Former US Senator Judd Gregg Calls Out For Leadership From President Obama

On Monday former New Hampshire and Republican Senator Judd Gregg asked for in an Op-Ed column in The Hill newspaper…



Step up, take charge and lead the nation, Mr. President

“Hope” is a great word, as is “liberty.” And “change” is nice. I have always been partial to “opportunity.”

They have all been words liberally applied in recent years by those running for office, many of whom have won. We now have a federal government that is dominated by elected people who have promised Hope, Liberty, Change and Opportunity. Where are we? We wait.

We confront the world where our role is in transition. Our policies in Afghanistan are struggling. The Middle East is in chaos and the cost of oil is threatening to stagger our economy. Our domestic energy policy is essentially non-existent, as is our immigration policy.

We have no good answer for Iran, Pakistan or North Korea, which represent legitimate threats in that they could be sources of weapons of mass destruction that may come under the control of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists.

Our military is being asked to be nation builders. This is not a proper use of their expertise or people.

Our economy continues to struggle. This is due to many factors, but certainly, a large part of the problem is the explosion in the size of the federal government. It has grown from 20 percent of GDP on average since the end of World War II to now absorbing 24 percent and going up.

This, coupled with an explosion of regulatory excess that makes France seem almost laissez-faire, has made the risk of taking risks and investing in new ventures that create jobs problematic.

Agencies like the FDA, EPA and the Labor Department have declared their own jihad against American entrepreneurs, resulting in a deflating of the forces that might give our economy some lift.

All of this is overlaid by a nation on a borrowing binge. Like a gambler who cannot stop placing bets, we continue to run up the debt — only in this case the house is made up of our international competitors, especially China.”

Very well written Senator Gregg but evidently, you didn’t get the memo.

What memo is that you ask?



That would be the memo that all of the problems facing the United States are just one big game that involves political consultants and various other hacks trying out themes, phrases, and words in order to try and get a leg up on the other political party so they can win the next election.

No, Senator Gregg, there really aren’t many people in Washington DC that give two rips about you, us, our children and grandchildren or the American People.  This is all about gaining and holding power and if these Morons that view Washington DC as some kind of game really knew of the very dangerous game they are playing that could put not only the future of the American People at risk but the fate of the world itself, we are not even sure if these Bastards would care one bit.

You see Judd, this is all just a fantasyland to the Democrats and the Republicans with the American People ALWAYS getting the shaft as the politicians that were elected to work for and serve the public play their games and put the very future of the American Republic at risk.


You see Judd, it’s just one Big Game.  Oh, but certainly you already know that this is all just one big game to these folks in Washington DC in both political parties because you spent almost 30 years of your life working with these Bastards.  Hell, you were right there in the US Senate when that Sorry Excuse for a Republican W. Bush and the Congress did this to the American People:



What the Hell was that Judd and why the Hell didn’t you tell W. Bush and your colleagues in the US Senate to step up and lead?  Now that’s a Damn good question!

Yes, President Obama needs to step up to lead and take on the very difficult problems facing the American Republic, but….and let’s be honest here….Obama’s political advisors would exchange right now re-electing President Obama while papering over the big problems facing the country even if they knew that American would implode in 2020.  Yes, Obama’s political advisors would swap their own children’s future for getting President Obama re-elected.  The same goes for the Republican political consultants as well.

This reality is the central fact about Washington DC that ALL Americans need to understand completely:

90 plus percent of the politicians in Washington DC would trade winning the next election and thus staying in “the game” even if they go re-elected by ignoring and papering over even very big problems that they knew would destroy the lives of our children and grandchildren (and even their own children and grandchildren’s lives!).  That is how addicted these folks are to holding power and the perks that come with having their asses kissed by lackeys that need to get a life and we know this to be a FACT because we have worked with and for these Bastards in our nation’s capital.

Just take a look at the incredibly absurd and complete lie being told by the Majority Leader of the US Senator Harry Reid (from The Hill):



Reid accuses GOP of threatening Social Security in funding fight

“Reid said he is irritated by pundits and politicians who accept the GOP argument that Social Security is headed for bankruptcy.

“It’s not just an exaggeration that Social Security is headed for bankruptcy, it’s an outright lie,” Reid said.

