The Government Workers Protesting in Wisconsin

There has been a lot written and said about the battle in Wisconsin and other Midwestern states between the new Republican governors and the public employee unions in recent days but there have been precious few people talking about the essential issues that are now in play which will have a big say in the future of OUR country which revolves around the central premise that there have been promises made by our “bought-off” Elected Leaders that cannot be met by the American People under ANY circumstances.


First, we must say that we here at Mad As Hell And…. are not against people organizing themselves into unions if they willingly choose to do so (forcing someone to join a union is not only wrong it is un-American and any state that forces people to join unions only hurt their own citizens) and it has always been our opinion that any company in the private sector that does not take good care of and recognize the importance of their employees will probably end up with the formation of a union in its, workplace and rightfully so.

For the members of Mad As Hell And…. that run their own companies we believe in the words of the Great Henry Ford:

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.”  Henry Ford

We would also add to Henry Ford’s words that paying one’s employees the “highest wage possible” also the importance of providing a solid health insurance plan for the employee and his/her family and offering the opportunity for employees to save for their/their families future and retirement with the employer maximizing contributions to employees retirement program.

Those are the principles that we live by when it comes to hiring and retaining employees and it has been our experience that if an employer places the proper high value on the employees that make the products and provide the services of the company then there will be little interest by the employees in forming a union.  With all of that being said it is our opinion that in the past two decades that public employee unions have grown to be out-of-control in the United States of America and their influence over some of OUR “Elected Leaders” is threatening the future of the American Republic.

Just like the Wall Street Bastards and Corporate America Welfare Queens that spend Billions of Dollars every year buying off OUR “Elected Leaders” in order to get tax breaks and favorable treatment, the public employee unions also spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of their union members’ money to buy off politicians on all levels of government and that has led to those “bought-off” officials making promises on wages, benefits, and pensions that cannot be met by the American People.

We here at Mad As Hell And… do not object to government employees being paid a wage and benefits that are in-line with what people in the private sector are being paid, but it is wrong and outrageous for government employees to be treated as if they are BETTER than American citizens and that they should somehow be exempt from the economic forces that shape our country or that they should be guaranteed retirement income that far outstrips what the people that are paying their salaries have in their own lives.

Sorry, government employees WORK FOR THE PEOPLE whether they are elected, appointed or hired by the government and that means that government employees MUST ANSWER to the Will of the People and the American People are saying in a very clear and very loud voice that the promises that have been made to government employees over the past two decades by politicians that have been “Bought-Off” with campaign donations CANNOT BE MET and WILL NOT Be spent.

Just like there is no chance in Hell that all of the promises that have been made by OUR “Elected Officials” on Social Security and Medicare can be paid for without massive tax increases on the American People there is no way that the increasing wages and benefits and especially all of the pension obligations to public employees in America can be met either.  We don’t give a Damn if there have been “contracts” negotiated with government employees  by the politicians that they “bought-off” promising these future benefits because the FACTS are that there is No Way in Hell that the American People are going to stand for 50 Plus percent of their hard-earned money going to retired government employees to sit on their asses for 30 plus years in retirement while they are working their asses off in the Real World without a guaranteed pension and if there is someone in the Democratic party or at the public employee unions that would like to challenge the American People on that point, by all means, give it a try!

To that point, it has become increasingly clear to us here at Mad As Hell And… that the American People need to be educated and told about on the amount of money that government employees are now making on all levels of government and the very lucrative pensions that many are now pulling down in retirement and that are promised to current government workers in the future.  (To see the disaster that is now unfolding on government employee pensions in the state of California that is already eating up Billions of Dollars that should be going to schools and other essential gov’t services check out the

(To see the disaster that is now unfolding on government employee pensions in the state of California that is already eating up Billions of Dollars that should be going to schools and other essential gov’t services check out the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility website which details the thousands of public employees that are hauling down $100K plus a year in retirement!)  It is our opinion that just like most Americans do not understand that most of the largest corporations in America spend Billions of Dollars buying-off OUR “Elected Leaders” for perks and benefits that they also do not realized that public employee unions also spend small fortunes to elect people that they know will sign-off on whatever BS the union leaders will come up with.  That set of FACTS have convinced us beyond a doubt that in the coming 2012 political cycle that the American People will need to be told the truth about how well government employees are living while both working and in retirement and that there are very effective, informative and entertaining ways we can do just that.



We just remind the folks at the Democratic Party, the public employee unions and in the Obama 2012 campaign team that the Buffoons, Hacks, Idiots and Fools that the Democratic Party has faced since the 1992 election are no longer the only people on the playing field and that the younger generation of the 1980 and 1984 election cycles have reluctantly decided to take some time for their very busy working and family lives to help take back the Republican Party from the Wall Street Bastards and Corporate SOBs and then to defeat the Democratic Party in the 2012 election.

No, it will not be easy to wrench the Republican Party back from the Buffoons, Hacks, Idiots and Fools that have destroyed it over the past two decades but that is something that must be done because it makes little sense to have two political parties that are both bound and determined to destroy the American People with out-of-control spending thus it is our opinion that our jobs and families can see a little less of us over the next few years (and some of our wives might even welcome us being out of the house more!) just like they saw less of us in the run-up to the 2010 election.

The 2010 election seemed to work out pretty well for Republicans with the help of lots of Republicans that were determined to see a change in America, some we agree with on issues and some we don’t, and certainly, we will continue to work hard as the 2012 election gets closer.  As for the Democrats and those Obama campaign folks in the White House and that are now working in Chicago.  Don’t worry, we don’t know what we are doing……right?

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