details on the days

leading up to the explosion and eventual sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig doesn't convince everyone that is paying attention that BP put the Almighty $$$$$$$$ ahead

of the Environment and Even Their

Own Employees then NOTHING

WILL! - It is time for the United

States Government to fully hold BP

and its subcontractors and partners completely responsible for the disaster that is now unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico! - At a minimum BP should be required to post a $25 Billion Dollar Deposit with the US Treasury to make sure they will completely pay for

the costs to cleanup up OUR Gulf of Mexico! - BP Revised Permits

Before Blast



If you would like one thing that can

sum up everything that is wrong

with the Federal Government and Washington DC, look no further than

the recent Pennsylvania Democrat Primary for the US Senate - First we have a long-time sitting Republican US Senator in Arlen Specter switching to the Democrat Party ONLY because he knew he would have lost in the Republican Primary - Yes, that is bad, but it gets worse - Arlen Specter's opponent in the Democrat Primary, 1st term Congressman Joe Sestak is approaced by a former President of the United States in Bill Clinton (Now, we are assuming you actually believe this Clinton - Sestak story, which only a TRUE MORON would really believe is

the truth...but we digress) and is

offered an "unpaid position" if he

would drop out of the race against Specter (Again, if you believe this Clinton - Specter job offer story you are either a TRUE MORON or a Member of the National Media in Washington

DC!) - Joe Sestak tells Bill Clinton that he will just run for the US Senate seat against Specter and then beats him in the Democrat Primary and the White House then embraces Sestak against

the Republican candidate in the November election - Yes, that sounds fine, if the United States of America

is a Banana Republic of the First Order and we have folks representing The People (Remember, the folks that actually OWN THE COUNTRY?) that would be better suited to running a whore house! - President Harry

Truman had these Bastards in Washington DC "called Public

Servants by the Clueless Media!"

long ago:


"My choice early in life was either to

be a piano-player in a whorehouse or

a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference."


Oh, that's RICH and VERY

ACCURATE! - Yes, the "Elected

Leaders" are bad enough, but the REAL PROBLEM in America is that the News Media that supposedly covers these Bastards is little more than their ENABLERS and like most Enablers you can get them to believe anything if

you just repeat it often enough! - The Government Types and Media Types

 like to act like they have an

adversarial relationship, but in reality in the watering holes and salons of

DC, Georgetown and Alexandria, VA they are laughing and carrying on

and crowing about what a bunch of

saps the American People are! - One day, maybe we will actually have a member of the media that will have the Guts to stand-up when a "Public Servant" is prattling on about

Absolute BS and that media member

will say:


ENOUGH WITH THE BS!  How about just telling the truth for once!


Will that ever happen?  Not a chance

in Hell because if the Media actually started covering the Government they all couldn't get together at events like the Gridiron Dinner and Kiss Each Others' Asses and act like they are all going to the Oscars when they are supposed to be doing and covering

the Nation's and The People's

Business! - No, don't hold your

breath on that happening, unless of course it might involve covering a politician that might upset their

cozy little set-up and expose the Bastards in both Government and the

Media for what they really are:  In

bed with each other and loving every minute of it! - Those Nuisance Voters




The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) came out with its annual ominous hurricane warning this past week, NOAA hurricane

forecast alarming, that in 2010

we are going to have:


14 to 23 storms big enough to be named

Eight to 14 hurricanes — storms

with winds of 74 mph or greater.

Three to seven major hurricanes —

those with winds exceeding 111 mph.


Oh No!  BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES.....Hold it a minute,

hasn't NOAA been wrong on their hurricane forecast 75 percent

of the time, 3 of the last 4 years and wrong 7 of the last 11? - Yes, that

is right which reminds us of

our old friend:


Dr. James Hansimian!



We have already proved here at Mad

As Hell And.. that a monkey could run circles around the California Pension Fund CalPERS in generating returns

on pension investments, but could a monkey beat the National Oceanic

and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in predicting the number of hurricanes each year? - ABSOLUTELY, and our money would be with the monkey, because as pointed out by

the National Center for Public Policy Research NOAA has been wrong about the number of Hurricanes  3 out of

the last 4 years and 7 out of

11 years! - Bring on the Monkey,

James Hansimian, PhD! -

Dr. James Hansimian's

Hurricane Forecast Center




Hell, the US Government has bailed

out everyone from the Greedy Wall Street Bastards, to the car companies,

to the US Mortgage Markets, to Public Employee Union Employees in every why not just go ahead and start bailing out private pensions! -

Yes, that makes Perfect Sense in Bailout-Americana! - Hell, let's not

stop with bailing out Private Pension plans, why don't we just call up Uncle Ben Bernanke over at the Federal Reserve and see if the Pentagon has some empty warehouses somewhere

that are not being used and we can just build some more printing presses and  Print Trillions more $$$$$$$ and just transfer $1,000,000 DOLLARS into

every American's bank account! - If

you don't have a bank account, don't worry, the Federal Government will

just bring the $1,000,000 DOLLARS to  your house, or rather $1,000,000 DOLLARS for every person in your household! - All in small bills of

course, $20s, 10s and 5s! - That will

get the economy really going and then we can all gather together down at the local park and hold hands and sing Kumbaya! - Actually, it isn't really Private Pensions that the US Government is looking to bailout, but

the Pensions of Union Workers which

of course is being driven by the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF

DOLLARS given to the Democratic

Party by the Leaders of Unions! - See how this works? - If you want

BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Free Money from the US Government all you have


to our Elected Leaders! - It worked perfectly for the Wall Street Bastards, the Auto Unions and the Car

Companies, the Public Employee Unions, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and now the the Democrats wants to payoff another big contributor, the Private Pensions of the Unions! -

Yes, this is all just GRAND! - Of

course, who will really end up picking up the tab for folks that give MILLION OF DOLLARS to politicians and get BILLIONS OF DOLLARS back in return for their smart "investments?" - That would be the Average American that works hard all his life, saves for his children's education and his/her retirement, and for being a solid

citizen and doing his duty he is then sent a Massive Bill run-up by the Politicians that do little more than

serve the people that stuff their

pockets with $$$$$$$! - Hmmmmmm, where oh where has a bogus system like the one that we now have in the United States of America existed before in world history? - That would be the corrupt Roman Empire for you folks that weren't paying attention in high school or college history class! -

History be Damned! - Just keeping printing the DOLLARS Uncle Ben and everything will just work out Fine and Dandy.....NOT! - Get a Copy of Are We Rome? and GET A CLUE! - Is America About To Start Bailing Out

Private Pensions?




One never knows where Common

Sense will pop up from and the latest Very Good Common Sense comes from Hedge Fund Manager David Einhorn

in a New York Times Op-Ed - Mr. Einhorn starts out by saying...


"Are you worried that we are

passing our debt on to future generations? Well, you need

not worry.

Before this recession it appeared

that absent action, the government’s long-term commitments would

become a problem in a few

decades. I believe the government response to the recession has created budgetary stress sufficient to

bring about the crisis much sooner.

Our generation — not our grandchildren’s — will have to

deal with the consequences."

Mr. Einhorn lays out a very compelling case that the US Government's

reaction to the meltdown of a few bank on Wall Street in 2008 has put the American Republic in a Hellava

spot! - Beyond Mr. Einhorn's

Common Sense argument that the United States had better deal soon

with the Massive Amount of Debt that

we are piling up on the books, he

flushes out some of the same things we have talked about here at Mad As

Hell And... about the current

monetary policies of the

Federal Reserve:


"Government statistics are about the last place one should look to find inflation, as they are designed to not show much. Over the last 35 years the government has changed the way it calculates inflation several times. According to the Web site Shadow Government Statistics, using the

pre-1980 method, the Consumer

Price Index would be over 9 percent, compared with about 2 percent in

the official statistics today.

While the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, this doesn’t even take into account inflation we ignore by using a basket of goods

that don’t match the real-world

cost of living. (For example, health

care costs are one-sixth of G.D.P.

but only one-sixteenth of the price index, and rising income and

payroll taxes do not count as

inflation at all.)

Why does the government

understate rising costs? Low

official inflation benefits the government by reducing inflation-indexed payments, including

Social Security. Lower official

inflation means higher reported

real G.D.P., higher reported real

income and higher reported productivity.

Subdued reported inflation also enables the Fed to rationalize easy money. The Fed wants to have low interest rates to fight unemployment, which, in a new version of the

trickle-down theory, it believes

can be addressed through higher

stock prices. The Fed hopes that by denying savers an adequate return in risk-free assets like savings deposits,

 it will force them to speculate in

stocks and other “risky assets.”

This speculation drives stock

prices higher, which creates a

“wealth effect” when the lucky speculators spend some of their

gains on goods and services.

The purchases increase aggregate demand and lead to job creation.

Easy money also aids the banks, helping them earn back their still unacknowledged losses. This has

the perverse effect of discouraging banks from making new loans. If

banks can lend to the government,

with no capital charge and no perceived risk and earn an adequate spread, then they have little incentive to lend to small businesses or consumers. (For this reason, higher short-term rates could very well stimulate additional lending to

the private sector.)

Easy money also helps the fiscal position of the government. Lower borrowing costs mean lower deficits.

In effect, negative real interest rates are indirect debt monetization. Allowing borrowers, including

the government, to get addicted to unsustainably low rates creates enormous solvency risks when

rates eventually rise."


AMEN to that Mr. Einhorn! - Now is anyone listening or even worse does anyone in Washington DC even care

that their current actions can be

easily compared to some of the very same foolish moves that brought

down the Roman Empire? - Please,

the folks in OUR Nation's Capital care about only one thing:  The Next Election, which is November 2010...forget about knowing about or learning from the dangerous

and very relative lessons of world history - Easy Money, Hard Truths




It is a nice thought that millions of Americans will have access to health care and that "pre-existing" conditions will be eliminated for people that need health care insurance, but what did the recently passed Health Care Reform

bill do about the biggest problem

facing Americans and US companies as it pertains to health care? - The

Biggest Problem would be THE RISING COST OF HEALTH CARE INSURANCE and the Health Care Reform bill did NOTHING to slow down the escalating costs of health care in America - Now

we have health insurance companies

in California that are about to Stick it

to Companies in the Golden Broken State again! - Get a load of this outrageous crapola!


"Small businesses in California are being hit this year with double-digit hikes in health insurance costs that could hurt the state's economic recovery as companies curtail plans

for hiring and expansion to pay

their insurance bills.

Five major insurers in California's small-business market are raising

rates 12% to 23% for firms with fewer than 50 employees, according to a survey by The Times.

Similar increases are being felt by many small businesses across the nation, including those in Texas, Ohio and Florida — mainly the result of escalating costs for medical care and pharmaceuticals, insurers say.

In California, some small businesses say they are stunned by their latest insurance bills. Longtime customers

of Blue Shield of California, for instance, are facing rate hikes as

high as 76% after the insurer lost

money on a handful of plans."


Oh, it gets worse!

"Small businesses say 2010 is shaping up to be their most expensive year yet, leaving them with few good choices. They say they can pass charges along to employees, reduce benefits, cancel insurance programs or raise the price

of goods — an option few are willing

to entertain because of competitive pressures.

"They just don't have the profit

margins to pay this cost," said insurance broker Scott Hauge, who heads Small Business California,

an advocacy group. "It goes right to their bottom line. It's a killer."

About half of the estimated 6

million Californians working in

small businesses get insurance

through their jobs.

Among the major insurers who serve

the small-group market, Aetna and Blue Shield are each increasing premiums 18% on average this year, although some Aetna customers who renew policies this summer will see increases of as much as 23%, the company said.

Blue Shield, for example,

miscalculated the cost for three plans that pay all medical expenses once customers meet thresholds for

out-of-pocket expenses. The San Francisco insurer is now raising premiums as much as 76% for some small businesses.

"It turns out that people used a lot

more medical care than we had anticipated," said Tom Epstein,

Blue Shield's vice president of public affairs. "We need to increase the

rates to cover the medical costs. We can't lose money on these products."

Many small firms say they feel a

duty to provide health insurance,

or see it as a necessary cost to attract qualified job candidates. Either

way, they predict that a continued

rise in their healthcare bills will dampen their prospects for recovery."

"Our margins will dwindle to

nothing," said Bill Thomas, chief executive of U.S. Technical, an engineering firm in Fullerton. "It's

the beginning of the end."

Yes, on top of some of the Highest

Taxes on the Planet here comes the Health Insurance companies with big premium increases which will only make it that much harder to turn a profit in California and only lead to more job losses and in the end, less tax revenue for the state - Please, someone let us know when Government on all levels will actually do something that will lead to real economic and job growth instead of just the direct payments to people and companies which does very little for the long-term health of the Republic - Meanwhile, Californians take it in the chin again! - Health Insurance rate hikes hitting California small business could hurt state's economic growth




If you want a very good example of

what is wrong with the State of California look no further than LA Times columnist Steve Lopez's piece this morning on school personnel

being allowed to give a drug to

epileptic children when they have

a seizure - Read and Weep the 
Absolute Madness!


"Although Arnold Schwarzenegger

and I don't always see eye-to-eye, he was on to something when he

described the Sacramento sausage factory like this:

"Money goes in. Favors go out. The people lose."

Case in point.

Pasadena resident George

Fatheree's 8-year-old son, Clayton,

has had epilepsy since he was an infant. For the most part, medication controls the condition, but Fatheree and his wife live with the nagging worry that their son will one day

have a damaging seizure when no

one is around who is trained to help. That's why Fatheree is all for Senate Bill 1051, which acknowledges the statewide shortage of school nurses

and would allow non-medical campus personnel to administer a life-saving drug to children who suffer seizures.

