Bring Back the Al Gore “Lockbox?”

In the Fantasyland that is Washington DC there is always an intense search going on by politicians, pollsters and others that make fortunes sucking off the US taxpayer to come up with “works and talking points” that will divert the American People away from the robbery that is happening out back while the politicians do their best to distract all of us from looking up front!   “Hey, look here and not out back where the money is being carted off by the people that have BOUGHT us off!”



These Bastards in Washington have played so many games over the past few decades with the US Government’s books that even an army of accountants would never be able to figure out where the money is coming and going or if the folks at the Pentagon know what day of the week it is forgotten about how many contractors they are now paying (No, the Defense Department can’t be bothered with keeping track where OUR hard-earned money is going which is beyond OUTRAGEOUS and may just be criminal in the coming years.  Yes, these Buffoons at the Pentagon do not know how many contractors they have!  Incredible!).

The latest recycling of old BS is an attempt to revive a term used by one of the lead distracters from the Truth on the American political scene in recent decades and that would be Al Gore and the old term would be “lockbox” which Al used in the 2000 election against “W.”



Those of us old enough to remember the 2000 election remember very well the Pompous Arrogant Ass Al Gore looking over at the Pompous Arrogant Ass George W. Bush (Neither man to this day has done an honest day’s work in their lives and both would be lucky to be working the swing shift at the local 7-Eleven if they weren’t part of the lucky sperm club of Bushes and Gores!) and saying in his very fake Southern accent that we should put the Social Security surpluses in a “lockbox” so they could not be raised and spent by the Bastards in Washington DC.  That the Bastards in Washington DC spent every Dime of the annual Social Security surpluses and placed worthless I.O.U.’s in the Social Security “Trust” Fund is, of course, the TRUTH and just think the Great Al Gore was going to put a stop to all of that would his “LOCKBOX!”  Oh, that’s a good joke!

Saturday Night Live did a great skit of the debate between the two men that have never done an honest day’s work in their lives, Al Gore and George W. Bush, from the 2000 election.  Yes, this is very entertaining and it contains Al Gore’s “LOCKBOX!”

Now that is funny!

Now back to the Bastards in Washington DC that are constantly trying to come up with “words and talking points” that will distract the American People so they will look one way while all kind of nonsense and often illegal behavior is going on in the other direction.

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