“Elected Leaders” Take Actions On Hard-Earned Money

If there are but three constants in the world today one can always count on the following three things to always be there ringing their bells loudly:

1.  Death

2.  Taxes

3.  The New York Times waging a complete and all-out war on the working and middle classes of America and the Times editorial page always being on the wrong side of history.



What is really sad is that in the New York Times every day far from its incredibly Wacko Liberal editorial page are “news” stories that always following the line of trying to get more of hard-earned money from the American People because they believe that governments can spend OUR money better than We the People can.  No surprise here really though, because liberal elites that dominate the news in America today and have often never done an honest day’s work in their lives really believe they are smarter than YOU and since they sat through a few dozen classes at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, etc., that they should be able to tell the rest of us Americans how to live our lives.

Sorry, the American People are not stupid and We the People do work in Real Jobs making real products and providing real services every day and We work very hard for OUR money and taxes in America on all levels are already way to high and it is past time for the American People to take back OUR Government from these Ivy League Elitists and guess what you bastards:


That is what We the People are about to do.

There is no better example of this attitude of the New York Times and other Elitists in America than this Outrageous headline in the Times:

California’s Tax Aversion Complicates Budget Math 

What the Hell?  Newsflash to the Ivy League Elitists at the New York Times that have never done an honest day’s work in their lives and would not last 5 seconds in the US military:

Californians have to deal with some of the Highest Taxes in the country with the Highest Sales Tax, the Highest Gas Tax, One of the Highest Income Taxes and an Incredibly High Property Tax compared to the rest of the country if one’s home was purchased in the last decade.  Far from California having an “Aversion” to taxes California rightfully understand that they are Very Highly Taxed RIGHT NOW and that these Bastards in Sacramento don’t need more money because any more money they get from us will only be funneled to Government Workers that are already making Obscene amounts of money that are, of course, all paid for out of the pockets of the People.

The New York Times does identify in their incredibly biased news story (towards the Wacko Liberal side that can never have too much of the People’s money…..After all, we earned OUR money right?  Right!) what the “temporary” taxes that Jerry Brown and the Democrats want to continue to impose on the People of California will REALLY go for though.  Check out this paragraph from the news the Times incredibly biased news story:

“Even with the cloud of uncertainty in Sacramento, Mr. Brown’s aides and Democratic leaders have quietly begun laying the groundwork for a campaign on behalf of the tax extensions that is expected to cost $40 million to $60 million, a huge amount of money reflecting the cost of statewide television advertising here. Much of that money would come from state labor unions. Labor groups are already running polls and conducting focus groups that have, officials, said, found great but not insurmountable resistance to tax increases.”

Let’s repeat the KEY line in the above paragraph:

“Much of the money would come from state labor unions.”

Oh, what a surprise!  No, not really, because when one gets right down to the bottom of ALL of this Outrageous and Over-the-Top Government spending especially with state governments today in America it is the Public Labor Unions that are driving the deficit spending and they are driving it forward by BUYING-OFF politicians with campaign contributions and then those very same politicians turn around and give OBSCENE and OUTRAGEOUS salaries to Government Workers that are often making 2, 3, 4 times what they could make in the Real World.

Oh, you don’t believe that Government Workers aren’t making OBSCENE and OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money on the backs of the taxpayers?  Please, we invite you to join the rest of us in the Real World and to face the FACTS and REALITY of what is really going on in America today.

What is really going on in America today is that very powerful special interests like the Public Labor Unions, the Wall Street Bastards and Corporate America all believe that the American People are some kind of Bottomless Piggy Bank that they can access via BUYING-OFF our “Elected Leaders.”  Yes, that is what is going on in America right now, but that will not always be in the case because there is some very good case law being built right now across the United States that will allow the American People to toss some of OUR “Elected Leaders” into jail for crimes they have committed against the country by BUYING-OFF people in OUR Government to get them to do something that is clearly against US law.  That is called BRIBERY for the Idiots, Buffoons and Morons that somehow believe that handing over Hundreds of Thousands of Millions of Dollars to OUR “Elected Leaders” is anything but BRIBERY and in the coming years the American People are going to look very closely at EVERY DIME donated to EVERY politician in this country and if there is a connection between $$$$$$$ and action then get ready to have your asses tossed into prison.

Getting back to the OBSCENE and OUTRAGEOUS salaries and benefits that are now being paid to Government Workers in the State of California it looks like that We the People are going to have take on the Public Labor Unions and their members head-on because if they are going to spend 40 to 60 Million Dollars to try and get more money from the People of California so their members can sit around on their asses for 30 plus years in retirement hauling down $100K Plus in annual pensions then that effort Must Be Stopped by the Republicans in the California Legislature or then by People of California voting down an extension of these Outrageous “temporary” taxes.



For the Public Union Bosses and Democrats in Sacramento to understand what you are going to have battle against in the coming months the People of California are going to use FACTS to tell everyone in the state just how much money that Government Workers are hauling down in salaries and pensions and when that is known widely if the Public Employee Unions and Democrats thought getting these “temporary” taxes passed was going to be tough, you are going to find that getting ANY MORE money to pay OBSCENE AND OUTRAGEOUS Government salaries is going to be..


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