The bill was introduced in February

by Bob Huff, a Diamond Bar Republican. But despite some slow progress its fate is uncertain, which is frustrating to Fatheree and other parents of an estimated 63,000 epileptic children who attend California public schools.

One day, a Democratic senatorial

aide explained the holdup to Fatheree.

"The exact words were, 'This bill

would be a lot easier for the senator

to support if it had a Democratic author.' "


It doesn't matter how much sense the bill makes. It's opposed by several powerful labor unions that grease the palms of Democrats, including the California Teachers Assn. and California Nurses Assn. To mask their true agenda, which is to protect

nursing jobs and avoid additional duties for teachers, the unions argue that a seizure is too serious a matter to be handled by non-medical staff.

But Dr. Howard Taras, a UC San

Diego professor and advisor to several school districts, disagrees. He says the drug of choice for seizures, Diastat, is

so simple to use, it's routinely administered by parents, siblings

and babysitters."


Are you getting Pissed Off yet?  There's more....


"It is safer to have non-nurses do it than not to have them do it," said Taras, given that late response to a seizure can cause brain damage or other lasting disabilities. He said it takes about half an hour to train someone when and how to use Diastat, which is administered with a rectal syringe. Even if the drug is administered unnecessarily, he said, "It's not a dangerous thing."

Supporters also note that training

of school personnel would be VOLUNTARY, not mandatory.

But Democratic legislators live in mortal fear of ticking off their sugar daddies, just as Republican legislators answer to their own masters.

"So all of a sudden it's a jobs bill for

the unions rather than a health bill

for the kids," said Sen. Huff, who is hoping the bill will move through the appropriations committee this week and on to a floor vote.

Sen. Gloria Romero, a Los Angeles Democrat who's running for state superintendent of schools, supports

the bill but admitted the "just-say-no bullies" — the "alphabet soup" of teacher unions known by acronyms

like CTA, CFT and UTLA —

intimidate Democrats.

"They've all just said, 'Our jobs, our jobs, our jobs.' Yes, we empathize

and we're trying to get more jobs," Romero said. But she suggested it's

time for Democrats to "examine their conscience and reflect on whose interests should be served first."

A similar bill, by Assemblyman

Isadore Hall (D-Compton), would have allowed non-medical school staff

to administer insulin to diabetic children. But with many of the same groups opposed, the bill got no Democratic support and died."

Are you now starting to understand

why the leaders of the Public Employee Unions pose a great danger to the state of California? - They will put Children's Lives at risk in order to save or

generate new positions, which is

driven by the desire to have more and more people paying UNION DUES! - Politicians that blindly support

Public Employee Unions are not only putting the future of California at risk, but now even children's lives as everything now boils down to:  "Can

you get us more Government Jobs, Salary, Benefits and Pension

Increases!" - We have some news for

the leaders of the Public Employee Unions:  We are not going to let you

take down the State of California and destroy the future lives of our

children! - Not that we expect the Democratic Party in California to do anything but roll over for the Unions, just like the Republicans will roll over for Big Business! - What a Hellava

Mess we have gotten ourselves

into....but this is just another step in Pissing Off the American People and when we do get back our Government anyone and everyone that has served in Political Office over the past 30 years better prepare for Grand Jury Investigations for as far as the eye

can see! - There have been a lot of

rotten things going on and The

People are eventually going to get to

the bottom of many of them and hold the Politicians that have sold our country out responsible for their actions!- Jumping down the rabbit

hole in Sacramento



Here's an update of the below story on the Fine Public Servants at the US Government's Minerals Management Service from - Minerals Management Service:  Private

jets, gifts, email porn


Here is a quote from Democratic

Rep. Nick Rahall the House Natural Resources Committee on the

BP oil spill and MMS:

“As if catching MMS employees

literally in bed with industry officials wasn’t enough, MMS safety

inspectors were flying high in private jets, taking bribes while allowing oil and gas companies to fill out their

own safety inspection forms,” Rahall said. “ It’s past time for MMS to stop acting as a farm team for the

industry — the Deepwater Horizon

oil rig explosion is proof that this

isn’t just a game.”

And our "Elected Leaders" wonder

why the American People are SO

PISSED OFF? - Please, if we weren't Pissed Off at all this malfeasance and mismanagement there would be something wrong with us! - Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon 40

PLUS YEARS AGO and you Clowns

can't shut off a Broken Oil Well?



Got Complete and Total

Incompetence? - The US

Government Does...IN SPADES!



We would like to say we are surprised, but would anyone really be surprised

to learn that the US Federal Government Agency MMS, the

Minerals Management Service that is supposed to be regulating and overseeing the offshore oil industry

had employees doing drugs and

looking at porn? - No, it doesn't

surprise us at all, in fact

incompetence and lunacy is the

Order of the Day....Everyday in the Government of the United States of America! - From Business Insider

via Jake Tapper at ABC News:


“Two employees at the Lake Charles office also admitted to using illegal drugs during their employment at MMS,” Acting IG Kendall wrote.

“We found that many of the

inspectors had e-mails that

contained inappropriate humor and pornography on their government computers. Finally, we determined

that between June and July 2008,

one MMS inspector conducted four inspections of IOC platforms while in the process of negotiating and later accepting employment with that company.”

Yes, that is a BIG SURPRISE! -

NOT! - Please, is there anyone

running this Government and can anyone shut-off an oil well? - If not,

then it is time for the American
People to elect some "representatives" of this nation that can hold

Government Employees accountable and shut down ONE BROKEN OIL

WELL! - Jeez! - When will this Incompetent Madness End? -

Employees of Agency that was

supposed to be regulating oil

wells were looking at Porn instead




Its not just California which is headed for an epic meltdown because of their Public Pension System, New York

state's pension system is massively underfunded and if current and future public employee retirees believe that The People of those two states are

going to just accept massive tax increases so these folks can see

around on their duffs for 30+ years

we have something to say:


No Way in Hell!

"According to pension data collected

by the New York Times from the city and state, about 3,700 retired public workers in New York are now getting pensions of more than $100,000 a year, exempt from state and local taxes. The data belie official reports that the average state pension is a modest $18,000, or $38,000 for retired police officers and firefighters. (The average

is low, in part, because it includes people who worked in government only part time, or just a few years, as well

as surviving spouses getting partial benefits.)

Roughly one of every 250 retired

public workers in New York is

collecting a six-figure pension, and

that group is expected to grow rapidly in coming years, based on the number of highly paid people in the pipeline.

But New York State found a way around it. In 1997, lawmakers created

a safe-harbor mechanism allowing retirees to collect bigger pensions legally — a second pool of money

called the Excess Benefit Fund. Towns all over the state pay the associated costs, even though only a few of them have retirees who qualify. At least 28 recipients in New York get pensions above $195,000 a year. One of the highest is George M. Philip, who gets $261,037 after retiring as chief executive and chief investment officer of the New York State teachers’ pension fund. Since retiring, he has gone back

to work as president of the State University of New York at Albany, drawing an additional $280,000

last year."


OH, THAT'S RICH! - Very rich in fact,

for these public employee retirees that somehow have come to believe that it is the public's responsibility to support them in their retirement years (evidently one's retirement years starts when he/she is only in their 40s or 50!) with gold-plated pension programs

and unlimited healthcare....NOT! - We are about to have a Massive Wake-Up Call in America and when that alarm goes off people of all stripes are going

to realize that either we cut

government spending on all levels to bring it inline with what we can

actually afford, or we are going to

bring down the American Republic - Here's Why New York's Pension
System Is 100% Unsustainable




Just when you thought that it was impossible for our Gutless "Elected Leaders" to sink any lower, we now

have the Majority Party in the

Congress, the Democrats, that are scared to produce a 2011 Budget for

the US Federal Government because they believe that all the Debt, Deficits and Red Ink that would show up in

such a budget would make them look bad! - Can you say: Useless

Bastards? - Of course, this has

happened before, the Gutless Republicans in 2006 couldn't put together a Budget for the Federal Government, but with Deficits and

Debt soaring, and HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS not even

being counted (like with the cesspools

of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!) it is IRRESPONSIBLE for this Congress and Democrat leaders to not produce a Budget! - Not that we believe that

any of these Sorry Bastards in the Congress of both parties give two rips about the American People or

the country even....this whole "game"

is all about finding a way to get re-elected so they can continue to enjoy

the PERKS (Hint: $$$$$$$$) of

POWER! - These Bastards in Washington DC wonder how it could

be that the American People are pissed off so.....Uhhhhh, you Stupid SOBs,

if you actually worked for and represented the People that put you

into office, we would not now be in the Deficit, Fiscal and Economic Disaster that we now find ourselves in! - Oh, that's right, some $4,000 dollar suit, winged-tip wearing lobbyist was just in your office and he recently told your finance person that he could raise a lot of $$$$$$$$ for your campaigns IF you will.......and there is the exact spot where most Politicians throw the interests of their constituents and the country itself overboard! - All because some Sorry SOB Lobbyist that hasn't done an honest days work in his life promised a few "Coins" for your future campaigns....DISGUSTING! - Here's

the truly sad reality:  These Bastards

in Washington DC are just like the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street:  Both would Bankrupt the American

Republic, but each for different things...The Wall Street Bastards worship at the alter of the Almighty $$$$$$$ - These Sorry SOBs in the Nation's Capital have an insatiable desire for Power and to be on the "Top" of some Make-Believe Political

Structure - Both would sell you, me

and the rest of us behind the tree in a split second though to achieve what

they so desperately want in life - Are

you now starting to understand why

the American Republic is in such great danger? - Good, now go out and vote these Sorry SOBs out of office and then we can get to the Wall Street

Bastards next! - Budget woes?  Just

don't pass one






As reported by the Miami Herald and Zero Hedge it looks as if BP's Insertion Tube to try and stem the flow of oil is not working - With the US Congress

not acting, with mainly the Republic SOBs shilling for the oil companies, to make sure that BP will be held fully accountable for the damage done to

the Gulf of Mexico and maybe even beyond it looks like it may be time for the United States to move to seize the assets and cash of BP in the United States and around the world! - Either our current "Elected Leaders" will

hold BP and TransOcean fully accountable for this oil spill or the American People will find new leaders to replace the one's that look to us to

be little more than whores that have been bought off by rich corporations and individuals! - The American

People are waiting for the United

States government to act against these BP and TransOcean Bastards and to hold the companies and executives responsible for this disastrous and

what looks like an irresponsible oil spill! - Memo to the Elected Leaders

in Washington DC:  Start Acting Like You Represent the American People

or the American People will find someone to replace you Bastards! -

BP Insertion Tube Isn't Working




The MADNESS continues in what is quickly becoming the Greece of the United States of America,

CALIFORNIA! - David Crane in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed lays out the Essential Nature of a Very Particular Kind of Idiocy that is practiced in

the Golden Broke State!


"In 1999 then California Governor

Gray Davis signed into law a bill that represented the largest issuance of non-voter-approved debt in the state's history. The bill SB 400 granted billions of dollars in retroactive pension boosts to state employees, allowing retirements as young as age 50 with lifetime pensions of up to 90% of final year salaries. The California Public Employees' Retirement System sold the pension boost to the state legislature by promising that "no increase over current employer contributions is needed for these benefit improvements" and that Calpers would "remain fully funded." They also claimed that enhanced pensions would not cost taxpayers

"a dime" because investment bets would cover the expense.

What Calpers failed to disclose, however, was that (1) the state budget was on the hook for shortfalls should actual investment returns fall short

of assumed investment returns, (2) those assumed investment returns implicitly projected the Dow Jones would reach roughly 25,000 by 2009 and 28,000,000 by 2099, unrealistic to say the least (3) shortfalls could turn out to be hundreds of billions of dollars, (4) Calpers's own employees would benefit from the pension increases and (5) members of

Calpers's board had received contributions from the public employee unions who would benefit from the legislation. Had such a flagrant case of non-disclosure occurred in the private sector, even a sleepy SEC and US Attorney would have noticed."

Does that sound incredibly stupid

to you?  It gets worse...


"Eleven years later, things haven't turned out as Calpers promised.

While state employees have been big winners from the bet, the state budget has been, and will continue to be, a huge loser. Far from being "fully funded" as promised, Calpers has already required $15 billion more

from the state budget than projected

in 1999 and $3.5 billion is budgeted

for this year, a figure that is more

than five times the expense projected by the state legislature in its SB 400 analysis. Pensions are crowding out important programs like higher education, parks and health care,

and the state will continue to whack away at those programs because the legislature refuses Governor Schwarzenegger's request to repeal

SB 400 for new employees."


Did you catch the Really

Outrageous Item in the above paragraph:  "CalPERS has already required $15 billion more from the

state budget than projected in 1999

and $3.5 billion is budgeted for this year!" - Yes, Gray Davis and every

other person that has served in the California Government that voted for this Stupidity should be identified
for the True Buffoons that they are!


But here's the real Idiocy Kicker!


"Recently, a Northwestern University professor projected that California's pensions will run out of cash in 2026, threatening even greater havoc to the state's budget, yet our pension funds have adopted a "don't worry, all is well" approach and refuse to provide the information necessary for the taxpayers– i.e., the people actually

on the hook for these bets -- to make

an independent analysis."