Reid and other Democrats at Monday’s event note that Social Security has a $2.6 trillion surplus and is projected to pay out 100 percent of benefits until 2037. After that point it is projected to pay out about 80 percent of owed benefits unless changes are made to the program.”

Very simply, Harry Reid is LYING to the American People and it is our opinion he knows his is LYING about Social Security because anyone with a working brain in the US Senate knows there is NOT ONE DIME in the Social Security “Trust” Fund.

Harry Reid and other politicians in Washington DC have spent EVERY DIME of the annual Social Security surpluses that came into the US Government over the past 25 plus years and there is NO MONEY in the Social Security “Trust” Fund and Harry Reid knows that to be a fact but here we have Harry Reid flat-out LYING to the American People about that FACT.

Below is the filing cabinet that Harry Reid claims is holding the $2.6 Trillion Dollar Social Security “Surplus” which is in a US government office in Parkersburg, West Virginia:



Yes, it does take an extraordinary good liar to claim there is $2.6 Trillion Dollars in the above filing cabinet!  Sorry Harry, there are only I.O.U.s in that filing cabinet..but you know that and LIE about that FACT to the American People.

No, it does not surprise us that Harry Reid would LIE about the Social Security “Trust” Fund because it is our opinion that if Harry Reid knew for a fact that the American Republic would be destroyed in 2020 if he could paper over the critical problems facing our country right now Harry Reid would take destruction of America over losing a political advantage or an election.

That is how sick these people are and as Mark McKinnon points out The Daily Beast….

Three Truths about Social Security

“1. Life expectancy has increased 15 years, but the retirement age has changed little.

When the “Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance” program was enacted in 1935, average life expectancy in America was 60 years for men, and 64 for women, with the retirement age 65. Today life expectancy is 75.7 years for men, and 80.6 years for women. But the retirement age is now just 66 or 67, depending on your year of birth. We are living much longer after retirement than the program was designed for. Good for us, but a strain on the system.

2. Those hard-earned dollars you pay into Social Security today are paid out to somebody else tomorrow.

There is no lock box. Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system: Money in, money out. It’s a pipeline with “money from current contributors coming in the front end and money to current beneficiaries paid out the back end.” This transfer of income, from one generation of workers to another, works only when there are more at the front end than the back. But there is a boom in boomers retiring and a decrease in the number of children—future workers to pay into the system—being born. Today, 100 workers support 32 beneficiaries. In 20 years, 100 workers will need to support 46 beneficiaries. There are more of us nearing retirement age, but we are not procreating enough.

3. Social Security is short of cash.

Since 1935, the cost of benefits has been entirely covered by payroll taxes from current workers. In 2010, nearly 60 million people drew Social Security benefits. But in less than 25 years, that number will grow to 88 million, with benefit payouts doubling to over $1.4 trillion. Yet fewer people will be paying into the pipeline. We don’t need to wait 20 or 25 years to see that Social Security is nearing insolvency: The Congressional Budget Office projects payroll tax revenue will fall $45 billion short of benefits owed this year, not including the interest owed by the government to the Social Security trust fund. (Excess Social Security tax revenue in previous years was exchanged for Treasury bonds—federal government debt—on which the government now owes interest.) Although the system is expected to return to balance temporarily in 2012, it will begin running deficits again in 2015 if interest from the trust fund is excluded and in 2025 including interest payments. After that point, the trust fund will be fully exhausted in 2037. We are running out of time and money.”


Oh, you don’t believe that?  Believe it.  Most of these political hacks that are supposed to be representing the American People don’t give two rips about you, your family, often even their own family or anything beyond winning the next election.

Now, that’s the TRUTH and Harry Reid’s actions and the actions of most of these “Elected Leaders” in both political parties in Washington DC prove that TRUTH many times over every day of the week.



Here’s something that should give these political hacks pause:  If you Bastards destroy the American Republic with your out-of-control spending, irresponsible governing and outright lies the power in the world will shift to “other” countries that have a lot different outlook on the world than the Principles found within the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and in the heart and souls of most Americans.

Yes, these Idiots in Washington are playing a very dangerous game and if this Bullshit continues when they wake-up from their Stupid political games they and We the American People are going to look around and find a much weakened America and a much more dangerous world.

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