Oh the MADNESS! - Please, would someone turn out the lights when the Last Moron leaves the State of California because pretty soon they

are not going to be able to even keep

the K-12 schools open - Dow 28,000,000:  The Unbelievable Expectations of California's

Pension System




If you want to know why the State of California is on the verge of being FINISHED...yes, we just wrote FINISHED, the behavior of the new Speaker of the state House is a Great Example - As reported by Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee:


"Memo to John Pérez, who became speaker of the state Assembly

scarcely a year after being elected to the Legislature: Dude, you aren't nearly as important as you

apparently think you are, and

before you open your mouth, you should do your homework.

Pérez demonstrated this week that

he's not ready for prime time when he got himself into a spitting match with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger over

the state budget.

Schwarzenegger unveiled this year's version of what the Capitol calls the "May revise" on Friday and

ordinarily, legislative leaders quickly react, not wanting the governor to

have the media stage to himself. Accordingly, the president pro tem

of the Senate, Darrell Steinberg, listened to the governor's

presentation and then quickly

issued sharp criticism.

Pérez, however, was absent because

he was attending a big bucks "golf tournament" in Pebble Beach to raise campaign money from special

interest groups. That may have been

a little unseemly, but Pérez would

have been well-served to take

whatever criticism came his

way silently.

Instead, he decided to play the

victim card. "I don't think the timing was coincidental," Pérez said when asked about his absence. "I think it

was proven to be really a good opportunity for the governor to make ugly proposals and dump the trash

on a Friday and then try to distract you into talking about where I was instead of what the substance of his proposals are."

"As long as we have a two-thirds requirement and we have a handful

of members holding out and blocking us from putting together a budget

that meets the expectations and the values of a majority of the people of

the state of California, I've got to do everything I can to create the
political circumstances for me to

have two-thirds Democratic control

of the Assembly so we're not hamstrung," he said, "and part of

that is raising enough money to

do campaigns."

Having jammed both of his feet into

his mouth, Pérez should have quit while he was behind, but no, he did it again, insisting that resisting the governor's budget cuts was all about saving the economy because public employees would lose their jobs – a stance that is, if nothing else, illuminating.

The most important contributors to Democratic campaigns are public employee unions and, one presumes, they were heavily represented at Pérez's fundraiser in Pebble Beach

last Friday."

AMEN to the Dan! - As we have said

here many times before, the "Elected Leaders" in Sacramento are not only going to take California off the cliff, they are stupidly Doubling-Down on some of the most Asinine Public

Policy Decisions in World History -

Yes, raise taxes even higher you Idiots...It has worked out so well so

far! - Perez jams both feet into mouth




It looks like in China that the Government actually holds CEO's

and Business Owners that break the

law accountable for their actions! -

Isn't that ironic?....We had a few

banks in New York that almost

brought down the entire American Economy and the Securities and Exchange Commission can only find

one very flimsy fraud charge that is based upon an action that happens thousands of times on Wall Street everyday that no one says a word

about - If the United States

Government really did regulate and oversee these Wall Street Bastards

they would find that they flaunt the rules on leverage that commercial banks are supposed to be complying to...but again, no one says a word.... - That reality can only make us wonder...Who THE HELL is driving

this train? - We all know the answer

to that question and it's not the

Elected Representatives that are supposed to be representing The

People - Again how ironic:  In China

if a CEO breaks the law they throw his sorry ass in jail - In America when a CEO breaks the law he is feted on TV and is celebrated in Washington DC

as a hero (as he hands out Millions of $$$$$ over drinks and shrimp

cocktail!) - Yes, we are now living in

 the Bizarro world where we can arrest and imprison a guy like Bernie Madoff that any random monkey out of any

zoo could have convicted him two decades ago, but the Folks that are stealing the Real Money are taking it right out the front door in view of everyone...and nobody says a

word! - Please someone send us a

note when the US Constitution and the laws of the country actually apply to ALL AMERICANS, not just to us poor peons out her in the hinterlands

while the Bastards get a free pass! - Chinese tycoon Huang Guangyu sentenced to 14 years in prison





Mort Zuckerman says it a lot better

than we ever could on the Cost and Ultimately the Danger that Public Employee Unions Pose to the American Republic - Any time that a very large group of people, like the Public Employee Unions, have an incentive to support political candidates because they will give them more pay and benefits, puts that group of people in direction opposition to the best interests of the country - With Wall Street running a Las Vegas Casino, Corporate America in search at profits at ANY COST, Governments on every level piling up debt as far as the eye

can see and Public Sector Unions working to guarantee themselves

more salary, benefits and pensions... The American People are getting lost

in the shuffle.....AS USUAL! - Again

we ask:  Does anyone represent The American People and what is best for the American Republic or will the Money Stuffers (into

politicians pockets) win out

again? - The Crippling Price of

Public Employee Unions




If you are an American Citizen then

you need to take a few minutes to

watch 60 Minutes Scott Pelley's

report on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster - What is very clear from Pelley's report and his interview with Mike Williams, a crewmember of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, is that BP and TransOcean are both responsible for the explosion of this oil rig and

that yet again we find corporations operating in our nation that put their profits ahead of EVERYTHING

ELSE! - Now let's imagine for a

moment that the United States of America had a Justice Department

that actually held corporate leaders accountable for their actions, then we would have already seen the CEO's of

BP and TransOcean "Perp-Walked"

out of their corporate offices or off

their million dollar airplanes (as several Wall Street CEO's would have been two years ago as well!)....but

no, we can't have that....Since the oil companies have made sure that they have spread plenty of $$$$$$$ around to anyone and everyone that oversees and regulates them! - Again, the Politicians in the United States

wonder why the American People are Pissed Off? - Please, most of these Politicians haven't interacted with regular Americans in any meaningful way in years and they do nothing more than Sit On-High telling all of us

Peons that they know what is best for

us - The title of the movie that

depicted the 1925 Scopes "Monkey" Trial seems like an apt warning for these Bastard Politicians and the Corporations and Rich Folks that lead them around by the noses: 

Inherit the Wind



Yes, the world is now upside down -

It is Corporate America and the

Wall Street Bastards that Fight Like Hell to maintain the corrupt status

quo, because they have so rigged the entire American system with Bogus Capitalism, which is little more than CEO's buying off politicians with one hand while they claiming they are free market champions with the other - These CEO's are actually nothing

more than Socialists that feed off

the American People by bribing politicians with "campaign contributions! - Where is the Spencer Tracy of today to speak up for and represent the American People? - It may not matter, because yes, the American People are now awake and you Bastards that have run up this Massive Pile of Debt and Mortgaged

our children's future while giving

away the store to anyone that stuffs $$$$$$ into their pockets are going

to "Inherit the Wind" and then as Abraham Lincoln once said "we shall save our country." - Yes, we may just! - Blowout: The Deepwater

Horizon Disaster




The Governator of California rolled

out his revised budget for the Golden Broken State on Friday after tax revenues imploded in April and not surprising to anyone was Arnold's

plan to eliminate entire programs to reduce the $20 BILLION DOLLARS BUDGET DEFICIT that the state is

now facing - Of course, the Governator, state legislators, and the state bureaucracy are really only nibbling

at the edges, because the real problems are ahead with thousands of Public Employees slated retire in the next decade that will require BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the state's General Revenue and once the Pension

Tsunami hits it will make 2010 look

like a walk in the park - Yes, the state

of California has been spending

money like drunken sailors that had someone else's money over the past 15 years, but there is something else going on here.....and that would be the

ALL-OUT AND 24 HOUR A DAY WAR that the State of California has been waging against businesses of all types that have driven entrepreneurs and

job creators out of the state which has led to a $40 BILLION DROP in state revenues in only 3 years - No, the Recession alone cannot explain a

$40 BILLION DOLLAR REVENUE DROP and as long as the State of California and its Massive Bureaucracy Wages Their War on Business at the

insistence of Democrat Politicians

and Public Employee Unions then we can expect to see the state struggle for years to come with the People of California, often the most vulnerable people in fact, suffering terribly - Isn't it ironic that the Very People that are Waging the All Out War on Business in the State of California are the Very Same People that want these Huge Social Service Programs? - There is a huge irony to that reality, but we are not counting on any of the Liberals to understand that IT IS THEM that are the people directly responsible for the cuts that they now decry - Yes, these

are VERY STUPID PEOPLE! - Schwarzenegger's budget deals

blows to the poor




Are the US Equity Markets Rigged? - It is hard to imagine that there are people stupid enough in Government and/or Private Business that would be put together a conspiracy to send enough "BUY" orders to stock markets in the United States to push the markets up - Of course, the very same Morons that were running the Wall Street Banks and at the highest levels of Finance in the Federal Government were there in the 2000s and all of

them were claiming that "Sub-Prime" loans were not a threat to the

Financial System or Country - Yes, these are very Stupid, and often Very Greedy People, but if there was

anyone working for the Federal Government at the US Treasury, Federal Reserve, or anywhere else that colluded with Wall Street Firms to purchase stocks so that the market would go up and would thus vindicate the actions they took when they

bailed out these Sorry Ass SOBs on Wall Street then there will be a lot of people going to prison one day

because there is no way that a conspiracy to manipulate the US Equity Markets could be legal - Zero Hedge has a post:  "Insights From An Ex-Wall Street CEO that includes:


"I am Ex CEO of mid sized Wall Street Firm. Known for equity research; reasonably good trading; acceptable Investment Banking. Now retired
Equity Block Trader early in career. May have traded more 1,000,000 share blocks than anyone over 10

year period.

Executed 1st program trade that I

am aware of. Manually handled blocks of stock vs options on the XMI for expiration October of 1983.
Oversaw global equity trading, for

top 5 firm. Was senior trader and oversaw hedge book during 87 crash. Still have time and sales from that

day for all trades on NYSE.

Can read the tape as well as most.

I cannot come up with any explanation for market activity for last 15 months other than treasury intervention. Probability of other explanation is nonexistent.

But if that is the case…and I was

Tim, how would I work it…starting

in March 09.

1) I would only have one … at most

two … firms involved. And only

3-4 at those firms…although it is

more likely 10. (My bet is JPM).

2) I would assume that I had TARP money or other unaudited Fed money to work with (ZH has documented

past documents that tangentially referenced this possibility) and it would be north of 10B allocated.

With leverage thru the loan

process…much bigger.

3) I would –as you have suggested – wash the order thru liquidity loans

to my 1 or 2 firms; with the understanding that they would buy equities that they would then

deposit as collateral for such loans. That way I could almost time my equity support for the market with

a notional understanding that I wanted the “ collateral” created and posted in a very short time frame.

4) Not on paper, but at the coffee house, I would discuss how I

generally would support....."


And it continues on - Like we said earlier, it is hard for us to believe that there are really people stupid enough to try and pull off something that is so clearly illegal and would break dozens of US Securities Laws, but if it is true then there is little doubt that the American People no longer own their country, but instead a very small

Cabal is driving this train and their only interest is enriching a group of people that are already some of the richest people on the planet! - Conspiracy Theories that include

black helicopters are of very little interest to us, but Bastards that put themselves and the Almighty Dollar above the American Republic itself

and its People have our Full Damn Attention! - We remind the Wall

Street Bastards that we still have elections in our Republic and one day there may be someone in the White House (and at the US Justice Department as Attorney General) that will not be so friendly to the SOBs running this Las Vegas Casino (think Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt...Oh, that can't be a good thought!) that has little to do

anymore with Real Business and

the raising of Capital for

American companies - Insights

From An Ex-Wall Street CEO




Leave it to George Will to define the Madness and Outright lies and misrepresentation by people in the highest positions in business and government - Read it and weep!


"To understand the pertinence to America of events in Greece, notice General Motors' most recent misbehavior. A television

commercial featuring CEO Ed Whitacre demonstrates the institutional murkiness and intellectual dishonesty that result when the line between public and private sectors disappears.

In the commercial, Whitacre says

GM has "repaid our government loan in full." Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.,

noted that GM used government

funds to pay back the government:

It "simply transferred $6.7 billion

from one taxpayer-funded TARP account to another." The government still owns 60.8 percent of GM's common equity, and the

Congressional Budget Office

projects that the government

will lose about $34 billion of the

$82 billion of TARP funds dispersed

to the automotive industry.

When Ryan and two colleagues

asked the Treasury Department for clarification, they got this careful reply: "Treasury has never suggested that the loan repayment represented

a full return of all government assistance." A Treasury press release did say "GM Repays Treasury Loan

in Full." The loan is, however, a

small part of taxpayer exposure. Under crony capitalism, when government and corporate America merge, both dissemble.

So the U.S. government, which would borrow 42 cents of every dollar it spends under the president's 2011 budget, is borrowing to rescue Greece and others from the consequences

of their borrowing.

That nation, whose GDP is below

that of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, is "too big to

fail," meaning too inconveniently connected to too many big banks. Bailing out Greece really rescues European banks that improvidently bought Greek bonds. Visit here for a useful New York Times graphic illustrating how European nations borrow from one another. For example, Italy owes France (French banks) $511 billion, a sum nearly equal to 20 percent of France's GDP. About one-third of Portugal's debt is held by Spain, which has $238 billion of its debt held by Germany and

$220 billion by France. Russell Roberts of George Mason University notes that this "discourages

prudence and wariness" because

when "everyone has financed

everyone else, you can justify

bailing everyone out."

Oh, the Absolute Madness and these Elites really believe they know more than the average guy in the street - The reality is that the Average American knows UP from DOWN which is something most of the Elites in Washington DC and New York would have a tough time defining! - Thanks Mr. Will, but you must know as we do that the folks driving this train don't give a damn if it goes off the tracks or not because they have their $$$$$ and the American People be Damned! -
Crony Capitalism: From GM to

Greece, the Lies Keep Growing





STOP THE PRESSES! - Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America disclosed this week that their trading desks made money in every day of the first quarter! - Oh, Don't Stop the Presses, because Any Random Monkey from any Zoo on the Planet could Borrow Money for next to nothing and then just buy US Treasuries and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bonds and

MAKE A MINT! - That any of these Greedy Wall Street Bastards make a

lot of money in the Las Vegas Casino when the Market is Rigged in a way

that the Boys in the Real Las Vegas would be stunned to see is like Yelling out:  "Hey, the Sun is coming up!" - Wall Street Banks Making Money?  Please, the US Government and

Federal Reserve EXIST to make sure the Wall Street Banks make a lot of money, often impoverishing the American People in the process and transferring BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the American Republic to the southern tip of Manhattan! - If anyone tells you that Wall Street is a place where American Business goes to raise capital to start and expand business just look at them and say:  "Marx, Lenin and Stalin would have never dreamed they would have been able to steal so much money from the People while also having so many people in Government helping them steal it!" - Cad and Moron John Edwards was

right about one thing:  There are two Americas! - There is the America that spends a lot of $$$$$$ bribing public officials in Washington DC with "Campaign Contributions" which makes both VERY RICH and there is the America that gets up everyday and goes to work and gets pillaged and raped by the Bastards that do very little real work but have a great knack for manipulating the "System" to enrich themselves - Interestingly, it is the hard working Americans that have made up about 99% of the US Armed Forces in the country's history and have sacrificed their own lives for the American Republic while the Bastards learned how to steal and cheat on someone's else's dime, all the while

not lifting a finger for their country outside of registering to vote! -

Doesn't strike you as OPPOSITE of

what America supposed to stand

for? - Rigged-Market Theory Scores

a Perfect Quarter




"Here We Go Again...Singing the

Same Old Song Again!" - As Tax Revenues Implode in the State

of California....


California Controller John Chiang April 2010 Cash Figures


 ...The Business Relocation Coach

has found another 129 Businesses

that have either moved out of California or have made new investments outside of the Golden Broken State! - The Insanity that is

the State of California and the

Liberals that have run the state in the ground as they continue to wage their war on business (with the Legislature trying to pass dozens of new taxes on business in a disastrous recession!)

is that ironically it is the businesses that the Liberals in California hate so much that are the very providers of

the revenue that the state needs to stave off massive cuts and

bankruptcy! - Do you see what

Absolute Buffoons these folks are that have destroyed the Golden Broken State? - These people really do not know the difference between UP AND DOWN! - If any of these Idiots really gave a Damn about the children that really need a good education, food on table, and a safe place to live they would not be Waging a Multi-Front War on Business that is driving out business and ravaging state

revenues! - But then who ever claimed that a Liberal REALLY gives a damn about the people they claim they

want to protect? - The Liberals in California are not Liberals as the

term is known today in the United States, but rather they are selfish and petty people that care about nothing but enriching their friends, the people that put and keep them in office,

and of course themselves! - Oh, the Absolute Madness, but then what is new in the Land of the Morons? - Business Relocation Coach: Updated Again: California's Hostile

Business Climate - 129 'Business Disinvestment' Events




Do we really have to have a Solar and Climate Scientist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Dr. Willie Soon, to tell us what any

6th grade student that has completed Physical Science would know? - Yes, it seems so, because there are all kinds

of Wacko Environmental Nuts

running around claiming that CO2 is destroying the Earth when that is nothing more that ABSOLUTE NONSENSE! - Here is what the

Harvard Astrophysicist has to say about the Global Warming Nonsense:

" What drives climate change on Earth?

Dr. Soon: Most of the weather and climate variations we observed are essentially related to the sun and the changing seasons – not by CO2 radiative forcing and feedback. The climate system is constantly readjusting naturally in a large

way – more than we would ever see from CO2. The CO2 kick [impact of

CO2 emissions] is extremely small compared to what is happening in a natural way. Within the framework

of a proper study of the sun-climate connection, you don’t need CO2 to explain anything. What is your opinion of the anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming theory?

Dr. Soon: It’s never been about the science – even from the very beginning. It’s based on confusion

and a mixture of ideology. We

should deal only in the facts that

we do know. Many of the scientists promoting the global warming

theory appear to be driven by

politics rather than hard scientific data. What are your thoughts?

Dr. Soon: I am a scientist. I go where the facts take me. And the facts are fairly clear. It doesn’t take very long to discover that their views [of man-caused global warming] aren’t grounded in the facts. Why would
any solid science need so much promotion and advertisement and

the endless shouting about how the science has all been “settled”? And now we’re supposed to believe that

the growing consensus on the street that humans are not responsible for global warming is due mainly to the confusion created by climate “deniers.” Many scientists like you (often referred to as “skeptics”) are ridiculed and isolated for challenging the dogma of man-made global warming. Many of your peers have been very successful in their efforts to marginalize anyone who deviates from the approved script? What is happening?

Dr. Soon: The pro-AGW supporters have become more and more confrontational in their attacks on scientists who challenge their views. For instance, Stephen Schneider [a professor of environmental studies at Stanford University], says that skeptics sell garbage and that we are playing games with science. He compares it to selling drugs and believes that we are criminals who should go to jail. Guess what? You don’t pull that sort of thing on people who know something about science. What needs to be

done to combat the strong-arm

tactics being used against scientists who disagree with the AGW theory?

Dr. Soon: Science needs to stand up. The AGW movement is killing science. It’s very unhealthy in many ways. They are corrupting science for material gain. It’s time for us to

take back climate science."

Yes, we must have a Harvard Astrophysicist tell us the truth

because the Wacko Environmental Nuts that would destroy the American and World economy with their Absolute Nonsense....if we let them...and we are not going to let you Stupid SOBs do that! - Harvard astrophysicist dismisses AGW theory, challenges peers to 'take back

climate science'




It is time for the folks in Los Angeles to face facts:  The City of Los Angeles is headed for a financial  meltdown and assured bankruptcy because as former Mayor Richard Riordan and now George Will point out:


"Riordan and Rubalcava say two numbers—8 percent and 5,000—

define the city's crisis. L.A. has conveniently but unrealistically assumed 8 percent annual growth of the assets of the city's pension funds. The two main funds' actual growth over the last decade have been 3.5 percent and 2.8 percent. And Villaraigosa added 5,000 people to

the city's payroll in his first term."

George Will continues:


"The nightmare numbers include the state's unemployment rate (12.6 percent)—it is higher than the

nation's (9.9)—and the city's rate (13.5), which is higher than the

state's. The city's long-term success depends on its schools, in many of which most of the children come from homes without fathers, and in some

of which, Villaraigosa says, 40

percent of the children are in foster homes. He has little control over the school system and, anyway, unions oppose radical reforms. He would

like to emulate the education

reforms of former Florida governor

Jeb Bush, a recent visitor to the mayor's residence, but, holding his fingers three inches apart to suggest the thickness of the standard contract with the teachers' union, Villaraigosa calls the union "the most powerful defender of the status quo."

The mayor's residence is near

Wilshire Boulevard, which is named for a socialist who made and lost several fortunes before dying destitute. The life of Henry Wilshire

is a cautionary tale for this city

where the climate is usually Mediterranean and the fiscal

climate is now Greek."

 Well said Mr. Will, well said... -

The problem is that no one in Los Angeles is listening, or California for that matter and these Buffoons will take down the Golden Broken State

and the People of California all in

the name of keeping Public Union Employees on the Payroll! -

Absolute Madness! - Nightmare Numbers in L.A.






Columnist Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post lays bare the fantasyland that America could

end its "addiction to fossil fuels" anytime soon in his latest:


"Just once, it would be nice if a president would level with Americans on energy. Barack Obama isn't that president. His speech the other night was about political damage control -- his own. It was full of misinformation and mythology. Obama held out a gleaming vision of an America that would convert to the "clean" energy

of, presumably, wind, solar and biomass. It isn't going to happen for many, many decades, if ever.

For starters, we won't soon end our "addiction to fossil fuels." Oil, coal

and natural gas now supply about 85 percent of America's energy needs.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration expects energy consumption to grow only an average of 0.5 percent annually from 2008 to 2035, but that's still a 14 percent cumulative increase. Fossil fuel

usage would increase slightly in

2035 and its share would still

account for 78 percent of the total.

Unless we shut down the economy, we need fossil fuels. More efficient light bulbs, energy-saving appliances, cars with higher gas mileage may all dampen energy use. But offsetting

these savings are more people (391 million vs. 305 million), more households (147 million vs. 113

million), more vehicles (297 million

vs. 231 million) and a bigger economy (almost double in size). Although

wind, solar and biomass are assumed to grow up to 10 times faster than overall energy use, they provide

only 11 percent of supply in 2035,

up from 5 percent in 2008."


Amen to that Mr. Samuelson! - Now,

the question is, do any of these Wacko Environmental Nuts have a clue to

what they are talking about or are they going to continue to live in a Fantasyland that "Green Energy" will just magically fall like Manna From Heaven but is really nothing more than a MASSIVE LIE that they are trying to pass off to the American People - Meanwhile, US Senators Kerry and Lieberman are running around touting a Bogus study from the EPA that their Hogwash Climate Bill would only cost the "average household between $80 to $150 per year" (John Kerry, Joe Lieberman tout EPA projection on Climate Bill) which is absolute

nonsense since those of us that live in California have seen the Environmental Laws, Renewable Requirements and Gasoline Restrictions the the Bozos in Sacramento have passed have raised our Energy/Utility prices almost

$300 DOLLARS A MONTH in the last 10 years in the Golden Broken State! -

And the Idiots in Sacramento wonder why the California Economy is still on its knees? - Hell, You Morons have

taken all of our money so there is a lot less disposable income to be spent by Californians in the Economy! - Can you say..."Stupid Is As Stupid Does?" - The Bogus Kerry - Lieberman Climate "Cap and Tax the Hell out of the American People" Bill is nothing more than a MASSIVE TAX INCREASE ON ALL AMERICANS with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to be transferred to the Government, Large Multi-National Companies and to Wacko Environmental Nuts that will only take all that $$$$$$ and try to find ways to get MORE OF OUR $$$$$$ - And...This Bogus Bill Would DO NOTHING

ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING, that is if you think a 1 degree change over the past 40 years is "Climate Change!" -

All this Climate Change Nonsense and "Get off our Addiction to Fossil Fuels" Foolishness is Classic Washington DC Stupidity with the American People on the Hook if any of this Crapola actually passes! - Energy Pipedreams




BP CEO Tony Hayward:


"I can't answer that question"


Here's a question that the US Government could answer:  The

United States should throw this Sorry Excuse for a Human Being in BP CEO Tony Hayward in jail for crimes

against the American Republic! -

Maybe if we get Hayward into an interrogation room and have a couple

of top detectives put him under the spotlight he will start "remembering" things! - The problem with BP CEO Hayward and most other Fortune

500 CEOs is that they will ALWAYS choose profit over the safety and security of the American People! -

How do you know if a CEO or Wall

Street Bastard is lying? - When it

comes to Turning a Buck a CEO and Wall Street Bastard is ALWAYS

LYING! - Its time for the US Government to start regulating and holding accountable these Bastards

that are waging a war against the American People and give legitimate businesses run by hard working Americans a chance to make a go of it

in our country - BP CEO Tony

Hayward "can't answer that

question?" - Oh, we are betting he will answer any Damn question we ask of him if we haul his sorry rear-end off in handcuffs! - Evasive BP CEO leaves Congress flummoxed




Turning Point Speech? - NOT! - How About Solving the Problem!


It would be hard to find any American with a lick of common sense that

doesn't think that OUR Country should be moving away from fossil fuels,

it's just that most of us don't think creating a "Carbon Exchange" to allow "Cap and Trading" to go on which

will only make the Wall Street Bastards and Large Corporations even richer makes any sense of all! - "Cap and Trade" is really just "Cap and TAX

THE HELL OUT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE via higher prices on all of our utilities and energy and anyone that disputes that fact is either in line to MAKE A MINT off the American

People or is a LIAR!


As pointed out by the Huffington Post's Dan Froomkin the Problem with President Obama' speech was that

the folks in the White House just don't seem to understand that the US Government's Response to the BP Oil Spill is an ABSOLUTE AND COMPLETE JOKE! - Hell, the response to Katrina looks good compared to this nonsense now going on in the Gulf of Mexico, and if the Feds really wanted to solve this problem that is nothing less than an attack on the American Republic OUR Government would react like we did after the Soviet's launched Sputnik! - The Gulf of Mexico should be filled

with skimming and other ships from

one end to the other, but there are thousands of boats all along the Gulf coasts and elsewhere in the world that are sitting around doing nothing! - Solve the Problem you Idiots and quit talking about passing "Green Energy" legislation that has nothing to do with SOLVING THE PROBLEM! - Stop the Leak! - Attack the Oil Spill in the

Gulf of Mexico as if it Threatens the Future of the Republic - Pass Common Sense Energy Legislation that will actually address the problem of the United States reliance on energy from abroad, which starts with using our

own Natural Gas and New Nuclear Power which will have a real impact

and add large amounts of US Created energy in our country! - Wind and

Solar are great but they will never replace much of our energy usage for decades to come - And for God's Sake quit trying to make a bunch of Futures Traders in Chicago and the Wall Street Bastards even Richer with this Bogus "Cap and Tax the Hell Out of the American People" CRAP! - Oh, these People are IDIOTS! - Obama's Speech:  Not The Turning Point He Had In Mind




Another report from Bizarro-Land otherwise known as "The Land of Government Wasting the American People's Hard Earned Money!" - Get a Load of this Crapola:


BART spending $800K to

define three words


"Believe it or not, BART is spending $800,000 to come up with a definition of just what constitutes a "major service change."

Most of us would simply reach for a dictionary, but BART has to make the feds happy, and that means a three-month process that includes:

-- Holding 35 community meetings.

-- Hiring a small army of translators

to staff the meetings.

-- Bringing in a crew of six-figure consultants to manage the meetings and issue the obligatory reports.

"We're just trying to cover all our bases," said BART spokesman Linton Johnson."


If you are thinking that these are

VERY STUPID PEOPLE then you would BE RIGHT! - gets worse!

"It all started a few months back when the Federal Transit Administration nixed $70 million in stimulus money that would have helped BART build a people-mover line from the Coliseum Station to Oakland International Airport.

The feds said BART hadn't considered what impact possible higher fares and a "major service change" would have on low-income, minority and limited-English-speaking riders.

The oversight amounted to a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and could jeopardize more than $100 million in future funding for the

airport line, plus other projects.

Stunned BART officials decided then and there to follow the feds' guidelines to the letter - and the first stop was to make sure they knew the exact definition of "major service change."

First: 17 public meetings all over the Bay Area to identify the low-income, minority and limited-English-

speaking riders they needed to

hear from.

That meant hiring a consultant at a cost of about $100,000 to organize the meetings and issue a 28-page "public participation plan."

To make sure everyone was heard, BART had to provide foreign language translators - with a minimum of two

for every language spoken.

At one meeting in Richmond, a dozen translators speaking six languages were on hand, at a cost of about $7,200."


Hold it a minute... Calling these

folks VERY STUPID PEOPLE does a great injustice to the VERY STUPID PEOPLE in the world! - These People in Government are not only STUPID and very good at WASTING OUR MONEY they are incredibly IGNORANT AS WELL! - Oh, the Madness - BART spending $800K to define three words




You say that the Los Angeles Department of Power and Light lied

to the public when it threatened to withhold funds from city? - No, it

can't be! - Our "Public Servants" lying

 to the People that actually own the Government? - No, it cannot be! - Actually....


"Executives at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

misled the public when they

threatened to withhold $73.5 million from the city's budget two months ago as part of their demand for a hike

in electricity rates, City Controller Wendy Greuel said Thursday.

Greuel launched an examination of DWP accounts after the nation's

largest municipal utility refused to turn over the money April 5. That decision came after the council voted against a rate hike backed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

A report released by Greuel on Thursday dismissed the DWP's

reasons for refusing to make the transfer. Greuel said the utility would have had the money to make the

$73.5 million transfer — considered vital to the city's slumping treasury — even if it received no increase at all.

"The DWP's actions unnecessarily plunged the city into a fiscal crisis," said Greuel, standing in front of the agency's downtown headquarters. "We never should have been held hostage" by the DWP, she added."


Yes, it seems to be very clear that Executives at the LA Department of Power and Light LIED to the LA City Council and the Public about their situation AND the need for a rate increase on the People! - Here is what this is really about:  The DWP has thousands of Public Employee Union workers on its staff and in order for the Public Employee Unions to keep getting all those Union Dues so these Fat Cat Union Leaders can keep taking vacations around the world and

wasting their members' $$$$$$$$ in elections like the one in Arkansas,

these DWP Bastards believe they can just lie to the People that they work

for! - OUTRAGEOUS! - It is past time

to get Government on all levels out of the "Employment Agency" business

and back into the Business of Serving the Public! - Maybe if we tossed some

of these Bastards into jail for lying

to the People that they work for these SOBs would start to get the message, because right now they don't give a damn about anything but serving the people that line their pockets with "campaign contributions!" - 

Controller finds DWP misled the

public when it threatened to

withhold funds from city




The Great Mark Fiore is at it again,

this time taking on "Voluntary Regulation" like the OUTRAGEOUS

Cozy Relationship between BP and the Department of Interior! - Mark Fiore keeps laying direct hits and his targets are again bloodied and bruised and Fiore just Floats Away "Like a

Butterfly and Still Stinging like a Bee!"


Trust Me




You say that Jason Scott Johnston,

the Professor and Director on Law, Environment and Economy at the University of Pennsylvania Law

School found that....



  “on virtually every major issue in climate change science, the [reports

of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel

on Climate Change] and other summarizing work by leading climate establishment scientists have adopted various rhetorical strategies that

seem to systematically conceal or minimize what appear to be fundamental scientific uncertainties

 or even disagreements.”


A Surprise?  NOT! - Anyone with a working brain knows that the Climate on Planet Earth has "Changed" Thousands of Times in both directions long before Man was even walking on

the planet! - Of course, don't try to tell that to the Environmental Wacko Nuts that are little more than Age of Aquarius Gang on Steroids that lie awake at night dreaming how they can blame the human race for wreaking havoc on "Mother Earth" - If you are thinking this sounds a lot like a

Wacko Religion that these Environmental Nuts are practicing

then you would be right! - Here's the real kicker:  When we finally get to bottom of all this Global Warming Nonsense we are going to find the

same thing we find on Wall Street every day of the week - Unbelievable Greed built around a Massive Fraud Ginned

up by people that believe they can turn a quick buck STICKING IT TO THE COMMON MAN AND WOMAN IN THE STREET! - Legal beagle says: 

Manmade global warming science doesn't withstand scrutiny




If you wondering why the Mega Bank downtown, the regional bank over at

the strip mall or the community bank down the street will not give you a loan to start of keep your business going, Do Not Wonder Any Longer! - You see, the Federal Reserve and Its Owners are engaged in a nice little Kabuki Dance that is making the Bankers very rich,

all with the backup and full guarantee of the American People which is




How does this Kabuki Dance work you ask?  - Well, the US Government is running a Massive Current Account Deficit and Uncle Ben over at the Federal Reserve and his nephew at the US Treasury must figure a way to keep this Massive Ponzi Scheme going (You know, just keep issuing paper and

then keep printing $$$$$ to keep

buying that paper and rolling it over every few months with new paper) and what better way than to "Give" the Bankers unlimited amounts of $$$$$$$ at an interest rate of .25 percent (No, YOU AND I can't get that deal!) and then have the Bankers buy up US Government Debt that is yielding

3 to 4 percent and "Wa-La" the

Bankers can make 3 + percent on their money RISK FREE! - Now let's see

here, the Banks can either use the "Free" $$$$$$$ they are getting from the Federal Reserve to make loans to "Risky" businesses and individuals where they might lose some of their $$$$$$$ (actually our $$$$$$) OR the Banks can use the "Free" $$$$$$$

from the Federal Reserve to buy up

RISK FREE US Government Debt with some of their $$$$$$$ and put the

rest into their Casino Operations

and make a TON OF MONEY!


And you were wondering why the Private US Economy was not creating any jobs? - Please, the US Government and the Federal Reserve actually are conducting policies that actually DISCOURAGES businesses from

creating jobs because only the biggest

of companies can get access to

capital! - The Bankers are thrilled to

 be able to make Boatloads of Money RISK FREE and to have plenty of $$$$$ to play around in their Casinos with which creates NO economic value and creates NO Real Capital for the Economy! - Yes, these policies by OUR Government make perfect sense, if

they are interested in making the Bankers very rich and they rather


AMERICAN PEOPLE! - Well, the US Government was there to BAIL OUT these Sorry Bastards in 2008 and is anyone really surprised the Bankers are still at the head of the line? - Didn't think so! - In a country that was founded upon a Revolution against a group of Elitist Bastards the words of Henry Ford ring in our ears....


"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did,

I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."


 One can only wonder what would happen to the Bankers if the

American People ever got THEIR Government back and the Bankers would be advised to give that some thought as well! - For some reason we have this funny notion that a Federal Grand Jury made up of normal Americans might just be able to find some laws that these Wall Street Bastards have broken and that would make everything that has happened in the US Financial System since the

1980s fair game for the American

People to consider! - Banks Are

Lending Money Like Crazy To

Single Borrower




The newest Washington Post -

ABC News poll is out and it

shows that:


"The national survey shows that 29 percent of Americans now say they

are inclined to support their House representative in November, even

lower than in 1994, when voters swept the Democrats out of power in the

that chamber after 40 years in the majority."


Our only question is...


Who are those 29 percent that

approve of their Congressional rep?


The Washington Post/ABC News

poll also found out relative to the

"Tea Party:


"The poll also finds growing disapproval of the "tea party" movement, with half the population now expressing an unfavorable impression of the loosely aligned protest campaign that has shaken up politics this year."


We are not surprised by that

somewhat negative view of

the "Tea Party" either because the moniker "Tea Party" is just a name

that is loved by the Elitist Bastards

driving this this train that try in vain

to understand why the American

People just don't drop to their knees and worship the great geniuses that

give orders "On High" to those of us

out here that are part of the

"Unwashed Masses" - The answer isn't the "Tea Party" nor the Democrat

Party nor the Republican Party - The answer is for Elected Representatives

of The People (Yes, us the ones that actually own the country!) to start serving The People instead of the

last Bastard that was in your office promising to raise $$$$$$$ for their next political campaign! - What we need in American are leaders that

will channel former great American leaders like Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower

instead of Useless SOBs that put

their finger in the wind and then

decide how to vote! - Voters' support

for members of Congress is at an

all-time low, poll find




What must keep the Bastards now driving the American Republic (The

Big Corporations on the Right; the Unions and Trial Lawyers on the Left; and Wall Street Bastards Buying off both sides of the aisle!  Also don't forget the National Media which is in cahoots with both political parties in OUR Nation's Capital!) is that the People that are Pissed Off on the Right might just get together with the People

Pissed of the Left and throw ALL OF THE BUMS OUT! - That possibility starts to become reality when the Moderates and Conservatives that

make up Mad As Hell And... pick up

an Op-Ed by New York Times and notorious left-winger Frank Rich and AGREE WITH THE MAN! - Wow! - Here's is what Mr. Rich had to say

about President Obama and the Bastards:


"His (Obama's) most conspicuous flaw is his unshakeable confidence in the collective management brilliance of

the best and the brightest he selected for his White House team — “his abiding faith in the judgment of experts,” as Joshua Green of The Atlantic has put it. At his gulf-centric press conference 10 days ago, the president said he had “probably had more meetings on this issue than just about any issue since we did our Afghan review.” This was meant to be reassuring but it was not. The

plugging of an uncontrollable oil

leak, like the pacification of an intractable Afghanistan, may be beyond the reach of marathon brainstorming by brainiacs, even if

the energy secretary is a Nobel laureate. Obama has yet to find a sensible middle course between blind faith in his own Ivy League kind and his predecessor’s go-with-the-gut bravado.

By now, he also should have learned that the best and the brightest can

get it wrong — and do. His economic advisers predicted that without the stimulus the unemployment rate might reach 9 percent — a projection that

was quickly exceeded even with the stimulus and that has haunted the administration ever since. Other

White House geniuses persuaded the president to make his fateful claim in early April that “oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills” — a particularly specious (indeed false) plank in the argument for his spectacularly ill-timed expansion of offshore oil drilling. The Times reported last week that at the administration meetings leading to

this new drilling policy the subject of the vast dysfunction at the Minerals Management Service, the agency charged with regulating the drilling, never even came up.

Obama’s excessive trust in his own heady team is all too often matched

by his inherent deference to the smartest guys in the boardroom in the private sector. His default assumption seems to be that his peers are always

as well-intentioned as he is. The

single biggest mistake he has made in managing the gulf disaster was his failure to challenge BP’s version of events from the start. The company consistently understated the spill’s severity, overestimated the progress

of the repair operation and low-balled the environmental damage. Yet the White House’s designated point man

in the crisis, Adm. Thad Allen of the Coast Guard, was still publicly reaffirming his trust in the BP chief executive, Tony Hayward, as recently as two weeks ago, more than a month after the rig exploded.

This is baffling, and then some, given BP’s atrocious record prior to this catastrophe. In the last three years, according to the Center for Public Integrity, BP accounted for

“97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety inspectors” — including 760 citations for “egregious, willful” violations (compared with only eight at the two oil companies that tied for second place). Hayward’s predecessor at BP, ousted in a

sex-and-blackmail scandal in 2007, had placed cost-cutting (and ever

more obscene profits) over safety, culminating in the BP Texas City refinery explosion that killed 15 and injured 170 in 2005. Last October The Times uncovered documents revealing that BP had still failed to address hundreds of safety hazards at that refinery in the four years after the explosion, prompting the largest

fine in the history of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (The fine, $87 million, was no doubt regarded as petty cash by a company whose profit reached nearly

$17 billion last year.)

No high-powered White House meetings or risk analyses were needed to discern how treacherous it was to trust BP this time. An intern could

have figured it out. But the credulous attitude toward BP is no anomaly for the administration. Lloyd Blankfein

of Goldman Sachs was praised by the president as a “savvy” businessman two months before the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Goldman. Well before then, there had been a

flood of journalistic indicators that Goldman under Blankfein may have gamed the crash and the bailout.

It’s this misplaced trust in elites both outside the White House and within it that seems to prevent Obama from realizing the moment that history has handed to him. Americans are still seething at the bonus-grabbing titans of the bubble and at the public and private institutions that failed to

police them. But rather than embrace

a unifying vision that could ignite his presidency, Obama shies away from connecting the dots as forcefully

and relentlessly as the facts and Americans’ anger demand.

BP’s recklessness is just the latest variation on a story we know by heart. The company’s heedless disregard of risk and lack of safeguards at Deepwater Horizon are all too reminiscent of the failures at Lehman Brothers, Citigroup and A.I.G., where the richly rewarded top executives often didn’t even understand the toxic financial products that would pollute and nearly topple the nation’s economy. BP’s reliance on bought-off politicians and lax, industry-captured regulators at the M.M.S. mirrors Wall Street’s cozy relationship with its indulgent overseers at the S.E.C., Federal Reserve and New York Fed — not to mention Massey Energy’s dependence on somnolent supervision from the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

This all adds up to a Teddy Roosevelt pivot-point for Obama, who shares many of that president’s moral and intellectual convictions. But Obama can’t embrace his inner T.R. as long as he’s too in thrall to the supposed wisdom of the nation’s meritocracy,

too willing to settle for incremental pragmatism as a goal, and too inhibited by the fine points of Washington policy debates to

embrace bold words and bold

action. If he is to wield the big stick of reform against BP and the other powerful interests that have ripped us off, he will have to tell the big story with no holds barred."


AMEN to that Frank Rich - We

could not have said it better and that means that the Bastards driving this train should be very worried....and we MEAN VERY WORRIED! - Don't Get Mad, Mr. President.  Get Even




As one reads about New York and San Francisco 100 years ago compared to today and then reads about China in 2010 one cannot help but wonder if

the United States is up to the

challenge that China will present in

the coming decades - American Mario Cavola is living in China and recently relocated his family from Sanya,

China on the island Haikou to

Shanghai, China on the west coast

of the country - Here's a little snippet from his blog that all Americans

should read:


"Indeed, the layers of real China, the daily China, and even the majestic China, unfolded before us this past

few days along the Google-mapped 3000km north-south journey we had laid out. I knew we would drive

through China's classic, old communist-tinged hellhole cities

along the way, cities with no more charm than a dirty mop. Yet before

you nod your head in agreement that so many Chinese cities look boringly and uninspiringly the same, let me

tell you that these hellhole cities, places like Zhan Jiang in Guangdong and Nan Kang in Jiangxi, are teeming with industrious, hardworking people quickly reminding me of the sadly deteriorated American and European work ethic. China will rise. China will kick the world's ass for the next several years because hundreds of millions

of her people are either embracing opportunity or are simply out there ignoring the rather undesirable environment around them, sucking it up, accepting life as it is and working their asses off 14 hours a day 7 days a week because that is what life requires to survive and save for a rainy day."


Yes, the Chinese are going to work

and working hard around the clock to better themselves and the prospects for their families - America will have to

get all of its People back to work soon and get our economy moving again or we are going to be staring at a Superpower country in China that

will be able to challenge our hegemony around the glob in the 21st

century - It's time to end the

foolishness of letting the Wall Street Bastards run roughshod over the American People and turn our

formerly great Capital Markets into

the Engine of Growth that it was

until the Las Vegas Casino operators disguised as "Bankers" took over in

the last 15 years - If the Casino Operators remain in control look for lots of ups and downs in the markets with the "Bankers" making a fortune trading useless paper with each other while the American People and the

Country Take it in the

Gut! - Reflections From A Road

Trip In China


Update to Holding BP completely responsible for the oil rig disaster

that is unfolding in the Gulf of

Mexico - Former US Labor Secretary and now Professor at Cal-Berkeley, Robert Reich calls for Obama to put

BP under temporary receivership


 "It's time for the federal government

to put BP under temporary receivership, which gives the government authority to take over

BP's operations in the Gulf of Mexico until the gusher is stopped. This is the only way the public will know what's going on, be confident enough resources are being put to stopping

the gusher, ensure BP's strategy is correct, know the government has enough clout to force BP to use a different one if necessary, and be sure the president is ultimately in charge.

If the government can take over giant global insurer AIG and the auto giant General Motors and replace their

CEOs, in order to keep them

financially solvent, it should be

able to put BP's north American operations into temporary

receivership in order to stop one

of the worst environmental

disasters in U.S. history."


Amen to that Secretary Reich! -

Why Obama Should Put BP Under Temporary Receivership


With BP flat-out lying to the

American People and our Elected Representatives it's time to put to

bed forever that any Corporation, including the Wall Street Banks are TOO BIG TO FAIL! - BP's clear malfeasance and disastrous mismanagement of the DeepWater Horizon oil rig provides the perfect opportunity for OUR Elected Representatives to send a message

to Corporations that want to do business in the United States of

America that:


"If you Mismanage your company

and make Stupid and Disastrous Decisions that do damage to or

threaten the American Republic

and/or its People then the US Government will not BAILOUT

your company just because of the

size of the company"


It's time to KILL TOO BIG TO FAIL FOREVER! - The Wall Street

Banks believe that they precious

rear-ends are so vital to America

that we will have to bail them out

every time the Wizards of Wall Street

do stupid things and blow up their companies and then try to blackmail

us, but we can end that Madness

RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW by saying that BP will be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for EVERY NICKEL of the Cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico even if that means that BP will have to be liquidated and sold off to meet their responsibilities!


It's time to put REAL Capitalism back

in Capitalism and restore the

principle that successful companies that treat their employees,

shareholders and even the

environment with respect will do well and prosper and companies that do none of the above will pay the price

of failing because of the stupid decisions they made! - Every one of these Bastard Filled Wall Street Banks would be out of business right now

if not for the generosity of the

American People and how do those SOBs repay us? - They spend HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF

DOLLARS HIRING lobbyists in Washington DC that are nothing more than whores who will rent out their influence to anyone with $$$$$$$ in their pockets, and those lobbyists then often work directly against the best interests of the American People!



2010! - BP is completely responsible

for the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico and if takes every last DOLLAR that

BP has to pay for that cleanup then guess what? - BP will FAIL and have

its Assets sold off to MAKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHOLE! - The

only real question is:  Is there anyone

in Washington DC with the balls to

hold BP and folks like these Bastards

on Wall Street accountable for their actions or is everyone in OUR Nation's Capital so Bought and Sold they will

just get down on their knees and kiss these folks rear-ends forever! - If

that's the case, then we need to find some folks to represent the American People that actually work for The People not the Bastards that

stuff $$$$$$ into the pockets of politicians to BUY THEIR VOTES! - White House:  Can't trust BP on

spill size




Easily the most STUNNING thing

about the explosion of the DeepWater Horizon oil rig and the oil spill that is now on its 40th day is that NO ONE,

Not BP, Not TransOcean and

especially NOT OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT had a plan in place if one of these really deep oil rigs ever

ran  into catastrophic problems! -

This is not an issue of Big or Small Government, but COMPETENT GOVERNMENT! - Please, we don't

want to hear the Liberal Weenies say that if we only spent more on Government we could keep a closer

eye on private business! - Have you Weenies been paying attention? - The US Government is now spending TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY

YEAR and is now running Massive Trillion Plus Dollar Deficits! - There

is plenty of Money being spent on all levels of Government and the agency responsible for offshore oil drilling,


YEAR! - Is there not even one person

at MMS or in the Department of the Interior that could have put together

a plan for exactly what the responses would be to capping an oil rig that was leaking at 5,000 feet below the ocean's surface? - MMS is permitting oil rigs that will drill to 5,000 Plus Feet but no one at MMS had a plan ready to go if something like the current disaster happened? - Of course, no one at MMS had a plan in place if the DeepWater Horizon oil rig blew up and caused a massive oil spill because these

MORONS were...


Doing drugs, watching porn, taking improper and illegal gifts, having inappropriate relationships and of course shilling instead of regulating

the oil industry!


Yes, those are the REAL MEN


OUR Government in Action!


Here's the Real Problem:  You could Double or Triple the Amount of Money spent on Government and these

Morons that do not have to be held accountable to the same standard that 95 Percent of Americans have to be

held accountable to in the Private Sector would still find a way to SCREW THINGS UP! - Government Work is Government Work (Unless you are MSS or even the Securities and Exchange Commission employee where you sit around during the workday looking at porn instead of regulating the industries you are charged with overseeing!) and the Government

Work now being done in the United States of America is not even up to the most Basic Standard of Competence, forget about Excellence or Actually Making a Real Effort to Solve Real Problems! - Hell, if these People do

not have A PLAN for what they would

do if an oil rig they are permitting blew up and caused a massive oil spill, what else do they no have a Plan for? - One can only wonder.... - Don't forget, the Purported Geniuses at the Federal Reserve, US Treasury and SEC that

were supposed to be overseeing the US Financial System DIDN'T HAVE A

CLUE WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON in the US Mortgage Market! - If you don't believe that let's go to the Elitists of the United States, the folks over at Time Magazine and their 2009 Man

of the Year Ben Bernanke on if he thought there was a problem in the

US Mortgage Market!


Bernanke in Denial 2005 - 2007


Yes, Ben Bernanke is a

REAL MAN OF GENIUS! - Maybe Bernanke could be sent over to the Department of Interior and MMS and tell all of us Stupid and Unwashed Americans that there really isn't an

oil spill and that EVERYTHING



Hello! - There is PLENTY OF MONEY BEING SPENT ON GOVERNMENT! - Now, how about the US Government getting off its Rear-End and



If United States hasn't already, the

US Government needs to move to lay claim to BP's Assets and Future

Profits - In the last year BP made over $20 BILLION DOLLARS and from

where we sit it looks like the clean-up

of the Gulf of Mexico will cost more


claims to have $70 BILLION

DOLLARS IN ASSETS on their books which the US Government should

right now put a lien on, because The American People are taking President Obama's at his word on the promise  that BP will pay for the ENTIRE COST OF THIS SPILL and if that means BP has to liquidated and sold off to meet that bill...Guess What? That is

exactly what is going to happen! -

Next Stage of Desperate Deepwater Scramble to Take 4-7 Days

at Least




We are starting to think here at

Mad As Hell And.. that we are in the wrong line of business! - It seems

that if you are in the Offshore Oil Drilling Business and the oil rig your company has been operating blows up and sinks to the ocean floor that the company can actually make a $270 MILLION DOLLAR PROFIT! -

Wow! - What are we thinking? - It

now seems that Transocean has

banked a $270 MILLION DOLLAR PROFIT from the sinking of Deepwater Horizon because they had the rig insured for well above the book

value! - Yes, that makes perfect sense

in the Fantasy World that is America in 2010 and in Transocean's recent quarterly earnings conference call

they even bragged about booking a




"In the current quarter we expect to receive approximately $560 million

in insurance proceeds and the code

and accounting gain of

approximately $270 million for the total loss of the rig. Of the $560

million in expected insurance

proceeds we have already

received $481 million including amounts received today."

Now, it is just us or was that one of the fastest insurance payoffs in history? - After Katrina Americans were still getting the shaft over a couple of hundred thousand dollars from their insurance companies years after the storm hit the coast, but here we have

an insurance company paying off $560 MILLION DOLLARS in less than a month! - Yes, that makes Perfect

Sense! - Big Business makes


DOLLARS when an oil rig explodes

and sinks and creates a Massive Environmental Disaster - That reality must really warm the hearts of the

the people along the coasts of

Louisiana that are now cleaning up

the oil on their beaches and having

their lives and livelihoods have been destroyed! - Is it just us or does it seem awfully strange that an offshore oil drilling company can book a BIG PROFIT when one of their oil rigs explodes and sinks to the bottom of

the sea? - No, that cannot be only us! - Outrageous But Legal:  Transocean Banked $270 Million in Profit from

the Oil Rig Explosion 




Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone

magazine takes aim at the Financial "Reform" bill that is now heading toward conference on Capitol Hill

and in Matt's own very unique way he clearly identifies the lobbyists and

other moneyied interests in Washington DC that are working against and

in direct opposition to the best

interests of the American People


"In the weeks leading up to the vote

on the reform bill, I hear one

variation or another on this same theme from Senate insiders: that the usual process of chipping away at key legislation is not taking place with its customary dispatch, despite a full-court press by Wall Street. The financial-services industry has reportedly flooded the Capitol with more than 2,000 paid lobbyists; even veteran members are stunned by the intensity of the blitz. "They're trying everything," says Sen. Sherrod

Brown, a Democrat from Ohio. Wall Street's army is especially

imposing given that the main

(really, the only) progressive

coalition working the other side of

the aisle, Americans for Financial Reform, has been in existence less

than a year – and has just 60

unpaid "volunteer" lobbyists

working the Senate halls.

The companies with the most at stake are particularly well-connected. The lobbying campaign for Goldman

Sachs, for instance, is being headed

up by a former top staffer for Rep. Barney Frank, Michael Paese, who is coordinating some 14 different lobbying firms to fight on Goldman's behalf. The bank is also represented

by Capitol Hill heavyweights like former House majority leader Dick Gephardt and former Reagan chief

of staff Ken Duberstein. All told,

there are at least 40 ex-staffers of

the Senate Banking Committee –

and even one former senator, Trent

Lott – lobbying on behalf of Wall Street. Until the final weeks of the reform debate, however, it seemed

that all these insiders were facing the prospect of a rare defeat – and they weren't pleased. One lobbyist even complained to The Washington Post that the bill was being debated out

in the open, on the Senate floor,

instead of in a smoky backroom. "They've got to get this thing off the floor and into a reasonable, behind-the-scenes" discussion, he groused. "Let's have a few wise fathers

sit around the table in some quiet room" to work it out."


Oh, that's RICH.....But just business as usual in YOUR CAPITAL! - We have


CAN BUY and the Wall Street

Bastards are confident that if they

just keep pumping enough

$$$$$$$$$ on Capitol Hill they can

keep the Casino going so that they in collusion with OUR GOVERNMENT

can keep sticking it to the American People! - What the insiders on both sides of the political debate who care little about anything but keeping their precious hides in office for "just one more term" is that there is a Day

of Reckoning coming and if you have taken bribes, have given bribes or have done anything to work against The American People and our Republic consider yourself now on notice - Federal Grand Juries made up of

The American People have an

uncanny habit of being able to get to

the bottom of even the most dastardly and complex deeds and when the American People get control of our Gov't again there will not be a place

on Earth for the evil doers to hide! - What was it George W. Bush said? 

"You are either FOR US or AGAINST US." - Right now we are finding out in spades who works for the Wall Street Bastards and Corporate America that stuff $$$$$$$ into politicians pockets and who actually works for The

People - As for the former group we would recommend they keep the name of a very good attorney handy! -

Wall Street's War  




The Great Mark Fiore has sharpened

up his digital pen and this time he

takes it to the Bastards at BP! -

Keep it up Mark!






There is Outrageous, there is Galling and then there is the Over-the-Top

"Are These People Living on Planet Earth?" Scenario that played out yesterday with California Lawmakers getting an "Profile in Courage" Award from the Kennedy Family for Sticking

It To The People of California with a Massive Tax Increase in 2009! - Any Moron or Buffoon can triple the public payroll over the past decade and pass the bill along to The People that actually pay the bills, The People of California, but it takes a Special Kind

of Buffoon to raise taxes in a Huge Recession that has destroyed the Golden Broken State's Economy, but that is what these Morons did....and someone is Stupid Enough to give

them an award with the word

"Courage" in it? - Blasphemy! - If you want to know what is wrong with the United States of America, look no further than an elite family that is led by a group of Kennedys that have not done an honest days work in their lives giving out an award to Politicians

that STICK IT TO FAMILIES AND PEOPLE that are already barely getting by! - That was over $1,000 per

family that these "Courageous" politicians cost every family in California in 2009 and 2010 and now those same "Courageous" Morons want more of our $$$$$$$! - How about cutting Government someone suggests.....No, we can't do that,

we must protect All Government Workers because.....the Gov't workers' unions keep us in office and thus

allow us to wreak havoc on California and destroy families, communities


CALIFORNIA YOU BUFFOONS! - Be Thankful that John F. Kennedy is

not around to tell these morons that Sticking it The People is no way to

run a Republic! - Lying, Stealing,

Earn California Lawmakers
Prestigious Award




The Governor of Massachusetts says that people that oppose President Obama are acting "almost at the level

of sedition?" - No Governor, to oppose the Government when it is doing

wrong is the epitome of what it is TO

BE AN AMERICAN! - Here's the real problem:  Very few people in Government, in both Elected and Appointed Positions, have ever held

a Real Job in the Real Economy and

that means that they have no idea of how to react when the Public and Economy does not positively respond

to their actions - Out here in Real

World if the public is not buying the goods and services we are producing that makes US WRONG....NOT



The Great Mark Twain had it right:


"Loyalty to the country always. 

Loyalty to government when it

deserves it."


Memo to Governor Patrick and

the Other Political Hacks Across

the United States:





Maybe if Elected Government

Officials actually started working for and serving The People of the United States (Remember you Bastards?  The People who actually voted you into office and who actually own the Country!) instead of working for the

last two-bit lobbyist for Corporate America or the Unions that walked through the door and stuffed $$$$$$$ into your pocket, the American People might again support and believe in THEIR Government!


As the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found, only 25% of

Americans trust Government to do

what was right about always or most

of the time - Distrust of Government Drives Political Mood


Sedition Governor Patrick? -

Hardly! - More like Acting Like An American Should Act when OUR GOVERNMENT is not serving THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES! -

The OUTRAGEOUS thing here is that

an Elected Politician in the United States is trying to intimidate

Americans so that they might pause

the next time they decided to criticize someone in political office! - Now

that is SEDITION Governor! -

Governor Patrick:  GOP criticism

of Obama close to "sedition" 




Where is All the Money Going? - That

is a common refrain that many Californians have on their lips as the state runs a $20 Billion Dollar Deficit

on an $80 Billion Dollar Budget! -

Every once in awhile one gets a little glimpse into where all this money is actually going and a story about pay raises for Marin County (just north of San Francisco) school administrators should really open the eyes of

taxpayers - Marin County has a population of 250,000 people and

about 30,000 K-12 students but it has

40 SCHOOL DISTRICTS with an Administration of EACH SCHOOL DISTRICT that has many administrators that haul down MILLIONS in salaries and benefits - Compare Marin County and many

other California counties that also

have dozens of School Districts with County Wide districts across the

United States that have one group of Administrators that manage over 30,000 students and you can start to


GOING! - Yes, the people of Marin County should be mad that school administrators are getting 10 Plus Percent pay raises when education is being cut across the board and thousands of teachers are slated to be fired in California, but the Real Story here and something that must be

solved if California hopes to save itself from Bankruptcy is that Government

on all levels must move from being an "Employment Agency" for Public Union Workers to a lean organization that hires people to work for The People

only when that job will serve The

People - Will that happen in

California? - Not a chance in Hell, because the Public Employee Unions own the California Government lock, stock and barrel and they could care less if California is bankrupted

because they believe that the US Government will swoop in and save the Morons in Sacramento - One

wonders what will happen when it is

the U.S. that will need a bailout? - Not that the Public Employee Unions give two rips about that either....they only care about one thing:  More

Government Employees means more Union Dues which means that Union Leaders can continue to haul down Millions of Dollars in compensation

and have Massive Pension System that they can control - If all of this

sounds like Madness, then you

would be right! - Pay raises for Marin school administrators raises fury




From the "Corporations are actually running the United States of America" Department consider the

following headline:


BP refuses EPA order to switch to

less-toxic oil dispersant


What the Hell? - Have we completely moved over to Bizarro-Land and decided that instead of just acting

like our "Elected Leaders" ran the United States of America instead of

the sad reality that Large

Corporations and Wall Street do

run the country, that a Big Company like BP can just say:  "No, we

want switch and the Hell to You ("Elected Leaders") and the American People? - OUTRAGEOUS!


Let's make this very simple - If BP is

told that a dispersant it is using is dangerous to the environment by US Government and BP then doesn't

stop using that dispersant then we

need to go ahead and arrest CEO of

BP Tony Hayward and "Perp-Walk"

the Sorry Son of a Bitch out in

shackles so that the other CEOs

will know that the American Republic will hold wrongdoers (even well connected wrongdoers!) accountable!


Besides arresting this Arrogant SOB Tony Hayward the United States of America needs to require BP to post a "Completion Bond" for "X" Billion of Dollars with the Federal Government backed up by the assets and cash of

BP for the cost of this oil spill cleanup - Our Country should have the right to seize the assets of BP if the cost of this oil spill cleanup is not fully paid for by the company because IT WAS THERE FAULT THAT THE OIL SPILL HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE! - Guess what "Elected Leaders" of

the U.S.? - WE THE PEOPLE are not going to pay for his oil spill cleanup, even if BP has bought off hundreds

of politicians over the years with "campaign contributions!" - Either

start holding these Bastards at BP accountable for their actions or

WE THE PEOPLE will find some folks

to represent us that will! - BP

refuses order to switch to less-toxic

oil dispersant




Leave it to former Federal Reserve

Chief Paul Volcker to put these

Wall Street Bastards and their REAL activities over the past few years

into perspective - Before accepting

an award at Stanford University from the Institute for Economic Policy

Research Mr. Volcker said:


"Now as the United States and global economies try to climb out of a deep hole, they face not just the normal challenges of recovery but also the need to reverse the negative forces

that brought the world to the brink

of collapse.

The chief bugaboo, in Volcker's view, was a runaway financial sector that ceased to serve its historic function of providing capital for other industries to grow and instead became a factory to make money by manipulating money.

He said under-regulated financiers made big profits and bonuses by swapping derivatives and other

exotic instruments that produced

few of the widespread benefits -

like better jobs and wages - that normally flow from investment.

Now that this financial house of

cards has collapsed, Volcker said,

U.S. and world leaders must figure

out how to stop powerful mega-banks and hedge funds from engaging in

the same shenanigans that forced taxpayers to bail them out to

prevent further catastrophe."

Very simply, Paul Volcker nailed

these Greedy Wall Street Bastards

to the wall with the above statements and Amen to That! - As we have said here many times before at Mad As Hell

And... Wall Street has for a number of years now been nothing more than an Unregulated Las Vegas Casino that has nothing at all to do with what its real function is supposed to be:  Raising Capital for Existing and New

Businesses that then create jobs with that Capital which helps the American Economy to grow and translates into

all Americans doing better - That is

all now just a Fantasy, because Wall Street, enabled by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve is nothing more than a Vegas Casino that has proved to be a Very Dangerous Risk to the American Republic! - Thank You for Telling the Truth Paul Volcker! - Now, can the US Congress pass some Meaningful

Financial Reform that Reins in these

Wall Street Bastards and restores

some sanity to the American

Financial System? - If not, the

American Republic will remain at

risk because these Wall Street

Bastards have proved that they don't Give a Damn if they take the country

to the brink of disaster and throw 8 Million Americans out of their jobs! - Former Fed chief Volker backs

change in system




Report from the Land of Hypocrites, otherwise known as the Land of

our "Elected Leaders!"


When you a sitting state Attorney General and US Senate candidate claiming that you served in Vietnam when you were actually in Washington DC in the Marine Reserves during the Vietnam War playing softball and shuffling paper on one hand and on

the other hand you have a

Conservative US House of Representatives Member that

preached abstinence to others while

he was sleeping with one of his

staffers then maybe you can begin

to understand why the American

People are pissed off! - Isn't

it Obvious?


These Stupid SOB's that are supposed

to leading the American Republic are some of the Biggest Hypocrites on Planet Earth!


Former US Senator and a Real Veteran of the Vietnam War nailed these Idiots of the Age of Aquarius in his Op-Ed in the New York Times - The Technicality Generation


Who are the Two Idiots that were embellishing their war record and sleeping with a staff member?


Richard Blumenthal, Attorney

General of Connecticut and candidate for the US Senate as a Democrat (and who should be investigated by the US Justice Department about lying about one's military service because doing so is a felony!) - If the People of Connecticut elect this fraud then you know the American Republic's end is close at hand! - Colleague says Blumenthal Claims Grew in Time


Republican Representative Mark Sounder who wins the Mad As Hell And... Award as Hypocrite of the

Month - Congratulations you

Blabbering Idiot! - Sounder

quits, admits affair with staffer




We have already proved here at Mad

As Hell And.. that a monkey could run circles around the California Pension Fund CalPERS in generating returns

on pension investments, but could a monkey beat the National Oceanic

and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in predicting the number of hurricanes each year? - ABSOLUTELY, and our money would be with the monkey, because as pointed out by

the National Center for Public Policy Research NOAA has been wrong about the number of Hurricanes  3 out of

the last 4 years and 7 out of

11 years! - Bring on the Monkey,

James Hansimian, PhD! -

Dr. James Hansimian's

Hurricane Forecast Center





With Everyone in Power trying to

blow smoke up the rear-ends of the American People by telling them that everything is great and that we should all just hold hangs and sing Kumbaya and then drop to our knees to kiss the feet of the Elite and thank them for saving us poor, idiot Peons....back in

the Real World the American People know which Direction the Country

is headed in!


         Direction of Country



Yes, in averaging the latest 8 polls

over the past month the

American People believe:


Right Direction - 34.6 %


Wrong Track - 57.9 % 


That is a -23.3 percent spread between Wrong Track and Right Direction!


You see, the American People know a Pig-in-the-Poke when they see it and

an economy built upon a

foundation that makes the Wall

Street Bastards very rich and sticks

it to the Common Man or Woman in

the street is a Pig without lipstick nor

any money in its wallet or purse! - One day in the near future the "Elected Leaders" in America will actually represent The People of the country

and when that day comes there will

be a lot of folks now holding power in the U.S. that will have a lot to be held accountable for! - Direction of

the Country




Pretty soon we are going to have to

send Charlie Sheen up the Sacramento River to save the People of California from the Wacko Nuts that are

supposed to be working on the $19 Billion Dollar Deficit! - As reported

in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross:


"California's budget season is off to

its usual dysfunctional start - with a $19 hole, a governor barely on

speaking terms with the state

Assembly speaker and Democratic lawmakers teeing off at a $45,000-a-head golf fundraiser at Pebble Beach.


But don't look for things to go smoothly.  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made no

secret of his mistrust for the new speaker, saying Perez told him five times that the Assembly was ready to approve Abel Maldonado for Lieutenant governor before l

awmakers finally did so last month.


Meanwhile, insiders tell us that

there continues to be a sense of unreality in the capital. 


Assembly lawmakers, for example, have already proposed more

than 300 bills that would require

new spending.


"A million for a commission here, a million for a study there, $25 million for the arts," said one legislative

staffer who asked not to be named because he'd get in trouble with

his boss.


"When you see them all stacked up,

you can't help but wonder - maybe it would be better if they stayed in Carmel a couple of weeks longer."


Yes, these supposed "Representatives

of the People" are dilly-dallying while the State of California is burning,

but is that really a new thing in the Golden Broken State? - No, it sadly is not and as the Buffoons in Sacramento act as if they have any other option

but to bring the Spending Beast under control, businesses and wealthy

families continue to leave the state which only further damages general fund revenues - The Jig is Up! - The Baby Boomers that came of age in the Age of Aquarius have destroyed the State of California and their last desperate gasp is to inflict but more regulation and taxes on the businesses and people of California which in the Real World will only lead to making things even worse...if that is even possible any more - Can California be saved? - Maybe, but only if the California bureaucracy ends its war

on business...and we don't see that happening because the folks driving

this train actually enjoy taking it to legitimate business companies and those folks are the only real drivers

left in the state's economy - All is fair game as state budget season begins




The International Monetary Fund has been camped out in Greece for the last month or so telling the Greeks that

they had better get their fiscal house

in order if they wanted a financial bailout - Now we have the IMF saying about the United States that:


"The U.S. national debt will soon

reach 100% of GDP, the IMF predicts

in a new report.

The IMF predicts that the U.S. would need to reduce its structural deficit

by the equivalent of 12% of GDP, a much larger portion than any other country analyzed except Japan. Greece, in the midst of a financial crisis, needs to reduce its structural deficit by just 9% of GDP, according

to the IMF's analysis.

The report, released yesterday, also wades into the debate over

healthcare reform, questioning

the CBO's analysis that healthcare reform would reduce the U.S. deficit.

"There are some risks to the CBO estimates, however, including that

the substantial decrease in

Medicare payment rates to health

care providers may prove difficult

to implement," the report reads."


Yes, Americans, the IMF dropping

into Washington DC and telling us to

get our fiscal house in order if we

want a financial bailout may be in

our future, but then the United States has built up so much debt that no

one could possibly bailout this monstrosity! - Great! - We may be

told to get our fiscal house in order, because if we don't we could take

down the entire globe with us! -

Here's the real kicker:  The United States' Budget Deficits and National Debt are as bad or worse than many European countries and WE DON'T HAVE A PLAN TO SOLVE ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS! - Visualizing

An Austere Europe



Yes, we are in a Hellava Mess and the "Elected and Appointed Elite" in Washington DC are pointing fingers

at each other as they prepare for yet another political season that will be more about saving the rear-ends of political party regulars and very

little about what they will do for the American People and to save The Republic - In other words...BUSINESS AS USUAL! - IMF: U.S. debt nearing

100 percent of GDP



100 Years from now historians and just ordinary people will look back at the late 20th and early 21st Century and wonder how so many Absolute Nuts

held so much sway and influence over Environmental Policy - Most People with Common Sense believe in protecting the environment, reducing pollution and making sure that our children inherit a better planet than

the one we grew up in, but this

emphasis on reducing Greenhouse Gases because Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming is today and will be in the future ABSOLUTE LUNACY! - Any places in the United States where Wacko Environmental Nuts gather one can often find them being sold about any bill of goods that one sends down

the pike with the Nuts often creating public policy that will reduce Greenhouse Gases in

"their county" - That is what has happened in Sonoma County, a Wine Country area about 40 miles north of San Francisco and sadly, even with a Massive Economic Slowdown in the

past year Sonoma County was not

able to meet its preliminary goals that they hope will lead to the Fantasyland Goal of "a 25 percent reduction from 1990 emphasis levels by 2015!"


"The 3 percent drop, representing about 147,000 fewer tons of

greenhouse gases, was a “positive

sign,” said Ann Hancock, Climate

Protection Campaign executive director.

But Hancock attributed the shift to

the economic slump, rather than conservation, and said there is

“much angst” over the substantial

gap between current emissions

and the county’s target — a

25 percent reduction from 1990 emissions levels by 2015.

“This is a wake-up call about where

we are,” Hancock told a crowd of

about 150 people at the sixth annual Climate Protection: Everybody

Profits conference at the Sebastopol Veterans Building.

Dave Erickson, technical consultant

to Hancock’s nonprofit organization, was even more blunt. “Nothing we’ve done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has really had any effect,”

he said in an interview."


Oh, the TRAGEDY! - We are not even going to figure up the infinitesimal percentage of the world's Greenhouse Gases that Sonoma County didn't emit into the atmosphere, because to do so would give credence to Idiocy of

actions that cannot be explained by humans that put Men on the Moon

40+ years ago! - Maybe this is a good thing though:  It gives these folks something to do and it makes them believe they are saving the world for

the rest of us...meanwhile back here

on Planet Earth we must have lots of energy to run a Modern Economy

which if run properly can make the

lives of a lot of people a lot better (Unless the Wall Street Bastards

Blow-Up the Economy Again!)

Sonoma County remains far from

greenhouse gases goal




If you want to understand how completely Out of Touch the Elites in Washington DC and in the Sanctuary Cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco really are just look at the poll numbers on the new Arizona immigration law:

"A strong majority of Americans support Arizona's controversial new immigration law and would back similar laws in their own states, a new McClatchy-Ipsos poll found.

Sixty-one percent of Americans – and 64 percent of registered voters – said they favored the law in a survey of 1,016 adults conducted May 6-9.

Strikingly, nearly half of Democrats like the law, under which local law enforcement officers are tasked with verifying people's immigration status

if they suspect them of being in the country illegally. While the

Democratic Party generally is

regarded as more sympathetic to illegal immigrants' plights, 46 percent of Democrats said they favored the

law for Arizona and 49 percent said they would favor its passage in their own states.

More than eight in 10 Republicans

and 54 percent of independents

favor the law.

In addition, about 69 percent of Americans said they wouldn't mind

if police officers stopped them to ask

for proof of their citizenship or their legal right to be in the country; about 29 percent would mind, considering

it a violation of their rights; and

about 3 percent were unsure."


Well, DUH! - The American People are fed up with the United States of

America not having the political will

to operate its borders or even more importantly to track the hundreds of thousands of people that are in the United States illegally after crossing

our borders without authorization or overstaying their visas - A country

that cannot control its borders risks

its very sovereignty and right now the American Republic is headed toward a disaster all because of political correctness and political parties

trying to maneuver for political advantage! - No, a  large majority of

the American People do not want the kind of "Immigration Reform" that

the Elites, Big Corporations and Wall Street Bastards dream of at night, but we do want our Elected Leaders to do their jobs and enforce US law - If they will not enforce US law then We the People need to find folks in the next

few elections that will! - Poll:

Majority of Americans back

Arizona immigration law




If you want to know what is

eventually going to bankrupt the State of California and the United States as well it is the double whammy of People today being promised retirement benefits (both pensions and health care) that are not achievable even

with Massive Tax Increases but also

the pesky little thing that comes with better medical care:  Long Life Expectancy! - The State of California's Pension Fund, CalPERS now

estimates that:


"At age 50, for example, the increase

for males is a full year, from 80.9 to

81.8 years, and for females a smaller increase, from 84.8 to 85 years."


Just that little change in Life Expectancy will drive up the cost of future Pension obligations by


will require that California contribute $600 million more this year to

CalPERS from the general fund than they did in 2009! - Far from CalPERS even being self-sustaining in 2010 with current workers paying for current retirees and a lot of money being set aside for future obligations, CalPERS will need an infusion of $3.9 BILLION DOLLARS in 2010! - That is

Outrageous and we are no where close to the Pension Tsunami that will destroy the state of California in the coming years! - With the Federal Government running a Massive Ponzi Scheme of their own with Social Security and Medicare, the Golden Broke State will not be able to count

on the Feds to swoop in and bail

their rear-ends out and that means

that there is a Day of Reckoning

coming for California that will make

the current problems in Greece and Europe look like a Garden Party!


 Someone cue Ricky Nelson!



State CalPERS cost $3.9 billion,

up $600 million




There are Idiots, Buffoons, Fools, and Morons in the world, but below all of those folks are the people that

negotiate contracts with Public Employee Unions in the City of Los Angeles! - Get an eyeful of the latest outrageous situation in the City of

La-La Land:


"Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's financial rescue plan

for the coming year may soon boil down to the following question:

When does it become too expensive

to lay people off?

The mayor's plan for erasing a $485-million budget gap calls for, among other things, the elimination of 761

city jobs in the fiscal year that starts July 1, through layoffs if necessary.

But because of labor contracts renegotiated last year by

Villaraigosa and the City Council,

the city would be unable to

accomplish that goal without first providing a 3% raise to more than 15,000 full-time members of the Coalition of L.A. City Unions. Six months later, those same workers would get a 2.75% pay increase."


Did you Catch that Idiocy? - That's right, some Absolute Moron, or rather someone that is supposed to be representing the People of Los Angeles, but is rather in the back pocket of the Public Employee Labor Unions, negotiated a contract that said if city

of Los Angeles laid off any Public Employee Union workers that a pay raise would then go into effect for the Government Workers that were not fired! - Yes, the People that run the

City of Los Angeles even make Buffoons look smart! - Oh, but it gets better!


"Of the 761 jobs being targeted by the mayor, 210 could be eliminated without any need for pay increases. Workers in those positions either have no union representation or belong to the Engineers and Architects Assn.

The remaining civilian workers are represented by the coalition, which renegotiated its contract just last

year to avert layoffs for its members even in a dire budget crisis.

As part of those talks, the coalition agreed to postpone a previously approved package of raises for two years, or until July 2011. In exchange, city leaders agreed to allow 2,400 city employees to retire up to five years early with full benefits.

Villaraigosa and the council also agreed to the provision that now

serves as something of a poison pill:

If layoffs are approved, the package

of raises goes into effect


Double Morons Indeed! - Not only does the pay raise for the Government Workers that are not fired go into

effect immediately, the same Morons that are supposed to be representing

the People of Los Angeles negotiated a deal that would "allow 2,400 city employees to retire up to five years

early with full benefits!"  Oh, THE MADNESS!.....But just another Day in the Life that is the Golden Broken

State of California! - All we have to

say to the Idiots in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento: 


L.A. layoffs could cost the city

more than $32 million




Bailout Central, otherwise known as

the Capital of the United States, Washington D.C. have American taxpayers on the hook for yet another Multi-Billion Dollar Bailout, this time

in Euroland! - This time around it is Country or Sovereign Debt, but don't

 kid yourself the European Union, the IMF and yes, ultimately American Taxpayers are once again BAILING

OUT THE LARGEST BANKS ON THE PLANET! - We cannot help but wonder what kind of things do the World's Largest Banks have on Government Leaders?  Pictures?  Names of Mistresses?  Their Bad Grades from College?  What is it that causes the Governments of the world to keep bailing out every Moron Banker that

has a $2,000 Dollar suit on and can throw around Bullshit with the best of them? - Can't you just see these Pompous Ass Ivy League Educated Bankers:  "Now you better bail our

asses out of a sling again because we

will "cough - cough" bring down your economies if we don't get our

$$$$$$$!" - Then the Stupid Government Officials starts wringing his hands thinking:  "Well, we had better bail out these bankers because

they have $2,000 dollar suits on and if he brings down the economy I will be out of a job and will have to for the

first time in my life get a real job

where I will actually have to work!" - Stupid Government Official then

writes out a check for BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (Actually just a Blank

Check!) to the Pompous Ass Banker (Neither which has done an honest

day's work in their lives!) and the "Wheels of the Bus Go Round and Round, Round and Round...., with

the Taxpayers ending up Holding the Bill! - Yes, this makes perfect sense

...if you went to an Ivy League School and you DON'T KNOW UP FROM

DOWN! - Here's the real kicker:  The Bankers own the Governments of the World Lock, Stock and Barrel and that means until the People of the World take back their Governments from the Elites this vicious circle of Threats

and Bailouts followed by more

Threats and Bailouts will NEVER

END! - US Exposure to EU Bailout:

$50 Billion and Counting




While California Burns and the

Golden Broke State faces a $20

BILLION PLUS $$$$$ DEFICIT the Bozos in Sacramento, otherwise

known as the "Elected Leaders" are working hard on.....Naming Interstates after former Legislators! - Dan

Walters of the Sacramento Bee is

once again on the case:


"Self-evidently, the California Legislature isn't balancing the state budget, nor is it doing anything noticeably positive about traffic congestion, poor school test scores, high dropout rates, the public pension crisis or any other real-world issues.

So how are the nation's highest-paid state legislators occupying their – actually our – time in Sacramento these days, when they're not throwing or attending campaign fundraisers?

Ostensibly, they're earnestly considering hundreds of bills. But many, if not most, of those measures are trivial at best.

Consider Assembly Concurrent Resolution 149 by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, D-Compton, which

would designate a portion of

Interstate 405 as the "Kevin

Murray Highway."

Oh, the MADNESS - But wait, it gets better! - Dan Walters continues....

"And then there are the aspects of Murray's life that would make such

an honor an act of official poor taste

to anyone outside of politics.

Murray's hopes of extending his

career vanished on a December afternoon in 1998, just days after his being sworn in as a state senator,

when a Los Angeles County park

police officer found him with a prostitute in Murray's state-leased black Corvette, parked outside John Anson Ford Theater.

After much angst, the Los Angeles

City Attorney's Office decided not to press charges against Murray, who said he was "sorry and remorseful."

Here's a thought: If Hall wants to emblazon Murray's name on

something public, why not make it

the off-ramp leading to the Ford Theater? It's on Highway 101, a few miles east of I-405.

By the way, the Transportation Committee approved ACR 149 unanimously.

Our Legislature at work."


For anyone that dares open their

mouth defending the Absolute Morons supposedly representing the People of California, please GET A CLUE! - Just another example of the Idiocy that

now dominates Sacramento and California state government! -  California legislator's trivial

proposal turns absurd